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2015’s Holiday Event theme is out of this world.  

In the hit movie of 2015 The Martian (based on the science-fiction novel of the same name by author Andy Weir), astronaut Mark Watney finds himself stranded on Mars—as a party of one. Get inspired by the space flick and let guests experience the mystery and magic of the stars and the planets reflected in their own personal Horoscope charts with cosmic extraterrestrial event activities.

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Disco Queen astrology

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R U a 60’s groupie? Robert Plant new music

It’s a holiday weekend  in the U.S. and Canada so HAPPY LABOUR DAY

despite Sept 1 starting. I am busy writing my 2015 forecast.

Are you a 60’s rock star fan? I was. I met so many famous rock stars when I was young. Have I mentioned this before?  I must be feeling nostalgic…..

MERCURY Will enter LIBRA sept 1 PDT at night- more later

I met Jimi Hendrix and spent the night talking, yes talking  with him in Toronto at the Four Seasons Hotel at 415 Jarvis Street just north of Carlton street, with my friend Linda S. the night he was busted. Jimi Hendrix also called my home! I had forgotten about this until recently. He had asked me and my girlfriend for our phone numbers. He called looking for my friend Linda. My mom gave me the message.

I met Jim Morrison twice- backstage in Toronto.

I spent the afternoon watching Bobby Kennedy’s funeral on Tv at the Royal York Hotel with Eric Clapton and discussing art, politics etc.

Eric Clapton of Creme fame

Eric Clapton and Tara Greene June 8, 1968

Eric Clapton and Tara Greene

Tara Greene in my rock groupie days as a teen in Toronto

I met Rod Stewart and Jeff Back at their hotel in Toronto. They all stayed at the  Four Seasons hotel.

I met Keith Richards at the King Eddy Hotel during the stones first visit to Toronto, I have his autograph and Brian Jones too. Mick Jagger shot a video standing  backstage at the Maple Leaf Garden.

I met the Who at a party in Toronto, the Moody Blues, the list goes on and on.

I was backstage at every major rock concert in Toronto. 

Robert Plant ripped my black lace see-through shirt off backstage at the Rock Pile -the old Masonic Temple  at 888 Yonge street in 1969 at their first Toronto appearance.I was shocked. 

I Met Frank Zappa at the Rock Pile. Saw Neil Young play there every Friday night with his band Crazy Horse there. 

I saw The Kinks, Julie Driscoll, Dr. John, The Band when they backed up Ronnie Hawkins all play on small bars on Yonge Street.

I saw the Beatles play four times but never met them. 

Saw Janis Joplin, Alice Cooper, Leonard Cohen, Cream,

I met the boys in U2 in Phoenix when they filmed their Rattle and Hum film. But not BONO. 

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Speaking of Robert Plant 


John Lennon at Toronto Rock & Roll Revival 1969

Happy Birthday Canada, eh? Canuck Astrology from Tara Greene

It’s Canada’s 147th birthday, July 1st 2014. Happy Birthday True North Strong and Free.

I am a second generation Canadian on both sides of my family. Countries also have birth charts and on your birthday- when the Sun comes exactly to where it was when you- or the country was born, is a transit called a Solar Return astrology chart and it describes the entire year ahead. So lets see what’s up for Canada, eh?

CANADA Natal chart

Transits for July 1, 2014

Canada Astrology Tara Greene


Most Astrologers use this Midnight chart as legally the day begins at midnight in Canada. 

CANADA- the GREAT WHITE NORTH – the 2nd largest land mass in the world,who nicknamed its new $1 and $2 coins the Loonie and Toonie after Loonie Tunes.


Canada Money Loonie Toonie Tara Greene

The CANADIAN LOONIE {left} and the TOONIE -$2 coin 

Home of the telephone-inventor  Alexander Graham Bell, the polar bear and the moose, maple syrup and poutine. The National Religion -HOCKEY- Sidney Crosby and Wayne Gretzky.The RED COATED Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Superman, Basketball, lacrosse, Hoser’s.  In Space-The Canada Arm-Tweeting and SPACE ODDITY Singing Astronaut Chris Hadfield. The discovery of Insulin by Banting and Best. Home of Media Guru Marshall McLuhan, architect Frank Gehry…

With a 2014 population of only 35 million there are many


 Singers/musicians Avril Lavigne, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, 

ACTORS: Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Cory Monteith,  Michael J. Fox, Sandra Oh, Donald Sutherland, Keifer Sutherland, Keanu Reeves, Pamela Anderson,William Shatner of Star Trek, 

COMEDY: Jim Carrey, Seth Rogen, Lorne Michaels creator of SNL, HOwie Mandell, Rick Moranis, Martin Short, Eugene Levy, Mike Meyers,Dan Akroyd, 

Writer Margaret Atwood, Douglas Coupland, Robertson Davies. 

Classical pianist Glenn Gould.

READ ABOUT CANADA’S NATAL CHART in more depth on my website http://www.taratarot.com/id186.html

Canada  congratulations, you are having your 5th SATURN RETURN.

Your Natal SATURN- planet of testing, limitations, karma, history, corporate structure is at 17 degrees of Scorpio in your Natal 7th house of committed relationships, business ones for countries. Saturn has already made one pass over this point and now is Retrograde over that point and Saturn turns DIRECT near it  on July 20 @ 16+ degrees.

