Rare Saturn sextile Neptune and objective reality

Saturn is the ruler of reality. Neptune is the ruler of unreality, the multi-dimensional world.  Saturn is in Capricorn in its ruling sign, where it expressed its cold restricting, conservative historical nature the strongest. Saturn is the planet of reality and karma. Saturn rules seniors, times, limitations, senators, history, the architect, structure, tradition, in modern times fathers and the Patriarchy. 

Neptune is also in its modern ruling sign of Pisces where it is also freest to express the intrinsic nature of Pisces, the ephemeral, spiritual, dreamy, creative, chameleon-like, unbounded, imaginative, emotional spiritual and psychically Unified energy. Pisces is the sign of endings, addictions, illusions and projection.

Saturn in Capricorn is sextile to Neptune in Pisces for the last if 3 rare sextiles in 2019. These planets are both in their own home signs and are in expressing their natures to the fullest. This rare aspect is in effect now until November 8th.

This aspect is totally best described by the expression. Theiron fist in a velvet glove,” referring to a person who appears gentle but is determined and often inflexible underneath. The iron fist- very literally as Saturn’s metal is Lead. Pisces is a velvet glove, soft-touch energy.

This rare and strong aspect brings a relatively soft landing reality check to the Pisces dreamy, illusory, otherworldly and real-world confusion abounding everywhere these days.

Saturn in the Tarot is #15 The Devil and Capricorn one of the signs Saturn rules.

Neptune in the Tarot although not traditional as it is a modern ranspersonal Planet is related to the #12 The Hanged Man or #18 the Moon which is also symbolic of the sign of Pisces which Neptune rules.

Synchronistically the two planets will be in an exact sextile 0f 60 degrees on November 8 which is numerologically 11/8. These two numbers are interchangeable in the tarot. 

Saturn and Neptune will both be at 16.1 degrees of Capricorn and Pisces on that day. That is a rare and auspicious aspect. A perfect balance of reality and spirituality, of hard knocks and escapism.


It’s a lovely spiritual aspect to build a new dream very concretely in your career or to imagine retirement or where you want to be 28/29 years from now when Saturn is once again at these same degrees in Capricorn. Saturn is the architect and builder. 

It’s like Martin Luther King saying ‘I have a dream” and he indeed did. Spirit nudged him to trust to have faith and to build that dream into reality.

We can concretely experience spirituality in a way that we know spirit, our intuition, our dreams are just as real as “3D.” They are indeed part and parcel of the same thing. The Saturnine nature isThe Devil, the illusion that we are only material beings, that’s where we sell our souls to the devil for material gain and lose sight of the Divine plan. We can now truly see the nature of reality as spiritual in essence and vice versa. Our souls and spirits have incarnated on the Earth to learn the emotional and often difficult Saturn hard knocks lessons which are only available in the 3rd dimension so they say.

This energy can also be very altruistic compassionate and romantic as Neptune is the “higher octave” of Venus. Many “soul mates” may meet now. You will have that instant recognition.

The last time these very different in nature planets sextile each other was back on

June 27, 1995, August 17,1995 and March 15, 1996 

My husband and I started our relationship at this time. I’d forgotten that but it was totally real and totally magical. We re-met in January of 1996.

This is the 3rd of 3 sextiles in 2019 between Saturn, the planet of hard knocks, career, history, seniority, death, the fathers, the Patriarchy and Neptune the planet of faith and escapism, the after-life, poets, artists, drug addicts.

January 31, 2019 was the first sextile at 14. 54 minutes

The 2nd sextile was June 18, 2019, at 18 degrees 43 minutes, with Jupiter also squaring Neptune on June 16 a very major aspect.

Look back at where these degrees fall in your own natal chart to see how they are affecting you personally.

These 2 planets won’t be in this harmonious aspect again until June 27, 2031!

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check out this interesting scientific article stating that. A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality.

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Gemini New Moon Grand Cross Oracle

A Mutable Grand Cross is the major feature of the Dark Moon June 4 @ 7:59 pm PDT/10:59 pm EDT/ June 5 2:59 am  GMT.  The SUN and MOON at the 15th degree and most powerful of the dual TWIN Air sign also features an EXACT conjunction with VENUS the Goddess of LOVE at the 15th and most powerful degree of the 3rd sign. 

Mutable energies are very adaptable.Under the Grand Cross there is tension and we must be able to remain flexible in all circumstances. Gemini energy is the message of balanced communications, The love of the union of opposites. 

Gemini is the symbol of THE LOVERS  in the TAROT #6, in the 6th month 

Gemini Tarot ART

  Gemini and Sagittarius opposites

This is very powerful SACRED MARRIAGE SYMBOL. Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are all considered to be personal planets. They each pull on the specific area of our lives that they symbolize. The SUN is our vitality our raison d’etre, the Moon our intuition, feelings, need for emotional security our need to nourish others. VENUS symbolizes everyone’s need for love, beauty, romance, creativity and each individual’s inner Feminine or INNER GODDESS. Jupiter is expansive, optimistic, our desire to see the higher perspective with faith and Saturn gives everything validity, weight and structure. 

