Attract anything with Galactic Astrology

The SUN is conjunct to the GREAT ATTRACTOR today December 5-6 @ 14 degrees SAGITTARIUS. This only occurs once a year.

You know about the Law of Attraction? Yes, you do attract to you what you feel and see yourself drawn to. Using vision boards mantras yantras and visualizations help you to create your desired outcome. 

As in Homeopathy Like cures like. In Hermetic wisdom” As above so below.” 

As SUN crosses the GREAT ATTRACTOR an enigmatic massive galactic anomaly which draws our Milky Way Galaxy plus thirty other galaxies towards it. It is so vast it warps time and space. It is unknown mysterious. it’s not a black hole.

Philip Sedgewick suggests that it could be the personification of God Itself. 

The G.A.  allows us to see whats ahead.As it bends light.

SATURN is on the GALACTIC CENTER. This only happens once every 28-29 years. To have both of these alignments at the same time is amazing.

Sun squares Neptune and these connections are still in effect. I would tune into this potently supercharged energy to attract more LIGHT and clarity.

This is not about attracting physical things like stuff bling or money. The usual attract more wealth fancy cars watches and all of that has no relevance now.  It’s time to ask your higher self and your heart what it truly needs. Then you can focus on attracting that to your soul. Yes, you can attract love but not through getting it but through giving it unselfishly. 

Chiron moves direct today and what has been healing in the unconscious can now be birthed into the light. You should feel an emotional release.

The CANCER MOON creates a 

Grand water trine with NEPTUNE and JUPITER

Grand Water Trine, tara Greene

We will be awash with love sentimentality tears and the need for home family security and warmth not to mention chicken soup.This aspect ads emotional depth to the profound higher dimensional calling we are being given.

Some people call this ascension encoding. Call it what you will. Tune in. Ground yourself first then open your heart and crown and soul star chakras and send your intentions to the Galactic Center then on and out out out to the Great ATTRACTOR. 


If you are born today you are naturally aligned with the G.A. If you know your natal chart if you have Moon Ascendant planets or other major points conjunct this you can more easily connect.

Some famous people born Dec. 5

Walt Disney Little Richard Otto Preminger Film Director. Saint West.

Werner Heisenberg physicist. Frankie Muniz. George Armstrong Custer. Joan Didion-writer. Milton Erikson-hypnotherapist and psychologist.

DECEMBER 6 birthdays

Dion Fortune British occultist. Drave Brubeck- Jazz musician. Comedian Steve Wright 

There will be serious conversations tomorrow a nd reworded statements in political circles as Mercury Retro Conjuncts Saturn. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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