Inspirational Daily Card June 8

The Moon is in Leo in the wee hours EDT. 

Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic Nomination. She seems to be holding a 20% lead on Bernie Sanders which I am very surprised at. She has a hugely powerful MARS PLUTO SATURN conjunction in Leo in her 9th house. You’re going to hear her ROAR. And  I am Woman by Helen Reddy will be her main playlist song. 

Mercury in Taurus is sextile Chiron in Pisces 

A lot of people are feeling disappointed in the system. There will much tears flowing. It’s post-democratic primary blues season.

LEO Moon inconjuncts Neptune in Pisces 

Apparently Bernie Sanders and his millions of supporters are bitter, angry and won’t quit. Sanders is showing America how millions of young people feel about the Government. In some ways he could be seen as a temperature taking of the pulse and that’s why he was “allowed” to get  this far. Now what happens to those millions of young people who are the future of America? They are involved passionate and want change.

LEO Moon creates a FIRE trines SATURN in SAGITTARIUS

There will be foul play cries. Saturn in Sagittarius is about justice honesty and transparency. There will be recounts. The Universe wants us to evolve and progress, yet with Mars Retrograde it is about regressing into our shadows for now.

 Card of the Day

Knight of swords, Love and Mystery Tarot, Tara Greene

The Knight of Swords  from the Love and Mystery Tarot

The Knight of swords is the symbol for GEMINI, so right now with Venus and SUN in Gemini. Gemini is the AIR element and symbolizes the double-edged sword of discrimination.  Gemini can be too divisive, too talky, too youthful, to non-committal. The high side of Gemini is open-mindedness, curiosity, communication, and discernment. 

The big planetary event of Thursday is a MERCURY MARS Retrograde opposition

There will be stubborn Mercury in Taurus rants and enraged bullish defenders of the faith. The Traditional Bullish media may come down very hard and try to shame Bernie Sanders as a megalomaniac totally missing his point which is that he is creating a force for change of the people of which he is simply the figurehead or channel.


Mars Retrograde indicates  a need for anger management for some. There is also a take it back feeling. Get rid of that Judge in that horrible rape trial, recount votes, re-do, and re-do. Old lovers are returning and resurrecting themselves in your life. Be stubborn, speak your truth.


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I am woman hear me roar by Helen Reddy 1975