Kick Ass, humpday. Psychic Astro Tarot byTara Greene

June 23- 27
Yes the LOVE GODDESS is in double your pleasure mode in GEMINI and so is the Moon, Tuesday June 24

There’ll be talking head romances and quick change partners.

Tuesday afternoon
 An old Moody Blues song, very dreamy with Moon conjunct Venus and later Moon square to Neptune in PISCES. What’s the sound of a GEMINI soul mate dream falling in the faery forest sound like?

MARS in LIBRA 16 + degrees LIBRA to URANUS at 16+ ARIES =BADASS

We’ve had a number of these powerful squares this year. How was APRIL for you?

Be careful not to enrage anyone. DO NOT WEAR RED.  Don’t cut your hair. Be careful with knives, shaving with razors and lighting BBQ’s. Seriously.

Unexpected violence, anger and chaos but also Wowe zowie HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS breakthroughs.  BAZINGA!

MARS- was RETROGRADE in April, now cannot be contained, tamed or sit on the energy NYmore.

CHANNEL this born to be wild ZAP stuff positively get involved and protest MONSANTO,

It’s V for VENDETTA  planetary energy. March in GAY WORLD PRIDE in Toronto.


ARIES, LIBRA,CAPRICORN and CANCER peeps with strong mid degree Cardinal signs have been hammered. MARS is balancing but pushing you into that FIRE PIT NOW. Ukraine is one of the countries  activated by the GRIND CARDINAL CROSS. perfect name for it. You think?

If you like weird offbeat sex than this is your SPECIAL DAY.

Mars is a torch exacerbating by VENUS in GEMINI not to be confused with masturbating.



Don’t tread too hard on people’s hearts. Don’t mess with power-hungry slim shady’s. Summertime sadness.

June 26

Moon and MERCURY canoodling early a.m.  MOON GOES Void of course all day till 2:05 pm PDT


CANCER NEW MOON  on Friday- will write separately.


Divine Tarot Tara Greene Psychic


Legacy of the DIVINE TAROT by Ciro Marchetti

Aces are always the UBER everything at the nano level.

the Acorn of the Oak, the fulfilment of the bonfire in the first strike of the match,

The Ace of Wands rules ARIES and is governed by MARS= how appropriate…

Yes even though Mercury is STILL RETROGRADE- can’t we wake that winged helmeted, foot fetish messenger up, or tempt him back with some BIG MESSAGE he has to deliver?


Especially as the energy of FIRE will soon be BLAZING all over this land. I am writing all about JUPITER entering LEO July 16 and SATURN entering SAGITTARIUS December 23 for a short appetizer of heavy, serious mature archery as  Lead becomes arrows aimed at GALACTIC CENTER inspirational sign for the next few years!

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All writing is copyright of TARA GREENE.

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Dirty Trines, magic mojo instructions from Tara Greene

TRINES- the 120 degrees GOOD ASPECT  between planets- two or more.

All good things come in threes, Three wishes in Fairy Tales. The Holy Trinity.

Buckminster Fuller used the triangle for the basis of his structures. Triangles are extremely strong.

Too much of a good thing is called a Grand TRINE. Can you ever get enuf of a good thing trine?  Nah.

There are 4 types of trines-

Water trines – Cancer Scorpio and Pisces -easy flow of  emotions, heart, receptivity, feminine energy.  They are  cups/water suits in the Tarot.

Fire Trines- Aries Leo and Sagittarius – adds more fuel passion and  hotness to the fire/spirit/action. Fire is Wands in the Tarot.

Air Trines-  Gemini Libra and Aquarius – add easy mental, logical, intellectual, analysis and communications.  Air is Swords in tarot.

Earth Trines- Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, adds practical, work, building, reality. Earth is disks, pentacles in the Tarot.

You can be born with Trines and Grand Trines in your natal chart. They are not uncommon. When you see them you think oh good I’ve got it easy now.  Trines tend to make people lazy as they are taken for granted. As if the planets do it for you. NEVER take anything for granted.

