Rare Black Super Moon in Leo pounces

Black Moon Diamond Thumpy894 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D

A rare BLACK MOON occurs July 31 in PDT and EDT in North America, for the first time since 2016. The rest of the planet will see the Black Moon on Aug. 30th as August 1 is a New Moon in GMT.

A Black Moon is when 2 new moons occur in one month. This one in LEO is also a Supermoon. when the moon is closest to the earth. We don’t see Black moons of course. But we feel them. This is a supermassive great time to get in touch with your heart and your deepest darkest shadows and to create new intentions. 

This rare event is as rare as the Black Moon Diamond pictured here. More info on the Black Moon Diamond. http://www.embeediatech.ca/the-black-moon/

Other meanings of a Black Moon include a third new moon in a season of four new moons; which would mean no new moon in February; and no full moon in February.

In Leo this is a mysterious Black Jaguar or Black Panther moon. Creeping up ready to pounce on its prey.

The song for this Lunation is SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND by Pink Floyd 

THE U.S. Natal Sibley chart shows it’s NORTH NODE, its highest evolutionary point is 7 degrees LEO. The DARK MOON is conjunct to that and this means this super dark mon casts a shadow on the U.S. major growth point spiritually. This is HUGE. 

The dark, dark secret shadows of the U.S. government and any secrets related to racism, children, dare I say demonic things will be revealed around this Super Dark Moon. Didn’t Marianne Williamson talk about this in the Democratic Presidential debates? 

At 8 degrees LEO, it packs extra energy from Venus very close by. Gotta love the Lion Queen.

SHOCKING REVELATIONS will be triggered now

The DARK Moon and VENUS are squared by URANUS in TAURUS about to go Retrograde on August 11th bringing a surprise pounce from the Black  Jaguar moon.

Get our your most unusual sexy lingerie as  Venus is involved. Secret lovers? Weird pairings? Your heart may be palpitating wildly as Uranian energy does that, its electrifying. Your core values will surely have a shakedown.  This is veyr much like THE TOWER energy in the Tarot.

Chiron in Aries also Retrograde is trining Venus and the Black Moon and SUN

this is a good positive time to lick your wounds and let them heal.

The term BLACK MOON is also associated with LILITH. 

Lilith is in fact in PISCES at 9 degrees inconjunct to the SUN and MON and VENUS quite tightly.  The Dark Moon or Super New Moon is one we acknowledge. Dark Moon Lilith is the real shadow of the Dark moon. This new lunation will bring up more of Lilith’s shadow material. 

Guess who has LILITH at 7 degree LEO and their South node at 12? His initials are J.E. 

The ongoing Saturn South Node Pluto energies are still in effect. Saturn and Pluto are inconjunct to Mars in Leo and Juno. See other article- https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2019/07/31/18-degrees-mars-juno-square-vesta/

PLuto is squaring ERIS at 24 Aries she is the Dark Moon in a way as well. She is Persephone in the Myth, the Lady of the Underworld, Pluto’s consort and wife. This intensely transformative energy amps up women’s rights.

Mercury is turning DIRECT July 31 @ 8:57 pm PDT/11:57 pm EDT/ August 1 @ 3:57 am GMT @23 degrees CANCER indicating a major releasing of information pertaining to children, hidden things, and America in general. It conjoins The US Natal Mercury is at 24 degrees CANCER conjunct to the Vertex at 26+ CANCER and the U.S. Part of Fortune at 27+ CANCER. 

Fun times/

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Black Moon Magic, Dark Divine Feminine energy

The Black, Dark, New Moon in LIBRA brings us deeply magical energes to make magic with for transformation and growth. Black or Dark Moons occur when there are two New Moons in one calendar month. They occur quite regularly, usually every couple of years.  Not so RARE as all the silly web grabbing gobbledygook headlines purport. 

In fact, it is only a BLACK moon if you live in specific time zones like PDT or EDT. The New Moon occurs October 1st @ 12:11 am GMT making this just an ordinary New Moon for a great deal of the world. 

EAST of Greenwich there is a DARK MOON where I live in EDT so for us folks in these times zones lets look at what this particular New Moon offers. 

The Black or DARK Moon is ruled by the Dark Feminine Goddesses, like LILITH, HEKATE, KALI and ERIS. This is a time to examine, talk about and learn from our deepest darkest secrets and shadows in our intimate relationships.

The SUN, Moon, and JUPITER are in a triple conjunction, making this a very positive time for connecting with new people, expanding the love quotient in an existing relationship and being  extremely social. This is all well and good. 

PLUTO is squaring the SUN and MOON 

The essential self and our emotions are what still need to be transformed and ensouled. 

SUN + MOON are inconjunct to NEPTUNE and the SOUTH NODE

“Those who cannot remember their pasts are bound to repeat the same mistakes. ” This is a very apt lesson and warning for everything going on right now, in all aspects of our lives. Think about your patterns, where you have failed, didn’t listen to your intuition, failed to see the consequences. That is what to use this New Moon energy for. 

NEPTUNE is oil and the NO DAP Indigenous protests gathered the largest number of different tribes together recently to attempt to block a pipeline going through their ancestral burial grounds and to stop possible future spillage and environmental degradation. Those lands were just sold out from under the indigenous peoples and ruthlessly the companies responsible are suing 40 people who are “obstructing” their raping of the land. This makes me feel so heartsick. We were all so positive, there was national coverage of this, the government agreed to stop a section of this. Only to now have indigenous peoples hauled out of their protest area by army trucks just like in Tiananmen square.  We do not need to use oil anymore. There are alternatives to provide clean, cheap, safe resources for energy. The oiligarchy must be stopped. 

