Inspirational Card of the Day. Scorpio Moon, Pisces Bliss out Astrology


A little astrology info for the day to help you through it

whewh the energies are so intense right now. The world is changing, shedding old outworn Patriarchal patterns.  The Uranus/Pluto exact square May 20, synchronistically creating those destructive tornadoes in Oklahoma.  Three eclipses in a row feels pretty exhausting emotionally.

How are you feeling and dealing with these powerful energies?

It is literally the same revolutionary energies that were in effect during the Renaissance. 

Solar flares,  a major 5.1 earthquake in Ontario which is on some pretty solid ground, the Canadian shield. Political scandals, Shameful Mayor Ford in my home town,Toronto, and the  Canadian Prime Minister, President Obama, Monsanto etc.  are not surprising but part of the shift.

Moon enters SCORPIO May 23 at 1:55 pm PDT to further intensify the potent brew.

Moon and Gemini Sun face -off in a quincunx later in the day. Scorpio moon takes emotional hostages – Gemini sun is young innocent and split. Innocence may be the best way to go.

Then a lovely romantic, spiritually deep Scorpio Moon Neptune TRINE 10:45 PM PDT/on 23 @ 1:45 am EDT.

This is Foggy Bliss, Tantric sex, addictive dreaming, powerful creative visualization time, write songs, dream a SOUL Dream.

 Use the energy wisely for deep meditation and connection to Unconscious Source. Trines are not always beneficial, it depends on the planets involved. This energy can be just like the MOON card in the TAROT #18.


The Moon Tarot Tara Greene



Which also can turn potently shadowy and dark. It’s your own fears which are being mirrored by the Scorpio moon. Beware control trippers disguised as the LIGHT. Stay centered at ALL TIMES.

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Inspirational Card of the Day, the HOT seat,

May 21 Inspirational Card of the Day

sending prayers to those in Oklahoma who were devastated by numerous Tornadoes

The card that appeared was the Visconti- Sforza deck from the Renaissance Italy


Tarot Emperor

The Emperor or King is all about POWER

He sits on his Throne, or HOT SEAT, and symbolizes the leader, God/King, shaman healer, visionary. 

In the Fisher King,story n the Grail Legend, the King was identified totally with the health and well being of his land and country.

Modern leaders do not have visionary, shamanic, healing characteristics.

Not  much has changed in the Western World relating to power,

power is of the mundane, illusory world of material success.

Most leaders today serve only themselves, not their land or their people,

seduced by money, power, controlled by lust and their ego’s

they abuse their power, tax and steal from the poor, and rape their own lands

they do not have authentic power, they use a kind of POWER-OVER hierarchical system.

Now there are self- made Emperors everywhere, How long does their power last?

Is it all about money, or is there a deeper responsibility and inner power?


Where is your power? Do you give it away to false authorities? Your Boss, spouse, friends?

Do you give it away to consumerism? or your false self?

Do you stand up to those in power who are abusing it?

What is success to you? What would you do if you were KING?

The King needs to have all 4 elements in balance to have real power,

Every man and woman has an inner King who symbolizes active creative power.

The Emperor is ARIES- action oriented.

Use your power wisely, power is not power-over but power from within.

Are you happy with the leader of your company, country or city?

How are you going to act to make sure they use their power wisely?


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