Super Blood Wolf Moon Cancer Lunar Eclipse

The first eclipse of six in 2020 January 10, A PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE  peaks at 11:21 am PST, 2:21 pm EST, 7:21 pm GMT.

Dubbed a {Howling} Blood Super Wolf Moon. It features a whopping 7 “planets” and a Centaur, Chariklo all in Capricorn. I call it a Capricornucopia. The South Node, Jupiter, The Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto and Chariklo are all lined up in a huge stellium.

Watch where the totality path of this penumbral eclipse is. It won’t be visible in North America and the areas where the eclipse path is visible are the areas most affected.

The eclipse is part of Saros cycle 144 which is itself a significant number.

“Eclipse map/figure/table/predictions courtesy of Fred Espenak, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, from”

This is a NORTH NODAL Eclipse, with the Moon at home in her own sign, she is the strongest. A Super Blood Moon ensures that we will feel all the feels, weighed down by the heavy responsibilities and the past, of all the leaden weight of so much Capricorn school of hard knocks energy.

This eclipse signals a time of emotional endings, death, mourning, grief and physical release. So many of us are feeling the tragic deaths of all the millions of animals in Australia. Cry as much as you want to, the release helps.

The Wolf Moon connection made me think of the wolf mother who nurtured the sacred twins Romulus and Remus who founded Rome in 753 It wouldn’t have happened unless a CAPITOLINE SHE WOLF nursed the twins who were abandoned on the river Tiber before being found by a shepherd. According to legend, they were the children of the God of war Mars and the Priestess Rhea Silvia.  We need to see the Wolf Moon as a positive connection, that there is instinctive mothers’ milk, the Moon of incarnate and nurturing sustenance for us all.

Capricorn “stiff upper lip” Corporate structure and history is ending. Witness Duke of Sussex/Prince Harry and Meghan’s bang on the money, ditching the traditional ancient royal family system 2 days before. The Patriarchy is on the out.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction is so heavy, and so many of you have been feeling incredibly tired, depressed and weighed down. I have also been finding a lot of tummy upsets leading up to the eclipse as the North Node Lunar eclipse in Cancer rules the stomach.

Cancer North Node is where the collective needs to go. A Nurturing, caring, safe emotional space. Protecting the children. Everything that is on Mother earth is a child of Gaia.

URANUS also turns DIRECT January 10 after being Retrograde since August 12, 2019.  The revolutionary freedom-seeking, inventive urges which have been brewing in the lab underground can now move forward. My kudos to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan for tuning into this energy and also bringing it, as Uranus is at its strongest stationary point at 2+ degrees TAURUS. They are living archetypes and the old stories are being rewritten live in the 21st century.

These times are so hugely significant. It is the end of many corporate structures, The patriarchy’s time is over. Pluto always destroys whatever is not coherent with the soul’s path of evolution. Pluto is the world’s soul. But Saturn is also the old boys club, history, and the corporate structures already built. Saturn resists. The major powers in the world are conservative, all for-profit, the 1% Plutocracy,  is resisting the evolutionary changes. Pluto = Plutocracy and Pluto always slays. 

CAPRICORN is a feminine earth sign and the Moon is in the most feminine sign of CANCER the Mother. Saturn rules all the Capricorn planets and he is in his sign. Saturn was once the sign of the Great Mother who creates our bones and who physically births all humans and mammals into the world.


The Cancer Lunar eclipse also features a major Cardinal Grand Cross from ERIS the Goddess of Discord at 23 Aries. We can feel the discordant energy. Eris opposes Juno, the Goddess of Marriage traditionally, which I feel symbolizes the Feminine form of Genius, indicating our need to use a multi-tasking, all-inclusive, many-sided approach to everything and of course, the Moon herself completes the Cardinal Grand Cross opposing Saturn Pluto Chaiklo, Ceres and Mercury. 

It’s INTENSE, feminine, grounded, in our bones, emotional and our deepest innermost receptive feelings. Our feelings cannot be eclipsed. We must stay grounded on the earth and the dire needs of Mother Earth and the resurrection of the Divine Feminine energy.