Planet MARS is in early Capricorn squaring the threesome. 

There is a conservative reticence to express emotions by men under this aspect. It stifles feelings, because Mars in Capricorn is all business and hard facts.

Planet VENUS is in Sexy SCORPIO in a threesome with the darkest Goddess of all LILITH and JUNO the Feminine form of Genius. 

This is an entirely other kettle of fish, the metaphor is intended.

VENUS is exactly trining Neptune in PISCES 

The likelihood of getting seduced or seducing someone using Lilith’s seductive ways and Juno in SCORPIO’s X-Ray vision to detect secrets along with her amazing genius is very high.  Be careful of not getting drugged at a party or drinking too much or falling for the delusion of the perfect soul mate at this NEW MOON. NEPTUNE Is conjunct to the SOUTH NODE so there

NEPTUNE is conjunct to the SOUTH NODE in PISCES

There is past life issues, psychic attacks,  karma and debts to be settled now. 

Even though Saturn and NEPTUNE are separating from their square, the blow back, and aftershocks must be dealt with now as Saturn is also Squaring the North and South Nodes. 

Retribution, restitution, maturity, hard work, patience, reality, aging, consequences are all important issues now. MAKE IT REAL is all you have to remember. 

MERCURY is inconjunct to URANUS and ERIS in ARIES

Mercury in VIRGO also helps us to think about the earth,our environment and how modern technology is still destroying it. These energies can produce nasty surprising shocks. ERIS is the outsider, the troublemaker, the shit disturber, one who is not afraid to confront the system. Donald Trump is in some ways that person personified in his weird conservative way. 

HEKATE is the Goddess of the crossroads.  She is a magical Goddess, governing storms, night, dreams, ghosts, spirits, wild animals, witchcraft, sorcery, poisonous plants, and recycling. Offering are made to her at triple crossroads during a Dark moon.  Hekate can see into all the worlds at once, she is a guardian of the Twilight, between the spirit and physical world. She is known as the MOTHER OF ANGELS, Saviour and COSMIC WORLD SOUL.  Hekate also rescued PERSEPHONE from the Underworld. PLUTO’s realm.  Garlic is offered to her. She also rules over a number of other plants often poisonous, medicinal and/or psychoactive plants.  ACONITE, wolfsbane, or monkshood, is also a homeopathic remedy, belladonna- used to raise a fever, a hallucinogenic, dittany and mandrake, also hallucinogenic and used by Wiccans and druids in ancient cultures. 


At 3 degrees GEMINI, she is squaring the Karmic Nodal axis and opposing SATURN in SAGITTARIUS forming a MUTABLE GRAND CROSS 

Note the number 3 symbol. 


Kali Astrology mythology Tara Greene

Asteroid KAALI is the Black Goddess of Death and REBIRTH @ 21degrees LIBRA 

KALI is the great DARK Blue/Black Goddess who destroys the ego. She is fearsomely destructive but for a good reason. Her position at 21+ degrees LIBRA is opposite URANUS and ERIS another neglected Goddess.They are also in a Cardinal T-square to PLUTO. 

This energy is like an atomic bomb ready to ignite. The ignored Divine Feminine’s dark side is about to go ballistic. These dark Goddesses act to protect the sacred feminine, the earth Herself, women, animals, and all Feminine values and qualities of love, nurturing, nourishment,protecting, and life itself. 


We need to call upon and Honor these dark Goddesses so that we may act as their go-betweens. 

I would set up a triune altar. Think about three roads or options. Offer garlic cloves and teas or herbs from those

For HEKATE, offer garlic cloves, teas or herbs from those mentionsed as sacred to her. 

For KALI, offer knives, red hibiscus flowers, a yoni symbol, and a lingam, a phallic symbol, and red wine. 

For LILITH, offer red wine, sexual fluids or saliva, and most especially menstrual blood if you are bleeding on the New Moon. Use red flowers roses, or red carnations. All black or red gemstones, onyx, mahogany obsidian, hematite, apache tears, dark smokey quartz, jet, black tourmaline, obsidian, red jasper, carnelian, bloodstone, ruby, dark blue or black sapphire, star diopside. 

These three Goddesses respond to all black or red gemstones, onyx, mahogany obsidian, hematite, apache tears, dark smokey quartz, jet, black tourmaline, obsidian, red jasper, carnelian, bloodstone, ruby, dark blue or black sapphire, star diopside. 

 Smudge before beginning your dark moon ritual. Call in the four directions and elements clockwise direction from east to south, west, and north. Sit within your circle, light three candles, red, black,and dark blue or dark purple.  Put your offerings onto the altar. Offer them to the Goddesses. Call their names out loud; Hekate, Kali, LILITH and ERIS come to me in this circle at the DARK MOON. 

Ask them to help you bring balance into your life, your loves and into the world. Ask how you can be an agent of change for the better, for peace, harmony. and love. Ask how you can find it in yourself first. 

Sit as long as you need. When you feel complete. Close the circle, thank and release the 4 elements, spirits, Goddesses and directions into their directions with gratitude, Drink the wine  and ponder further. Write notes, draw or record what you felt. Ask the Goddess to keep working with you in your dreams for three days. 

Try it, these are powerful Goddesses, if you ask for change, be prepared to act. This is the time of new beginning and balance. We all need to be part of the balancing act.

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