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So shocked and sad to hear of legendary musician David Bowie passing away January 10, two days after his 69th birthday. His 27th album, Black Star was also released that day to great critical acclaim and immediately went to the top of the charts. Bowie had been secretly battling cancer for the last 18 months. The album bravely explores death and dying through songs like “Lazarus.”  The video shows Bowie on a hospital bed, with bandaged eyes, writhing around and singing ” Look up here, I’m in heaven. ” Jesus brought Lazarus back to life in the Bible, telling his followers that “This sickness will not end in death.” This album is Bowie’s swan song, a gift to his fans and the people of earth. This makes listening to it now more poignant because of his loss.

Some people think that David Bowie was the greatest rock star ever. David appeared as the most glammed up of stars, Ziggy Stardust, the thin white Duke, or Berlinesque balladeer, the androgynous spaceman and actor, in a career that spanned 46 years.

Bowie, Star Man, the man who fell to earth…

David Bowie, born David Jones, was recognized as a unique, innovative, multi-talented musician, actor, producer and innovator.   His androgynous appearance and his proclaimed bi-sexuality opened up acceptance for gays and bisexuality. The androgyne is an alchemical symbol of wholeness.  Bowie was married twice and leaves behind a son Duncan {Zowie} born in 1971 who has become an award-winning filmmaker, directing Moon in 2009.  Bowie also leaves his widow Somalian born supermodel Iman and their daughter Alexandria born in 2000.

David inspired millions of fans since his early Ziggy Stardust days.  Space Oddity was his first hit in July 1969. The song was recently covered by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield in May 2013 broadcast from the International Space Station, the first recording from space, reviving interest in Bowie to a new generation.  A recent International Museum show of his artistry and fashion has toured recently to great acclaim. A recent theatre production in New York which he co-wrote just opened three weeks ago. David Bowie will be sorely missed and his music always remembered. He is a Star Man. 

DAVID BOWIE’S BIRTH CHARTDavid Bowie,legend, Astrology Tara Greenethe Space Oddity, Rebel, Rebel qualities 

David Bowie was born January 8, 1947, in Brixton U.K. is an earthy Capricorn, who always felt like an alien, an outsider. With his Sun and Mars conjunct in the 12th house of the unconscious, he definitely was connected to a very different reality. The 12th house is the home of everything mysterious, deceptive, dreamy, imaginative, spiritual, karmic, craziness and genius and where all artists source their inspiration. The 12th, is the house of the unconscious, depth psychology, projections and addictions. The 12th house is Neptunian, formless, shape-shifting, deeply emotional and shamanic. The 12th house is also the house of insanity. Bowie wrote a song called ” Aladin Sane” and was hounded by his own demons throughout his life. 

David Bowie’s birth chart also features a number of very interesting placements. His Mercury is OUT OF BOUNDS at 24 degrees 23 minutes South Declination. This means that David’s means of communicating is, well, just like the tag sounds, unbounded, beyond the constraints of normality. Out of Bounds planets are rather rare. David’s Moon and Mars are both at 23 degrees 18 minutes of declination, 10 minutes away from an exact cusp of being O.O.B. These aspects create another sense of alienation and rebellion in David’s emotional and masculine drive.  O.O.B. make people with these placements agents of change and challenge for the collective who are hemmed in to the status quo.


One of David’s first backup bands when he performed as  Ziggy Stardust, was called the Spiders From Mars.  David had the planet MARS conjunct his SUN. These two planets drove him towards worldly fame. David was a very hard-working man and astute businessman who protected the copyright of his music and invested wisely and was worth billions. His Sun and Mars, ruled by Saturn give him longevity, staying power and like fine whiskey, get better with age.

His eclectic AQUARIUS Ascendant is the mask of the alienated, higher-consciousness, freedom-loving rebel. “Rebel. Rebel” was one of his hit songs. His persona was always innovative, pioneering, pushing the envelope. Aquarius’s symbol is lightning and the most famous icon of the 70s was David’s face from his album, Aladin Sane, with the lightning bolt on it.

Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is in the 4th house of his roots, the foundation. In GEMINI, the sign of the twins, communications, and conjunct to his North Node.The planet and North Nodal karmic energies are combined.GEMINI North Node is always about communicating, marketing, duality, questioning, remaining intellectually curious.  

Bowie was destined to be the Star Man. Uranus trines his Natal Neptune in Libra in the 8th house of sexuality and transformation. This gave him unusual artistry. Neptune is the higher octave of Libra and this made it easy for David to bring his always evolving creativity into his music and fashion.

URANUS also forms a finger of God or a Yod aspect in his chart.

The finger of God is exactly what it sounds like. It is formed by JUPITER in SCORPIO to the Sun and MARS in CAPRICORN in the 12th. Jupiter in Scorpio is extremely sexual, charismatic, powerful, phoenix-like and controlling. David always played the tart. His music was always very erotically driven. David had a very fated Uranian mission to bring the starman who fell to earth into our consciousness to change the world.

Sun/Mars in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Scorpio describes exactly. “The Man Who Sold the World.”