There are also Transiting Trines

The astrology joke is the easy transits last a few days, the hard ones years.

Trines  have to be activated.

So here’s your chance – as DIVINE TIMING is everything.

Sunday June 8 DIRTY TRINES

VENUS in TAURUS TRINES PLUTO in Capricorn at 6:40 pm PDT/ 9:40 pm EDT
12 degrees TAURUS to Capricorn.
Excellent for all earth signs – Virgo too.    BIG SOUL LOVE BEAUTY WEALTH aspect.
Where are these degrees in your natal chart?

Everyone’s got DIRT in their charts somewhere.

This is beautiful, bountiful soul ,wealth, sex, soul, wealth.

W. Pruszkowski Trines Tara Greene


Trines have narrow orbs so if you have planets, or angles at 10-15 degrees EARTH- you are in their blessing zone.

TRINES are three-pointed so you must call upon the planets -3 times.

 in this specific example VENUS and Pluto

SAY -Venus -or Aphrodite three times and Pluto or Hades, three times.

You would also call upon the specific governances. Jupiter- expansion, Saturn- responsibility, career, etc.

ask Venus for love, money, beauty, luxury, wealth, romance, balance, peace, pleasure

Ask PLUTO for soul direction, death of old  limitations, insight, to work with your shadow, power, invisibility, wealth.

 and ask for them to pour their harmonious energy in the Trine aspect down on you.

Use your own words.

You need to open three portals  energetically to receive as well. Your heart chakra, third eye and crown chakra.

Meditate and see the chakras like flowers opening. It’s easy.

Draw a triangle with the two or three or more of the planets involved on a piece of paper.

Place your magical MOJO -what you asked for – in the Triangle. Draw images of them. Be creative.

Then thank them thrice, not twain.

Seal the three points with a kiss. Repeat the MAGIC MOJO  three times a day for three days.

That’s IT!


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene


Three times a lady- Lionel Richie




Mars in Virgo, Angels,Perfect lover Horoscopes

Mars, the warrior planet where the action is always, enters earthy mutable practical VIRGO Oct 15 – December 7.

Mars in Virgo is the eco-warrior, the workplace protector, the perfectionist lover. The soldier called  Mr.Clean


MARS in Virgo energy is extremely analytical and precise. Virgo is ruled by MERCURY so though grounded, it has a strong intellectual connection. Virgo’s are very disciplined and concerned about Health. They can be OCD -like, worrying and fussing,  really anal about anything being out of place. They are perfectionists and critical. They are focussed, hard workers, like practical things, never overspend and are much like the character of Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory. BAZINGA!

Mars in Virgo -The pen is mightier than the sword and so might the penis be.

Mars in Virgo will attack intellectually and slay you with criticism, more than physically although they can be strong.

It’ll be a testosterone driven  7 weeks of  getting passionate {and defensive}  about  work, your community, pets, perfectionism, hard work, accounting, cleaning up, balancing the budget, punctuality, nature lovers, gardening, servants, organizing everything, eating a very healthy diet- no carbs, no gluten, no dairy, no wheat etc., working out, cleansing the body and your environment at every moment, a tendency to only buy when absolutely necessary, only practical shoes- no high heels or brand names allowed.

Check out where VIRGO is in your natal chart that’s the hot area.


MARS will initially ignite and unite with the fixed star Regulus now at zero degrees Virgo from October 15- 19th. Not just a character in Harry Potter, REGULUS was the heart of the Lion for the last 2,160 years. Regulus is Royalty, and in Virgo it’s down to earth, notice them marrying mere commoners now.

REGULUS is also the STAR of ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL a beautiful angel who governs the Heart and his energy is a gorgeous emerald green colour. Raphael’s energy is extremely healing, I have been initiated into working with Angel Raphael and it’ so beautiful. I send prayers to the earth daily with this Archangel. Meditate on Mars activating the heart chakra during this Virgo transit.