BUT CANADA also has PLUTO directly opposite Saturn in its birth chart.

Pluto is at 15 degrees of Taurus at the most powerful degree in the 1st house  of identity.

Saturn is also exactly opposing Pluto. Pluto is the Unconscious, the Psyche, soul, urge to power, secrets, manipulation, riches. Pluto is recycling, death and rebirth. Canada is indeed blessed with being a Pluto in TAURUS, resource rich in oil, minerals, fresh water, millions of acres of untouched wilderness place.

Saturn opposite Pluto is about POWER and CONTROL struggles. Who owns what? Ruthlessness, death and rebirth, secrets, PLUTOCRACY. 

Saturn will exactly conjunct that natal position on  August 27th.  This means Canada’s strength, power and identity is being exposed on the world’s stage. Power struggles over resources, oil,water rights, Northernmost parts of Canada-= territorial disputes. Jupiter will enter LEO and ENLARGE the STRUGGLE by squaring these points in late September and early October 2014, late February with Jupiter Retrograde- renegotiating,  and May of 2015 with Jupiter going direct again.

THE LOONIE Canada’s $1 coin called that affectionately by Canucks has slumped over the last year after staying neck and neck with the U.S. dollar for the last few years. Canada’s unemployment rate is relatively high and its economy relies mainly on high oil prices to prop up the notoriously environmentally degrading filthy Alberta Tara Sands- favourite boy toy of Prime Minister Harper.

Saturn by Transit also triggers Canada’s nice Grand Water trine to its natal Saturn, the South  Node and its CANCER SUN and URANUS.

If Canada doesn’t innovate -Uranus and change its past- South Node- it can be left behind.

CANADA has been under the influence of the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS

with URANUS on its ASCENDANT, Pluto in its Natal 10th house of being seen on the world’s stage going through a Power shift, CANADA SOARED through the 2008 world economy slump with all stars sailing and was the envied economy of the rest of the world. Mars in Libra in the 6th house of work on its Descendant and Jupiter in Cancer in its own 4th house- where there has been and continues to be massive flooding, in the Western prairies. 

URANUS is EXACTLY on Canada’s NEPTUNE and ASCENDANT NOW and the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE on October 8 is at 15 degrees + of Aries, further magnifying the INTENSE, CHAOTIC, Neptunian -hard to see, undercover  EXPLOSIVE ENERGIES which are about to change Canada’s identity and future for the next 84 years. That’s one complete Uranus cycle.

CANADIANS need to get ready to wake up and start the spiritual and tech freedom revolution. 

URANUS and NEPTUNE change the world’s stage culturally. In their long cycles of 600 years, Astrologer Charles Jayne pointed out that during these two planets’s conjunction or opposition new religions and philosophies are born.

575 B.C. Buddha and Pythagoras were born. Confuscious in China. Jews in Babylonian captivity.

624 A.D. Mohammed leaves Mecca. Birth of Islam.

1821 conjunction. Founders of the Bahai religion are born. Joseph Smith converted to Mormonism.  Mary Baker Eddy- Christian Science, Unity; Thoreau and Walt Whitman born.   In 1821 Napoleon came saw conquered and lost.

REVOLUTION is Uranus and Neptune is religion so this can take the form of  Islamic Terrorists attempting to take over the Canadian government by force who are  already deeply implanted in Canada which could shake the foundations of democracy and religion. Alternatively the Canadian People may wake up and revolt.

URANUS is new technology and Canada is a service oriented economy and may LEAD the way in new tech. There may be some amazing groundbreaking discoveries in Medicine, just as Banting and Best did in the 20’s, new Scientific discoveries Neptune rules drugs, Pharmaceuticals; Uranus and Neptune are Transpersonal Planets affecting generations. Neptune rules  compassion, addictions, oil, debt, creativity, art, music, actors, loss of ego. Uranus conjunct Canada’s Ascendant and Neptune can create an ego- loss or an inflated illusory sense of identity based on something unreal. Uranus is weird, all encompassing- gay marriage rights, freedom, independence, collective leadership and Neptune is drugs, dropping out, getting stoned.

Prime Minister Harper has set Canada up on a very fragile platform of oil economics which in a matter of months could go belly up if some new cheap efficient technology totally supplanted it. 

CANADA is getting ready to get rocked. Can be all of these things at once and more. Uranus Neptune is unimagined freedom, brave new worlds. A confluence of tech and blow your mind Blissed out Oneness.

Many young people born n the early 90’s are born with this Uranus Neptune Conjunction in Capricorn and are also being affected by the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS Energy now.

CANADA’S South Node is in PISCES at 16 degrees in the 12th house of the hidden, spirituality, creativity, illusion, humility, secrets, oil, debt. Chiron, the wounded healer has been hovering over it and will continue to be there till February 2015.  Canada’s past- South Node – its Culture, religion, and compassion for its people as shown through its Universal Health Care system are all very vulnerable now with privatization being pushed by the Conservative government of Stephen Harper. This also indicates secretive, oily, self-undoing going on behind the scenes. Canada’s past is largely in the Unconscious. It’s compassion for all nations and religions- Pisces may be its downfall. 

CHIRON is also squaring Canada’s VENUS in GEMINI at 15 degrees in its 2nd house of resources. Canada must have two economies. Weak dollar, weak work force, indecisive leadership. Not enough creative thinking.

