Spiritual frauds will fall. John of God

The Brazilian faith healer and medium John of God, João Teixeira de Faria in Portuguese has been accused by 300 women of sexually abusing them. He has surrendered himself to police December 17 after being labeled a Fugitive for not initially responding to his charges. 

Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Wayne Dyer, a famous New Age author of many books all went to see John of God for healing. Oprah has since taken down her interview with him. The faith healer saw 1,000 people a week. John of God claims that he does no healing but God and a discarnate Spiritual doctor directs his psychic surgery. JoG was accused of sexual abuse a few years ago and couldn’t travel to the US. because of it.

I know many, many people who have been to see him in Brazil and swear by him. But all men in spiritual power positions seem to fall down to their lowest chakra denominator levels. Many thousands of people worldwide saw him as a great healer and the last resort for those with cancer and other serious illnesses. He has been running a healing center in Brazil since 1976.  This indicates this was JoG’s midlife crisis for that center, a Uranian opposition is unexpected.

The thing is his healing is now tainted as he used these women as a sexual vampire. The whole town he supported will collapse. Of course, he denied the charges, he will say that some entity worked through him. But the testimonies of the women all point to the same tactics.  Power is a difficult thing to handle. Power corrupts absolutely. John of God sold his soul to the devil.


 This is just the beginning of spiritual healers, sexual predators and politicians will fall like flies during Jupiter in Sagittarius square to Neptune in PISCES all of 2019. Political corruption will be in the news and it may be devastating for many. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. This is a very good thing. 

Jupiter is the planet which symbolizes truth and justice, courts, trials, judges, religion, foreigners, spirituality and honesty. Neptune in Pisces governs illusions, delusions, gurus, oil, debt, mental illness, glamour, Hollywood, and addictions or hidden things.

All false gods, including the Catholic Church, Islam, Judaism, and their religious leaders and cults, all spiritual flimflammery- commercialized witchery, pseudo-spirituality, drug dealers, oil barons, snake oil salesman, politicians, sexual predators, rip off artists,dishonesty foreigners and countries will be brought to trial and to their end. Hollywood will have a major scandal almost make it lose itself. 

Recent news around John of God’s investigation claims bizarre energy happening as he was being questioned by police. That isn’t surprising with someone who works with high spiritual energies to crash computers and make random electrical things change. 


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Painting by Napoleon Brousseau “Fifinochio” 1999 shown at Angell Gallery Toronto. https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-Cousin-Fifi-Inferno-1999/14565/1387214/view


Venus quincunx Saturn, Daily Astro-Tarot

I know things are crazy, hectic and intense and we are feeling the pull of the Leo Total Eclipse. 

Todays VENUS in CANCER, and later today the Moon in Cancer inconjuncts or quincunx {a 150-degree angle} to Karmic Lord of the Rings Saturn the heaviest of all the planets does not bode well.  Sensitive, Ultra Feminine unconditionally loving Venus in Cancer is not finding any way to connect with the planet Saturn, ruler of reality, structure, boundaries, the Patriarchy, the corporate 1%, the father figure, Father Time, the Taxman and Grim Reaper. Saturn in SAGITTARIUS is Justice, honesty and truth. 

Venus in CANCER symbolizes the child, the innocent. It also connects with America itself as a Cancerian country. This aspect can also point out the disconnect in bringing to justice pedophiles, Pizzagate which is real, and protecting children, blacks, and gays, from sex trafficking and slavery. There is a loss of innocence occurring now in the heartland of America as the right wing Nazi-sympathizers demonstrate and threaten all other minorities. 

This aspect although exact today lingers in the Leo Solar Eclipse. I apologize for being behind in the Big LEO Solar Eclipse articles which I started months ago. It was my wedding anniversary on the 17th and this energy is so intense as an empath I am feeling very tired since a week ago. 

The CANCER Moon is active today: Creating a sextile with Retro Mercury in the week hours. expect Flashbacks, dream recycling and disorganized or hygiene phobias to appear.

Moon trines NEPTUNE  in the A.M. in PDT and EDT

This is a lovely dreamy, spaced out romantic creative energy.

Moon makes those Cardinal Crosses again:

Opposing PLUTO, squaring Jupiter in Libra and conjuncting VENUS in PDT/ Aug 19 in EDT and GMT.

