Virgin Mind, clean as snow

Mercury heads to its earthy feminine sign VIRGO August 29-September 14

Just a short 16 days at home.

When planets are in their home signs they are very happy and strong just like you feel when you go home. If you had a nice cosy supportive family life that is.

Moon is in Virgo to August 29 and a Moon and Mercury meet. big Virgo Pow Wow happens August 30 a New Moon with Mercury Juno, Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus all within 9 degrees of each other. Such a rare SUPER VIRGO TIME.

The theme song is of course Like A Virgin Madonna’s first hit song. 

and speaking of pure as driven snow. Neat freak Virgo’s will want to take note of this.

Here’s 6 things to be sure to focus on with Mercury in VIRGO


Health is wealth and very important to Virgo. You are what you eat. Beneficial time to do a cleanse, especially as we are going into season change time. You will find it easier and more beneficial to stick to a healthier, more nutritious natural wholesome diet. There is more cognizance of the mind/body connection. Virgo is the harvest, the plants and herbs of the earth. Try using homeopathy, naturopathic, Chinese acupuncture or an ayurvedic specialist. Virgo is the body, always tune in and listen to your body as it never lies. 


Virgo’s are the workaholics of the Zodiac. They love to be of service and are traditionally the servants of the Zodiac. Questions to ponder with Mercury in Virgo. Are you working too much?  Are you too afraid to ask for a raise or speak up about your rights?  Are you truly loving your work? How can you master your work? Think about ways to reinvent your work environment and innovate new ideas in your work. If you are bored to tears then move on. 


Virgo’s need to feel they are being of service. Do you feel that your work and your gifts are being used in the right service? What is your higher purpose for serving? Whom do you serve? Are you being of service to your own body, your own environment? How can you improve this?


Mercury in Virgo can help all of us, especially those who are neatness challenged to get their acts together. Gemini,  Pisces, Sagittarius- listen up. Virgo energy is a perfectionist. Not to be O.C.D. but use this time to clear out messes everywhere you find them. Reorganize, declutter, recycle. Be more prompt and on time. Follow up and follow through. Virgo energy is extremely responsible and Always gets the job done.


After all your hard work you need to reap the benefits. Where can you do this in your life? Do you have an idea of what your goals are and what that harvest looks like? If you don’t have a very Virgo business plan and clear goals you cannot create and manifest what you want. Make a plan, get some coaching if needed. 

6. Gratitude 

Always be grateful for what you have no matter how humble. Bless those bills. Affirm abundance and not poverty.

and SEX

Sex with a Virgo is all about hygiene.  You must both be scrupulously clean. japanese style bathing too. Absolutely clean organic sheets, detergent, no commercial fabric softeners. They are earthy and are in tune with their bodies. As the service-oriented sign, Virgo Lovers will want to serve you.

MERCURY the planet is personified as THE MAGICIAN Tarot Trump # 1

The magical skill we all have is our minds. With our consciousness, we can create whatever we wish to. Yes you are a wizard or a witch. We all are. You are what you think. The Magician usually has an  INFINITY symbol over his head. As does the woman in the STRENGTH card which is LEO energy.  With Magic you can control ALL TIME.  The mind is INFINITE. Mercury is a hermaphrodite, both masculine and feminine. He symbolizes the two-lobed brain, the conscious and unconscious sides of ourselves. Each person contains both sexes. Inter-gender is a popular term these days.  The MAGICIAN is a trickster.

The Sign of Virgo the Virgin earth is personified as THE HERMIT #9 

THE HERMIT is not necessarily alone or has abandoned all worldly possessions. The Hermit is usually pictured as a wise old man with a long beard in profile holding up a lamp, a light to guide the way. He is very much the Inner GUIDE, the one who is always there within you. Just quiet that busy mind and you will find the Hermit, as your ancestors, an unbroken lineage working for and protecting you. 

Use this time with Mercury in VIRGO to tune into that ancient wisdom of the Hermit residing already there.

THE SUN is in Virgo August 23 this is a good time for cleansing.

Venus and Mars already met at 4 degrees VIRGO on August 24


How IN TUNE are you? What kind of mind games do you play on yourself?

Dialogue with the HERMIT daily as a meditation. Ask him questions, he is waiting to guide you. The Hermit can be a female guide as well, the Virgin Goddess, the keeper of the harvest.

Why am I so afraid of being alone? Very important for women to ask this question.

Talk to your body, ask each part how it is feeling, You will be amazed at how correct this is.


all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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Virgo Time

It’s VIRGO TIME! August 22/23- Sept 22 this year.

The 6th sign is known for Virgoian accountability, order, mental discipline,  the go to’s for how to do anything to perfection, how to get your shit together, be punctual, organized, balance the budget, stay healthy, steward the earth, and be HUMBLE- Virgo is anti Selfie.  Virgo can also tend to be O.C.D.’s and the master’s of self- criticism. Virgo works hard and loves to be of service. They are usually health conscious and need to be disciplined with their diets as they tend to have upper digestive issues. They can be hypochondriacs too. Their fear of never being perfect enough and neither is anyone else can prevent them from having relationships.

Virgo is all about the Harvest. It’s time to reap what you have sown on all levels.

IN The TAROT VIRGO is Tarot Major Arcana #9 THE HERMIT

Everyone has Virgo somewhere in their astrology chart. Check out which house or houses Virgo rules in your natal chart.

