Star of David,Grand Sextile Mystic Merkaba, how to’s

On July 29 a VERY RARE formation of planets creates a Star of David or GRAND SEXTILE in the sky. AKA the BIG EASY. AS ABOVE SO BELOW.

Composed of intertwined Grand Trines- they are created by 6 or more planets, 60 degrees apart,with a 5 degree orb allowed which form a six pointed star, or a Merkaba, a MYSTIC sacred  geometrical formation. You can clearly see the formation in the Astrology chart below in blue lines.

Merkabah Astrology Tara Greene

They are very rare, the last one was November 8 2003 @ 8:13 PM EST when the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Chiron and the Moon formed a Star of David and it was called the Harmonic Concordance as it also occurred on a Lunar Eclipse. There was only two in the 20th Century.

The Star of David, Solomon’s Seal or interlocking Grand Trines are an ancient symbol from India known as the SRI YANTRA, symbolizing the SACRED MARRIAGE, the balance of HEAVEN -an upturned Triangle; with EARTH, a downwards pointing Triangle- a Yoni symbol,  which the Jews adopted, and which adorns the flag of Israel. It is a very powerful ALCHEMICAL symbol.

MahaSri Yantra Tara Greene Astrology

July 29 forms with the Moon in TAURUS in Sextile to Jupiter conjunct to Lilith and Mars in CANCER, sextile to VENUS in VIRGO sextile to  Saturn in SCORPIO sextile to Pluto in CAPRICORN sextile to  Neptune in PISCES which is sextile to the MOON.

The EARTH Grand Trine consists of the Moon in Taurus Trine to Venus in Virgo Trine to Pluto in Capricorn. All the planets are from 4-10  degrees in their respective signs. Check out how the STAR OF DAVID aligns with nyour own chart.   The WATER GRAND TRINE is Jupiter Mars and Lilith to Saturn in Scorpio to Neptune in PISCES.

This Grand Sextile contains 7 planets + Lilith which is 8 which is PHENOMENAL.

The 6 pointed Star also echoes the numerology of the year 2013 reduces to 6 which is THE LOVERS in the Tarot. Good for balancing sex and love. This is all about LOVE and Higher Consciousness.Balance in relationships within and without.

This is one of the major highlights of the year. These Grand Trines have been coming into focus and climaxing with this.

If you have planets between 4- 10 degrees of any earth or water sign- YOU ARE IN the mix.

A Grand Sextile allow you to step into the merkaba which is a mystic transcendent 3rd- 5th Dimensional vehicle to ASCEND to Higher consciousness and Dimensions.

MEDITATE on this image

Merkaba astrology ascencion Tara Greene

Imagine yourself at the Center of the Grand Sextile with the powers of the MOON, VENUS, MARS, JUPITER ,SATURN, NEPTUNE & PLUTO surrounding you as a vehicle to ascend to higher consciousness with. The Markaba will expand -20- 30 feet around your body in 3 D. The Merkaba has been used for  thousands of years and the planets are taking anyone HIGHER who tunes in to those planes of consciousness.

Use crystals on your body as you meditate- I would use CELESTITE or LABRADORITE, AMETHYST or clear quartz crystals.

TAKE IT EASY and meditate on making life easy for yourself. But beware of the shadows. A Grand Sextile allows one to free oneself from hindrances of all types. Take time out on this day.



Fired up by JUPITER in CANCER conjunct MARS + Lilith =WOMEN are SO ANGRY about being denigrated, these planets oppose PLUTO in Capricorn  and are squaring Uranus in Aries.

A T- square of dark shadow angry Women a powder keg ready to ignite and explode.

This is fantastic. The dark shadow energy of Lilith,the free powerful sexual liberated Goddess whole and complete unto herself is ready to take on all comers now, governments, laws, corporations.

Like the Movie Kick Ass- which we were just watching again for the 2nd time and the sequel due out soon, the young heroine known as HIT GIRL takes revenge on all the male gangsta’s. Not that I RECOMMEND Violence, it is more the symbolic energy of Hit Girl, as women refuse to get beaten, accept patriarchal religious laws, being put down, and stand up for their rights and on their own. Hollywood always has an unconscious spiritual side too.

The SUN in LEO, which it RULES, at 6 degrees at the top of the chart squares almost exactly Saturn in Scorpio -death and change to the EGO and the Moon opposite in Taurus which is simplistic materialism. This is another very HEAVY T- square which symbolizes the basic stress of EGO, CONTROL, POWER, MONEY. This is the DEVIL side, which is the other side of the LOVERS in the Tarot.

The SUN is  QUINCUNX to PLUTO and NEPTUNE so the SUN is it’s own FINGER OF GOD, or YOD aspect peak.  The Sun in LEO is shining at high noon. Follow the Highest Light of the SUN,  Neptune in PISCES and PLUTO, the SOUL.


VENUS in VIRGO opposite Neptune and CHIRON the wounded healer.  Neptune is the Higher Octave of Venus. Neptune is in its home sign so it outweighs nitpick-y  Venus here. It symbolizes the withdrawing of projections, the healing of co-dependent relationship  addictions, the “I need you, I can’t live without you,”  of which most pop and country music songs depend. The delusions and illusions which Venus in Virgo will surely discard as  unproductive, unrealistic and too expensive.

