Cardinal fires are lit weekend Astrology

March 23 CARDINAL FIRES are lit! this weekend


To Quote SNL’s Stefon- “It’s got everything.”

Sex passion power death-rebirth guns NRA fighting back secrets wealth crime 

ARIES SUN moves into square MARS in CAPRICORN

Venus square Pluto art Sun square Mars

“Dacre” artwork by Leah Greene-Brousseau












This is a SCORPIO death and rebirth weekend. March 24 is the #MarchforOur lives in Washington confrontation with bureaucracy the NRA etc. The #BlackLivesMatter protests and the #MeToo movements are all coming to a head.

Mercury Retrograde squares BLACK MOON LILITH in CAPRICORN too.

Underscoring how pissed off women are and anyone who has been marginalized.

LILITH in CAPRICORN is sextiling NEPTUNE in PISCES and creates a FINGER OF GOD- a YOD to the NORTH NODE in LEO

LILITH has substance history and power. The North Node in LEO has to do with courage daring strength in the Tarot #11 or #8.. North Node is our highest spiritual goal. Use your vision to imagine the world the way you want it to be. Lilith demands equality for women and for Black Lives Matter and for the soul of all beings.

GEMINI Moon is very active all day Friday the 23rd and we are in a Mercury Retrograde.

Moon enters CANCER on the 24th In the wee hours. 

There are Cardinal crosses all weekend magnified by the SUN MARS square a very difficult aspect. There will be clashes fights arguments violence.

Try to stay cool-headed this is the perfect time to practice mindfulness.

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Mercury Retrograde in Aries Remedy Astrology

Mercury Retrograde songs “Look Back in Anger” and “Time Will Crawl.” by David Bowie

The Sign that Mercury Retrogrades from strongly influences the flavor of the transit.

MERCURY turns Retro @ 16+ degrees ARIES March 22 @ 8:19 pm EDT until April 15  when it turns Direct @ 4+ Aries on A NEW Aries MOON. Mercury will take until May 2nd to bypass its retro station degree. 

PATIENCE is NEVER one of Aries virtues.

Retrogrades are not bad things. They are a natural and necessary time to Rest Reflect recuperate Renew to Reinvest Rethink Re-analyze and Recognise information in new ways.

ARIES is a fiery spontaneous Cardinal initiating Masculine sign ruled by red warrior planet of passion defenses and pure energy- Mars. This Retro of Mars takes all of that testosterone NRA war issues aggression anger and spontaneous energy and pulls it back. Aries hates to stay still. It has the most energy on the go all the time.

It’s back to the battlefield. Re- armor your words your defenses your arguments and case. Protests about the misuse of power guns information-Facebook and anything anyone is angry about will be smoking hot.

March 24 is the March for our lives on Washington D.C. The NRA will be battling deeper with the teens and their families. 

A danger of increased battles terrorism shootings volcanic and other explosions and plane crashes during this time period.

Our minds and ideas will be shaken to the core. 


Mars rules the adrenals and If your adrenals are stressed this is a good time to rest and rebuild them.

Things to avoid to help your adrenals:

Avoid Coffee artificial sweeteners- use raw honey or stevia extract

Avoid sugary foods- cereals  candy sweets deserts

Don’t microwave or eat processed foods- cheese hot dogs prepared meats or overly processed anything – no fast foods of course. Eat grass-fed beef- organic chicken and turkey in moderation.

No hydrogenated oils. Use healthy oils-organic coconut olive or butter or ghee.

Good things to eat:

avocadoes bone broth walnuts almonds

Seeds- chia flax pumpkin

Kelp and sweetwood- must be from ATLANTIC ocean only

Himalayan or Celtic sea salt

fermented foods rich in probiotics

Chaga and cordyceps traditional Chinese mushrooms

MARS is in Capricorn at 3+ degrees and very close to the karmic rock and hard place SATURN @ 8+ degrees. Both stay there during the transit. Saturn’s heavy leaden influence is already slowing Mars’ energy down. There are tough corporate karmic issues coming down right now. CEO’s and government officials are dragging that weight.

Mars and Saturn move to Conjunction April 2. RED LETTER DAY *****

a very heavy combo. Someone will start a war or end a war. Trump may be super Renegging on many issues. 