NEPTUNE in PISCES is sitting on CANADA’S NATAL JUPITER in its 12th house which is opposite its Natal Mars in VIRGO in its 6th house of health.

This is a lot of NEPTUNIAN energy affecting Canada now. Danger of being Unconscious, addicted, opting out, depressed, lethargic, deluded, unbounded, too vulnerable. MARTYRDOM. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces in Tradition. Lots of empathy, too loose boundaries, avoidance, too much water, religion, illusions about power, strength. DEBT. Untenable position. Inflated prices.

Mars in Virgo in the 6th is a perfectionist and a workaholic. Neptune opposite that makes the workers foggy, dreamy, deluded. Drugging the masses with false promises. Amassing too much debt to keep up with an illusory lifestyle. A hard to distinguish malaise. Neptune does that. Wishful thinking en masse. The drug of nine to five- tick tock.  Unemployment, lay offs, downsizing.

On the positive side it can mean money to support the arts, re-establishing Corporate 1% donations mandatory for the arts. Awakening to the illusion of the terrible self-destruction of the addiction to oil and the Canadian weak economy that the Alberta Tar sands has on the entire country by pollution, global warming, etc.

SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the beavers.


All writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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OH CANADA I could drink a case of you Joni Mitchell  

LEONARD COHEN- translates Un Canadien Errant – French and English 


you deserve a break,Tarot, Astrology, video Tara Greene

You’ve survived stage 5 of the GRAND Cardinal Cross THIS PAST WEEK. Which is the most intense energies in many a year.

CONGRATS. You’re still standing.

Check off: The lunar eclipse in Libra. There is still  the upcoming Solar eclipse in Taurus April 28/29.

Here’s a little Video I Made for you to help you get centered

We’ve got a heaping helping of  COSMIC dirt on our plates, not to mention Mars Retrograde since March 1st.

After a lovely beautiful PISCES moon VENUS and many grand water trines April 25.Did you enjoy that?

YOU get a cosmic break today April 26.

MOON enters ARIES @ 3:01 am PDT new beginning. ZERO ARIES – one of thre world points.
which is an earthy practical way to tune in ground spirituality.
So here’s a little video I made to help you.

THE MOON REPEATS the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS ENERGY with all 4 stations and planets broadcasting 
opposite Mars, square Pluto, conjunct Uranus, square JUPITER…
a sweet SUN sextile NEPTUNE continues the spiritually inspiring theme.
Last but not least a stumbling block between the ARIES MOON and Saturn in SCORPIO @ 3;26 pm PDT
Aries moon is fiery and impetuous, flying off the handle and sparking flames. Saturn in Scorpio, like a dark secretive power monger lord can handle any fire the Aries Moon lets fly.
This may be very tough to resolve. Try not to create too have much collateral damage.


Princess of Cupt Tarot cards Tara Greene


This is always one of my favourite cards. Yours too?

It is related astrologically to VENUS in Water signs and Venus is in Pisces.

A beautiful card of earthing the emotions. It bespeaks Protection, sensitivity, compassion, nurturing.

There is a  dolphin, a swan, a turtle protected in a shell, a pure white lotus and crystal symbols on the princess’s dress.


Get clear about what is most dear to you. Protect your most sensitive dreams and visions until they are strong enough to be stand on their own and be released.


all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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Planetary recall, sexual review, March Astrology from Tara Greene

Mercury just went direct Feb 28.  Wasn’t so bad this time. When Mercury is in its own element of Air like it was this time in Aquarius, I find them easier. Do you notice this? 


One step forwards and two steps behind.

Pisces new Moon astrology Tara Greene

MARCH NEW MOON starts out with a Bang of a whimper. TWO PLANETS MOVE RETROGRADE. Mars & SATURN.

Mars rules sex and Saturn is in Mars’ ruled Scorpio now. Saturn rules CAPRICORN. 

The two BAD BOYS of the ZODIAC- get recalled. For one thing your sex life needs to be overhauled and reviewed.  What does this mean?

MARS planet of COHONES, macho, war, energy, passion goes RETROGRADE March 1- MAY 19.

ARIES SCORPIO and CAPRICORNS will feel this pull back the most. 

The ACTION PLANET moveing Retro for the next 11 weeks will slow your impulses, pulses and everything right down.

Mars Saturn retrograde tara Greene

The economy, money, power simmers down. Mars turns Retrograde at 27 degrees + LIBRA. Mars ends his Retro at 9 degrees o1 of LIBRA.  

CHECK THIS area off on your chart to see where and in which house/houses the weakening of the drive affects you at.  It will feel different in the 1st than in the 12th house. MARS is spending 7 months in LIBRA instead of its usual six weeks in a sign this year.

Mars only retrogrades once very 26 months so it is a very KARMIC time. We are needing to REBALANCE MASCULINE ENERGY for men and women.

MEN need to change their macho ways of seeing women. This runs rampant through PATRIARCHAL culture. Women parading naked in Blurred Lines, Miley Cyrus overtly sexual displays, these are all PATRIARCHAL demands of women as objects. Sorry ladies if you think this is women’s liberation and freedom it is not. Women cannot display themselves this way in this culture of masculine domination. Yes they could in an ideally Feminine valued culture. It might look similar but men would honor, cherish, serve and respect women totally for that to happen. Women would have equal rights in every way and more so as bearers of children. They would be exalted, highly valued and never raped. They would hold worldly positions of power and be respected and be as free as men in the world. They would be valued as life givers, bringers of feminine values, fairness, caring, cherishing children and all life on earth as Feminine Goddesses. So that’s what I feel this MArs in LIBRA initiation is all about. This is how relationships were in the Goddess worshipping ages, how people lived in the ancient Crete, in the  Malta, in Aboriginal societies, in ancient Sumeria.


