GRAND WATER TRINES, ecstacy Astrology from Tara Greene

Pre-weekend overview- The GRAND WATER TRINES  just keep on coming. Melt into the sea.


MAx Ernst 1923 AStrology Tara Greene


We all come from the ocean. We are the oceans. Your tears, blood, saliva, sweat, orgasmic life producing fluids- are all water. 

Oct 23-25 When it rains it pours. Water Trines benefit all water signs most as conjunctions and earth signs too, through sextiles.

Fire and AIR Signs are having a struggle with them.  They need to work hard to integrate all that emotion.  It’s unnatural to them. Really.

Fire sign Aries gets squared by Cancer, and squared by Scorpio. Aries says -“Don’t tell me what to do. And don’t cry it makes me angry.”

Leo gets squared by Scorpio,quincunxed or inconjuncted by Pisces. Leo states. “I’m not merging with anyone. I’m the boss.”

Sagittarius gets squared by Pisces and quincunxed by Cancer. Sag, says “Too sentimental, don’t t fence me in. I’m off.”

Air signs Gemini gets quincunxed by Scorpio and Squared by Pisces. Gemini says “I dunno which one to choose.  I don’t understand.”

Libra gets quincunxed by Pisces, and squared by Cancer. Libra says “Don’t ask me what I think. What can I do for you?”

Aquarius gets quincunxed by Cancer and squared by Scorpio. Aquarius says ” Revolution starts at home. Tell me all your secrets.”

THE Moon’s  at home in Cancer, the most feminine sign.  I can smell the home cookin’ already.

We all need nurturing, chicken soup, safety, emotional security, hugs, cuddles, knitting, snuggling.

 We need to care about someone. Be a Jewish Italian, Spanish, ethnic stereotype Mama. Overdo the love.

Oct 24 Lotsa aspects

Moon TRINES SUN in Scorpio- dreams may be easy to remember, Working in the gold mines.

Moon TRINES NEPTUNE- ooh so spiritual, get lost in  a romantic dream. Dancing in the dark.

Moon sextiles MARS in Virgo- do your laundry take out the garbage organize your abode to show some love.

Moon Opposes PLUTO in Capricorn this is the up close and  personal side of the BIG  T-square dance.

May come down as lots of tears, power struggles. Cancer’s are controllers. That’s that MAMA stereotype. SMOTHER. IT’s not healthy.

IT could manifest as being called on the carpet by “the boss” or whoever that authority figure is in your life.Could be your own unconscious tyrant. 

Moon TRINES Chiron- Tears will have salted that chicken soup. Yes you will feel better after a cry. Think of your tears as diamonds.

CANCER Moon Squares URANUS in ARIES – part 2 of the BIG T- square dance.

Move something around in your home as a Feng Shui honoring of this energy. Do something that moves your emotional body. Quick witted, be careful about responding to a situation overly fast and creating more damage.  

Last but not least

Moon TRINES SATURN in Scorpio in PDT –

EAsy to make serious commitments. Who’s getting engaged? Moving in together? Polishing the black pot till it shines. Excellent time to see through a particularly difficult crooked path you have walked in the past. Don’t get overwhelmed in emotional sentimentalism. But it’s your party and you can cry if you want to. Or hold a grudge if you want to. Or refuse to tell anyone your most secret desires. 

Oct 25

Moon TRINES MERCURY Retrograde in Scorpio

A chance to take back some words which hurt someone else’s feelings. Mend fences. Clear up who does what. Designate chores.

Cancer Moon QUINCUNX VENUS in SAGITTARIUS- No more love on the run?

Now you can’t hold a Sagittarian down. Expect to be disappointed as your lover gallops off into the distance because they find you too needy. You would have to cook up some awesome down home adventure or treasure hunt to please a Sag.

Moon Conjunct JUPITER-  

BENEFIC! FERTILE. MAKE LOVE for no reason or to get pregnant. Buy a home lottery ticket. Book a cruise.  Expand your home, have a big house party, warming. Go to Vegas for the weekend. Eat a huge meal. Treat your inner child to fun and games. Get together with your mom and or family.

