Leo New Moon is Wild at Heart

Leo New Moon, Tara Greene Tarot reader astrologer, Sidney Hall Urania's Mirrror
Sidney Hall_ Urania’s Mirror-_Leo Major and_Leo Minor Sidney Hall [Public domain]

The Leo New Moon at 5° is a wild ride. July 28 at 1:55 pm EDT. Jupiter also turns Retrograde hours later.

Leo rules the heart, the will, it’s daring dramatic and powerful. There’s so much hi-tension going on. I explain it all. New moons last approximately 2.5 days until the first sliver appears.

JUPITER turns Retrograde- i wrote about that already. see previous article. The building URANUS NORTH NODE MARS conjunction occurs starting on July 31 and is exact August 1, I will do a separate article about that.

There’s a mighty powerful GRAND FIXED SQUARE at the NEW MOON as Mars URANUS NN is square MERCURY in LEO is SQUARE the SOUTH NODE in SCORPIO and SATURN in AQUARIUS. This is one hell of a set to break loose energy.

It’s also dangerous dramatic, hot, fiery, temperamental,and Radioactive.

Check where you have 1-7 degrees LEO in your Natal chart to see where the new heartfelt beginning is coming from. Also check the 13-19 degrees TAURUS and all fixed signs. being heavily affected by the fires of revolutionary freedom.

Burning down the house should be the theme song.

If you are wondering why I am a bit behind these days, My energy is pretty up and down and I was busy with events the last week and a lengthy interview plus very emotional upheavals with family and home as is par for the course with these crazy wild topsy turvy energies.

The Chandra and Omega symbols for 6 degrees LEO from John Sandbach

Phase 26. Order from Chaos (Hey Aleph Aleph)

Angel: HAAIAH (HA-ee-YAH) Political Science and Ambition

Leo 6. Hidden photos of a deceased woman are discovered. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Experimental

(Degree Angel Name: Nithael (NIT-ha-EL) The Death of Death, Rejuvenation and Eternal Youth)

The past is continually revealing new things about itself as we grow in consciousness and change our perspective on it. You have the ability to shed new light on old truths, and to express taken-for-granted information in such a manner that it comes alive in a new way to people. You help others to see how the past has shaped their personality, and how it can be renewed and reshaped.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A hamster running in a treadmill.” Here we find sheer impulsiveness and a compelling need to exert oneself. There’s little thought about the future or even the significance of its actions, but rather an unquestioning compliance with what it’s instincts are wanting it to do. The simplicity of this can be refreshing, and can help to stir others to action. “I am what I am and I do what I do” is the attitude, and this tends to be expressed in a healthy, direct way. Even within limited or restricted situations, or when thwarted, (I’m presuming the hamster is in a cage), this individual is unflagging, and keeps busy.

Sometimes there is also a tendency to go over and over the same territory, but rather than this causing frustration it often results in seeing things in a new way, for such repetition can lead to a deep comprehension and assimilation of what’s being reviewed. In this way the Chandra Symbol connects to the new photographs of the woman in the Omega Symbol, where new revelations come to light concerning something that one presumed as passed and finished.

Pleidian Symbol: A woman decked out in beautiful finery conversing with another woman who is totally naked.

Azoth Symbol: A glowing meteor speeding through the atmosphere.

Seed degree: Gemini 5. Two people calling to each other across a wide, deep canyon. (Omega Symbol). When we deeply connect with others – especially when it is difficult – we always gain some form of new perspective – which often goes beyond the biases we formerly held.

An immense tortoise with jewels inlaid on its back. (Chandra Symbol). Glimpsing the spiritual treasures we carry with us fills us with hope and enthusiasm and spurs us on to fresh efforts.

Fulfillment degree: Virgo 11. The smell of ancient perfume as an Egyptian tomb is opened. (Omega Symbol). Through gaining new perspectives on the past we are able to psychically merge with its atmosphere and hence understand it more deeply.

A four-year-old girl dressed as a nurse. (Chandra Symbol). Anxious to exercise our powers we innocently plunge into situations, which, though they may seem beyond our capacity, our naivete allows us to perform beautifully.


The photos found in a secret drawer disturbed him at first, for they were nothing like his memory of her. He had fixed pictures of her in his mind, but these newly discovered ones seemed as if they came from another life, one he was not privy to. They seems to assail his own inner pictures, which he felt a need to protect.