First and foremost MARS rules sex. Take a break. It’s an ancient Chinese energy warrior practice to hold back from having orgasms to conserve the precious life energy. Mantak Chia practiced this form of energy meditation for many years. Tantric sexuality uses this practice as well. Ideally it would be time to go cold turkey, I don’t mean having sex with frozen turkeys- to be  celibate and align with this energy. 

It’s a time of rest and renewal. And to REVIEW of all your  RELATIONSHIPS, social scene, arts, luxury, where we spend our energy, what are we truly passionate about. Only if you step back and REflect can you see what the patterns are.

LADIES womb cleansing and sexual virgin renewal time.

EVERY SEXUAL act you have ever had needs to  be recapitulated ladies. I will write about this separately and present a course. This will be by phone and a private FB group and more.

If you have planets birthdays near these dates- JUSTIN BIEBER comes to mind, then watch out for the backslide. backlash. 


We will be revisiting old peace talks, hot spots, sexual equality, including gays, transgender etc.  

Yes Mars Retrograde is literally banging your head against the wall.

MARS & SATURN in SCORPIO rules masochism and S & M. So that kind of sexual punishment and degradation of women like 50 shades of grey will be hotly debated. It is not healthy.

Mars rules the military, so cutting of funding which has just been announced.  Mars is cutting, brain salad surgery and sexual operations. Marrs rules the head. BIG HEADACHE TIME.

MARS rules the Aries countries of ENGLAND GERMANY PALESTINE ISRAEL SYRIA and LITHUANIA and POLAND and such cities of Florence Naples Marseilles. So they will be pulling back.

Mars rules the SCORPIO countries of FINLAND, NORWAY, MOROCCO, QUEENSLAND, KOREA, SYRIA, the TRANSVAAL, and cities of  Baltimore, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Liverpool and Washington D.C. 

Mars rules firemen, and they must be overly careful at this time. Also dangerous explosives, sharp equipment.

I would not schedule surgery during a Mars Retrograde. I would not buy anything new if it can be avoided. There will be problems with energy of all types but especially NUCLEAR EMERGY a SCORPIO item. FUKUSHIMA and radiation from there reaching U.S. shores comes to mind. Take iodine.




LOTS of water emphasis. NEPTUNE at 5 degrees PISCES is conjunct the SUN AND MOON and CHIRON.

It will be very easy to reach higher consciousness, will feel dreamy, FOGGY with a chance of delusion, and great healing. 

A very introspective emotionally recharging time. PISCES is the 12th house, the house of BLISS, YOGA, meditation, forgiveness, endings.  It is the LAST new MOON before SPRING of this bitterly hard winter in the Northern part of the world. So it’s definitely as shoring up time. 

MARS AND SATURN changing direction on MARCH 2 will cause weather pattern reversals. Where formally you were rejected you will be accepted and vice- versa. It’s review review review time. FINISH up all old business. Expect old lovers to return, old issues that you thoughts you;d thoroughly dealt with. Can make you feel kinda schitzy.

The New moon features VENUS SQUARING MARS and the NORTH NODE

significant relationship turning points.  

THE URANUS  JUPITER Square is still in effect so things will be chaotic,in the home, with family, in new starts and directions.

SATURN  RETROGRADE March 2 – July 20

SATURN RETROGRADE- look for which territory SATURN backslides through in your natal chart this is where you will need to look at unfinished KARMIC LESSONS. 

SATURN in SCORPIO for the last 2 years is aligning with death, with letting go, with dying and being reborn.  Saturn in Scorpio is deep intimacy with another, with your self. Saturn in Scorpio asks us to let go of old outworn ways of dealing with power, the shadow, the unconscious, shared resources. 

Saturn in Scorpio has also brought the dire surgery for women with supposed genetic high risk to cervical cancer like Angelina Jolie to the fore and many thousands of women are opting for this cut out the  maybe affected part now hysterectomy to avoid death by cancer later.

From 23 degrees SCORPIO- 16 + Scorpio. This is our usual  4 months Saturn back track.

Capricorns especially you who are being affected by the CARDINAL GRAND CROSSES – retreat for a few months and reset your grand goals.

ON MARCH 5 Venus moves out of her RETROGRADE SHADOW and into Aquarius.

MARCH 6 JUPITER STATIONS DIRECT  at 10+ degrees CANCER ending a Retrograde which began November 6, 2013 at 20+ degrees Cancer. Jupiter will take till June 1st to pass its own shadow period.


All writing is copyright of TARA GREENE, may be used with permission and attributes of authorship and links to this site.