Drunvalo Melchizadek has taught Merkabah meditations for many years. see links below


FIND out how Grand SEXTILE is easing up your Life –



EASY TO LOVE by Frank Sinatra

Sun,Jupiter on North Star,XTREME LUCK,find your divine purpose


The Sun our Star and Jupiter who expands whatever he touches are conjuncting  bringing us in alignment with our highest goals and cosmic direction on why we are here and what our higher purposes are and connecting this to the Bigger Picure as the Galactic Center is also involved. The SUN is the Sun #19 in the Tarot and Jupiter is #10 The Wheel of Fortune. 

Jupiter is about to conjunct the NORTH STAR, POLARIS at 28 degrees Of Gemini located in the tail of the Little Bear or Ursa Minor, one of the oldest known constellations in the skies, as well as Betelgeuse very close by at 28 degrees Gemini in the constellation of ORION.

Polaris confers spiritual powers and respect gained from using them. Gives good instincts, the ability to navigate, It was THE prominent star for sailors in the Northern hemisphere which was used to guide them at night. 

 Betelgeuse – the Main star of ORION- the prominent 3 belt stars in a row for which the pyramids of Egypt were built in exact alignment of the below, as above. Yes the same name as that comedy with Michael Keaton from the 80’s. Is also considered to be the most fortunate of fixed stars and is frequently seen prominently in the charts of those who have hit the top. Anyone born June 18- Sir Paul McCartney or the 19th Mackelmore, recently. Success, riches honors fame is associated with this star.

The SUN is very close to Jupiter they are within 2 degrees of each other, on June 16 and their exact conjunction is on June 19 at 9:1o am PDT/1:1o pm EDT at 28 degrees 32 minutes of Gemini. Opposite the Galactic Center as well!!!!



So You VERY lucky once in 12 years beginning for these GEMINI’s THIS IS YOUR YEAR TO SHINE!

Famous folks Born June 17  Venus Williams tennis star,Art Bell, commentator of the paranormal,Greg Kinnear actor

famously born June 18- Sir Paul Mccartney,Scooter Braun-Justin Beiber’s manager,Isabella Rosselini- actress,

Famously born June 19-Macklemore- of Thrift shop song fame, Paul Abdul,Salman Rushdie, author,

and if you’re NOT FAMOUS- yet- this is still a super HOT HAPPY megawatt year for you.

My son Elijah,turning 30 years old is born June 19.

If you know your chart if you have any planets,they will benefit immensely. The Sun is gold and Jupiter expands so

Get the gelt while you can. Any angles in your chart get the magic wand treatment as well.

Now this alignment also happens directly opposite the Galactic Center at 27-28 degrees Sagittarius. 

All the spiritual brou haha about Dec 21 2012 was about the Sun aligning with the Galactic Center, exactly at the middle degrees. The G.C. s actually very large in diameter, The Sun actually started to conjunct the G.C. in 1998, 2012 is the mid-point so it’ll be in that area till 2035.  So we can really download our life’ s mission plans. Our connection to the North Star which is a way shower. Jupiter The Sun and the North Star absorb the powerful electromagnetic energies coming from the G.C. we just have to tune into them.

So it feel to me like the real Dimensional Shift begins NOW. The BOOK REALLY OPEN NOW, Jupiter on the spiritual level is the Master Teacher. The ruler of Sacred Law and Divine dispensation. So this is a big “Top Gun” pow wow. The Star of our show, the Sun and Jupiter the biggest planet are having a conference. At the North Star, this is pivotal, literally.

4 day guided meditation for this RARE powerful transmission

I’m intuiting that one begins to tune in starting on June 16-20 with the Sun at the 29th degree of Gemini.

Jupiter is also at the 29th degree on June 24-25, He enters Cancer June 25 @ 6:39 pm PDT

Because Jupiter only crosses the North Pole star once in every 12 years it is very auspicious!


Crystals -you will need CITRINES, 4 candles, incense,

citrine for GEMINI

You need to create a space for a meditation that you will do for 5 days in a row.

You need first to smudge or use incense to cleanse your aura and make you space sacred before beginning. 

As always start in the East and light the 1st candle,call in FIRE/Spirit, the Sun, Light, the Source

move South-light 2nd candle- call in WATER, emotions, flow, cleansing,heart, protection, innocence Trust

next move West, light 3rd candle, call in EARTH, physical, reality, the Goddesses, death, intuition, change,

then move North, light 4th candle, call in AIR, thoughts, mind, wisdom, higher teachers breath, awareness

Then sit in center of your circle and call the Sun and Jupiter’s union to you, to expand, enlighten, empower, ever particle of your spirit, emotions, body and consciousness. You should feel radiant. Open your chakras slowly by breathing into them from the root – crown. Then breathe down from your root into the heart of Mother Earth, feel your groundedness. Then bring her earth energy into your root chakra and send it up your spine to  your 8th chakra about 1 foot above your head.

Then send out your energy to the NORTH STAR POLARIS,  and feel the anchoring of your highest purpose and the view! Spacious, cosmic, totally expansive.

Sense yourself right on the North Star with the Sun and Jupiter and ask yourself

1. why am I here on the earth at this time?

2. where do I come from? 

3. Where am I going?

4. What am I to do? What’s my cosmic purpose? 

5. How do I do this? practical, ideas.

Sit in the circle meditating each night starting June 16-20. 

Have a journal handy to write down your impressions, you mind will be speedy and full of ideas. I know it. Or use voice notes on your phone.  Spend as long as you want every day. If nothing seems to be happening dont worry. It is . Ask that you be conscious of what the directions are.

Many people  don’t know what their divine purpose is. This is the PERFECT  time to find out for yourself.

But lottery tickets at least,using your numerology.

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY so  more people can benefit



SHINING STAR Earth, Wind and Fire