Until he realized that she, like all others, was not one person but many, each being a forest of people. And so in his imagination he made room for a new her, and left space, as well, for other versions of her to arise, if they so desired.https://john-sandbach.blogspot.com/2010/03/121-omegachandra-symbols-leo-6-10.html



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Metamorphosis time Tarot reading

One day to go until the BIG DAY of Jupiter Saturn in Aquarius conjunction

There’s a different tarot deck which was calling me to do a reading for you.

The Tarot of Metamorphosis, initially published by Lo Scarabeo with art by Massimiliano Filadoro, in 2016 I do not have the rights to use this and I am very aware of contravening rights so please watch it on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mv0Uu6JW3ws

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Jupiter opposite Uranus =radical liberation Astrology

JUPITER in LIBRA opposite URANUS in ARIES exact March 2

You will feel restless, impatient and irritated. It’s OK. It’s high voltage. Killings and bombings, explosions and fires are highly likely. Uranus’s symbol is two waves or bolts of lightning.  WIRED.  This is the 2nd exact aspect between these 2 planets. One a personal planet Jupiter, the other Transpersonal and generational. 

The Moon is in TAURUS March 2 helping to keep us grounded. 

This aspect shakes up old stale relationships and roles. URANUS fires up a very hot breath of radical fresh air to blow up and unsettle the old norm.

The first of three of these aspects happened December 26, 2016 @ 20 degrees Libra/ Aries. You may want to think back to what was going on in your life then. 

We see this aspect coming into our culture in many forms. As transgender issues, with ensuing legal battles { Jupiter}; through technology, esp. cell phones which radically change consciousness, through new robotics and other scientific inventions, like VR reality, AV and brain implants and new energy resources. 

Jupiter in Libra wants NICE, diplomacy, and peace keeping. Uranus in ARIES doesn’t give a crap about nice. It will show up as shooting its mouth off, turning the tables, fighting in the streets.There is no normal anymore. Radical alterations of every stripe and kind are happening. Donald Trump is a radical too in his own way. All the others are radically opposed to him and his conservatism. Women are revolting against the old typecasting. 

Use this energy to gain access to higher thought forms, radical ways of thinking, and to change up old partnerships. Invent a new social grace, be daringly balanced. It’s rad to walk a middle path these days. A blast of insight is what this energy is all about.

THIS IS VERY LIBERATING for the mind. It’s the shock of the bolt of lightning, surely a shamanic initiation of higher voltage. It’s like you just suddenly realize that nothing is holding you back, there are NO LIMITATIONS, except that which we believe. Our thoughts hold us prisoner. In quantum physics, everything is energy. We can achieve liberation, in a single moment, of AHA! Enlightenment. It is the Archetype of the TOWER in the TAROT 

Tarot Card major #16 The Tower, the shock of awakening

In total synchronicity with these energies, I have just had inner resonance techniques done for me by Maureen Edwardson, the developer of Inner Resonance Technologies. She is a Certified Delegate of Nassim Haramein’s breakthrough Unified Field Theory physics www.theresonanceproject.org which demonstrates mathematically that we are indeed the central co-creative force of our own universe. She is also a student of Bruce Lipton and an author, teacher, and trainer with 25 years experience. She is based out of Vancouver, Canada.  

The 3rd and final Jupiter-Uranus opposition is September 27/28 @ 27+ degrees Libra/Aries. This aspect only happens every 12 years. 

I was curious to see the famous persons who were born under these inventive aspects.

ALBERT EINSTEIN, Napoleon 1st, Christopher Columbus, Prince Charles, Prince Phillip, Artist Paul Klee, and Juan Miro, actor Lawrence Olivier, John Wayne, Alice Cooper, Yuri Gagarin, Jazz musician Charlie Parker. 


Taylor Swift, Jodie Foster, Stevie Nicks, Katherine Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Jones,  Demi Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, 

That’s an impressive list. 

That steady TAURUS Moon makes 3 lovely sextiles today. One to Mercury in PISCES, one to Neptune in Pisces and one to the SUN. These sextiles also enhance our imaginative faculties. Pay attention to your dreams as well.

This is one of the most intense weeks in 2017. You are doing great.

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