Monday, demons, inspirational card

Feeling that earthy PLUTO MOON TRINE with Moon opposite Chiron in Pisces Sunday?

Grounding and feeding your soul. Feelings do not have to get entangled in others pain.

Lets start off the week with inspiration. Don’t let the demons title scare you off.

Although we are 11 days from Halloween

October 20

Venus is still sextile Mars in EDT so make romance while you can

Virgo moon sextiles Saturn 

it’s a good day to get a lot of detailed work done.

MERCURY Retrograde sextiles JUPITER in LEO

look over the big plans for you to star center stage which you haven’t manifested yet. Go back and retool. Start all over again if you must. You can do that now.

Virgo moon lunar square to Mars in Sagittarius late at night.

Use that energy to rocket your dreams into higher stratospheric realms. Speak with the Higher Master teachers about ascension.

MOON IS VOID OF COURSE T 8:30 PM pdt/11:30 PM edt

use this time for reflection.

Card of  the day

5 of wands tarot Tara Greene

Illuminati Tarot  5 of wands

This card is usually called LORD OF STRIFE, I know, doesn’t sound that inspiring.

Wands are Fire, heat, dry, burning. The 5’s are all challenging, obstacles, hence the Saturn simile..

and I know things are feeling that way. The Tarot is always right on. You always have to trust the cards.

We are pre-eclipse its like being PMS.

The 5 of wands is spiritual fighting, soul defenses, pitting your strength against your adversaries, 

against the dark.  My old teacher Stuart Wilde spoke about warriors having to defend themselves against demonic  dark forces like Knights in shining armor. They do exist. 

Disciple, clarification, might, Saturn in Leo is its’ planetary attribute

and Geburah in Atziluth on the Tree of Life. Pillar of severity. 

The inspirational part is 

What does your soul value above all else? What is worth putting your all into?  

One must be very careful these days of demons disguised as the light.

its good to have 5 burning torches to protect you.


I was at an upscale large department store for part of a big public event on Saturday all day. I was hired to read tarot cards only for clients who had purchased $50 worth of product who would get a reading. They had gone and hired another reader after asking me for one who I knew had given a cheaper bid. I walked right up to her and felt this wall of black energy even though she looked like an ordinarily dressed South Asian woman.

Has this ever happened to you? You must trust your feelings your own intuition and not be intimidated by people.

This lady had those $2 tall religious votive candles and a big fake glass crystal ball on her table. Later a customer came to me  and told me that this “palm reader” woman had just pulled the fake manipulations on her and scared her half to death.  I am sure this woman did this to everyone as she was reading for the public and not only for customers. 

“Someone is putting black magic on your husband, if you don’t come to my store, if I don’t burn a candle for him, if you don’t pay me $800, $500, $300, or whatever he will get sicker and I’m the only one who can help you.” Or some such similar B.S. and nonsense.  I was so pissed off that she was doing this nasty stuff.  

I am often mistaken for this fake TARA-MEDIUM. com site which I complained about. A total hoax.

I told this woman that the palm reader was a liar and a cheat, That is the oldest “gypsy trick” in the book. For which people who read Tarot cards with authenticity and as a spiritual coaching and psychological tool get lumped in with. I told the client that woman was the one working black magic manipulating innocent naive people and then ripping them off. Its her karma and black magic comes back 9 times.

I gave her a completely different reading. She was so relieved. It was true. I told her as I saw it and felt it. 

At this moment there is a very serious Tarot convention going on in Dallas presented by the TAROSOPHY association which is huge,

You get the drift. Demons in disguise.
its good to have 5 burning torches to protect you.

5 is Venus’s symbol. She makes the magical pentagram in her journey. 

the best defense is LOVE. Don’t you agree?

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.


Have you had this experience with fake fortune tellers?

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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DEMONS by Imagine Dragons   

Leo Moon,Virgo Sun, PMS all weekend

August 22 Moon enters HOT Powerful drama Queen sign of LEO @ 1:49 pm PDT/4:49 pm EDT all weekend

moody EGO’s will be posturing, strutting, showing off their blingy things.

Partying like mad dogs.  Wearing their hearts on their expensive gold sleeves, being generous, the center of attention, proud, demanding, ROYALTY and royal pains in the ass.

Then Sun enters VIRGO PDT @ 9:46 pm Aug 23 @ 12:46 am. AUTUMN comes soon. 

The Sun always outshines everything else.

Virgo is earth, salt of the…humble, everything that Leo is not. Traditionally the 6th sign and house is that of the servants of the Royals. The handmaid’s tale. 

The next month the light is shining on the WORKAHOLICS and PERFECTIONISTS of the zodiac.

Time to get disciplined in every way especially with your diet and health. It is easier to do Virgo sol.

