Mercury turns Direct, how to free your mind

MERCURY RETROGRADE turns DIRECT May 3rd at 9:33 am PDT/ 12:33 pm EDT/4:33 pm but it is extremely strong when Stationary, as it is now, so be extra mindful and will continue to be virtually stationary for the next week or so.
Yes there is some mental relief, the equivalent of cosmic Aspirin as Mercury changes direction.
MERCURY  Direct at 24+ degrees of ARIES + URANUS + ERIS
Brain R. Crumb, astrology Tara Greene
This can be extremely mind blowing. Expect things to be chaotic for awhile. Stay flexible, make sure you have plan B and C ready. 
Mercury, the trickster and God of thieves and merchants, the messenger of the gods is conjunct to weird, quirky planet URANUS, the planet of freedom, chaos and revolution and also cheek to jowl with Goddess ERIS, she who rules DISCORDIA or disturbia.
This is a total roll of the dice. Things can be very very chaotic over the next few days.
Expect your mind to be very excitable. Your thoughts may be all jumbled and akimbo. Chaos is hard to deal with but is also extremely creative. Our minds are being shaken up like those snow scenes in little glass holders.
If you are feeling trapped by outdated ideas, of mental self and world concepts that seem redundant, backward, old-hat and want to scream, this is that kind of energy applying. Free the mind from old antiquated concepts is screaming through the cosmos.
Free your mind from old antiquated concepts is screaming through the cosmos.
 If you are feeling really confused and lost, here’s what I recommend you do. 
CREATE RITUAL to Mercury, the element of AIR and the Gods and Goddesses of Wisdom
When I do ritual and prayer, the direction of the North in the tradition I use, or the direction of AIR in whichever system you use, symbolizes the MIND. In the tarot, swords traditionally symbolize mental concepts, ideas, and communications, birds, passenger pigeons, things that fly.
I would call upon the higher master wisdom teachers, those beings in space, the ancient ones who are eternal, the Beings from other solar systems and dimensions. The Ancestors or Keepers of wisdom traditions.
Egyptian Goddess Isis and Osiris astrology TARA GREENE
Call upon the Goddesses of WISDOM, most especially SOPHIA, or Athena, or Lilith,  ISIS  SERAPIS, or NEITH in EGYPTIAN, SAGA Nordic Goddess of wisdom or any Goddess who has an owl on her shoulder as owls symbolize wisdom.  Call upon the Gods of wisdom, Solomon in the Jewish Tradition, LAO ZI in Chinese, APOLLO or PROMETHEUS in Greek mythology, INDRA or GANESHA in INDIAN, ODIN in Nordic Mythology.
But it will take until May 21st until Mercury sails past the 4+ degrees of TAURUS when it turned Retrograde on April 9/10th.
Just stay mindful, literally Mind Full. 
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Inspirational Card of the Day

As Mercury goes Retrograde and we are standing at the edge of the cusp where Jupiter also jumps off the cliff to turn Retrograde on the 7th. I will pick an Inspirational card to Mirror the situation.

I have channelled and envisioning a lot the last few days.I need to simply be an open channel of the Great Attractor and the Galactic Center. Most of the planets in my natal chart points to this and these aspects are being heavily activated now for everyone.  

What I have tuned into is the CME’s coronal mass ejections affecting the electrical magnetic fields of the earth.

We are mutating.  

The Red Madonna was calling to me and angels and sound healers, art, creativity and new directions being born.



5 of swords Tarot Tara Greene

MARy EL Tarot  by Mary White 

This is a very unusual interpretation of the 5 of Swords.  The swords represent the mind, communication and would be under MERCURY’s rulership. The 5’s are always difficult, a testing period.  Usually there is some bloody mental conflict in most 5 of swords cards. 

In this card a woman holding a newborn baby is surrounded and protected by five white snowy owls whose wings surround her. The 5th card on the 5th- note that synchronicity. 

She has a Hebrew letter Vav on her chest. It is the element of Air which is the sword element. White and Air are the colors of the North on the Medicine wheel.

Who is this woman? Is she Lilith? Lilith was known as the screech owl, her most ancient name. She was considered also to be a baby stealer which is a symbol of the fact that she governs the menstrual period. She could also be ATHENA who had a wise owl who sees in all directions on her shoulder.  The owl is a predator who hunts at night and can see in the darkness. Owls are associated with death in some cultures and also dreaming. Night visioning is a metaphor for deep intuitive sensing and dreaming.

Use all of these symbols to guide you. This card feels very empowering to me.  The Goddess figure seems like a wise, wild mother, a Queen of the dreamworld, whose babe wrapped in green, the color of nature, Venus, love and growth symbolizes pure potential, and new beginnings. Stay in a place of Innocence and trust in the direction of the South, your feelings.  

Owls strike fear into their prey as they are absolutely silent in flight. Be the owl, use stealth, bring your dreams to life.

You are being protected by soft white downy angelic energy from the Nature realms. 

Blessed be

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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