Shields up! Dream big dreams

July 13  Thursday is Thor’s Day, The Head honcho God in Norse Spirituality. He is aka ZEUS in Greek spirituality. 

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  PISCES MOON squares VENUS in GEMINI in the a.m.

You may be seeing double in your dreams, your Doppelganger, or shadow twin may make an appearance. This also points to very sexy dreams. 

Moon inconjuncts Mercury in LEO @ 12:46 pm EDT

see my article from the other day Get your psychic boundaries ready as big egos are likely to overpower your sensitivities today.

MOON sweetly sextiles NEPTUNE its ruler @ 2:27 pm EDT

You will be daydreaming at work or fantasizing about whatever your soul desires. Neptune rules addictions, delusions, illusions, it’s hard to tell which is which. Take time out to stop and do a meditation at this time. Your ability to connect to spirit, angels, and higher guidance will be strong. 

Pisces MOON inconjuncts JUPITER

  • see article link above for more info on irritation provoking inconjuncts. This one with JUPITER in LIBRA speaks of relationship projections and the need to talk about it.
  • Moon sextiles PLUTO in CAPRICORN      
  • This aspect brings our desires to merge with the ALL into very practical tactile down to earth scope. Plot your dream map. 
  • MERCURY inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES 
  • – see that link to the previous article again, I wrote about this as well. 
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  • I am writing about the upcoming HUGE solar eclipse, should be out soon and planning to do live weekly Astro-tarot FB posts and on YOUTUBE as well. I need to focus my writing on less and more serious things and finish my book!!!
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  • TARA
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