Mars in VIRGO sexually

Men will tend to serve their female partners. They will pay attention to every detail of what their partners like and use that as a reference. Mars in VIRGO is squeaky clean sex, and perfect order in the bedroom. They can have a lot of stamina. Sex may be very routine, always at the same time, not too late. Sex with Mars in Virgo is like everything else, hard work, something that they will finish to perfection. They are not romantics.They can be kinky and play dominant /slave. As Virgo is known to be the sign of servants.

The down side of Mars in Virgo, worrying about every detail, driving oneself and others crazy complaining about everything that is imperfect, nervousness, overly organizing, being too submissive, too frugal, fear of dirt, and upper intestinal and digestive troubles. Stressed out, can’t relax in sex, comparing you to anyone else who was more perfect.

When Mercury Goes Retrograde in Scorpio Oct 21 that will shift and slow Mars down down till Mercury goes Direct Nov. 10


Mars in Virgo will make beneficial aspects to Taurus, and Capricorn plus water signs Cancer and Scorpio.

Mars will be pushing Sagittarius butt to get their acts together, makes Pisces dreamers get real, grounds those air headed Gemini’s.

Mars in Virgo will annoy Aquarius, and especially ARIES, as he rules that sign and they just don’t understand each other.

LEO and Libra get off scott free.

Mars in Virgo will be opposite NEPTUNE from the 15- exact on the 19th so have a very romantic frugal date that night.

A great day to ignite new dreams and artists visions.

Mars sextiles North Node  at 7 degrees Virgo to Scorpio on October 28- check out the angle of your goal and realign if necessary

Mars opposes Chiron October 29 for some excellent healing and forgiveness

Mars TRINEs PLUTO on HALLOWEEN OCT 31 at 9 degrees that is excellent for Taurus Capricorn and Virgo peeps. That will be an intense HALLOWEEN.


POLITICIANS: Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Indira Ghandi, Lyndon Johnson.

ACTORS:- Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Ben Affleck,Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr. Jeff Bridges, Will Smith, Kevin Spacey, Sylvester Stallone, Charles Bronson, Clark Gable, Tom Felton, Michael Caine, Charlton Heston, Jesse Eisenberg, Laurence Fishburne, Woody Harrelson.

ACTRESSES:- Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Zooey Deschanel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, Brooke Shields, Raquel Welch, Helen Hunt, Kim Novack, Evan Rachel Wood, Kelly Ripa, Judy Dench,

MUSICIANS: Bruno MARS, Stevie Wonder ,Jerry Garcia, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Trent Reznor,  Thom York of Radiohead, Eddie Vedder,Quincy Jones, Stevie Nicks, George Michael, Joe Jonas, Grace Jones, Alice Cooper, Tom Waits, Nina Simone, Willy Nelson, James Brown, Gloria Estefan, Wiz Khalifa, Sir Bob Geldof, Linda Ronstadt, Diana Krall, Little Richard, classical composer Gustav Holst, Yo -Yo Ma,

FAMOUS HISTORICAL FIGURES:  Diana, Princess of Wales, Emperor NAPOLEON 1st, King Louis XVI of France, King Henry VIII of England,  Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great, Rasputin, Amelia Earhart,

Philosophers: Frederich Nietzche, Martin Heidegger,

Charles Manson,  Evil Knievel, Mother Teresa,  Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical society, Sylvia Browne, psychic, Spiritual leader Amma, burlesque performer Dita Von Teese,  convicted murderer Jodi Arias, Chef Gordon Ramsay, model Linda Evangelista, Film Director Werner Herzog,

SCIENTISTS: Carl Sagan, RIchard Feynmann Physicist,

ARTISTS:  Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Georgia O’Keefe, Rodin, Modigliani, Yoko Ono, Damien Hirst,

Architects:  Antonio Gaudi, Mies van der Rohe

WRITERS: Ernest Hemmingway, Gustave Flaubert, Emily Bronte, John Keats, Mary Shelley,

Comedians: Joan Rivers, Carol Burnett, Jay Leno, Chris Rock, Gene Wilder, Peter Sellers, Dennis Leary,

DANCERS: Michail Baryshnikov, Gene Kelly,

ATHLETES: Venus Williams, Bruce Jenner, Magic Johnson.


