Powerfull SCORPIO creation day Astrology


Last critical degrees of SCORPIO SUN and Moon  MERCURY + SATURN

It is a day of Big expansions and contractions today.

It is a day of labor, We are leaving Scorpio terittory for this year and birthing Sagittarius tomorrow



Scorpio Moon conjuncts Mercury @ 1:19 pm EST/ 10:19 am PST

Feelings and thoughts are one. This is a good thing. These two must be in synch or you can’t manifest.



You are the MAGICIAN- your mind is your magic wand.

magician Tarot Tara Greene

Zan Zing the Magician 1899 poster

The HIGHER VIBE of this

ability to have incredible SCRUTINY, being able to be SHERLOCK HOLMES

and to see in clear details the pathways and convoluted knots to the prime core issues.

Letting die, refusing to feed, fear, negatives, call them reptilians or psychological problems.

If they no longer serve your higher purposes, then bless them, thank them

and let them go, in every aspect of your life, bad habits, fear,

there are really only two emotions LOVE or FEAR,

The lower vibration of this-

In Scorpio this can be  obsessing about sex, or REVENGE , or power-hungry Greed,

or being very manipulative, holding onto your skeletons in the closet for dear life.

YOU choose. 

Moon squares Jupiter @ 2:18 PM pst/ 5:18 PM est


a wonderful balance to the heavy Scorpio stuff and more to come later.

JUPITER IN LEO is very HEART CENTERED, giving love, childlike and innocent in its best qualities.

Bring joy into your life life, play, remember what you love dot do as a a child.

YOU will need the UPSIDE of JUPITER to deal with the lower side.

Moon conjuncts SATURN @ 9:53 p, PST/Nov.22 @ 12:53 am EST

This is when the emotions and PHYSICAL realms meld.

to meditate deeply, to scan your unconscious to use Scorpio laser vision to image as in infra-red those shadows, phantoms, ghouls, demons, fear, etc etc.

You can feel the depression and the leaden like aspects of this from a place of joy and find a balance. 

At the last chance Scorpio saloon- choose where your heart wants to go.

Tomorrow SAGITTARIUS SUN and MOON will make it feel like a whole new world.


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You are the Crown of Creation Jefferson Starship 



Highway to Hell and back,Saturn Mercury Scorpio obsession Astrology

Wow its been one of the busiest change- up weeks astrology wise for a long time. How’re Ya Doin? Libra’s your final exams are over!

VENUS=love entered VIRGO Oct 2

Opposite Neptune- Stars in your eyes that are grounded. amazing…

Mercury then Saturn entered SSCORPIO Oct 5 –

the Bad Ship Scorpio sailing on troubled waters,LOL a slip of the fingers and I wrote SScorpio { as in Nazi police Scorpio} but no soo funny, prediction…

Everyone will be back to BLACK of course in fashion

3 planetary sign change ups so far with another one OCt 6 when MARS planet of ACTION, enters Fiery Sagittarius to lighten the tone

and JUPITER is now RETRO since Oct 4 till the end of the year.

Don’t panic just BE KIND REWIND,which was a great fun charming little Jack Black flic BTW.

All Retro’s are good! Do all the RE-things, RElax, REview, Reapply, Revelations!

A bit of levity comes this way first

Gemini Moon conjuncts Jupiter Oct 5 @ 16 degrees 22 mins RX

Jupiter will be hovering over the VENUS Eclipse of the Sun June 5-6 degree- @15 degrees GEMINI+ for the rest of October.

This will ignite and re-trigger any relationships, money, values, decisions which began or ended because of the Venus Retrograde transit. So be aware of that!

What was happening for you in early JUNE? where were you on that momentous day?

Check out where SCORPIO is in your own chart. The 2nd? 8th?  6th?

and also where MARS ruler of Scorpio is in your natal chart and the aspects he makes to your planets and angles.

and of course what the heck PLUTO modern ruler of Scorpio is doing to.

That is where you will be tested, limited, feel the obstacles,those secrets, OBSESSIONS, SEX, Money, Power, control by Saturn, which is ultra-conservative, Patriarchal, corporate, serious, Cosmic Cop…

Obsession Scorpio astrology

We’ve all got 2.5 years to be tested, all of us.

IT ONLY hurts more, and I know lots of you like that,but we must evolve,

so let it go….

I can help you release the obsession


BAD song lyrics written and sung by BONO U2


If you twist and turn away
If you tear yourself in two again
If I could, yes I would
If I could, I would
Let it go

If I could throw this
Lifeless lifeline to the wind
Leave this heart of clay
See you walk, walk away
Into the night
And through the rain
Into the half-light
And through the flame

If I could through myself
Set your spirit free
I’d lead your heart away
See you break, break away
Into the light
And to the day

To let it go
And so to fade away
To let it go
And so fade away

I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
Wide awake
I’m not sleeping
Oh, no, no, no

If you should ask then maybe they’d
Tell you what I would say
True colors fly in blue and black
Bruised silken sky and burning flag
Colors crash, collide in blood shot eyes

If I could, you know I would
If I could, I would
Let it go…

This desparation
In temptation
Let it go

And so fade away
To let it go
And so fade away
To let it go
And so to fade away

I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
Wide awake
I’m not sleeping
Oh, no, no, no