Stranger Things Astrology. Today’s anniversary

If you are a Stranger Things fan and there are millions of us out there.

November 6th should ring a bell. No?

November 6, 1983, was the day the Eleven encountered a creature in the Upside Down Dimension and inadvertently opened the gate from that dimension into ours in Hawkins Indiana.

Let’s look at where the planets and stars were on that date 34 years ago today for synchronistic details and more info.

Stranger Things Upside Down dimension gate opened

Stranger Things. Upside Down Dimension opened Nov. 6, 1983 by 11

It’s Scorpio Season the most mysterious dark underworldly time of the year. The veils between the worlds are thinnest now and the shadows; our fears and the monsters in our own unconscious confront us.

Scorpio is the sign of research; echoing both the underhanded top secret MKULTRA experiments being done at Hawkins National Laboratories on Eleven  8 and thousands of other patients in psychiatric wards and hospitals and other unknown locations. 

Scorpio is also the sign of detective work and  Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair and Dustin Henderson as well as Will’s Mom Joyce Byers, Chief Jim Hopper, Nancy Wheeler, and Jonathan Byers and tries to figure out whats going on.


PLUTO the historical Lord of The Underworld and symbolized the collective unconscious is at zero degrees SCORPIO the sign it rules in modern astrology indicating this is a new journey for the soul. This is a Quadruple SCORPIO energy. Four times the intensity; obsessing over darkness the shadowy monsters; and the psyche tunneling literally. 

MARS the ruler of SCORPIO is at 23 degrees of Virgo conjunct to VENUS at 27. Mars in VIRGO is all about the details. You have to pay attention to every one of them on this show. Mars the warrior hero energy is very earthy grounded humble and hard working. 11 carries that kind of down to earth simple folk heroic energy in her as do all of the characters.

Mars and VENUS together show that combination of the masculine and feminine energies.11 and the mother Joyce Byers are really the strongest heroines in the show. All of the lead women are very strong characters.

The MOON symbolizes the mother, in this case, Joyce Byers and is focused on the strength of the Mother and of all women. The Moon is emotions feelings instincts and the moods and unconscious memories is at 8 degrees SAGITTARIUS.


The electrical energy theme is shown in a number of ways. Unwitting subjects of MK-ULTRA were given shock treatments which is what happened to 11’s mother. The power gets stronger when the monsters and 11 connect. Will is able to communicate through electric lights from the Upside Down Dimension to his mother with them. 

Moon Uranus is the marker of unique people. Strong individuals who mark to their own drummers and do their own things. Everyone in the story is this type of individual. Moon and Uranus are also conjunct to JUPITER the planet of higher knowledge education optimism faith expansion and International flavor at 13 degrees SAGITTARIUS.  

JUPITER is conjunct to the GREAT ATTRACTOR at 13 degrees SAGITTARIUS. This place is the most massive unknown force in the universe that we know of. It bends light. Doesn’t this sound like an UPSIDE DOWN Dimensional spot to you?

JUPITER the GREAT ATTRACTOR Moon URANUS and the SOUTH NODE of the MOON @ 16 degrees SAGITTARIUS are all interconnected very tightly.

This is a quintuple SAGITTARIUS energy. The monsters from the Upside down have a head with a mouth segmented into 5 parts. 

NEPTUNE the planet of HIGHER DIMENSIONS is exactly on the Galactic Center the black hole or void at the center of our galaxy where all souls enter into and exit from. It is the real gateway to the beyond. 

NEPTUNE allows us to cross over into other worlds with our imaginations and our psychic abilities. This is what 11 has developed to a great degree. Neptune is square a 90-degree angle to VENUS and MARS in VIRGO. This indicated that this date symbolically is aligned with a balance of the male/female energies of the universe.

VESTA the Goddess of focus and the root word of investments is at 28 degrees GEMINI opposite NEPTUNE the planet of creativity artistry imagination soul mates and is squaring Venus-Mars in VIRGO. This indicated the mental focus and dexterity of the writing. Gemini is the sign of youth of writers and advertisers and literally of the TWINS who created the show. This is literally a symbol of the brainchild of the Duffer Brothers with a terrific imagination who shopped a very simple pitch {Virgo} to Netflix and got ground sourced support to do whatever they imagined.

CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER the one who is wounded but who by surviving earns the right to be a shaman who can travel through the upper middle and lower worlds. This certainly is 11.

Chiron is at 1 degree GEMINI a detached air sign which rules young people and the enquiring mind. Chiron is conjunct to HADES at 2 degrees GEMINI.

Hades is HELL  and again is another form of the underworld which Pluto rules. The underworld or Upside Down DImension is one and the same. HADES is the fear of death the scary monster whether under our bed lives in our imaginations as the shadow and in STRANGER THINGS appears in the small fictional town of Hawkins Indiana where nothing ever happens. 

This shows the Wounded Healer herself comes from a Hellish place her whole childhood. It is this terrible Hell which also gives her the ability to destroy the monsters. 

Chiron and HADES are opposite the URANUS and the MOON

This serves as a symbol of the Moon’s function which is the Mother Joyce Byers fighting unrelentingly for her son Will’s life and the unique strong independent feminine forces 11  and Nacy Wheeler which faces off with the monsters.  

The Duffer brothers who conceived of write and produce the show were born Feb 15, 1984. They are fraternal twins and are Aquarians. I haven’t gotten into their birth charts yet. But I find it fascinating synchronicity how the date of the Upside Down Dimension opening reflects every element in the show’s structure from its nature to the plot development. The Duffers psychically tuned into the meaning of the planets. The planets impelled them to write it. I wish I had the characters birth dates then we could do some even greater sleuthing. 

Stranger THINGS may be the most popular and successful shows on NETFLIX right now.  I find it fascinating that SATURN the planet of karma longevity seriousness history and structure is transiting to square the Venus-Mars in Virgo conjunction from 34 years ago and is heading to a conjunction with NEPTUNE in SAGITTARIUS on the Galactic center on November 17.

If it is your birthday today. Happy Birthday and know that you may have come into the earth plane from another dimension. 

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