The tough stuff, Mars square Saturn

After that beautiful much ballyhoo’d SBWLE which felt very strong and I am just stewing in its juices.

Jan. 21 LEO MOON keeps roaring its pride courage, strength in the Tarot and big-hearted show the people you love how you feel energy.  Moon trines Mars adding to the excitement.

MARS and SATURN the two malefic planets, square off in a tense ring of macho testosterone-driven Mars in Aries impulsive aggressive energy and BIG DADDY Saturn the great tester limiter obstacle constructer. Talk about driving with the brakes on.

This is very frustrating energy and you will see it and feel it everywhere. Something i wrote last night on my phone disappeared, screwed up my accessibility here too. Try not to get into road rage. big arguments and things you may regret later.

This manifests as difficulties but do not fret… everything is always changing.

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2020 vision. Science fiction became fact

Science Fiction writer Isaac Asimov was asked by the Toronto Star newspaper in 1983- Year of Big Brother in the novel of the same name what life would be like in 2019.

Here’s what he predicted. 

  1. Nuclear War. 2. Computerization 3. Space utilization.


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