Ruled by Mercury,Virgo is known for being organized, natural accountants, clerics, detail oriented folks who often have great memories, love to read and take notes and are happy being frugal.  

Aug. 23 Forecast: will feel like a PMS weekend for every one

go with the flow Astrology Psychic Tara Greene

Mars in Scorpio makes some agggrressive moves with an  inconjunct Uranus on Saturday night &

a trine to Chiron in Pisces. there may be a short truce.

death and change, death and change, death and change. 

Leo MOON CONJUNCTS JUPITER  and VENUS for some good loving. 

Lion moon makes odd bedfellows with Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces {150 degree squeaky wheel} .

Be careful what you boast about it may end up eating you.

More Menstrual pain with a quincunx to Chiron again and then a Lunar trine to  Uranus  and a square from Moon to Mars a veritable cosmic off, off beat WTF is going on here? You will be feeling the cramps and the mad tornado. 

Aug 24

repeat the last 3 aspects in EDT.

Aggressive feelings, irritable, hairpin triggers, headaches, bellyaches. Moon squares Saturn in Scorpio. BITCHY 

MERCURY the chief communications officer 

opposes Chiron in Pisces and is quincunx to URANUS 

the repeat lesson is resistance to change is painful and futile.

the only game in town is The DEATH & RESURRECTION show!

the pre-dark moon is always a Pre- menstrual time every month. The more you tune in to the cosmic flow the more you are in tune.  Go with the flow people.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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The Bitch is back Elton John

GO WITH THE FLOW – Queens of the Stone Age  


PMS, inspirational card of the day

Sorry I haven’t been able to write the last few days. I have to say being an Astrologer and understanding Astrology gives one an advantage to understanding why you are feeling a certain way. I never blame it on the planets, Saturn is not my scapegoat.  That would make a great T-shirt that maybe only Astrologers would get.

Have you been feeling PMS? Even guys feel it. It has to do with the FULL MOON. It’s not bad necessarily. PMS for me means Pre-Moon syndrome.

I’ll explain. Women’s bodies naturally are governed by the Moon’s cycles. Before electricity and when women lived in smaller tribes they all synchronized their periods together as they still do in modern times and they all bled on the New Moon and ovulated on the Full. Men would naturally sense women being receptive to having sex at the Full Moon as it is a biological imperative to reproduce. Men and women are “in heat”, sexually aroused unconsciously or consciously at every FULL MOON, they are acting instinctually not logically. The myth of the werewolf stems from this.  predominantly. We still have a reptilian instinctual brain. That is partly what the sign of Sagittarius is all about. the human part is on top, the animal part below. It is about conquering the animal instincts to some degree.

SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON at 22+ degrees is at 9:11 pm PDT/June 13 at 12:11 am EDT. 

It is an auspicious Full Moon being the one after Buddha’s enlightenment.

If you have planets, angles, NORTH NODE, or predominant somethings conjunct or in square to- 22 degrees Pisces and 22 degrees Virgo  or opposed to 22 degrees GEMINI then you will feel the pull of this FULL MOON strongly.

It’s 5-6 degrees from the GALACTIC CENTRE at 27/28 degrees Sagittarius. 

Keep your cosmic antennae open. Good evening to meditate. 

Remember VENUS in Taurus opposes SATURN Retro in Scorpio speaking of scapegoats minutes before the Full MOON. Gemini’s may be feeling depressed about love affairs that failed. 

Moon is squaring Chiron in PISCES

It’s a hurting, healing time.

You may  feel like escaping through that Gemini SUN and refusing to take responsibility. or you can face the pain feel it fully and move on cleansed ready to face life more whole.

SATURN will trine chiron

so the old scapegoat or horny goat Saturn will help you to heal by drowning you in it, especially in Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS  sees the big cosmic picture,

aims higher, can laugh at our human foibles, inspires new adventures, sense of wonder.

It’s all just a learning curve, Sagittarius is all about higher spirals of learning.


6 of wands Rowan TAROT 

tarot reader psychic Tara Greene

THIS card looks very much like a GAME OF THRONES type of image.

The leader has the image of the mystic stag like the one on the Jaggermeister label and which is also Harry Potter’s dad’s petronus. the horned stag is an ancient pagan image of a horned god- not Pan- who is  goat and is also Saturn. but a male deer. Horns are like antennae, tuning one  into the cosmic messages, just like this Sagittarius Moon.

The sixes are all triumphant and centered in Tifferet the very central seffirot in the Tree of Life. Tifferet is BEAUTY. 6 is the number of the LOVERS in the Tarot. The six is the Merkabah – the Star of DAVID- an ancient symbol of the Marriage of heaven and earth.

So go forth triumphant with Beauty and Love. That is the only way to win.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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