North Korea and Trump Art of the Deal

President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un sign historic deal June 12 @ 4:18 pm Singapore time when the press conference started.  Here’s the chart.

North Korea Trump sign historic deal astrology Tara Greene

Historic deal signs between Trump and Kim Jong-Un June 12, 2018, astrology

They agreed to a complete denuclearization. Kim Jong-Un also offered to recover remains of fallen U.S. soldiers from the old Korean War.  They agreed to a secure halt of all missile and nuclear tests. This puts Kim Jong-Un onto the world stage as a respected leader. Trump won’t remove sanctions until all of the agreed upon items are put into place. The U.S. will eventually remove over 30 thousand soldiers. 

President Trump and Kim met at the Capella Hotel in Sentosa island off of Singapore. The Sun will conjunct this Fixed Star Capella @ 21°51′ Gemini tomorrow on Trump’s birthday. 

All persons born June 10- 14th have their Sun’s conjunct to this star.

 Fixed Star Capella means a she-goat.

“gives honor, wealth, eminence, renown, a public position of trust and eminent friends, and makes its natives careful, timorous, inquisitive, very fond of knowledge and particularly of novelties. The name means Little She-Goat. Sometimes called Amalthea in honor of the nurse who reared Jupiter upon the milk of the goat.

Agrippa1531 Hircus.png  Capella is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. In the Tarot, the Chariot often denotes the same note of impulsiveness which, while not saying that the consulted is necessarily going the wrong way, still counsels caution and objective second thoughts.” –

The Moon at zero degrees Gemini is all about new communication. There is merchandising behind this. The issue with Gemini is will it be stable? Gemini always needs to change its mind.

Mercury the ruling planet of Gemini is on the North Star Polaris @ 28 degrees also a very fortunate star. This star is the cosmic Flag Pole. A huge announcement. Everyone salutes this Star.

More than any other Star other than the Sun Polaris is the most important Star in the Heavens. Known as the Pathway the pointer Gate of Heaven “the steering ship” and Stella Maris- Star of the Sea. which is another name for Mother Mary.

“The name came into our English language as Cynosure, which means “an object that serves as a focal point of attention and admiration” or “Something that serves to guide” -

And as they say “The stars aligned.” I swear to God Trump uses a Court Astrologer or Kim Jong-un does.

VENUS at 28 degrees CANCER is square to Uranus @ 1-degree TAURUS

Uranus rules Uranium and therefore nuclear bombs. Venus in Cancer has to do with mothering nurturing and family. This square is an unexpected shocking change. Uranus will Retrograde August 7 and return to Aries again. We may see a Retrogradebackstepping then.

This is all about a huge real estate deal for Trump. He is talking about it right now on his live press conference. There is wealth for Kim Jong-Un and for North Korea and Trump and hopefully, the poor people in North Korea who have been starved for generations and apparently so brainwashed the word Love is never mentioned.

Scorpio is on the Ascendant ruled by Mars in Aquarius conjunct the South Node slowing down to Retrograde. This is a very cosmic karmic releasing. The Lunar Eclipse January 31 @ 11 degrees Leo had the Sun here.  The old order is going down.

This is the biggest Real Estate deal in Trump’s life and Kim Jong Un is going to get wealthy too. I hope this works.

I hate to say it but Trump may get a deserved Nobel Peace Prize. And sorry to say it but you may as well get used to Trump being President now until 2024 unless he croaks first.

What do you think? Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated.

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Balance or blow. Mars opposes Uranus

DECEMBER 1st- Tensions mount as The BIG ASPECT- Mars, planetary God of WAR- of Men and the masculine polarity,  in LIBRA opposes URANUS in impulsive fiery ARIES.

We feel that we are walking on a burning tightrope. It takes dexterity and utter calm to balance in our heart centers at this time.

We can see this energy personalizes as North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un “Rocket Man” continues to test and launch nuclear missiles threatening the U.S. South Korea and Japan with Nuclear war.

LIBRA The book of birth of Iskandar See page for author [CC BY 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

We need to Balance many apsects in our lives or we will blow up or blow it.

If you have planets at 22- 28 degrees of Aires Cancer Libra or Capricorn you are feeling this opposition most strongly.

While Mars is in Venus’ sign, noted for diplomacy, relationships, indecision, Peace, legal matters and balance it helps-a lot.

This Cardinal opposition @ exactly 25 degrees of First FIRE sign Aries and 7th sign Libra is a showdown. We are feeling the tension in our personal relationships and in the culture around us. Everything is super polarized-black or white with intolerance everywhere.

MARS rules the sign of ARIES and planet Uranus while it is in ARIES. even though Mars is indecisive in Libra it’s influence rules over both planets now. In this case cooling off that ARIES spontaneous “fire the missiles” instantaneously energy is a very good thing. Mars in Libra dials down the heat here in a good way.

Venus and MARS have been in each other’s signs for the last little while which has brought a little bit of nice harmonious energy.