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PERFECT LOVER by Britney Spears

Happy Lammas, Wiccan holiday, you Look marvellous dahling

August 1 is known as LAMMAS in the wiccan/pagan calendar of the 8 rounds of the wheel of the year

Lammas is aChristianized version meaning “loaf Mass.”

Lughnasad is its other name. We are half way to the AUTUMN Equinox now.

This feastival honors the Grain gods. IT’s a very very ancient festival. From the races before the Celts.

At this time of year, The Bees are Buzzing, or should be. Where have all the bees gone? Monsanto?

It is traditionally celebrated as the wake of the Sun KING, who is dying now in the waning of his own Light.

British witches celebrate it on August 6 this is a cross quarter station in the round of the year.  It occurs in relationship to Leo the Lion, the Royal watcher related to Archangel Raphael and the heart chakra and the deep emerald-green colour.

It was a time for communal festivities, crafts, jams, plays, dances, what we think of as a Renaissance fair.

A highlight of these festivals was a wheel set afire and rolled down a hill called  “Catherine wheels. ” Based on a mythological figure, her worshippers were the CATHARS or Cathari= heretics who were routed out by the Catholic Church. The word catharsis comes from the same Latin root.

BONFIRES are always part of this festival perhaps to give the Sun more light.

Celebrations include making cookie people figures and star cookies are baked in celebration.  It is time of anxious waiting, we are not yet assured of a harvest which will keep the people alive. It is  a time to free oneself from FEAR.  A snake dance is created going counter clock wise, bread figures are thrown into the bonfire to symbolize the burning up of one’s fears. Then one says what one hopes to harvest.

Symbols of STARS are held up. The High Priestess would say,


The coveners would eat the star cookies and celebrate.

LIke the Tarot image of THE STAR-#17

The STar Thoth Tara Greene

always a message of Hope- when you wish upon a star.

Think about how your seeded ideas and goals have manifested since Spring EQUINOX. Measure what has grown high, what has blossomed, what hasn’t. Take stock of your life on all levels, as a measure. You are now in the home stretch of greatest growth. Use the time wisely.

Enjoy your Lammas celebrations.  I will be having a small ceremony with my family. We send blessings to you and yours.

And for fun I couldn’t help thinking about another Lamas

Billy Crystal- impersonating Fernando Lamas- “YOU look mahvellous dahling.” from Saturday Night Live  in the 80’s.

Lammas tara greene


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Marvellous- Billy Crystal as Fernando Lamas 

Not to mention S’wonderful, S’marvelous by

THE CATHERINE WHEEL by DAvid Byrne Choreography by Twyla Tharpe 1983  

Inspirational Card of the Day,Moving on,The Tarot of emptying

Inspirational Card of the Day for May 14 

8 of cups

the Tarot of Truth, Tara Greene

the Tarot of Timeless Truth deck

Remember that the Tarot synchronizes the collective Unconscious’s emotions

Yesterday we had Tarot Trump #8 Justice/ Adjustment /Karma

today we also have another eight, the 8 of cups.

8’s are traditionally “difficult” complex numbers. Nearing the end of the journey of 9 which is completion.

the Thoth Tarot 8 of cups is  called INDOLENCE

8 of cups The Tarot

Its associated with SATURN in PISCES


Your hopes and dreams have turned sour, your pain comes from hanging on to something which is clearly no good for you. Stuck in the swamp. Martyrdom. Allowing others’ to steal your energy.

Lack of boundaries. Believing a projection, but you can’t ignore the harsh reality in the situation..

Toxic addictions,  trying to control others emotionally.  An abyss of despair.

THE MYTHIC TAROT says “The future cannot be manipulated. We go empty-handed into the unknown.”

