Love addictions and High Vibes

Venus square Neptune October 26

Sebastiano Ricci, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Venus in SAGITTARIUS squares Neptune in PISCES we’re high vibing today.

aspect is exact at 9:06 pm EDT

VENUS rules human LOVE and WAR and Neptune is her “higher octave” ruling Agape, spiritual unconditional, asks nothing in return love. Infinite beyond time and space, love.

Venus rules all artists as does Neptune. The high side of this is I Will Always Love You, Dream Lover, Day Dream Believer, All You Need Is Love and pretty much every romantic love song ever written and sung, the downside is Addicted To Love, Love is the Drug, etc.

Soul mate-seeking, highly creative great for writing romantic poetry or reading Rumi or Whatever romantic poet turns you or your enamoured one on. The Soul mate syndrome is really hyped up and misunderstood in true Neptunian fashion. You have many soul mates you have unfinished karmic baggage to unpack and debts to pay. That rush of falling in love with the stars in your eyes is the karmic glue to draw you together, Then the real work begins to get to the dirt buried in each other’s shadows and it usually after the 3-year honeymoon phase but can happen right away and beware of all the red flags that will show up right away but you will tend to ignore. It’s not about being in love with that person or them being your beloved necessarily at all. True spiritual work is not physical its’ spiritual and emotional it’s not intellectual. There is nothing to analyze for the most part, it’s understanding the core issues and patterns and how you are unconsciously hooked into them yourself.

VENUS NEPTUNE squares are really about doing deep soul work and not “owning” the other person or even being with them at all. Soul mate work is all about freeing the karma up and paying off your debts and having no more emotional triggers and repeat love addiction, self-delusion and creating pain and suffering for yourself or anyone else. Yes if you are both willing to do the spiritual work to untie those karmic knots and forgive forgive forgive and have compassion for our human frailties and weaknesses then maybe you can create a whole new dharmic adventure.

Venus square Neptune will bring up all the issues pertaining: addictions prone, romantic, idealistic, naive, projecting, illusions, celebrity worship, losing oneself in another, unhealthy boundaries, psychic, telepathy, visionary, creative, delusional, fake news, inflation and rising oil prices too,

Venus in SAGITTARIUS demands the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth-raw fiery, unscathed, no holds barred. NEPTUNE is great at painting glorious fantasy landscapes, illusions, deception, the master magician, denial, addictive, secretive, mentally ill, in debt, broke, self-sabotaging.

Neptune is Venus’s “higher octave” so the squared-off challenge is to get beyond your ego and your mind which chooses to separate and divide to find divine love, soul love unconditional acceptance love for yourself and for others. 

WE need this energy in the on-purpose great divide situation which has been purposefully created.

CANCER Moon is super emotional you will be wanting to cook chicken soup all day and cry into it. This lasts the 26 and 27th.

Pay attention to your dreams as this is LUCID dream territory amped up.

Famous Celebrities with VENUS SQUARE NEPTUNE-4 degree orb

Madonna, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Pink, Sharon Stone, Whitney Huston, Charlize Theron, Victoria Beckham, Emam Stone, Tina Turner, Pamela Anderson, Salma Hayek,Coco Chanel, Joan Baez,

Cristiano Renaldo, Al Pacino, Marilyn Manson, Sir Isaac Newton, Nicholas Cage, Tyler The Creator,

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Go with the flow Grand Water Trine

A Cancer Moon makes us all feel sentimental. We want home cooking and comfort and snuggling and hugs. Cancer is the sign of MOM. 

Grand Water Trine, tara Greene

A GRAND WATER TRINE forms today between the Moon and the SCORPIO SUN and with Neptune earlier this day. Your dreams may have been very vivid -Lucid Like dreams -dreaming of places from your childhood. Babies food nurturing; safe spaces your ancestors those you love and children.

In the Tarot the Cancer Card is the CHARIOT # 7 

You may be feeling water-logged sensitive and dreamy all day. as the flow just keeps on. 

CANCER moon opposes PLUTO in Capricorn

Caring values have spoken. 

Cancer Moon times are great for sending blessings to the waters of the earth. A good haircut day if you want to grow your hair back fast. Good for planting seeds. Definitely get in touch with the element of water. On earth we evolved from the oceans.

Moon trines CHIRON IN PISCES at night to continue the watery saga.

Do incubate your dreams again tonight. 

