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Sorry not much time to write, I’ve been very busy doing lots of corporate parties and events in Toronto and the GTA, this is my busiest time of year,  and I am so itching to write about Frida Kahlo‘s chart for weeks now,  to check out Kate Middleton‘s astrology of the Royal Pregnancy and still thinking about my 2013 predictions.

My dreams have been very intense these days, How bout you?

Saturn trine Chiron in Neptune brings up long-lost wounds from the depths into your dreams, write them down,  mull them over. Dreams are your soul’s messaging system, your most important ones. Don’t waste another night.

I woke up with a voice saying .. Arcturians. Like the Sirians, and the Pleadians the Arcturians are a group of  extra terrestrial star beings, who are of a higher dimensional consciousness. I dreamt about them since 20 years ago.

After the Leo dramas of the last few days things should settle down to work as Moon enters Virgo Wed. 5 -7th

Nice EARTH TRINE for Capricorn’s born Dec 30- 31st  and if you have planets at 8-9 degrees of Capricorn

you gotta work a Trine but it is a good luck charm an earthy one- really shiny

also nice for Taurus born April 28-29 or anyone with planets at 8-9 degrees of  that sign.

check out which houses Virgo and Capricorn or Taurus are in your chart

that will point out where the luck is-

Want the heads up on 2013? 

Tara will review your Natal Chart and transits for the year ahead- Knowledge is POWER

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