Neptune in PISCES sextiles the Sun-Mercury Ceres and Saturn/Pluto Capricorn stellium

Neptune is the visionary planet, the dreaming, spiritual, compassionate, idealistic planet that knows no boundaries. Envision the world you wish to see.

Mars is in Sagittarius urging us to speak our truth and to stay optimistic. 

VENUS in late Aquarius is urging the path to mental freedom, higher consciousness, non-hierarchical organizations, collective hive mind values, and the ability to be loving and detached at the same time. Saturn also rules Aquarius traditionally and Saturn brings in VENUS’ radical energy under its goat-fish form too. 

LILITH the Black Moon is the original woman, preceding Eve. At 28+ degrees PISCES, almost at the last most critical anaretic degree. Lilith indicates an ending to the demonization of women who are true to their own natures, who refuse to be less than equal to any man, especially sexually.  Lilith sextiles Saturn and Pluto indicating a further ending and destruction of women obeying old outworn Patriarchal structures. 


Spend time doing mantras during the eclipse. rituals with water, bathing or releasing with water. It is not time to do any magic intentions as Eclipses are always traditionally bad news. ALWAYS. 

Cry for the sorrow and pain of the world as CERES the GREAT MOTHER Is conjunct to MERCURY and the SUN opposite the MOON. Ceres/ Demeter refused to let anything grow when her daughter Demeter disappeared voluntarily in some versions or was raped into the underworld by Pluto/Hades. Mother energy is very strong. Call upon the Great Mother’s energies of the earth and vow to heal her. 

Spend time meditating when the eclipse is strongest. It is recommended to chant Tibetan Buddhist Medicine Buddha chants. It is used to help the dying and to send healing energies, The words Teyata are spelled differently phonetically. I was taught that the word Bekanze is the root word for physician.  Chanting on a lunar eclipse increasing the merit by 700,000 times. Send water and rain imagery to Austalia bush fires burning out of control.

The effects of all eclipses last 6 months.  Check out where 20+ Cancer is in your natal chart to find out what you need to nurture and nurse and mother in your self and in your life with a Mothers unconditional love.

Teyata om bekanze Bekanze maha bekanze

Sending you many blessings during these intense times. It will all pass. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Royal Wedding May 19 Astrology

The world is waiting for the Royal Wedding Day May 19, 2018, between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It is a historic wedding in so many ways. Traditionally an Astrologer would be chosen to pick the perfect stellar alignments So let’s look at what the aspects on this day for the Royal Pair.

Royal Wedding Astrology Tara Greene

The SUN is the central light and SOURCE is at 28 degrees TAURUS on the most notorious ill-fated Star in the traditional Fixed Star catalog.This is ALGOL which means Head of a demon and also Alcohol in Arabic forbidden to Muslims. The blinking star symbolizes MEDUSA who Perseus slew by cutting off her head of snakes. The Royal family has this star quite prominently in many of its members birth charts. The SUN is in the 10th house of worldly fame and this marriage will be watched by a billion people world-wide making it the source. 

Medusa was originally an Amazon from Libya in Africa and her head of snakes was the dreadlocks the Amazon women wore. The Amazons were ferocious fighters and feared as they fought against the Patriarchal invaders. The archeo-myth of Perseus was invented as a mytho-historical Patriarchal conquest of the Amazons. 

Meghan Markle has Uranus the planet of Revolutions freedom and higher consciousness at 26 degrees SCORPIO opposite ALGOL/MEDUSA in her 4th house of her roots her mother her emotional needs and privacy.  Meghan Markle and her mother who is is African-American usually wears dreadlocks. Doria Raglan will break with Royal Tradition by accompanying her daughter to the wedding procession. It appears that Meghan and her Mother will radically alter the ancient mythology freeing and settling the score against the Amazons after thousands of years. 

The MOON the mood of the day is @ 22 degrees CANCER sign of home emotional safety nurturing nourishing sign of the Mother. This is lovely. Markle’s ascendant is 24 degrees CANCER. She is the Moon Mother. This is a very fertile portend.