Alchemy New Moon in Gemini Tara Greene


VENUS with the LUMINARIES-Sun and Moon- indicates that LOVE needs to be our guiding light in both the light and shadow sides of life and in our own psyches. 

JUPITER in VIRGO is also at 15 degrees of VIRGO squaring the SUN MOON VENUS Threesome. Jupiter is conjunct the NORTH NODE symbolizing the highest collective consciousness at 17 degrees VIRGO. 

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS Retrograde is at 12+ degrees opposite to SUN, MOON, VENUS in GEMINI squaring Jupiter and NEPTUNE in PISCES conjunct the SOUTH NODE at 17 degree is also involved in the SUN MOON VENUS JUPITER SATURN NODAL axis.

We must make strong choices. What is real and what is an illusion?  A lot of relationships are coming to karmic endings now and new ones are being born. The dichotomy is the earthy versus the ethereal. The practical and the dream. 

This is very powerful. Sun Moon Venus Jupiter and Saturn are all considered to be personal planets. They each pull on the specific area of our lives that they symbolize. The SUN is our vitality our raison d’etre, the Moon our intuition, feelings, need for emotional security our need to nourish others, Venus is everyone’s need for love, beauty, romance, creativity and each individual’s inner Feminine or INNER GODDESS.

VENUS with the LUMINARIES indicates that LOVE needs to be our guiding light in both the light and shadow sides of life and in our own psyches. 

MERCURY the ruler of GEMINI and this New Moon is in steadfast TAURUS at 20+ degrees.

This means we are creating the physical inner dialogue of the TWIN FLAME at this NEW MOON. 

CHANDRA, PLEIADIAN and Oracle symbols for the 15 degrees of GEMINI by John Sandbach, adapted by Tara.
Degree Angel: SITAEL (SIT-ah-EL) Miracle Making, Construction of Universe/Worlds

Gemini 15. A magician’s tower looms above the surrounding landscape.

(Omega Symbol)Transforming/Inspired
Pay attention to what is missing in communication,  what is being left out, implied, or avoided due to fear or bias. Try to get a broader, wider perspective on communication, by bringing in just the right notes and energies to open it up further and bring in the most needed messages from spirit.

Chandra Symbol  “People gathering salt from the ocean.” Water flows to the lowest level, and salt is a mineral used for grounding and purifying.. The magician’s tower rises up above the surrounding land.

This tower is held together by a glue made of clouds. It had no stairs –the dreamer/magicians simply dreamed their way to the top when they wished to view the surrounding landscape. 

Seek, through looking high, far and deep, that which is essential, that which connects us all at core, so that our communication may be based on an awareness of what unites us in seeking the common goal of enlightenment. It is then that the exchange of ideas clarifies, becomes harmonious and meaningful and rises above the illusions of separation and conflict.

Pleiadian Symbol: Words from a conversation drift up into the sky and are carried away by winds.

Azoth Symbol: Drummers creating complex overlays of rhythms.

Dark river and distant bell. (Chandra Symbol). Continuing to flow through time we sense certain forces to which we are attuned, calling to us, and are able, eventually to see and understand those forces in a deeper, clearer way. At first we may follow our bliss only uncertainly and darkly, but if we continue faithfully to follow it, we connect eventually to universal consciousness by coming into a deep understanding of who we really are.

Fulfillment degree: Gemini 7. Poetry which sounds beautiful but makes no logical sense. (Omega symbol). When we allow ourselves to build our own tower of magic from which to view the world, we grow into being able to appreciate the mystery of beauty without requiring any explanations in which to keep it caged.

A table comes to life and runs away. (Chandra Symbol). When we come to realize that our physical life is actually a distillation of our emotional body, we perceive that all matter is alive, and that everything is always surprising when limiting assumptions are let go of.

These are very beautiful inspiring words and visions.

REMEMBER that MARS is still RETROGRADE this is the inner alchemy now. We are inseminating and fertilizing ourselves, making the sacred marriage within first, so that we may meet the Twin Flame/SOul MATE outside. 

Do the inner work at this New Moon- 

It is very pertinent to me as my Moon is at 12 degrees SAGITTARIUS and I am pulled into this mutable grand cross very powerfully. I will be invoking all the planets energies in a ceremony on Saturday at the grail Springs Spa in Bancroft Ontario.

Saturn in Sagittarius seeks a higher philosophy truth justice and expansion. Ultimately there is nothing that exists outside of ourselves. Everything we see is a manifestation of God/dess as ourselves. 



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