Love chaos, Venus conjunct Uranus

June 11 Venus, planet of love, women relationships and the arts, and Uranus planet of freedom, revolution, chaos digital media and invention meet today at 16+ Taurus.

Expect a lot of crazy and you won’t be disappointed. Crazy love, crazy values, crazy energies, crazy stock market, crazy real estate, crazy art, crazy cryptocurrency markets too.

Earthquakes, wild weather, explosions, electrical outages are possible

If you have planets at 16+ Taurus plus or minute 4 degrees-12-20°, you will feel the bullish on love vibe.

Plus any planets square to this at 12-20° #Leo or same degrees of Aquarius and opposing degrees in Scorpio-you’re going to be getting the full horned brunt.

Staying Stubbornly fixed to one spot on anything in the midst of a charging bull is not recommended.

Watch out for those red flags!

Venus rules Taurus and she has the last say. Listen to your intuition and your gut instincts and speak your truth to get over the fear of what people might say.

It’s very sensuous and wild earthy bullish animalistic shamanistic energy.

Use this energy positively to Innovate, redecorate, get a beauty makeover, redo your wardrobe. Get into a creative frenzy. Let yourself trust your bodily knowing and instincts.

Try new massages, and sexy toys, new freedom in sexual roles and ways.

Break out of old stuck habits and routines, explore your sensuality.

Yes your body may be weird but love it’s quirkiness.

The Omega and Chandra symbols for 17 #Taurus gives further insights, by

– John Sandbach
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International Women’s Day radical ideas and brilliant insights

Happy international women’s day

The Moon is in feminine earthy stubborn practical Taurus ♉️ rules by Venus in the early morning.

Moon squares Mercury at last degree of Aquarius Lots of radical ideas blowing in the wind.

Taurus Moon trine Pluto in the AM

Gives power to our senses in a deeper more insightful way. Pay attention to your body and it will never steer you wrong-sorry for that pun.

The Moon is Void of Course from 6:35 am PST/ 9:35 am EST.

Take time to reflect, journal and pause before acting, Mercury is at the last degree of Aquarius.

Mercury entered Aquarius in January 2, on a New Moon. Brilliant insights and radical divergent thinking.

What May seem radical now is always rethought and reframed in future circumstances..

Moon enters Gemini at 1:40 pm and remain in the twin sign until March 10 at 11:24 pm PST/March 11, at 2:24 am.

Moon trines Mars and Venus at 1+ Aquarius

It’s a great day to shoot the breeze. Radical ideas, debates and and exchanges are exciting, stimulating and even erotic. Can be a creative romantic day to connect on dating apps and explore ideas you love. Networking and innovations are turn ons. This radical energy favours Exploring new and “unusual” people, sex and open relationships.

March 9 Mercury enters Pisces at 8:22 pm EST until March 27

A very quick mind trip through expanded telepathy, empathy and a dreamy imaginative creative mind scape. Mercury in Pisces the messages are more intuitive integration of ideas, thinking and emotions become fused, brain fog, more projections, delusions and denial. Thinking and talking aBout addictions, working on writing projects behind the scenes, channeling, automatic writing, dream and expressive arts therapy, artistic collaborations, group art shows, compassionate speeches, charity, endings, delusions, freedom of speech, eating words, taking back of karmic words.

If you have planets in Pisces they will be mentally stimulated during this time.

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Echoes of the past. Daily Tarot reading

I was thinking about and Remembering the historic Uranus Pluto conjunction on October 9th,1965 at 3:17 P.M. EST at 18th degree Virgo. There were 3 conjunctions which really created the 60’s peace love, Hippie, Beatles- NOTE the conjunction occurred on Beatles Leader John Lennon’s 25th birthday indicating his archetypal role in the grand scheme, sex, drugs, rock and roll and the cultural revolution.

Saturn, the planet of karma was opposite Uranus and Pluto at 11 Pisces and Chiron at 19 Pisces. These events are like buried mine triggers. Note that Chiron was not discovered yet in 1965. It’s only in hindsight that we can see the Wounded Healer’s karmic spiritual, dreaming, addictions, denial, spiritual, healing, energy involved in that signature.

The URANUS PLUTO conjunction was in VIRGO sign of the Goddess, of the earth and the harvest. The seeds of the slow outer Transpersonal Planets were just being planted in the fertile ground then. The ecology movement was just starting. “Gotta Get back to the land and set my soul free.” Were the lyrics Joni Mitchell wrote about Woodstock even though she wasn’t even there. She’s such a genius she tuned right into those archetypal energies. 

That cycle was the seed cycle. The Uranus Pluto squares 2012-2015 was the growth cycle. These things take time. In Aries/Capricorn the Cardinal energy phase initiates the new growth.

Neptune is now at 19 Pisces, where CHIRON was in 1965 on that Great world turning conjunction. Neptune rules viruses, hidden agendas, endings, confinement, debt, fake news, illusions, addictions, glamour, oil, spirituality, endings.  This is a critical time for the healing of our cultural sickness which Covid-19 is doing here in the West the country of greed of the .001% and gross consumption, consumer culture, and its a death and rebirth, very literally and a cleansing of the air and waters of the earth because of quarantine worldwide lockdown. Its a time of spiritual healing and trusting of the higher selves, Prayer is much recommended.

Reciting Mantras especially to HINDU Goddess DURGA who is the only one who can slay all the demons as the world is at a critical tipping point right now.  Listen to Deva Premal singing beautiful mantras too,

Here is the tarot card guidance of the Day, from The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

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