MARS is squaring the ARIES SUN which will be exact March 24th. Squares are tension producing and tempers will be flaring. 

MOON is in GEMINI the sign MERCURY RULES along with VIRGO

A Gemini Moon speaks of a split or a divide – a “splinter in your mind.”  We may feel mentally able to see both sides of the issue. Perhaps our unconscious feelings motivations and drives will be revealed under Mercury’s Retro.

The current FACEBOOK Fiasco will be interesting to watch under this transit. Many will be jumping ship.

Aries, of course, will be doing the Mercury Moonwalk for the 25 days but

Most ARIES have Mercury Retrograde in their Solar Return charts for 2018-2019!

A solar return chart is a snapshot of the exact moment the Sun returns to your natal position- it can happen a day before your calendar birthday. Mercury will be Retrograde for all ARIES except those born April 15th – 19th. Millions of Aries people will have to deal with looking back in anger as a 2018-2019 theme. 

CANCER LIBRA and CAPRICORN peeps get the strongest hits. Look at where 4-16 degrees ARIES is in your natal chart.

Mercury is the Magician in the Tarot #1 and Aries is the Emperor #4

MERCURY Retro TWEET length Horoscopes


Mercury Retro your 1st house of self-identity “I” “Me.” “Mine” Back to the drawing boards to rethink just who TF you are. What is you?  Are you your thoughts? Could get rather deep here. Create new mind games and battle plans/


Mercury Retro in your 12th house of unconscious dreams psychic energy {Pisces overlay} addictions retreat and spirituality. Reflect on your dreams. Go on a retreat. Give up some addictions. A big opportunity to change is coming May 15.


Mercury Retro in 11th House is Airy Aquarian wishes hopes and dreams. Your ruling planet harnesses an overactive mind. Serve the group mind. Invent. Higher Consciousness breakthroughs help you drop mental defenses.


Mercury Retro in your 10th house of career. Rethink your strategies and long-term goals. Starting a business or launching a new idea- wait until May. Reflect on job/career and safety. Does it nurture you? You must defend your ideas.


Mercury Retro in your 9th house of truth justice optimism and faith is trining your Sun. Rethink and re-read any information about teaching publishing religion justice or another inspiring military strategy. An end to or re-do old court battles.


Mercury Retro in your 8th house of transformation sex money and power. Mercury your ruling planet brings back old lover talks. Resharpen your mind and sexual energy. Make a will. Redo taxes and financial plans. Collect past dues.


Mercury Retro in the 7th house of relationships and all others. Mercury opposes your Sun a natural placement. Restore your go-between game. Renegotiate agreements and re-write contracts. Yes, there will be passionate Lovers quarrels. 


Mercury Retro in your 6th house of health work and service -a Virgo related house. Rethink your health. Get a medical checkup. Re-write your career focus plans. Lovers conversations may be on repeat. Old lovers may show up. 


Mercury Retro in 5th house of creativity will power love affairs children and leadership. Mercury trines your Sun. Rethink writing publishing teaching spiritual and mystical tools. Old lovers return. Be creativity.  Plan new Communications.  


Mercury Retro in the 4th house of self; home family and roots. Mercury is square your Sun. Rest your weary mind. Review career goals. Delegate and rebalance family time. Have a family reunion. Plan home renovations or change of diet. 


Mercury Retro in the 3rd house of communications ideas and analysis. Back to the big rethink tank. Rebrand your sales model. Reflect on group identity status. Plan to start a new venture. Beware of spontaneous verbal attacks and trolls.


Mercury Retro in the 2nd house of resources self-worth and tangibles. Reflect on repressed anger about not being accepted or feeling worthy. Rebuild courage. Speak out- defend yourself or others who can’t. There ‘ll be selflessness rewards.

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Mars in Capricorn-angry horny sex

Mars- the red warrior planet/God, undisputed macho ruler, enters the Corporate sign in a business suit where he is an Exalted  Capricorn board member March 17  going OUT OF BOUNDS!

Mars will stir up volatile passion and anger while “OOB. ” Mars stays wild untamable and in spontaneous combustion mode until April 7th staying in Cappy until MAy 15th/16th.

Capricorn is a lusty old goat sign anyways as this is the ancient PAGAN goat hoofed horned God PAN, the masculine Fertilizing energy of nature, which the Catholic church made into the DEVIL. The Card #15 in the Tarot the opposite of The Lovers #6. It can indicate “lust at first sight” energy.