GOD or GODDESS bless the child is all I can say. The Inner Child who is connected very much with the Total Leo Solar Eclipse. 



This card is perfect synchronicity as always. The Princess of Priestess of Fire or Wands is the earthly part of Fire. She is like Durga the Hindu Goddess who slew all the demons when the world was about to collapse. In my Leo Solar eclipse meditation, I recommend calling in DURGA.  Yes we need to call in our own inner warrioress, Wonder Woman, Firey Muse who is courageous as the lion, who knows how to roar with passion, desire, and bliss. She is the ultimate creative muse, who inspires us to play to create to be fearless and to dance our Bliss. 

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Mars in Cancer square URANUS, more than an upset tummy

It’s a fiery Sunday. The Aries Moon amps up our energy to start new things. Use the red hot spontaneous combustion energy wisely. Be careful around your home, kitchen with children, around BBQ’s, or any dangerous materials.  Especially as we are leading up to a MARS square to URANUS on the 17th @ 28 degrees.


EARTHQUAKES, fires, volcanic explosions, hurricane, tsunami’s, floods, YELLOWSTONE EXPLOSION warnings. Terrorist attacks and fights, gun battles and unexpected attacks are to be expected. The weather may see very high temperatures and humidity, with more deaths from drowning, flooding and heat spiking. 

Mars in CANCER is not the best element for the warrior God to be able to express his machismo in. He is not comfortable submerged in the traditionally, most feminine and maternal of all signs. The warrior is at home but not comfortable there. He is defending his feelings. He doesn’t want to feel dependent, sentimental or his real need to be loved and nurtured.  This type of MARS in CANCER is dominated by the mother, a mama’s boy. He is overly macho and sexist like a president we all know of. 

MARS in CANCER- pedophiles

On another level this aspect is literally about sex- that’s what Mars is, and the rape and sexual abuse of children. Cancer represents the unconscious feelings and memories that have been buried because they hurt too much. Mars in Cancer is that soldiering and stiff upper lip defending our emotions. 

Mars in CANCER square URANUS in ARIES

symbolizes even more SHOCKING and awe revelations of pedophilia, sexual abuse, kinky weird sex and torture of the innocent. Uranus is a HIGHER place, those in power are predators and they can feed on the weak and helpless. The VATICAN had to stop a gay sex orgy, you heard about that one right. Pizzagate is not a conspiracy theory. Sex trafficking and the dark web, a URANUS ruled thing, is used for precisely this kind of thing.  Expect new shockwaves to hit the news. 

There may be a RUDE AWAKENING for not only men, as this aspect triggers long repressed childhood anger and emotions. This can provoke further backlash against women.


The wild crazy planet which orbits at 90 degrees, has been pushing the hi-tech, freedom, chaotic revolutionary button since it first entered the first sign, governed by MARS from May 27, 2010-August 13, 2010 then from March 11, 2011- May 15, 2018. We have only 10 months left of the wild ride left.  The last time URANUS was in ARIES was from 1927 to 1935 when the Great Stock Market Crash happened in the U.S. and the Great Depression took place all over the world. It was also the beginnings of Fascism and Hitler’s take over of Germany. 

This square is an interesting one as Mars governs URANUS’ in Aries as the sign ruler. 

URANUS is a  sudden revelation, a shock and awe sort of planet and mentality. ” The term Shock and awe (technically known as rapid dominance) is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power and spectacular displays of force to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight.” – from Wikipedia.


It is an AIR Sign and is related to thinking. While writing this article, I went searching for a title or an idea to tie into this Mars-Uranus energy. Through pure synchronicity I went from FB to a story about the #7 significance as we are approaching 7/17/17 on MONDAY. This led to the story of Inanna, which led me to a fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm, which I’d never heard from before called The Devil’s Sooty Brother, which I thought was a great title. 

The gist of that story is relevant here. What Uranus and Mars in square means is to learn to see the world differently, and to trust your instincts.  

The soldier, macho warrior, Divine masculine energy is being coddled, soothed and cleansed in Cancer. He is being changed, revolutionized and capable of bringing in higher consciousness in its best aspects. This is what we hope for.

Mars in Cancer, tummy upsets

BEWARE of tummy upsets big time. Stock up on PEPTO BISMOL

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