Ye,s in Toronto the LEAF hockey fans are disappointed. 

The Moon is in Cancer today.  It’s OK to cry and move on.

I have had clients who totally mirror this card’s energy all day today. 

Until we able to let go of that which is not fulfilling our highest goals

we have no space to receive anything new.

There is always hope, trust that all has happened for your highest good. Learn the Karmic lesson and move on.



Epic launch,best Astrology dates,accentuate the positive

Timing is everything. Divine timing is even better.

If you are looking for one of the best dates to launch any new product, project, venture, lifestyle- its coming right up @ April 10 NEW MOON.

BUT  ALSO 5 ALARM FIRE  WARNING–North Korea-ARIES is IMPULSIVE and we’ve seen Kim Jong Un

Acting definitely ARIES MARTIAL -War mongering IMPULSIVE – trigger happy, firing and threatening nuclear missile launches since the planets began lining up in ARIES  mid March.

THIS IS very dangerous . I had predicted war starting from North Korea at this time in my 2013 predictions in 2012 which were published on the web.

Also can be more volcano explosions like the ones that have started in Russia recently

Volcano Russia Astrology Tara Greene

Russia Volcano explosions 2013

ON the positive side-  YOU gotta ACCENTUATE the positive -see link below

All New Moons are great beginnings but a quadruple ARIES conjunction is 4 times as powerful.

April 10 NEW MOON -Sun & Moon at 20 degrees Aries @ 2:36 am PDT 5:35 am EDT 9:36 am GMT

where Venus and Mars were conjunct April 6/7

The New Moon is now taking that sexy Sacred Marriage energy into

the VOID -the Dark Moon

where all Magic and mystery are made- the cauldron, the Womb pure Potential.

This is conception time.

later this day New Moon conjuncts Mars & Venus to bring the DIVINE FEMININE Energies to it.

A very fertile Moon, although in Aries this is a masculine Fire sign – new inspiration

Uranus is in Aries too. A rad conception, revolution urge for freedom.

This would be Day 5 of working with the VENUS MARS energy Conjunction.


Where is 20-22 degrees ARIES occur in your natal chart?

It’s in my 5th house, on the cusp of my 6th house. For me it pertains to creative self-expression and new work. I am working on new CD’s and on-line classes and tours.

Does 20-22 Aries conjunct square or oppose any other planets or angles in your chart? Does it quincunx anything -that’s a 150 degree difficult angle with two different elements not speaking the same language.

That is where the new energy is being conceived.

This is a powerful year for all ARIES  born April 9th-13th of course who get hit exactly with the energy

Works well for Libra’s born opposite Oct 13-17th

and Capricorn’s born Jan 10-14 get the pressure of the square

and CANCER’s born July 12-16 also get squared

SUN will conjunct MARS on April 17 at 28 degrees ARIES

so you have a whole week to work in the dark then SUN MARS energy like a Divine spark begins to move it out.

Let me know how you are feeling this energy.

Personally I am feeling  exhausted on some level. I have pushed forwards and gotten quite a few deadlines met last week.

Need help to choose what your new path is? Get a reading?

Accentuate the positive

Daily TAROT Card SPRING EQUINOX- 2013 forecast Tara Greene Astrology

This is something I am instituting today. SPRING EQUINOX   A daily Tarot image or symbol.

Yes we are still in the Mercury Retro Lurch. I posted it on my FB page

8 ands Tara Greene tarot


8 of WANDS


This card symbolizes both Spring EQUINOX and the entire year. It is an 8 = 11 – INFINITY, KARMA, balance.


the 8 directions of the card also resonates with the CHINESE FENG SHUI- MULTI Directional

Sagittarius is where the GALACTIC CENTER is, at 27/28 degrees TUNE IN

Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius, as befits our still in shadow communications.

Jupiter Sagittarius’ planet is in GEMINI right now, this can help or increase the split.

