Get out of jail time, Inspirational Astrology

As I am away I thought it best to do an overview of the week.

some major moves and movies this week:

MERCURY is in LEO now so say it LOUD and PROUD 

speak from your heart, roar your passion, Tell it like it is from your heart,

Tell it to my heart, dramatic communications, messages, think with courage take a giant leap

see your life as a movie, theatre, give it a title. NAME YOUR MOVIE

Years ago when I  did that bit of psychological spiritual exercise my birth movie title was Born To Be Bad.

Aug 4 Scorpio continues with serious karmuppance with a Saturn Moon conjunction

Stinger Moon trines Chiron and VENUS in CANCER= great healing, forgive all mothers, women, artists.

Moon enters optimistic SAGITTARIUS Aug 5  like the WHEEL OF FORTUNE in the TAROT 

SATURN TRINES CHIRON – 16 degrees Scorpio/Pisces  = SUPER HEALING

MEDITATE on compassion, healing, self forgiveness,

releasing all ancient wounds held in the 12th house- the house of the unconscious, the collective emotional {water} spiritual ocean filled with baggage. Just like the real ocean is filled with trash too.

Saturn the Grim Reaper is the Karmic Cosmic Cop and he DOES NOT TRINE CHIRON VERY OFTEN. Like once every 10 years! He will write you a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card for you. So JUST DO IT already! do it, release all your old karmic agreements of revenge, self-undoing, unconsciousness.

Monopoly Get out of jail Tara Greene

Inspirational Card of the Day 

YOU get to have your sentence shortened. YES YOU get to liberate yourself.

If you watch ORANGE  IS THE NEW BLACK and who doesn’t?

Even I’ve gotten into it and i am not a TV watcher.

In Season 2 EPISODE 1 which is as far as I’ve watched, 

The new inmate Mazall, who Piper is with at the Chicago prison for the trial is totally into ASTROLOGY.

She has a real astrology chart in the show for Piper, she did it by hand, something most astrologers don’t do these days.

I did find it great that they feature astrology but the inmate appears crazy and licks Piper’ s face to get her time of birth.

so this makes the equation that anyone interested in Astrology is crazy and a criminal to boot

Too bad. Someone said all PR is good PR but I don’t think so.

So ITNB is the super hit show. I have Piper Chapman’s birth date in the show as June 7 1981 11:42 am Connecticut. but where? I’m curious to figure that out. Another article that needs to be written.

Yes would you like that dear readers?


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TELL IT LIKE IT IS  Taylor Dayne  

TELL IT LIKE IT IS Aaron Neville  





Testosterone recharge, 50 shades of Mars in Scorpio Astrology

MARS leaves his peacekeeping, estrogen soaked immersion through Libra July 25 2014, another 777 day.

NUMEROLOGY =July =7, 5 + 2= 7, 2+ 0+1+ 4 = 7. Mystic magical 7 heavens number.  Same TRIPLE 7 value as on  July 16 when the MH17 was shot down.

Mars has meandered through LIBRA  since DECEMBER 7 , 2013, far longer than usual. Libra is the sign of the Peacemaker supposedly, but actually Libra is the balancing act between two opposites. Libra is the ambassador, relationships are the AIR they breathe, they are creative, unsure of themselves and NICE.

Mars is the GO Go Testosterone fueled WAR GOD. The planet of MEN, fire, independent,  all about me, anger. The warrior’s track record hasn’t been that great on his PEACEKEEPING  mission while in Libra for all this time. What do you think?

Mars has pussyfootd around for these months as he is in DETRIMENT – means, in the sign opposite the one it rules for over 7 months. Things will HEAT up Soon.

MARS has learned about the OTHER side.VENUS rules Libra and he must be DRUNK IN LOVE as Beyonce’s so aptly synchronous song puts it. I love the way the Archetypal symbols drip into the collective Unconscious and then come out into pop culture. The First transgender actress Laverne Cox is now on  mainstream TV in Orange is the New Black.

MARS in Libra – has it made you more romantic and sociable? More aware of art and beauty? More aware of being polite ? The Femming down of the Masculine has been a good thing. We need to remember the territory gained.

MARS goes home a world-weary warrior much like Odysseus in the famed Odyssey.

Mars in Scorpio from July 25 @ 7:25 pm PDT -September 13, 2014.

EXPECT rampaging testosterone  with men’s sex drives going through the roof.

Mars in Scorpio is WILL POWER, never get sidetracked until it gets what it wants. MARS in Scorpio can bring out the darkest deepest shit from Scorpio’s black death depths. Revenge, torture, the Plague, power and control issues, secrets, psychopaths, war, violence, shootings. As if we don’t see enough of this anyways.

Mars will stir up deep seated anger, so be on RED ALERT. MARS ATTACKS!

Going to be a  roller coaster ride with torrents of emotions. Not to mention the weather as Mars in Scorpio creates flooding, hurricanes, lots of water =steam heat.

Women-Mars in Scorpio can also mess up your hormonal balance, creating flooding when you menstruate and push your held back anger out into the open from those 7 months of needing to be NICE and in that awful relationship at any cost. Not anymore!

Expect to find out the deep dark secrets over the next 7 weeks.  Do get into understanding your own and others on a deeper psychological basis during this time. It’s a Rorschach test come to life.


Unleash your sex drive, it’s healthy to have an orgasm a day. Your  will to be Numero Uno will be strong- Jupiter is in LEO remember.

MARS squares JUPITER Aug 1st at 3 degrees. It is also Lammas a cross= quarter Day in the calendar round of the year.

BEWARE of getting seduced and overwhelmed by going to the Dark Side of Scorpio. Darth Vader will invade your dreams.

SCORPIO is THE DEATH Card in the Tarot, Trump # 13

MARS is the TOWER, Trump card #16

 the Tower a modern version by Sarah Wheatley

A cleverly disguised Phallus 

13 + 16 = 29. 9 -2 = 7

Death & The TOWER = H E A V Y times ahead. The TOWERING INFERNO.


Does Mars rule HELL?


Leonardo DiCaprio, Howard Stern, Betty White, Robert Kennedy,  Jennifer Aniston,  Jude Law,  Mel Gibson,  Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Susam Sarandon, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Jon Voight, Bill Murray,

Oprah Winfrey,  Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lee,  Gandhi,Mark Zuckerberg,  Film Directors Benicio del Toro and Martin Scorsese, Fashion Designers Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier, David Icke,

Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Charlie Sheen, Patrick Swayze,

MUSICIANS: Taylor Swift,  Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Manson, Shania Twain, Usher, Frank Zappa, Olivia Newton-John, Hidegard of Bingen, 

WRITERS, Politicians, Philosophers, Dictators, Artists J.R.R. Tolkien, Chairman Mao, Josef Goebbels, Charles Bukowski, Bachar Al- Assad, Dictator of Syria, Henry Miller, Renoir, Hunter S. Thompson,


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