Saturn =Satan who is the Devil, rules Capricorn. The two planets are in very strong positions. Saturn is at home and Mars is exalted. This is two devils in cahoots at the top of the power chain. Better the devil you know than one that you don’t.

MARS in Capricorn will definitely spice up men’s and women’s sexuality too with the added Out Of Bounds energies which is a license to do anything you want without bondage- literally, that’s what the term out of bounds means. Get FREE! It’s ironic as Capricorn is all about boundaries the limits of the physical body.

Sex in hard, rough, rocky places if you like that kind of thing and in offices on desks and in boardrooms too. Mars will be sexing up those hallowed halls of Corporate Profit to shake things up- a lot.

Capricorn is the 10th sign of career success and worldly acclaim symbolizing the pinnacle of one’s public life. Go for the top of the mountain Mars will give you extra drive and energy.

Perhaps this indicates spontaneous out of body experiences. Remember to follow the silver cord back.

This “wreck-it Ralph” energy can break up relationships or make them freer open relationships under this energy.

Mars entered Capricorn promptly squaring Aries Moon igniting a passionate flame of initiation which carries a torch directly into the Vernal Equinox March 20 when Sun enters the first sign of Aries.@ 9:15 am PDT/ 12:15 pm EDT/ 4:15 pm GMT.M

MARS will butt heads in conjunction with SATURN on APRIL 2.This would be a red letter day. The two malefic’s together.

That date can really trigger angry at your father. You may find this entire time sparking a recognition of the father in all of your relationships. This would be a good time to work through these unhealed issues.

This indicates a heightened intensity of passion reckless spontaneous road rage-heightened NRA battles and scuffles of all kinds with authorities the government police and all of those in positions of power.

What will you do with this wild untamable energy?

What do you do to soothe a wild beast? – your suggestions here…..

Mars in Capricorn in a positive sense is rock solid defenses and shows leadership courage daring openness individuality and fighting the good fight. Mars is defensive. If you need to bring on better boundaries then use Mars in Capricorn to help you to do this.

Use the O.O.B. energy to drop the defensive stance within yourself and to others. This leads to greater tenderness and vulnerability in a loving relationship.

There will be heated power plays from both sides.The opposers may light reckless fuses. The March for our lives happens during this time Those in power will up the ante in response in very tough fierce ways.

Mars out of bounds can be used to break up old patterns- which is a good thing.
Headaches may be a big issue and over overheating literally. Be careful of being spontaneous kundalini rising which could risk your health.

Avoid driving too fast taking unnecessary risks and going too far out on a limb.

Check out where Capricorn is in your natal chart to find out where to focus your long-term goals.

Capricorn rules the knees so do be watchful of them- too much sprinting isn’t good for sensitive goat knobs.

Mars rules the sign of ARIES And SCORPIO

Look at where Aries is in your natal chart to see where you can actualize things that you usually can’t finish. Look at where Scorpio is too.

Tarot is the symbol of The TOWER  and Capricorn is THE DEVIL in the Tarot. 

Mars rules the sign of ARIES And SCORPIO

FAMOUS MARS IN CAPRICORN PEEPS A lot of very sexy men 

Brad Pitt, Marlon Brando, David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Orlando Bloom,  Tom Selleck, Mark Ruffalo, Samuel L. Jackson, John Wayne, Albert Einstein, Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor, Humphrey Bogart, Taylor Lautner, George Harrison, Woody Allen, Ben Stiller, P- Diddy, Jerry Seinfeld,  Edgar Cayce, Aleister Crowley, Bob Marley, Walt Disney, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Ozzy Osbourne, Stephen Speilberg,  Jeff Goldblum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Shia Lebeouf, Alain Delon, Dave Guetta, Keith Urban, OSHO, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Edison, Goethe, 

WOMEN with Mars in Capricorn- a who’s who of current pop stars-

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Bjork, Shakira, Patti Smith, Ann Hathaway, Lindsay Lohan, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Megan Fox, Drew Barrymore, Mia Farrow, Anna Nicole- Smith, Katherine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich,  Frida Kahlo.