HIs SOUTH NODE is in Sagittarius at 11 degrees in his 10th House of Fame and worldly success.

11 degrees Sagittarius is conjunct to the GREAT ATTRACTOR. A massive gravity anomaly in intergalactic space whose mass is so large it sucks everything into it. According to Philip  Sedgewick people with this point prominent have lives that impact the world in ways far beyond their perception. The G.A. aspect brings “around the bend” vision, a  precognition of events. Bowie’s genius was to be ahead of his time.  Bowie also had the Asteroid Juno conjunct his South Node. I believe that Juno is the feminine form of genius. His Venus is in Sagittarius right on his M.C.his world FAME spot. He wrote a song called Fame too. Venus rules artists. In Sagittarius Bowie loved being a gypsy, a metaphysician, an inspirer, a philosopher and world traveller. Venus in Sagittarius also points to his soul mate Iman, a beautiful exotic woman of different racial backgrounds. 

MOON conjunct SATURN Retrograde with PLUTO in Leo in his 7th house of relationships.

This is a very heavyweight combo. Saturn rules his Capricorn Sun. In  Leo with the Moon conjunct, Pluto is a heavy, dramatic, hugely emotional, powerful, obsessive creative, self-expressive route to fame. David played to the dark side often. I am sure he had huge emotional ups and downs.


David died from liver cancer, diagnosed 18 months ago. He had been afflicted by the Cardinal Cross energies from Pluto the planet of death which has been conjunct to David’s Mars and Sun in his 12th house of secrets since 2014. Uranus has also been squaring David’s Sun and Mars during this time too. The liver is governed by planet Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Jupiter was in Leo in July of 2014  affecting his Moon, Saturn and Pluto, all very karmic, around the time his cancer was diagnosed.

Chiron the Wounded Healer in Pisces was transiting his first house and had been squaring David’s natal Uranus. David used his illness as fuel to launch into a completely new type of musical genre, jazz fusion for this last album, becoming the wounded healer. 

Saturn had just crossed David’s Venus and Mid-Heaven {MC} in January of 2015. He has been working on this album and the New York theatre production “Lazarus” which he co-wrote, had just opened December 7, 2015.

Planet MARS, a huge topic for Bowie was crossing over his Natal Chiron in SCORPIO in the 8th house of death and transformation bringing him some peace. 

The VENUS/SATURN conjunction exact on December 8th, on David’s birthday was exactly on his South Node in Sagittarius opposite his North Node. Saturn is often referred to as a Black Star. The title of the last album. To me this is a beautiful cosmic escort of the planet of love with the planet of death in Sagittarius. An inspirational way to leave the body. Saturn is the end of the cycle and David had reached it. This combination brings lasting accolades.

Neptune in Pisces has been squaring his North and SOUTH nodes. Another beautiful sense of spiritual death, completion, going back to the being stardust once again. 

On the New Moon on January 9th, a new beginning, the Sun and Moon together, symbolizing the void, and androgyny crossed over David’s Sun.  

” We’re choosing the path

Between the stars

I’ll leave my love

Between the stars.”

“As the world falls down” from Labyrinth.

I’ve been feeling quite weepy all day. This has taken me a long time to write. When great artists leave the planet the collective feels the hole. I feel David went in peace and he can still feel all the love all of his family and fans have for him. We also need to let David go and appreciate the gifts of his music. He will be a spirit guide for many who tune into him. 

Canadian film critic Richard Crouse stated it beautifully: “We should all be as lucky as David Bowie to have the kind of restless creative spirit it takes to live a life filled with ever-shifting boundaries, exploration and challenges. A life lived like an extended art project was his gift to us.”

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SPACE ODDITY David Bowie 1969 



R.I.P. Davey Jones I’m a Believer Astrology of Stars life and death by Tara Greene

