Daydreaming, Astrology and tarot

August 6  What a day for a daydream. Astrology and tarot card of the day. The psychic enhancing PIsces Moon conjuncts Neptune and sextiles expansive Jupiter and God of Underworld Pluto making for excellent meditations, cleansing and lucid night dreaming.

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Changing weather,lucid dreams, Gemini time

The Pisces Moon joined Neptune earlier tonight which makes it easier to get access to lucid dreaming states. Pay attention to your dreams when awake. Stay in a dream-like state of “this is also a dream” awareness. Just don’t drive when willing this dreamy state of awareness in your conscious mind.

Moon sextiles PLUTO and squares Mars in GEMINI

This aspect makes it easier to connect with our unconscious fears our anger and our defenses.  This is good, do something creative with this energy. Draw it, paint it, sing it, shout it, stomp it. Move with it. Let the energy that is stuck express itself, remember we are in NORTH NODE IN LEO times. It’s all about expressing that energy now. 

It’s GEMINI time!  SUN enters II @ 1:31 pm PDT/4:31 pm EDT/8:31 pm GMT 

With the Moon in PISCES, Neptune, Chiron in PISCES, MARS in GEMINI, SATURN and Lilith SAGITTARIUS PLUS the SUN in GEMINI that makes 7 MUTABLE planets, asteroids, etc.

So things get mutable very changeable, mutable and fun. If you are out partying do be careful about overdoing it in the alcohol as your perceptions are off.  I know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and his brother Prince William and Duchess Kate and their kids and a bunch of upper class and wealthy Brit. peeps will be whooping it up at Pippa Middleton’s wedding. Sending them all good cheer. 

Gemini Moon tara greene Astrology


GEMINI is Ruled by that fancy- hatted and shoe’d fleet- footed messenger of the Gods –MERCURY, the planet. MERCURY is consciousness, intelligence, analysis, choices, and communications. Our minds have two sides, two lobes, that’s why Mercury is a dual sign.  It is also associated with Merchants tricksters and thieves. Its element is AIR, its like the wind. GEMINI’s get easily bored, male or female. Their main thrust is to gather information, move like the wind, curious, wiry,  forever young. Like Paul McCartney. 

Their main thrust is to gather information, move like the wind, curious, wiry, young, forever young. Like Paul McCartney. 

Gemini the sign of the naturally bi-polar duality show of the TWINS, known as a “FUN da MENTAL”  sign. It’s a fast thinking talking, doing sign and month of mind games, light-headed, sometimes air head, Social butterfly. I mean no harm to bipolar people and their suffering.

GEMINI has what is called a Peur in Jungian psychology or Peter Pan, mentality. GEMINI men take forever to settle down.  But ya gotta love ’em.  Their charm will win you over, they can sell anything to anyone. They shine in public speaking, disseminating info.


If so it is very difficult for you to be in a monogamous relationship. Your nature is to have your cake and eat it too. You will have to work hard to come to terms with your roving mind and childlike qualities. 

Mercury/Hermes Gemini's planet ruler

used by FTD florist as their symbol

MERCURY rules two signs – GEMINI a masculine Air element sign and VIRGO a feminine earth sign element.

Traditional Astrology knowledge about Gemini from Vettius Valens, 2nd Century Anthologies, Book I.

Gemini is male, bicorporeal, articulate, the house of Mercury, upward-trending, celestial, feminizing, a freedman, sterile, public. Under it are born scholars, those working in education and letters, poets, music lovers, declaimers, stewards, those who receive trusts; also translators, merchants, judges of good and evil, sensible people, practitioners of the curious arts, and seekers after mystic lore.

The gods Apollo, Hercules, Vulcan, Juno, Saturn are associated with it.

 The following zones are subject to Gemini: to the front part, India and the adjoining areas and Celtica;  Galatia, Thrace, and Boeotia; Egypt, Libya, Rome, Arabia, Syria.


so get you spiritual mantras going and do them to SATURN on SATURDAY. Send your wishes prayers, dreams out with great optimistic intention to the universe. Speak your truth but do be careful as SAGITTARIUS can be too blunt. 

Last MOON conjuncts CHIRON in PISCES  4 minutes before the witching hour in PDT

This aspect makes us feel vulnerable which can be good to foster intimacy. We can open to feel closer and trusting and safe with others.  If you feel the need to be alone and work through some difficult feelings then do. Crying comes easy under a Pisces Moon. 

May 21 in EDT and GMT.

This aspect produces technicolor dreams and vivid experiences. Do meditate before you go to sleep with an intention for meeting up and dreaming with someone in your dreams together, do intend to be awake in the dream. Do record or write down your dreamscapes to bring them into manifestation. 


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World Tarot Day May 25, 2017 Tara Greene

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