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer- Still You turn me ON  


Pregnant Moon, fertility Valentine’s from Tara Greene

Feb 10 and 11th are two of the most fertile, expansive, rich and emotionally rewarding days this month. 
GREAT DAYS TO CONCEIVE. Planting seeds on all levels. It’s all about Divine Timing.
There are very supportive planetary energies from a CANCER Moon, where the Moon is totally at home, in her favourite place, the womb, the cave, a shell, a humble abode. Cancer is of course the sign of the Mother, nurturing, emotional security. Not necessarily a crabby mom, just protecting her fragility.
Pregnant astrology Tara Greene
MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER Feb 10 @ 9:27 pm PST / Feb 11 @ 12:27 am EST
Heightened fertility, really LUCKY conception time. Cancer is RECEPTIVE, considered to be that totally feminine trait. It’s the ability to soak up, open up to. Sign of Cancer is La Mer, the oceans, from which all life on earth originated and whence the name mother derives. Especially high tides on Valentines day Full Moon.
Jupiter is the planet of expansion, opportunity, luck, wealth and faith. Esoterically the planet of the Higher Master Teachers. 

Jupiter is still in Cancer’s power is considered to be “exalted.” This aspect is potent till July 16. Exploit it.

A waxing pregnant Moon to Valentine’s Day also helps propel this highly romantic energy forwards. 
CANCER Moon trines Chiron, which allows for healing, compassion, forgiveness, cleansing. Tears will flow.
If you are trying to get pregnant I know from my experience of trying to conceive our daughter Leah for months, that it is agonizing month after month when nothing happens, no conception, your blood flows, it’s failure. There is a backlog of grief, loss, fear and despair sets in. You need to be clear and free, crying is good, your tears like the sea washes away the pain.
Moon opposes PLUTO and VENUS in Capricorn between 3:05 am EST= 9:20 am.
PLUTO VENUS is very powerful, concrete, IT’s REAL. Real Love, Real staying power. Really serious.
Have a single pointed desire for a child with all of your heart, mind and soul. Once you do that – your intention flies straight and true.
Conceiving a child is a totally spiritual matter. Both partners ideally need to be in their highest, clearest true heart’s space.  
The Pregnancy Card in the Tarot is the EMPRESS
Empress Tarot cards Tara Greene
She is VENUS, the Great Mother, Divine Feminine
They must be conscious of what they are desiring and can create. You and your partner are the Goddess and the God who bring forth life as a microcosm of the macro. As above, so below. Be in a state of divine respect, tenderness and honor in your love-making.
Your mutual desire to have a child, draws down from other dimensions, a soul, an essentially spiritual being who will take on a physical form and body. All children come into life with a soul contract, a sacred karmic contract with the mother and father. You agree to help assist each other’s soul’s to grow, to experience, to share. Usually a child is a past life acquaintance. The child could have been your mother, father or lover, an enemy, or a friend. Your child can be all of these at different points on your lifetimes together. The outcome of the soul contract cannot be judged from the limited human perspective. Trust that it is so. 
If it’s not a physical child that you are desiring, then you can still use this time wisely.
MAKE LOVE on all levels, spiritually, sexually, emotionally, mentally, physically to the world. To a new idea, a new habit, a new perspective, outlook, business, literal house, job way of giving, walking, acting, appreciating.
THE SUN in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio later in the day
This brings some tension, Both are in fixed I WONT BACK DOWN signs. But it keeps the light shining from the higher heavens, open, free, and keeps it real, down and dirty too.
Moon continues on to TRINE SATURN
Brings in that foundation, the physical plane. It’ s a deep oceanic bliss, a sexual karmic orgasmic connection.
Last but not least
Moon quincunx’s the SUN at day’s end PST early a.m. on the 12th
Do not jump out of bed at the end of lovemaking. Don’t check in with your phone.  Cancer’s are very vulnerable and need holding cuddling, lots of tenderness. If you act to cool and all Aquarian that will fizzle the mood.
I have had three clients bring up the trying to conceive question in the last couple of days.
Your own personal Astrology chart and your partner’s should be examined to determine where you are at in relationship to your own personal cycles of fertility and responsibility.
It is generally most powerful for Cancer people, Aries, Libra and Capricorn right now too.
GET A FERTILITY READING with Tara Greene http://www.taratarot.com
all writing is copyright of Tara Greene and may be reproduced by permission with full credit and links to the original.
Love is Real by John Lennon

Leave your Louboutin shoes at the Gates of Hell from Tara Greene

These are intense times folks. 7 days till the showdown at the NOT OK AT ALL Corporate ranch.

what happens on Jan 30? see below-  A RARE BLACK SUPER MOON!

VENUS initially MADE LOVE TO PLUTO, Lord of Death, sex, power and Rebirth on NOVEMBER 15 2013 at around 9 degrees of Capricorn when she was moving straight ahead. DID YOU FEEL IT?

You got planets their kids? Lets hear from you.


Dec 21 2013,she was at 28 degrees 59 minutes Capricorn..

VENUS in CAPRICORN, in any direction, is all about LOVE OF POWER & CORPORATE SUCCESS, {a BIG lie for women.}

It’s also about mature love, serious mating, cool detached yet earthy sensuality.

Romancing the stone. Capricorn is the earth itself. Goat Love. PAN LOVE. Fetta cheese etc.

As VENUS in her proper business suit is RETROGRADING back to the PLUTONIAN CORPORATE UNDERWORLD

she makes a menage a trois, over the next few weeks to mate in a near opposition with JUPITER, BIG DADDY on January 31 as she turns DIRECT,at 13 degrees 33 minutes Capricorn.

Sounds incestuous? It is. Wreaking with it.

