Trump Biden debate astrology

Trump and Biden yell at each other and have a hot angry debate as Mars Retrograde in ARIES and Saturn in CAPRICORN square off exactly at 25+ Degrees. As above so below.

Mars RETROGRADE in ARIES is also conjunct to DISTURBIA planet ERIS and LILITH add to the intensity of the Cardinal Square.

Remember that Mars Retrograde is anger held back, passive-aggressive behaviours Imagine what it’s going to be like when Mars goes Direct November 13.
We were all feeling this energy and will continue on for the next while.

Mars is square Joe Biden’s Jupiter at 25 CANCER, exalted in his 8th House. Mars is exactly square to Trump’s VENUS at 25 Cancer and SATURN at 23 Cancer in his 11th House.

Both candidates are having the Saturn Pluto opposition from CAPRICORN to their natal Cancer planets. Trump more so than Biden. Mars-Venus square is better but a Mars Saturn square is harder.

In case you missed it. 

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