The MOON opposes PLUTO and LILITH in CAPRICORN at 21 degrees and in opposition to MARS in AQUARIUS

This is potentially an emotionally explosive aspect. Lilith PLUTO is about the redemption of the dark rejected Black Moon Lilith in Judeo-Christian mythology. At the highest level this marriage gives Meghan Markle incredible power to symbolically tackling every archetype of the rejected feminine and endeavouring to personally resurrect the Divine Feminine back to Her former Place of honor. Lilith is Pluto’s bride in a great sense but she is not Persephone. Amazing synchronicity is that Meghan Markles Pluto is at 21 degrees LIBRA exactly squaring PLUTO and LILITH.

The PART of FORTUNE is at 20 degrees LIBRA right on Meghan’s Pluto which symbolizes her soul. I included asteroids whose names coincide. Asteroid MEGAN is at 17 degrees LIBRA conjunct the Part of Fortune and Megan’s Pluto. I am in awe.

Mars in AQUARIUS opposite the Moon indicates the masculine connection through the opposition of opening up to equal relationships with the Feminine. Mars is in a hard Square aspect to URANUS at zero degrees TAURUS in the 8th house of inheritances- Royal Titles transformation and “true lovers.” A Mars Uranus square on a marriage date would ordinarily be considered a radical unorthodox open marriage or a struggle for freedom within the marriage. Both can be considered activated here. Yes this Royal marriage is unusual. Harry and Meghan’s marriage breaks with a thousand-year-old tradition. Markle is American divorced and bi-racial. Meghan and Harry may find it a struggle to maintain their independence in a very historic structure. Life won’t be dull that’s for sure. It can serve as a sign of the unorthodox new traditions this couple will invent and bring to the staid conservative Monarchy. Mars in Aquarius indicates adopting children opposite the Moon. Harry and Meghan may adopt children as well as have their own.

VENUS the planet of love is OUT OF BOUNDS! This only happens 12.05% of the time.

This in itself is unusual and adds an element of chaos and unknown romantic energy. Venus in GEMINI out-of-bounds indicates the need for changing one’s mind constantly for loving communication being very open-minded. These two are like two kids who just want to play and are super curious about the world and each other.

Venus is at 29 degrees 53 minutes of GEMINI and enters CANCER @ 1:10 am GMT

If the Wedding starts on time it will take an hour. Venus may enter Cancer just as the ceremony ends.This would be a good thing. Venus at the very last degree of GEMINI does not bode well for a lasting marriage. Communicating is the basis of the love in their marriage. Venus conjunct ATHENA. The wise owl of dreams strategy and Feminine power is strong in this marriage. Venus in GEMINI indicates having twins.

There is a lot of emphasis on the 5th house with Saturn Pluto Vesta and Lilith at the tail end of the house associated with Children and creative self-expression. Saturn is associated with maturity so is obviously referencing Meghan Markle’s more mature Bridal and fertility status.

VENUS is opposite to SATURN RETROGRADE squaring Chiron in ARIES

This is a sobering karmic indicator of this marriage. Saturn rules maturity indicating the ages of Harry and Meghan 33 and 36 respectively. Venus opposite Saturn in Capricorn represents history and following a traditional path. Meghan has given up her acting career and has converted to the Church of England “out of respect to Queen Elizabeth” she didn’t have to convert. Markle will have to dress more traditionally and conservatively when she is Mrs. Harry. Many feminists feel have judged her harshly for giving up her own lifestyle blog The Tig and her freedoms for this marriage to happen. Saturn Retrograde to Venus is a karmic love affair. These two were separated in a painful way because of war rape of another tragic violent incident. They were married in a previous lifetime. This time is a very happy new karmic beginning for both of them. 

SATURN and PLUTO in the 5th house square 

This is the house of children love affairs and creative self-expression. The children of this marriage will have immense power and wealth at their disposal. Pluto opposite the Moon square to URANUS in Taurus can indicate difficulties in having children. Uranus is invitro fertilization and the Royals may choose this option to ensure the safe genetic material between the two as Markle is past 36. The mother will have a very strong control over her children. 