You may have to aim for all directions at once this spring,

It will be INTENSE with that CARDINAL T- SQUARE

THE RAINBOW always symbolizes a blessings a heavenly bridge, the rainbow tribes, all the chakras,

So aim high, tell the truth as in Sagittarius truth, be mindful of how you communicate, inspire yourself in all directions,

be a teacher and leader and inspirer for others.


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the day after,Gemini Cancer Leo focus the week’s Moon and stars Astrology

Week of  Jan 21-27

Jan 21 MLK President Obama’s inauguration

he is the 44th President the Numerology is interesting 44 is a MASTER NUMBER like 11:11,22,33, 44 etc.


#44 is doubly masterful as the KING, the One who attains all power

The Emperor # 4 Tarot Trump

Tarot #4 Tara GreeneARTIST Francesco Clemente’s New YORK cITY tAROT dECK

with Moon in Gemini

youthful, Aquarian- freedom for all,

Gemini Moon conjunct Jupiter benefits all Sagittarius, Pisces and VIRGO born in first week of those signs 

JAN 22 The back lash begins…

A quixotic DAY Moon quincunx PLUTO in Capricorn, Saturn in Scorpio  and Venus in Capricorn

this is the DAY AFTER and the headaches and harangues begin

Republicans hate Obama’s leftist speech, pro gays, social innuendoes etc. 


That Gem of a MOON Trines MARS in Aquarius- mid of night



dream on, make your best wishes on this one

good for fertility,artists, hi romance

and be careful about getting too high- Neptune

Jan 24 MOON ASPECTS – 7 count’em

3 TRINE BLESSING DAY  WATER SIGNS – see above for first one

2 quincunx’s – 1. to SUN  at 4 degrees AQUARIUS -President’s Obama’s Jupiter is here- too much largesse?

Cancer moon quincunx Mercury at 9 degrees Aquarius

sensitive feelings can be hurt by detached Aquarian communications

Moon square URANUS in ARIES  –

we the people will vent our feelings about the pro’s or cons of change and revolution

Moon TRINE CHIRON in Pisces

-addicted to the pain or what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? ***


always intense power struggles, the people vs big Government world-wide

NOTE: Pluto is only 3 degrees away from Opposing the U.S. Natal SUN now

Pluto advances to 11 degrees 35 minutes in 2013 -the shadows are coming more and more out into the LIGHT

Cancer Moon TRINE SATURN in Scorpio – *** 

if you didn’t do your taxes from last year- do them now

a good day to catch up with old friends, get down to serious goals,unearth the family skeletons 

do not fear those in power, be honest with your feelings,

Last but not least


Boldly go where you ain’t never been before- in whatever way that is for you let your freak flag fly! – will be many protests world wide today

Jan 25

Mercury in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio

Heady thoughts…the revolutionaries and those that hold power frictionate today

Cancer Moon opposite Venus In Capricorn  

Belt tightening may be on the family agenda, Moon in Cancer is very emotional vs.Venus in Capricorn is all business,

a good day to throw out your never do well family member who has not contributed to the efficient running of the household

Cancer Moon and Mars in Aquarius qunicunx-

water and air don’t mix,feelings evaporate into this air, air has no effect on water, disagreements about emotional states and freedom as a state of mind

will continue next article… stay tooned

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End of the world? Rebirth in consciousness. Multi-faith Rituals, psychic protection

DEC 21, 2012 WINTER SOLSTICE – I see it as a consciously intended higher energy attunement

some say the Galactic Center and the Galactic Equator and the SUN can never actually physically do the X marks the spot thing alignment

some people are very panicked, survivalists, stockpiling, guns, food for the disaster- the end of time, a pole shift,

a big decisive, as if at exactly 6:12 am EST Dec 21 2012 out of the GAlactic CEnter– 23,000,000 ,miles away a big tractor beam of energy licks out and hits the BIG RED OFF button.

Many NEW AGE channelers are communing with Sirians, Arcturians, Lyrians, Aluna beings, St. Germaine, Mother Mary, Jesus and the HIGH COUNCILS

Whatever works for you, whatever opens your heart totally, it must be egalitarian and inclusive though,

this is about seeing ourselves for who we really are IMMORTAL SPIRITS experiencing from a 3D density consciousness which is about to expand.

