Lilith,Vesta, the Mars Finger Of God

A Yod or Finger of God from Mars in Libra in detriment, quincunx Lilith in Pisces and Vesta in Taurus

Mars in Libra’s passion and drive is fighting for peace in relationships. The quincunx is a 150 degree aspect with two or more planets in totally different elements and they are literally invisible to each other. They don’t speak the same language. There is an invisible enemy. If we can’t see what your up against how can you strategize or prep to win? Lilith and Vesta are both powerful goddesses. Vesta is the Goddess of investments, focus purification and dedication.

Lilith is the original woman, she is God’s holy dark feminine side. She is a necessity, she is uncompromising, and stands for equality and justice.

Lilith and Vesta in sextile are supporting each other. Mars in Libra in an effort to wage peace May act like the fall guy with Lilith and Vesta in a supportive sextile.

The degrees 20-24 of Pisces Taurus, Libra are affected. Any planets conjunct, square and opposed to these signs are affected. Check your own chart.

Be careful of trying to be like Mars, save face, look nice and not rock the boat. Vesta is a pillar of virtue, Lilith is a fierce uncompromising goddess. Don’t sell yourself or others out because of trying to protect your own self image. This is the quincunx test. Think of how you can get all sides to compromise when they are literally “dead to each other.”

It’s trying tense and irritating. If you work with Vesta and Lilith as allies they will help you. Mars in Libra just wants everyone to be happy and get along. Are you a warrior of peace, a negotiator or a waffler, gossip and blamer?

Be true to yourself. Listen to Lilith and Vesta, sit with them them, negotiate with finesse to deal with any friction.

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T-squares,Grand Trines, 50 shades of Scorpio days Astrology outlook

Friday Jan 4- shortly before 10:00am EST

BUT- LIBRA Moon quickly opposes URANUS and Squares MERCURY in a T-square of unparalleled mind thrumming, brain blending, weird concepts and outta sight brilliant insights and peace talks trying to hold the forces of revolution and freedom

Next up is a HIGHLY PASSIONATE TRINE from energetic MARS in Aquarius to JUPITER Retro in Gemini at @ 7 degrees 4:45 am PST.

Whoa this is a VERY passionate sexy, to notch up the freedom, yakkety yak, break out of the old everything blessing,

At least throw out some stuff you haven’t used in awhile!

And there’s more! 

LIBRA MOON makes an AIRY GRAND TRINE to MARS  & JUPITER before 7:00 am PST/10:00 am EST

Romantic, beneficial, over the moon, ask for that raise, make a risky move,

Very fertile, rushing down the aisle to Vegas or City Hall to tie the knot,

Battling for your ideas in retrospect is one way to call this one

It’s PIE IN THE SKY and you don’t have to die!

Moon makes last quarter square to Capricorn Sun @ 10:49 pm EST. challenging us to recognize fairness.


The energy shifts completely. Mercury Jupiter quincunx 3:08 am –what’s the left hand/right hand saying? Can’t communicate too easily now.

Lovely Venus Moon sextile 6:14 pm is a lovely romantic  dinner out, pleasure may be a necessity at this point.

MOON enters SCORPIO 10:09 pm PST – Sunday Next day 1:09 am EST

Emotions get heavy as always on this moon

Sunday- 2 days of the heavy intense TRANSFORMATION,

colloquially speaking 50 shades of Grey intensity

scorpio transformtaion

Serious and heavy Mercury CONJUNCTS PLUTO –deep dark and delicious if that’s your taste.

Thinking, obsessive, passion, power struggles, manipulations, all secrets out  HIGH ALERT!

as this is a snake year, this would be seen as a beginning stage in the shedding. 

A Mercury textile Saturn-cools things out as rational thinking and avoidance of deep emotions is easier to access.

More stress  -Scorpio MOON SQUARES MARS 5:05 pm

Mars rules Scorpio so it’s red alert emotionally, quick to fight.

Scorpio moon conjuncts Saturn @ 6:11 pm EST. SOBERING!

This could be very depressing, avoid suicidal thoughts, downers, intense power struggles,

Stay on the Saturn sober side. Disagreements with authorities and father figures. Be the dispationate watcher.


MARS SATURN square from 10 Aquarius to Scorpio 11:32 a PST

Aquarius detached cool all inclusive mentality and Scorpio intense take ‘em by the balls need for power and control makes for a tense chess game. Independence and limits are what’s happening.

Scorpio Moon conjunct NORTH NODE @ 3:52 pm PST helps us to follow the high road.

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Countdown to ecstasy,20 days, Numerology, Astrology Tara Greene


  its December 1st already! Only 20 days left- till Winter Solstice -20 was a sacred number to the Mayans

how much do you know about the Dec 21 2012 phenomena?

but the world will not end.

Some people say the Mayans were Atlantean – that their stone calendar at Palenque was brought when Atlantis sunk in the Caribbean and they didn’t travel very far-

The 12 21 2012 phenomena in new age circles has a life of its own already

so focus on transforming your heart and your consciousness

some people say we are ascending to the 5th or higher dimensions, what does that mean to you?

this is the golden age of 2,000 years of peace some say,

It is the end of a minor Mayan calendar round, 5,000 years.

NO the galactic Alignment is not exactly correct,and as such, its been going on since 1998 2012 is the mid-point.

I believe it is the return of the Feminine, the pole shift being a shift in consciousness and values,

the Pyramids were built-in that last shift 12,960 years ago.

anyways a 20 day countdown to ecstasy is a good thing to do

Day 20-

20 is the sacred number of Judgement in the TAROT

Tara Greene Tarot 20 judgement

Visconti Tarot
20 Judgement

XX  20 is the Apocalypse where the ArchAngel Gabriel blows his trumpet and the dead rise again

My personality is Number 20 it is an initiation number-

What is it that needs to die in your life in order for your true Self, your Higher Self to be born?

Astrology aspects

Dec 1 a QUNICUNX-Y kinda day

will bring up heavy child hood stuff,and family power plays

trust your stomach to tell you when yo are being manipulated,

Venus Scorpio quincunx Jupiter Rx in Gemini

smoldering desire,love & sex and communicating are kinda outta sync today, better not to talk, just act

Moon opposes Mars in Capricorn in wee hours

ask your tummy which long-term plans you feel like you want to take action on,

Moon trines Venus

the mothering, sex and death-bringing Feminine aspects are in harmony a TRIPLICITY TRIUMPH

MARS in Capricorn  quincunx Jupiter in evening

All Quincunx’s are aspects of two planets 5 signs -150 degrees apart

the elements don’t understand each other, earth and air- they work in different mediums, have different objectives,

Mars in Capricorn is ambition for power in the world, career driven

Jupiter Retro in Gemini= is a youthful optimistic chatterfest and curiosity maven in slow motion

Put them together and what have you got?

Cancer Moon trines Mercury in Scorpio

All TRINES are blessings easy- but ya gotta work them-

Moon in Cancer at home with communicating about the heavies, people who push your buttons, manipulators, getting into the deep secrets,

from the album Countdown to Ecstacy Steely Dan Showbiz Kids-

just love this song-

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