Cancer Moon Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces

A very emotional magical empathic charitable soul mates energy this is. Everyone identifies with this fairy tale romance and the overflow of love will be immense.


Mercury on the Mid-Heaven the High Noon position means this wedding is a real fairy tale. There will be practical messages. The praises to Harry and Meghan will be sing for many ages. There every word and image will be thoroughly scrutinized on the world’s stage. 

NORTH NODE in LEO @ 8 degrees is conjunct Ceres at 15 Degrees in the 12th house squaring Mercury 

There is a spiritual meaning to this union. The 12th house is the house of spirit of faith or belief. Leo is the sig of courage daring and the heart and the former symbol of Royalty. The Star Regulus the heart of the Lion is now at zero degrees VIRGO.The Taurus sun squares that degree. Meghan Markle will become a Duchess never a Princess.  They are meant to have a family together. 

Meghan Markle is a LEO her SUN at 12 degrees LEO conjuncts the sun and Ceres. Squared by Jupiter in SCORPIO. The Mother archetype is strong. Meghan may already be pregnant?  She will be under incredible pressure to get pregnant asap. She may not like being in the pressure cooker this way. 

This royal marriage has so much archetypal importance.I have been caught up in thinking about it a lot. I believe the two are truly soul mates. Hoping that this real fairy tale turns out to have the happiest of ever afters.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Prince Harry Meghan Markle wedding Astrology

The Royal Wedding of 2018 is getting close. I originally looked at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s romantic karmic personality and long-term connections in their synastry or comparison astrology chart here on this blog. 

Prince Harry Meghan Markle commemorative wedding

When people marry the individuals become one entity and have a third chart of that union. In astrology this is called a Composite chart. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s chart symbolizes what the married couple are all about.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Royal Wedding  Tara Greene

 Harry is a Virgo with Mercury there too. He was born with the Moon in Taurus trine his Sun and with a Capricorn Ascendant. Prince Harry’s North Node is 29 degrees TAURUS-note those degrees.

Meghan is a Leo with Mercury in LEO and her North  Node in Royal Leo. She has Moon in LIBRA conjunct Saturn and Jupiter and a Cancer Ascendant. 

In the composite chart the Royal Couple’s identity is 2 degrees VIRGO. The Famous Royal Star of Kings- Regulus moved into the 6th sign of Virgo the Goddess-the sign of the great Mother of being of service and work on November 11 2011. That is why the royals have chosen commoners to marry. Harry and Meghan’s role is to serve the people and the earth herself. The archetypal significance of this event is made even clearer because of Meghan’s bi-racial background. Her grandfather was an African-American slave. The significance of the slave’s granddaughter marrying into the Royal Family- a one thousand year old monarchy which was the richest and most dominant country in the world for over 300 years is clear.

The Sun in the 5th house of children is also about how important have a family is to both of them. Meghan has that Cancerian touchy feely nurturing mothering Ascendant.

The SUN is ruled by Mercury in LEO in the 4th. This will be a relationship dealing with Royal communications and a lot of public PR but the two cherish their private conversations and working together. 

The Ascendant is ARIES and these two are like a fresh fire burning up old traditions. They have a lot of energy and ignite a new independent fearless battling spirit into everything. Ruled by MARS which is at the last critical degree of VIRGO. This marriage is about serving the people. 

Their Moon at 28 Cancer the sign of the mother home family children emotional security. The Moon is exalted and on the cusp of the 4th house its natual placement further accentuating the deep feelings of close family nurturing and emotional security of this relationship. Meghan loves to cook. Meghan Markle’s mother will be very important to the couple. The IC cusp also affects the 10th house Mid Heaven of MC the public persona at 29 Capricorn with Lilith on their Highest Career point in the world. This is really fascinating. 