What I like best is that the once in 26,000 year cycle is opening.   You know like in HARRY POTTER, ” I open at the close.”

and the patriarchal last 13,000 years is over and the GREAT MOTHER’s energy is returning before the patriarchy destroys the entire earth.

It’s all very out there…  GROUNDING is most important and expansion of the heart and UNITY consciousness

My sense is you need PSYCHIC preparation  and protection

Whatever you believe is what you will create! Expect miracles and stay pure.

Last  night as the Sun had already connected with the Galactic Center I was speaking with a very spiritual friend of mine, as we spoke a dark energy came into her room, her dog started to bark, she got the shivers and so did I. She immediately called in all 4 archangels and she said that the lights brightened in her home. I could sense it too.

I immediately got a message that said The Great White Umbrella Mother of the Buddha’s is very protective and powerful energy.

I will share it with you, it’s a short mantra  to recite and  a photo 

You do need to have a trained Buddhist guru to teach and initiate you

‘But as these are special times, I believe, if this calls to you,that you ask for the help you need


Goddess of protection white

White Umbrella Mother Buddha

White Umbrella Mother Buddha

 Her mantra is “Hum Mama, hum Ni svoha” – you need to recite is at least 108 times

She has a thousand arms and faces each with eyes and her white umbrella brings abundance and fierce protection against any demonic forces.

Please SHARE with as many people as you feel need it. You don’t have to be BUDDHIST to use this magical prayer.

I feel that wearing white would be a good idea; it is purity, also use crystals to ground your intentions, wearing gold jewellery is also good, gold is a huge conductor and is beneficient.

LABRADORITE is the magical mineral to work with  


Labradorite magical mineral

Labradorite magical mineral

Labradorite is a magical mineral


THE HOUR BEFORE THE SUN conjuncts the GALACTIC CENTER is very important to meditate at

whatever time zone you are in 3:12 am PST , 6:12 am EST

FAST- DO NOT EAT, It is important to have no dead flesh in your body- drink plenty of water , some people started fasting on the 19th

The electro magnetic energy fields may be affected, but the G.C. is 23,000,000 LIGHT YEARS away! so that’s going to be subtle


Unplugging all electricals in your home and batteries will be important on the Special hour of transmission.

I would recommend being ready at least an hour ahead of time to meditate on the re-entry of your consciousness to the WOMB of the GREAT MOTHER once again, for the first time in 26,000 years. 

I would thank the MAYANs and all the indigenous wisdom that we once knew and have lost and forgotten, about honoring the earth and all our relations, If nothing else happens and people just adopt the two sacred laws, everything  will change.



Create an alter with candles incense, smudge, and have that ready for you to sit in.

if you have a Tibetan brass bowl to ring or cymbals or a drum These are all good.You can use a simple crystal glass and water to make higher frequency sounds just rub the rim with water.

Reciting prayers before the time arrives at the SOLSTICE POINT which is 6:12 am EST. when the Sun enters Capricorn

We are collectively like a caterpillar going into the chrysalis to be reborn as butterflies collectively.

I would call in the 4 Archangels and the higher Dimensional teachers of the LIGHT to be with you

It is all about opening your heart, so just breathe into your heart, get quiet have both your hands in mudras, thumb and forefinger touching

Ask for your highest spiritual energy to manifest and work through you for the highest good of all. close your eyes and go within your heart, turn off the mind.

You may feel the interdimensional veils melt-

you will be a literal LUKE SKYWALKER of  Star Wars hurtling through the stars and the cosmos,

to the great Maw, the void, the BLACK HOLE at the center of the G.C. the great mother  who will swallow  your ego whole

you will see yourself manifested as you really are!

 as a being existent in many different forms sexes, animals, beings in different dimensions and Galaxies all at the same time.