Wishing you a safe Mars OOB transit


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Lucky Five times New Moon in PISCES

A Quintuple PISCES New Moon March 17th could be the Luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day @ 6:11 am PDT/ 9:11 am EDT/ 1:11 pm GMT. -note the 1:11 GMT time. Pentacles are 5’s which are Venus’s Sacred number. Look for a 5 leaf clover.

We have 5 times the spiritual compassionate healing creative psychic energies to work with. 

SUN MOON align at 26+ degrees of PISCES with the Wounded Healer CHIRON in late PISCES and the pairing of Neptune and Asteroid JUNO-Goddess of Female Genius earlier in the sign.  

Jupiter is Retrograde in SCORPIO trining Sun Moon and Chiron at the 29th most critical degree of the zodiac. SUN and MOON and CHIRON square the GALACTIC CENTER. Things are intense.

PISCES is ruled by JUPITER traditionally and that’s a lot of water under the bridge. 

This New Moon is for bringing old karmic baggage to a close. Weep and wail all you feel you need. It’s good for the soul. Ask for Divine healing from the Angels to come. Ask for signs and miracles.

MARS the planet of the masculine; war guns and the military is also showing up powerfully at the 29th and most critical of degrees of tell it like it” is SAGITTARIUS squaring CHIRON. Things are NOT O.K. in the Corral of life. Men are hurting. Healing requires compassion.  The energy is difficult between the Masculine and Feminine now. 


 Gun violence protests were held March 14 by teens in the U.S. and thousands of kids walked out to defend their lives by advocating for guns and violence controls with the support of their school’s parents and communities and from TV networks like Nickelodeon for 17 minutes of silence.

Seven Thousand empty pairs of children’s shoes were laid out on the Capitol showing very powerfully the devastation of those 7000 children who have been violently murdered in mass shootings since 2012’s Sandy Hook.  VESTA the ASteroid of InVESTments is dancing with MARS.

Why is the U.S. invested in so much violence? It supplies the world with guns ammunition and death-worshipping violent culture through movies video games and Tv Shows.

Healing requires compassion.  

Besides MARS in a fire sign VENUS is conjunct MERCURY in ARIES and ERIS is conjunct Uranus trining MARS. These FIRE brand energies plus the North Node and CERES in LEO offset and balance all the watery emotional energy.

 Mars enters the realm of the water goat March 17 at 9:40 am PDT/ 12:40 pm EDT and 4:40 pm GMT hours after the NEW MOON. 

MARS also turns Out of BOUNDS on the 17th 

The Astrology term is descriptive. A planet which crosses the South or Northern boundaries of the Sun’s declination is considered to be “Out of Bounds.” PLanets are “wild and crazy” when Out of the normal restrictions.

Planets especially Mars are volatile when “OOBMars stays wild untamable Dionysian until April 7th. MARS will again go Out of Bounds on July 7th until September 24 for all of 2018.  

PISCES is the card of the Moon in the Tarot #18

Planet Mars travels OUT OF BOUNDS minutes after the PISCES NEW MOON March 17th. Planets are volatile when “OOB” especially MARS and at the very last critical degree of SAGITTARIUS. Watch the NRA.

Mars enters Capricorn on March 17 @ 12:40 pm EST affecting this 

Zero degrees CAPRICORN is called the “world Point” symbolizing new beginnings in corporate and patriarchal structures. Mars “OOB” will rattle a lot of old laws. 

Planets-especially Mars are volatile when “OOB. ” Mars stays wild untamable Dionysian until April 7th.

MARS will again go Out of Bounds on July 7th until September 24 for all of 2018.  
Pay attention to the gun violence protests in the U.S. as Mars rules guns.

What will you do with this wild untamable energy?

It is the best time to start new intentions as the New Moon is just days before the years brand new beginning on  SPRING EQUINOX March 20  @ 12:15 pm EDT.

As there is so much emphasis on the PISCES letting go old karmic baggage and debts ending now. Keep releasing. Be grateful. Chiron the wounded healer is bringing up more pain and suffering more addictions and self-sabotage than we’ve seen or felt in 50 years. 

VENUS and MERCURY- soon to go RETROGRADE on the 22nd carry the message that LOVE is ALL- Trining the North Node in LEO. 

Psychologist Carl Jung stated that there are only two emotions. Love and Fear. Fear needs guns. Love does not. 