SUN in Scorpio TRINES NEPTUNE in PISCES – SEXTACY – an ayahuasca like shamans journey into the underworld

Shamans travel between the worlds. THey go deep into the underworld scorpio territory and travel the upper and middle worlds. This aspect will be like taking ayahuasca or ecstasy.  Tantric lovemaking under the stars. Write a deep heavy soul searching poem, sing a dark song, paint a black painting, write. VERY POWERFUL. Journey to other worlds unimagined. Die before you die in order to live. Be  immortals. Taste the elixer of life and death. YOUR FEEDBACK IS MOST WELCOME.


All writing copyright Tara Greene 


Beautiful People – The SEA – Jimmy Hendrix 

Day 2 Aries Tantric trans sexual Alchemy mystic ritual, Tara Greene

Moving from PISCES into Aries, the zodiac wheel precesses backwards, we are finishing off the Jesus Christ ruled Age of Pisces now.

ARIES is the fastest moving red-hot, passionate, spontaneous, MARS ruled, strong intent, forceful, spark of life that creates everything else. ARIES is like the BIG BANG that one spark/boom bang ignited and created the entire Universe or Universes. 

Aries is independent, entrepreneurial, believes in themselves, confident, NOT Patient, frustrates easily, head strong.

The Aries Age is the Age of the Jewish Patriarchs, the Old Testament, a warlike tribe of 12 clans, the ancient Jews were fierce warriors, raping pillaging, circumcising men in their wake to stop the old Golden Calf worshipping Goddess loving pagans 4,000 years ago. Aries the RAM, is the male orgasm which initiates new life. 


INinitiation sex tantra astrology


A shout comes out of my room
where I’ve been cooped up.
After all my lust and dead living I can still live with you.
You want me to.
You fix and bring me food.
You forget the way I’ve been.

The ocean moves and surges in the heat
of the middle of the day,
in the heat of this thought I’m having.
Why aren’t all human resistances burning up with this thought?

It’s a drum and arms waving.
It’s a bonfire at midnight on the top edge of a hill,
this meeting again with you.

Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks

We will ignite a new spark a new life – it represents the male Orgasm. Ladies you were once men, most of us have transmigrated from the Opposite sex more than one time. So this is your time to contact your own inner male your inner warrior.  

Men you know how to orgasm,in this case you must learn to control it and subsume in to experience TANTRIC Sexuality. Mantak Chia taught ancient Chinese energy techniques for men to hold back their orgasms to keep the ojas or sperm with in the body to nourish and purify the inner organs and especially the pineal gland. These techniques are ancient and hail from India as well.

Sit in your sacred Fire circle-have a red candle lit and incense or smudge burning,

The song by U2

Imagine that you are the Sun, the Light, the Source which YOU ARE

you are the creator- co-creator with the Divine Light which we shall witness and breathe in and incorporate 

close your eyes, and feel yourself to be in an erotic atmosphere, this is not PORN at all

but erotic pleasure wholesome willing equal participation,

imagine yourself in sexual union with a God or Goddess depending on your sexuality

they will be your FIRE MEDICINE teachers, like VEstal Virgins who were sexual initiators

not Virgin in the Catholic sense at all.

Sense this feel it, make it as real as possible. feel yourself being kissed held tenderly that you are totally soul telepathically heart to heart bonded.

YOU will feel kundalini energy rise, it will feel sexual but not directly, You are not to have an orgasm.

Allow the chakras to open, first the root chakra then 2nd 3rd 4th up to 7th crown chakra,and feel a delicious honey like substance emerge from your crown chakra and spill out over your bodies.

Ride this wave of ecstasy on the edge of pleasure/release but hold o, control it like riding a wild horse, don’t let go of the reigns.

stay with this energy as long as you can. Then in your mind’s eyes visualize new stories, new sense, thing unimagined before, the purpose of all the passion rocket fuel is to ignite a new spark in your energy field.

stay with it then begin to slow your breathing down, see your Beloved Goddess or God slow down still holding you still engaged by the energy is 

almost neutral, stable.

When yu feel ready slowly release yourself from each other, bow kiss and thank your Beloved.

write your experiences down, something is being conceived here. You may not know exactly what it is yet and that’s oK

you are an explorer of the Uknown at this point. feel th passion, go boldly forwards,

Need guidance get a reading-