This pineal gland opening may really confuse those who are not familiar with being aware multi-dimensionally.

You may feel woozy; dizzy you may need to throw up as happens in a sacred plant ceremony where you purge your old negative energies, entities..Emotional shit, it’s good.

just keep breathing. Each person will have their own unique expercience. Stay out of fear.

If you see ultra violet flashes of white gold green or white light that is good, Angelic HEALING

Yes there is much mumbo-jumbo. Many people will be disappointed afterwards to find that they still have to stick around with these 3D bodies and have to pay bills, clean up the earth, take out the garbage and have not Ascended into the 5th dimension literally. It is happening consciously though on inner levels.

Let me know how your  experience is.

I am always here to be of service.

I will be leading a ceremony in Toronto and it will be an all day celebration. We will link up with all the other groups worldwide.

BLESSINGS in the new beginning

My Halloween seance message to you from Tara Greene

Have you ever been to a séance? Seen a spirit, or felt one’s presence? I see them all the time.  My Aunt used to talk with her dead Mother regularly when I was a young child so it was my first exposure and seemed a natural enough thing to do, an impromptu  séance of sorts. I felt called to tell you a short synopsis of  the one I just led last night.

The séance was held at a private Halloween party in Toronto. The participants were all at different levels of awareness. I noticed a woman’s spirit in the house when I first arrived. I asked the hostess if it was OK for me to call her in, it was her mother Colleen who had passed away recently.

After midnight with the lights turned down, 3 candles lit, I instructed the participants to  join hands, left hand up to receive, right hand down to send energy.

I had the group breathe relax, instructed them to stay open-minded. Not to be afraid. I called in the four ARCHANGELS for protection.

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael he heals the heart with his emerald green ray

I had my crystals on the table, and there were food offerings for the spirits as well.

I asked them to think about whoever they knew, a relative,grandparent, sibling, friend or someone important in their lives who has passed on. Also any pets who had died.

A dog appeared to me right away on the table, a red boxer dog which someone said was their dog.

Colleen the mother who had recently died came in and gave a long speech about the after life. She instructing her daughter and the people at the séance to not be afraid of death, to know that you never die, that we are all immortal spirits.

She said  your belief about the afterlife is very important because you create your own reality. That your ancestors and friends who you know who are already in the other world are waiting to help you transition, they Midwife you like midwives who assist at births here, help your rebirth into the other dimensions.

Colleen’s spirit message was to be very aware of being alive at every moment. To forgive oneself  for thinking that you didn’t do enough. To drop all the baggage everyone was carrying around. To lighten up. To allow your magnificence to come through.To listen with your heart.To be authentic, to be your true self, not your ego, personality self.

One of the participants asked about a friend. He came through loud and clear. He was a very funny guy who said he loved it that we were all trying to connect with the spirits. He had an energy like Beetlejuice. What a character, I do get to meet these people when I channel.

It took this group quite awhile to get relaxed and let the energy flow, I get super heated when I channel. When the spirits came in, some people felt cold. I mentioned Colleen likes to go to the kitchen as she had lived in this place before she passed away. Just then the light flickered in the kitchen,which people noticed.

Then I saw a group of very serious looking older men, with long white beards,wearing crowns, standing in profile appearing one after the other. They each looked like Gandalf the Wizard from the Lord of the Rings or Dumbledoor from Harry Potter. They sat in a solemn circle, there were 24 of them. I felt this amazingly high consciousness energy emitting from them. They seemed like they were the White Brotherhood. They came to give the group a blessings. I felt very honored to be in their presence.

I was told by these wise ancient men to tell each person to ask for a gift. Then everyone took time to receive their gifts. This was so wonderful I felt so moved.

At the end, I thanked all the Archangels for protecting the circle and thanked the spirits for appearing.

It took awhile for everyone  to come back. An extra half hour had passed by, time dilates like that when one is in altered space and dimensions.

I am relating this to you to see if it triggers any pre-encoded messages for you.

Blessings Tara