The Moon quincunx’s with Saturn in Sagittarius later on

this may make for uncomfortable childhood memories or disagreements with your father an older person or an old karmic truth that you have been buried and may in big denial about. 

sorry for that run on sentence.

Moon squares URANUS and ERIS in ARIES in the evening in PST/ next day in EST and GMT. 

Expect weird erratic energy which can confab family issues. Try not to hyperventilate. Sleeping may be difficult.

We are approaching a SUN Sextile PLUTO on the 9th.

good for empowerment. Shine a light into the depths of your soul. What are you really hungering for? With Pluto in Capricorn its power in the world. More deep secret reveals about the Paradise Papers Mr. Weinstein who I will write in depth about and Kevin Spacey. Saudi Arabia is rounding up crooked politicians. The Queen is implicated; Bono of U2; Madonna and many heads of countries.

Nov. 9 MARS in LIBRA inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES oin the evening

This is a big disappointment energy. Mars in Libra is rather flaccid anyway. In a complicated inconvenient energy with romantic idealistic Neptune in Pisces, you may be left slag jawed when you get to see the illusion in the relationship. 

This bodes ill for social events. Neptune is the stronger planet here in its own sign and Mars in detriment in Venus sign. Artists who like challenges may have a field day. It could be interesting to write down what you want in relationships and winnow the illusions from what really matters to you. Maybe this is a good time to talk over your projections with someone you are involved with. It goes both ways. It could be a very cleansing conversation. Projections are our own unrealized desires which we see in others and we are drawn to. But then we may not love the other person unconditionally for who they are but for what we want them to be. This is a major psychological battle/playground. 

11:11 is coming and also one of the most beautiful events on the 13th as VENUS conjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO at 7-8 degrees.

Gotta go. 

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Better the devil you know, Inspirational Daily card

Feeling unbounded? Lost? Dazed and confused? Highly creative? At one with the cosmos?

The Moon is in Pisces my dears so all of the above applies. Pisces also signifies religious or spiritual fanatics.

Pisces is, All is One. No boundaries or separation.

Inspirational Card of the Day

devil Tarot Tara Greene


I remember giving a Tarot workshop years ago at the Grail Springs Spa and I had not given my usual preview of all the major Tarot Trumps as I usually do, to try this method out.  I asked each participant to choose a card. One woman got the Devil and freaked out. She was a pretty conservative Church believer and receiving the Devil made her think she was going straight to Hell.

On the contrary THE DEVIL is merely our own shadow. To say THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT is a total cop-out, to blame our actions onto some thing other than ourselves.

 The Devil got his bad reputation because he was created that way by the Catholic Church which was intent on squashing pagan Goddess worshipping, nature lovers. They turned the ancient God PAN, of the horns and cloven hoofs associated with the sign of Capricorn into a very bad thing. Pan is horny all right. But that is a natural thing. The Catholic church has always tried to control sexuality.

The DEVIL symbolizes FEAR ITSELF. 

Hell, Tara Greene tarot

Follower of Hieronymous  Bosch, The Harrowing of Hell 14½ x 21 in

The Devil you project onto whatever scary group you fear. To homophobes this is gays. To creationists it’s atheists. To Muslims its Jews, To Jews its Muslims. To Republicans, its demoncrats. OMG Freudian Slip.. Demoncrats TM. I know the Tea Party will love that.

Whatever we DEMONIZE has power over us. There is no hell except that which we self-create. That I am sure of.

The Devil, if approached with respect with our own vulnerabilities and weaknesses allows us to know ourselves, and where we have to build strengths. 

The pairing card to the Devil #15 is the Lovers #6 in the Tarot. Both reduce to 6. The symbol at the Center of the Tree of Life.  The number of the Merkaba or 6 pointed Star. 

Love your fears.  Take back your projections. What are you so afraid of? Call in your guardian Angels to help protect you.  Breathe. 

Is the Devil you know better than the one you don’t?

You cannot fight darkness directly. You cannot fight your enemy because your enemy is yourself. It is like cancer. And so it goes round and round and then ” the Devil” really does have us in his grip.

You can only send love to your enemy and love yourself. I am not advocating SYMPATHY for the DEVIL. 

The Devil becomes your angel, your DAEMON, a good spirit, once you accept it and go through it. 

In Plato’s Symposium the priestess Diotima teaches Socrates  that “everything daemonic is between divine and mortal”  – from Wikipedia


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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