NOTE THAT SPOT on your charts!

JUPITER in CANCER is also Retrograde till early March. So this three’s company is expansive,optimistic.

JUPITER in Cancer is all about returning to TRADITIONAL feminine values, of relationship, nurturing, family, children, home. This is NOT CHRISTIAN fundamentalism. No.

But in an entirely new way for women to have it all and on their terms. NOT the present terms though at all.

But we have to go through the DEATH and rebirth process first.

The FEMININE must REBIRTH HERSELF, return to connecting with the heart of DIVINE FEMININE Energy

with the earth, roots, all things in natural order, nothing artificial, PACHAMAMMA, they call her in PERU.

This is a COSMIC metaphor-the Modern incarnation of the Goddess INANNA voluntarily descending into the underworld of BIG BUSINESS. aka HELL.

EACH women must strip herself – no pole dancing ladies, in an initiation, of all her false values,  nails, boobs, liposuction, Botox, $800 Louboutin shows, Cartier jewelry, fake tans and other Fortune 500 signs of hollow excess/success.

She must get rid herself of Patriarchy’s fear of her power and her misguided insecurity and Masculine false values and embrace her once and always true, honored position as nurterer of all life giving things.

SHE MUST find her TRUE SACRED SELF once again. 

EVERY individual woman must come face to face with her own participation in the wholesale selling of,

her greatest gift, the Selling out of her DIVINE FEMININE SOUL, her true sexuality, her values, her intuition, her body…  in order to pay the high price tag of pseudo- admission to belong to the OLD BOYS CLUB.

It’s a dark, dangerous, shadow laden voyage where we witness and own our own depravity, greed, excess, glamour, false power. Love it and let it go.Then she can rise again as a more real, fulfilled, initiated GODDESS Women.

“EVERYTHING comes from the FEMININE and nothing is ever done to harm the children.” TWO SACRED LAWS.

This is a total spiritual inversion and reimmersion.

SHE/you  don’t have to whore herself out,  don’t have to kow tow and sell out her essence, the FEMININE values wholesale to the corporate world ever again..WITNESS JEFF BROWNS WRITINGS.

MEN this goes for you as well. Your soul, called the ANIMA is always FEMININE.  Look at where you have also sold your self out for false illusions of power, success, greed and divorced yourself from nurturing and being vulnerable.

We must find the TRUE FEMININE SOUL VOICE. For all women world-wide, brought up in 5,000 years of Patriarchal brainwashing in every quarter must now learn to listen to their own bodies, their intuition, their deep selves, their true selves. AND SAY NO NO and NO and YES YES YES to new values. That’s VENUS.

All each one of us has to do is listen within. See the Baloney that we have been sold. IT’s all pervasive. Dump that programme. Have ethics, values, a sense of right and wrong. The 20th Century has been a case of greed, glamour, false values and a disaster. 

It’s a huge struggle, VENUS in CAPRICORN is also LOVING and preserving the wealth of the earth itself with PLUTO it is about the death of corporate ownership of the land, if we are to survive as a species.

Witness NEIL YOUNG’S recent stand against the robber barons and Canad’as PM HArper against the Alberta Tar Sands waste land. Farmers protesting MONSANTO, the occupy movement, the Native rights movement, the deep ecology movement, David Suzuki, OPRAH herself,

Andrew Harvey’s SACRED ACTIVISM, JOANNA MACY, STARHAWK, DEENA METZGER, Marion Williamson, who is now running for Congress in CALIFORNIA. To name a few.

DO YOU GET THIS?  I Am totally impassioned about this.

Black Moon Tara greene

JUPITER ,VENUS and PLUTO are almost exactly aligned on January 30th the NEW MOON which should properly be called the Dark MOON. We can use this time to create MAGIC, to change everything.

It’s a Super Moon and a rare BLACK MOON. Two NEW MOONS in one month.

Won’t happen again for years. The ancient pagans/wiccans would have called it a BLACK MOON as it was a very sacred time.

The BLACK MOON, not the same as Lilith, but associated by the darkness aspect.

The BLACK MOON is the Moon’s most traditionally FEMININE, most mysterious, magical,time.

Before electricity and when women lived closely in small towns or tribes they all menstruated at the same time,

during the BLACK MOON. This was the time of the RED TENT, moon lodge or menstrual yurt hut or cave usage.

Women would retreat together, to honour their sacred blood and feed and nourish the earth, with their sacred flows.

It was a well known fact that all women were considered SACRED, the origin of the words “taboo” when bleeding,

and at the height of their psychic powers, so men were in fear and awe of their sacredness. 

SACRED PRIESTESS Would make love to men to cleanse them on the time of the Black Moon,

therefore its reputation as being “dark” sinister and associated with later Patriarchal put downs.

THE BLACK MOON TIME is SACRED to the GODDESS HEKATE she of the three crossroads.  

HEKATE is an  ANCIENT chthonic, pre-Olympian Goddess

she rules over the earth, the sea and  the sky. A VIRGIN GODDESS, she belonging to no man.

She has the power to create or hold back storms,

she rules magic, spirits, the dead, sorcery, the DARK MOON,childbirth, often accompanied by dogs, and horses, 

she sits in judgement of Kings, those who worship Her are gifted.

So use this time wisely over the next 7 days, a sacred number to prepare for this auspicious SUPER BLACK MOON.