LILITH is the rejected Dark Feminine who refused to be dominated. She wanted a relationship of equals. Doesn’t Meghan Markle suit that role in every way? She is literally the dark woman half black and half white a woman created from two races. She will act as Lilith in the world in a positive way with the Moon opposite Lilith bringing balance to this denied vampirified hated and feared aspect of the independent woman who will very much be a role model for every child who has been neglected abused or negated because of who they are.

This can also attract a lot of negative racist unconscious hatred at her and Harry which she and they will transform because Moon and Lilith are exactly squaring the Natal SATURN- PLUTO conjunction in the 7th house of marriage. Prince Harry and Meghan are living a transpersonal life. All the stars aligned as Harry was quoted as saying.  Saturn is Karma and Pluto is the collective unconscious the soul of the world. These two are stepping in to change those ancient archetypes and to create a true marriage of equals. The early 80’s generation were born under that heavy Saturn Pluto conjunction in Libra where parents divorced and they are unconsciously searching for that balanced equality in marriage and waiting till they’re old enough-Saturn’s influence. Both of their parents divorced when they were young.This is all happening in very grand divine order.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markles marrriage symbolizes a healing of that broken social structure of marriage and creates a brand new template. Meghan is not a Blue blood she is college educated smart an outspoken feminist since she was 11 years old who has served on charitable organizations spoken at the UN who does yoga and eats consciously; she is an independently successful and wealthy career woman.This is the new feminine balance to the Prince. Although she will never actually carry the title of Princess she will earn Royal status as Duchess and as Harry is not in line to the throne they will have the best of both worlds being free to do charity work and be freer and more true to themselves. 

Their relationship is very much about having children a home and creating emotional security for each other. The couple will be affectionate with each other but keep their emotions private too.

VENUS the planet of love is at zero degrees LIBRA the sign it rules also exalted conjunct MARS in VIRGO another symbol of a wholeness a complete union between these two. They are the balance of the opposites. VENUS is also conjunct to JUNO/Hera the Goddess of MARRIAGE- she was Zeus’s wife. I interpret Juno as being the Feminine form of Genius. Meghan may seem to be the smartest one in the pair. They may write a book together or create manuals.

Jupiter is in Scorpio in the 7th house indicating the powerful sexual and deep psychological soul connection between them. It’s a wonderful aspect to have. It also indicates the expansive wealth and fertility in this marriage and the many philanthropic and charitable organizations which the couple will expand and work in. This is a great aspect for having children.

NEPTUNE at 25 Sagittarius is squaring Mars in Virgo

There is a strong idealization and projection of a perfect couple who has it all-and yet  are humble and work hard and. There may be health issues and they need to be careful when they travel.

CHIRON the wounded Healer at zero degrees GEMINI in the 2nd house of resources opposite URANUS in Sagittarius exactly squaring the SUN/ identity of the couple. Even though they are so different in backgrounds they have common vulnerabilites and wounds which they talk about a lot. It is one of the issues that they will both serve. Harry has been working with mental illness and Chiron in Gemini symbolizes that split in the mind.Their is a great deal of healing communications going on between the two of them. 

Their North Node is zero degree CANCER a world point and exactly opposite to Prince Harry zero degree Capricorn Ascendant. In the 3rd  house of communications this is about communicating and what they need to evolve towards- creating a new world family. Their past is South Node is at Zero degrees Capricorn in the 9th house of foreigners travel justice laws worldly power and International affairs. This is their karmic dues- They will work in the world but they need to create a safe place for both of them and their future children.

Neptune conjuncts the South Node at the Galactic Center-this is a very spiritual couple and the image of soul connection beyond appearances is a very powerful new teaching to go out into the world. They said that in an interview when they got engaged. It isn’t about race or background. Harry said he knew the minute he saw her that she was the one and that he had to up his game for her. This is the archetypal Goddess/consort lover suiter image and the man be he Prince or not must impress Her the Goddess. 

I think they are perfect for each other and this union is a huge gift to the world. I wish them both all the blessings of happiness health joy and the many children that I know Harry wants and so does Meghan. 

I’ll continue with a part 2 about the wedding day and Meghan’s connection to Princess Diana. 

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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