Mars in Pisces sextile Pluto emotional surrender and sex magic

Happy holiday weekend in Canada.

Moon enters Pisces may 22 at 11:48 am EDT

This shifts the mood to the beach, ocean, pool and our spiritual, compassionate, imaginative creative charitable private intuitive feels.

Moon square Retro Mercury in Gemini and Mars in Pisces sextile Pluto

Portrait of a man as the God Mars
by Peter Paul Reubens
1620-1625 Wikipedia Commons

A mutable energy, blown by the wind producing ripple on the waters. Old conversations can be rehashed and empathy is plentiful. This is good and healthy as long as serious boundaries are upheld.

Mars the warrior in Pisces is a spiritual surrendering soldier. He and Pluto both govern Scorpio. this is a deep spiritual Dive into dealing with our shadows and getting angelic help behind the scenes from Mars in Pisces too.

These are this very supportive powerful yet sensitive transformative emotional energies.

Mars in Pisces wants to jump in and be the saviour, but Beware of overly compassionate rescues of underdogs, undertows, and under the rug passivity, and victimizing self. Mars in Pisces is all about projection And illusion.

Mars in Pisces with Pluto can be very nefarious and deviously passive, aggressive. This aspect can also provoke addictions, mental illness issues and huge denials of acceptance of reality. This can be felt as very ruthless power over for sadistic pleasure too. It can run the gamut.

Mars in Pisces * Pluto Can be beautiful tantric sex taking us into the realm of archetypes in yab yum position. Sax is sacred and transforming..sire de the ego yo the divine in the other and the not-self.

So many meanings a complex energy that looks easy on the surface. Sextiles depend on the planets..

What do you have at 28 degrees Pisces? Capricorn? Or 28 of mutable Gemini Virgo Sagittarius and Cardinal Aries Cancer and Libra signs?

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