I will create an instruction Video and have a tele seminar ready hopefully as well.

ANY QUESTIONS about the BLACK MOON< your role? 

PLEASE PLEASE SHARE WIDELY it is so important that women take back their true feminine power,

Blessings, TARA Greene

all writing is copyright Tara Greene

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Cancer Super Moon, feed on this, Astrology from Tara Greene

It feels like a 2 day Full Moon as the Approach to the Cancer Super Full Moon on Jan 15  at 25+ degrees will feel the intense weight/stress of the Planetary signature of 2014- those Grand Cardinal Crosses.

Cancer Moon squares Uranus  in Aries and opposes Pluto on Jan 14th then conjuncts JUPITER still Retrograde at night PST.

I started to write this article two days ago. My email got hacked, yadda yadda clients turned up at wrong times. URANIAN energy.

As the Beatles sang- “Boy you’re gonna carry that weight.” A cross is a crux. Don’t be crucified. Don’t be a martyr.

Whatever your personal cross is to bare. Thinking of it as GRAND Transformation puts a more powerful spin on it for me. We are emerging.- see song below 

mooon goddess Tara Greene AstrologyUntitled by J.J.Lefebre

As it is So TOTALLY about allowing the FEMININE imperative way of being in the world

think of this SUPER MOON as SUPER MOM, as MOTHER MARY, Qwan YIN,  Green Tara or whichever Divine FEMININE Goddess energy you know of, Fullness. Exaltation, incantation, reincarnation.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and Jupiter EXPANDS whatever it touches. Jupiter is also conjunct the brightest  STAR SIRIUS

Cancer Super moon Astrology Tara Greene

and the U.S. SUN on this full moon. A resurrection time.

On the 15th Moon conjuncts Jupiter 9:06 p.m. Jan 14 and on the 15th at 12:06 am EST.

go out and see Jupiter shining so beautifully in the sky very BRIGHT when Retrograde

EXPANDING, enhancing, courage, daring, positive energy.

Moon squares Mars in Libra @ 4:03 am PST – irritable,

Moon opposes VENUS in Capricorn at 8:16 am PST-earthing the love

Moon TRINES SATURN in Scorpio @ 11:59 am  that’s an easy one.

take a deep breath

Then FULL MOON is at 8:52 pm PST/10:52 pm EST  then the Moon goes Void of course.


who is rebirthing herself, through you and me and everyone and thing on this planet.

Cancer is the waters of the womb so return to the womb,

be a baby, totally open.

it’s about RECEIVING- not doing, allowing,

nurturing, being fed by the mother’s milk of compassion and loving kindness.

you need this,most of us have not received this on the earth plane.

We MUST adopt the FEMININE way of being in the world now or we may not survive.

It is heart centered, all about relating to others, to the world,

it is about compassion, nurturing, emotional security, home, food, taking care of others.

The Grand Cardinal crosses also highlight the damage done to the Oceans through PLUTO- radiation from Fukushima, Uranus in Aries- technology not being thought through enough, MArs in Libra imbalances in power and Jupiter in Cancer, which is  excess.

There are more symbols of Feminine Archetypes.

LILITH FIRST WOMAN, equal to Adam, Goddess of all nature, is conjunct the Moon at 24 degrees Cancer opposite the SUN.

SHE is the archetype of the Dark Feminine, the BLAck Madonna, Kali, the devourer and destroyer,

she is raw nature, when we have tsunammi, storms, volcanic explosions, destructive Nature it is Lilith’s fury that has been unleashed.

We need to INTEGRATE her Love too. She is the Goddess whole unto herself, belonging to no man,

Joan of Arc lived her archetype. She is FREE WOMAN, untamed, wild, sexual,

put down as demoness, child stealer, first vampire, by the Patriarchy she is the wise snake in the Tree of Life

she is God’s left hand side. We need to INTEGRATE LILITH too.

She empowers women and the energy of refusing to be tamed or conquered.

We need her independence and I won’t be less than all of who I am, energy

VESTA Goddess of the Hearth of keeper of sacred sexual knowledge is conjunct CERES now the dwarf planet named for the Great Mother herself at 23 degrees Libra squaring the SUN and MOON, Venus an Jupiter. ANother DIVINE Feminine archetype included here.

VENUS is squaring Mars on the 16th- balancing the two polarities. LOVE is in the air.


you will be feeling awash,

A Mother’s love is miraculous. A mother brings her newborn son declared dead back to life. The power of a mother’s love to revive the dead and this Full SUPER MOON IN CANCER is totally relevant to the energy that is potent right now.
This SUPER CANCERIAN FULL MOON is a divine call to drink in the SOMA of Galactic loving kindness, to nurture ourselves on the Cosmic Mystical miraculous MILK of the GREAT MOTHER.

THE CARDINAL CROSS Energy is intense.
JUPITER Retrograde in Cancer, where his energy is exalted in the womb of the mother, expands, optimizes the GREAT MOTHERS DIVINE LOVE ENERGY for all.
FOR THE PLANET which is ailing for the OCEANS being polluted by Radiation {Pluto}
MARS IN LIBRA- bringing a new balance in the MASCULINE AND FEMININE and laws.

we are your children,
Oh mother of all
your love light shines down upon us
nursing feeding caring comforting and nurturing us always
in your unconditional love and protective Light.- Tara Greene



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a fabulous song by my friend – EMERGING- by Pam Gerrand 

JOAN- Heather Dale 


Phil Everly,Astrology of a pop icon, Tara Greene

Phil EVERLY one half of the gloriously harmonious singing duo The EVERLY BROTHERS passed away on Jan 3 2014 at 75 years old. RIP PHil.