Monkee davey Jones astrology

Monkee Davey Jones astrology

Sad to hear of British singer and former Monkees TV show star Davey Jones sudden death of a massive heart attack Feb. 29 2012 in Florida. If you were  a teenage girl in the mid 60’s THE MONKEES were a huge hit. A manufactured singing group modelled on The Beatles with zany, slapstick and a forum for showcasing their music, set in L.A. The Monkees was a pioneer as it was the first show to be built around the singing groups’ performances which are essentially promotional rock videos. Yahoo! Music named him the top teen idol of all-time in 2008. The Monkees sold 50 million records worldwide in one year 1967, out selling both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
The show’s writers and the Monkees performances spawned a number of hit songs. I’m a Believer is the most famous, more recently  revived as a hit in the first Shrek movie. Davey Jones was a jockey and a child TV show actor on the famous British Coronation Street then a stage performer starring in the London production of Oliver at 11 years old then becoming a Broadway singing star. He was chosen as a surrogate Paul McCartney with his cute looks and fab British accent.
As you can see Davey Jones astrology chart. I have no exact birth time so it is set with a Zero  degrees Aries Ascendant with the Sun in the 10th house for any famous person. Davey was a Capricorn an earthy hard-working responsible sort with Venus the planet of artists conjunct his Sun. Venus conjuncts the Sun gives anyone incredible charm and charisma {Whitney Houston also had a Sun Venus conjunction} and David Jones had that. A Scorpio moon also adds to the charisma, he would have desired power and gotten it, may have been quite ruthless, and have a secret dark side that no one knew about.  With his South Node in Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Center, North Node on the North Star at 29 degrees of Gemini, Davey was a Pole Star, seen as a guiding light. This place grants the ability to ooze charm galore, have  a good sense of humour, stay always boyishly young,and  light-hearted.
Mercury in Sagittarius a love of travel, foreigners,and he gained large success in the U.S.  Davey had a 3 planet stellium in Libra, Neptune Jupiter Chiron {and Juno an asteroid} Libra’s are charming creative, have good taste, go-betweens, need other people’s approval.
A difficult Mars Saturn retrograde conjunction in Cancer show a hard childhood, with difficult issues with his father and authority figures, being bullied,and a strong connection to his mother. I know nothing of the actual facts of the singer’s life. Despite the urge to be noticed and loved by others, Davey was a private person and needed a lot of emotional security. Pluto in Leo is the Baby Boomers generation signature. Jones had Uranus planet of sudden change in Gemini also Retrograde opposite his Natal Mercury in Sagittarius, indicating he had a unique, expansive, ahead of his time way of thinking and acting. There was also a feminine dual nature to him.
The Astrology on the Day of Davey Jones death.
Massive sudden heart attacks would be under the planet Uranus‘s domain. Leo is the Sign ruling the heart, and the Sun rules the sign of Leo so any transits by planets to David’s Sun would be a signifying factor. The planet Pluto, I know that some astronomers changed its nomenclature but to western Astrologers Pluto is still supremely important and the Lord of Death. Any planets transitting in Virgo and affecting his natal chart would also be pinpoints to his death as they signify health weaknesses.
On Feb 29 2012 Pluto had just recently passed over Davey Jones Sun. A Pluto transit to any one’s Sun is a death and rebirth experience on many levels.
The planet Mars moving Retrograde at 15 degrees of Virgo the sign of health is exactly square { a 90 degree stressful aspect} to David’s natal Uranus and exactly square to David’s natal Mercury at 16 degrees of Sagittarius. Mars is also most powerful when moving Retrograde and it is most powerful now at the middle degree of the Sign.
As well Jupiter is at 6 degrees of Taurus, anything Jupiter touches is big, powerful, over the top. Jupiter is also square to Davey’s natal Pluto at 11 degrees also retrograde of Leo. Pluto symbolizes the soul and the sign of Leo represents the heart, vitality, the Source, fame. 
As well Saturn is  Retrograde and virtually stand-still at the last and most fateful degree of Libra conjunct Davey’s natal Jupiter. Saturn is the Grim reaper, father time, karma, endings. Saturn is also in a trine aspect a harmonious aspect  to Davey’s North Node at 29 degrees of Gemini. 
As well Uranus the planet of sudden and irrevocable change is square to Davey’s Natal Sun in Capricorn. Again the image of stress and sudden change, the Sun is the core of vitality. Venus planet of Love is at 23 degrees of Aries is opposite Davey’s natal Jupiter at 24 degrees of Libra. Indicating a big Jupiter/Venus rules the heart push/pull= heart attack.
In a long and philosophical message on Facebook, the fourth Monkee, Michael Nesmith, wrote, “That David has stepped beyond my view causes me the sadness that it does many of you. I will miss him, but I won’t abandon him to mortality…David’s spirit and soul live well in my heart, among all the lovely people, who remember with me the good times, and the healing times, that were created for so many, including us. I have fond memories. I wish him safe travels.”
Davey leaves behind 4 daughters.
There is an outpouring of love and fond remembrance from many former teeny-bopper fans who ate up the Monkees when they were kids.
I got to see the Monkees the one time they played Toronto on April 2, 1967 at Maple Leaf Gardens stadium. The teeny-boppers screamed more than for the Beatles. The show was fun, a huge success but lasting only 2 seasons. It has become a classic cult tv show.
The Monkees also made a very funky psychedelic movie called HEAD. Co-written by Jack Nicholson. It was a mis- mash of songs by many famous writers. The soundtrack includes: “Porpoise Song (Theme from Head)” (Gerry Goffin / Carole King) “Ditty Diego – War Chant” (Rafelson/Nicholson) “Circle Sky” (Michael Nesmith) “Can You Dig It” (Peter Tork) “As We Go Along” (Carole King/Toni Stern) “Daddy’s Song” (Harry Nilsson) “Long Title: Do I Have to Do This All Over Again?” (Peter Tork) Excerpts from the film, spliced in random order that is not consecutive to the movie itself.
Check out Head its very 60’s psychedelically trippy. Parts of it is on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qUFYHPwUXs
Here’s the official I’m A Believer video from 1966. the song was written by Neil Diamond.
RIP Mr Jones. we will always remember your cuteness, charm, voice and natural charisma inspiring us to be Daydream Believers.