Are you a Virgo? Do, or have planets in Virgo?  Virgo is mutable earth. There’s a whole generation of you with Pluto in Virgo. 

If you were born August 19, 1957 – October 5, 1971 and  April 17, 1972 –  July 30 1972 you are part of that Gen Perfection. 

Saturn will also be handing out rare benefits to hard-working Virgo’s in the next couple of days as Saturn is at 2 degrees Capricorn Retrograde.

Saturn turns DIRECT on September 6th @ 2 degrees 33 minutes Capricorn.

Virgo’s love to question, they are analyzer’s of life’s details. Like Gemini’s they are ruled by Mercury newly direct.

MERCURY Virgo’s ruling sign enters HOME Sept 5th/6th

The 6th sign we have 6 keywords and questions for all of you as Jupiter in Virgo is magnifying these issues. Now do your homework

1. Simplicity- How can you simplify your life?

Yes we’re all waaaaay too busy these days. Zen-like simplicity keeps mind-body and spirit clear. A Virgo’s dream is de-cluttering 24/7.

2.  Organization

Is your life a big mess of clutter that is if you’re not a Virgo.?  

3.  WORK

are you happy with what you do or is it just a job?

4.  Devotion to service to others and Self-

How much of that have you done lately? And how much do you serve your self?

5.  Allowing oneself and others to be imperfect

Virgo’s always have an incessant inner critic in their heads. You are usually your own worst enemy because of your you and everyone else is never good enough. Here’s a brilliant piece of advice someone told me.  Just say “thanks for sharing” to your inner critic and go one being free to be.

6. Harvesting

What have you harvested in your life? What do you want to harvest?  Goal plan for what you want to harvest on any level.


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6 steps to Mental focus

Sept 16 17

Buddhist mindfulness Astrology Tara Greene

Buddhist meditating
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       “If with a pure mind a person speaks or acts,         happiness  follows them like a never-                    departing shadow.”  -The Buddha.




MERCURY and MARS conjunct Sept 16 @ 12:01 pm PDT/ 3:01 pm EDT/ 8:01 pm GMT @ 7+ degrees VIRGO.

MERCURY is in its home sign and extra diligent focussed perfectionist and realistic. MARS is power strength energy competition desire- the warrior. This is a powerful aspect for focusing the mind like a martial arts warrior does. They seem to be capable of accomplishing near impossible feats. Use the combined energies of the personal planets to focus your mind on very specific issues in detail. 

According to an article in Psychology Today 

“The more focused we are, the more successful we can be at whatever we do. And, conversely, the more distracted, the less well we do. This applies across the board: sports, school, career. Focus is the hidden ingredient in excellence.”  writes Dan Goleman Ph.D. in The Brain and Emotional Intelligence.

VIRGO related issues that can be enhanced with this aspect:

Health-especially digestion; career; self-worth; being of service in the world; writing; self-criticism; discipline; cleansing; the environment; responsibility; clarity of mind; accountability. 

The way to work with this perfecting detailed energy if to focus your mind. The Buddhists have been practicing mindfulness for thousands of years. The steps seem simple but do take discipline and practice. It would be helpful to be out in nature if you can. Even in your backyard or in a  park sitting on the ground or leaning with your back against a tree if you live in a big city.  You may want to wear earplugs to drown out distracting noises.

Here are 6 steps for the 6th sign to help you.

  1. Take your cell phone off your body. It should be 12 feet away from you ideally as it puts out harmful EMF waves.  
  2. Begin to focus on your breath. Breathe naturally from your belly or diaphragm. You can place your hands on your belly to feel its outward expansion. As you breathe in slowly count to four. Hold for 1 count then contract your stomach muscles lightly and release your breath slowly through your mouth to the count of four. Don’t force anything.  Just concentrate on the natural flow of your breath. 

3. Repeat. If your mind wanders off in thought just notice that your mind has wandered off without judgment and bring it back to your breath. Let any trains of thought go by releasing them. You may want to visualize the letting go in a mental picture. Then bring your focus back to your breath. Keep your mind quiet just being aware of your breath. If your mind wanders off again over and over. That’s Ok it takes practice to quiet the mind. 

4. Notice the rise and fall of your chest as your lungs expand. As you continue this practice you will start to feel clearer and calmer from the increased oxygen in your blood. Try doing this for just one minute. It’s difficult because we have so much information going through our heads and around us all the time.  Keep doing this practice for at least 10 minutes. 

5. Choose a subject that you’d like to focus on. See this issue in clarity as you would like it to be. Visualize it in as much detail as possible. If it’s your health visualize your body in glowing health. See all the cells alive with energy. It’s best to focus on your bodies feelings of how it would feel to be healthy or successful or helping the world by cleaning up the environment or by being at peace or whatever your topic us.

6. If you ‘ve been meditating for awhile you can also ask to see what it is you are needing to perfect or to be of service to or what your body mind and spirit need right now. Take your time. Write down or record how you felt how your mind wandered off and what you saw. 

Use this to start a regular meditation/ mindfulness practice. You can also keep a log or journal of your progress. 

Use this aspect well. I will be meditating too. 

The other side of this aspect is extreme nitpickiness; criticism; worry; digestion upsets and issues; the body feedback will be loud and clear; wars of words and big debates. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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