OMEGA SYMBOL for 26+ degrees PISCES by John Sandbach (edited} 

“Pisces 27. A spider searching its web.  Transforming/Sensitive

Whatever we become entangled with by circumstances must be something that we need, for everything is there for us to learn from. This degree knows that truth and so is very accepting of anything that comes its way – always trying to figure out the relationship of that thing to itself. Its magic is the ability to transform the seemingly random into the deeply meaningful. 

Chandra Symbol “A ritual sand painting.”  The sand painting reveals the underlying cosmic patterns of the universe. The sand is impermanent. It reminds us that the cosmic patterns it reveals are actually within us – we are living them. 

The message: We need to align ourselves with the energies of the moment in the cosmic dance, and not worry about the future, for the present wholly and fully lived will give birth to the most beautiful of futures.

Fulfillment degree: Sagittarius 30- where MARS is.

By time traveling, a man takes a photograph of dinosaurs. Seeking for something to nurture ourselves we probe deeply into our needs, which carries us to their roots in the past. “

Check where 26 + degrees PISCES falls in your natal chart. 

I will be leading a workshop up at the beautiful Grail Springs Spa in Bancroft Ontario over the weekend during this powerful NEW MOON in PISCES.

The Spa is on lovely spring fed pristine Chalice Lake. I will be sending out prayers to the world and to the waters the night before New Moon. If you  or someone you know and love who would benefit from receiving healing prayers. Leave a message here on the blog comments and email me

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Love hate and compassion Astrology

VENUS in PISCES squares MARS in SAGITTARIUS Feb. 25 @ 18+ degrees

The two lovers face off here. The square is a friction and yes it can be a very sexy friction. For some people, this will be a very exciting time to merge with your beloved and to speak the truth with a flaming tongue.

Venus in PISCES square Mars in SAGITTARIUS 

Is also about fake news false flags; conspiracy theories; illusions and delusions about what the truth is. 

It’s interesting and very literal that Trump wants to arm teachers- now that’s Mars in Sagittarius.

We see this energy being enacted in the world after the terrible shooting at the Parkland Florida High School shootings on Valentine’s Day where 17  innocent students were murdered. 

Another side of VENUS in PISCES square MARS in SAGITTARIUS  comes from this news story Feb 25.

Not just Western women Venus ruling the world soon. India’s Prime Minister Modi emphasized that the dream of New India was where women were empowered, strong and an equal partner in the nation’s overall development. Yes, there are hundreds of millions of women in India the most educated population in the world. For thousands of years, women have been abandoned at birth or aborted now with choosing sex of their baby has also created an imbalance in the population with more men than women. Women have historically been chattel needed to be paid dowries to their fathers as property; forced to commit suicide when their husbands passed away and widows are considered persona non grata. It will be amazing to watch Indian women become the GODDESSES that the Indians have always worshipped again. SHAKTI power.

Venus in PISCES in her exalted place is unconditional love compassion and oneness. Mars in Sagittarius is the lone male shooter.

Mercury in PISCES joins NEPTUNE today to

Pay attention to your dreams now. I was in a rather apocalyptic one last night where I said I need to gather seeds. 

We are feeling connected empathically to each other. Many EMO peeps are crying suicidal or simply overwhelmed with the emotional tsunami we are now under.  CANCER and SCORPIO peeps are certainly feeling this intense baptism. 

Speak from your soul. Speak from your soul’s truth. Be quiet. step away from the cell phone or computer. Get very still. Get into a deep cleansing bath or shower with intension to wash away all of the old programming and grime.

Connect with your heart with your higher self; your holy guardian angel. Listen be receptive and open. Merge with your guardian angel. Know that you are one. Holy Being. KNow that everyone and every rock tree and river on this planet is interconnected and are one being. 

The Cancer Moon continues to help us flow gently down the river of consciousness.


throwing light and consciousness onto the Patriarchy the old boy’s conservative network which supports the NRA putting women down limiting women’s freedom of choice believing in the Bible literally; fear of change and evolution. 

The SUN in PISCES AND MOON in CANCER form a water trine Sunday which becomes a SLO GRAND WATER TRINE on the 26th when it aspects JUPITER in SCORPIO

Grand Water Trine Astrology Tara Greene

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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