Their singing was beautiful, country based, harmonious and had a dark side and depth which influenced Bob Dylan, the Beatles, The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, The Hollies and the Byrds many others. 

The Everly Brothers Astrology Tara Greene

I remember their songs being popular as a kid. Especially All I have to do is Dream from 1958 when I heard it on the radio. They had 30 Billboard charting songs. And were named the 33 most important artists out of the top 100 by Rolling Stone. WHEN WILL I BE LOVED SHould be the Bullying them song?

They wrote their won songs as well.  “Till I kissed you.”- Don. “Cathy’s Clown” -Don & Phil. “When will I be loved?” – by Phil. Other singer shad hits with these songs like Linda Ronstadt. Crying in the Rain was covered by a-ha in 1990. Robert Plant covered their hit “Gone Gone Gone on his Raising Sand album from 2007.

So lets look at Phil Everly’s astrology to know who he was. A CAPRICORN born Jan 19 1939 

Phil Everly astrology Tara Greene

PHIL EVERLY had a strong chart. A 5th house STELLIUM, with open hearted, creative, self expressive, entertaining  SUN  at the very last critical degree of Capricorn. Showing a  hard-working, conservative, practical CAPRICORN. Sun is conjunct the MOON which gives a balance of the Masculine and Feminine and strong parental and family connections.

communication planet MERCURY is also in Capricorn in the 5th. Sun and Moon are opposite PLUTO in the 11th, a sign of Wishes Hopes and Dreams, and being connected to mass higher consciousness,  at ZERO degrees LEO- sign of worldly fame and dazzle. He was born to be famous using his innate talents.

GRAND TRINE & Kite formation

SUN and MOON TRINE NEPTUNE Retrograde in Virgo in the 1st house of self. He was a practical Virgo Dreamer, it is trine to his MC Mid Heaven his career and worldly fame.  MARS is involved in sextile to Neptune in the 3rd house of siblings and communications and the SUN. We all knew what Phil was famous for.


Planet of creativity, beauty, harmony and love, in Sagittarius close to fixed STAR Antares in the 4th house of family, roots. Venus  Trines Saturn in Aries in the 8th. A symbol of love of success and money.

JUPITER is in PISCES on the Descendant 

Jupiter rules Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, positive energy. Pisces, sign of  dreamers, creatives, singers, musicians, spiritual, charitable folks. Jupiter in Pisces is like having a guardian angel or projecting yourself out to the world as one on your 7th house cusp of partnerships and marriage.

ON JAN 3 there were so many markers for Phil

Phil died from COPD from smoking his entire life. 

Transiting MARS is exactly opposite Phil’s natal Saturn {death} in ARIES at 12 degrees. Of course Uranus in Aries is opposed and Pluto in Capricorn is conjunct his NAtal Mercury and is square to Saturn.  

Saturn is close to his Natal Mars at 20 degrees Scorpio. Saturn has recently crossed Phil’s North Node in Scorpio as well.

VENUS went RETROGRAADE right on the degree of Phil’s Sun on Winter’s Solstice.

ALso NEPTUNE is conjunct Phil’s Natal Jupiter- a  once in a lifetime transit. Literally being escorted back to Heaven. A very beautiful transit to die under, I have to say.

The Everly’s Brothers were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.and their music will  live on..



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GONE GONE GONE by Robert Plant & Alison Kraus 

Inspirational Card of the Day- having one of THOSE days

June 5 card of the day – Minor card


5 of swords Tarot

Wildwood Tarot


All of the #5’s are difficult challenging, frustrating, they are smack in the middle of 1-10.

Five’s dont’ feel good, but all is not lost.

I notice we are on the 5th day of June.

Swords, arrows, knives are always the element of AIR, thoughts, mind, consciousness.

I looked through many an image of the 5 of Swords and all of them have titles like Defeat, Frustration, etc.

Well sometimes we come to these mental blocks…writer’s block, bad hair day, headaches, frustration, exhaustion in the head,

Lots of kids are cramming for exams,,, it’s in the air, picking up other people’s negativity, 

and too much critiquing of your self,

Run out of ideas, drawing a blank, can’t remember where I put… brain fart… lost train of thought

and mentally wandering up and down the wrong alleyways.

Stop trying to convert or arguing with people who can’t or won’t hear you.

“sucks to be you” as my teenager daughter would say.

All tangled up in the barbed wire of your own mind has left you feeling “ARGGHHHH”

stop pushing, there are limits.


Do you really want to be thinking about, doing, engaged in THIS?

Whatever your THIS Is. Stop and drop it. You can’t think about this anymore.

Drop it. Sink down into your solar plexus. Feel your “orrende” your spiritual centre.

This is where your mind/will belongs. Not in your head. Place your thoughts there just below your navel.

Breathe in deeply 5 times. Feel the tension slip away.

Just let it go, it will pass.  A test of your mental resolve.

my mouse froze while I was trying to get this out.

Good thing there was easy apects today and Moon in Taurus


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Don’t want to think about you Simple Plan