Venus enters fiery SAGITTARIUS December 1st

less than an hour before this exact opposition in the morning hours @ 2:05 am PST/ 5:05 am EST and 10:05 am GMT. This turns the heat on right away as Venus rules Mars while it is in LIBRA which it is until December 9th.

MARS enters SCORPIO December 9

MARS is in His greatest influence and strength in his Feminine emotional sign of Scorpio. In ancient rulerships, a planet governed both a masculine and a Feminine sign which is way more balanced.

So the strengths and weaknesses of the planetary rulers should be an interesting gauge to personally tune into. It will add spice and more unexpected flavors to the mix.

As Uranus is moving into the last degrees of ARIES during 2018 this past 7+ year cycle of Uranus in Aries since 2010 will be seen in hindsight as the beginning of an 84-year cycle ending in 2094 approximately.

This URANUS in Aries initiation is a FIREWALK 

A burning away of old ways and of creating new technology, iPhone now the norm of billions of people. New inventions- nano tech, medical transplants and cures, new forms of energy, etc. new freedoms- gay marriage, liberties for LGBQ etc. And a change in attitude towards transgender individuals, and indigenous peoples rights. Also interracial marriage and freedoms and equality for women  in wages repsect and laws which protect women from sexual abuse and harassment.  These liberation’s the world has never witnessed before.

Mars in Libra needs to bring balance into these new inventions and cultural initiatives . Equality and free access to the internet which URANUS symbolizes needs to made secure. This is a topical issue right now.

On a personal level the urge to change for breaking away revolution freedom and liberation is very strong.

Men may be feeling weak and unsure of their roles in society and in relationship to women. In times of great change we need to be able to be adaptive. We need to see through “the others” perspective.

“Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose.” Kris Kristofferson wrote. Many people have nothing to lose and the urge to fight is strong. That is a current we see all over the world. Uranus’s double waves are an electrical current. 

Personally relationships can be rocky. Mars in Libra wants everyone to like him. He defines himself by and through his relationships. He is a nice warrior with good taste and judgment. This Masculine energy affects women as well.

Mars in LIBRA rules the justice system.

Current legal allegations against men sexually abusing women and men needing rebalancing and addressing in legal terms. This will be initiated over the next year.

Talk things over. Be diplomatic. Communications is key to everything.

Men need to balance their own reptilian brains which are hardwired. They aren’t the dominant predators and defensive physical hunters, warriors or knights but intelligent creators. The need to physically work out at the gym and look super pumped stripped hunky and macho these days is that counterbalance.

Old hired wiring brain programs are hard to overcome. But with patience and a balanced middle way which honors both sides needs with respect great new strides in civilization culture and relationships can be made.

Initiate the New with a balanced outlook. Things are never black or white. There is much intolerance these days. The middle way is always the best. It will take great effort to walk that path of the Tao right now.

I am praying that “Rocket Man” does not start a nuclear war now. 

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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How to Surf the Uranian wave of change

JUPITER in LIBRA opposes URANUS in ARIES @ 27+ degrees 9/27/28

Windsurfing through relationships in times of revolutionary chaos

wind surfing Jupiter opposite Uranus

Wind Surfing Sports Recreation Waves Hawaii Wave Creative Commons Zero – CC0.

Jupiter the largest planet who gives the most optimistic and best benefits has been in Libra since 2016.  Jupiter expands and exaggerates whatever sign it is in. We can see how the sign of the balance has been tipped severely out of balance making things more destabilized and oppositional than ever. 

We have all been feeling the difficulty of maintaining a balance in our lives. LIBRA is an air sign which is all about relationships counseling catering to others grace the arts justice and communications. 

URANUS the planet of WEIRD revolves at a 90-degree angle on its axis. The revolutionary freedom loving inventing higher consciousness and tech planet is at opposition Sept 27-28 @ 27+degrees.

Makes me think of the Famous W.B. Yeat’s poem “The Second Coming.”

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

The darkness drops again but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? “-

Continuing on from the Cardinal SQUARES between URANUS and PLUTO in 2012-2015 the full effects of those major transpersonal culture shifting planets is really being felt now. This opposition is another major counter-culture BOOSTER.

This aspect amps up problems in diplomacy and strangeness everywhere. 

We can see the effects of this in the news right now. Football players “taking a knee” while the National Anthem is being played as a sign of protest in support of Black’s being unfairly treated by police. Trump has ranted and tweeted NFL Team owners to fire players who he feels are not being patriotic by displaying their democratic right to protest freely.

NORTH KOREA is throwing nuclear missiles a URANUS ruled item.

Technology is becoming more polarizing and it’s taking us away from real relationships.

Changes in Laws have been enacted since Trump took over in health care Birth control abortion limitations; immigration laws are also part of this although not revolutionary at all.

Jupiter opposite URANUS is a strong indication of more open marriages and untraditional ways of co-habitating. Literally innovation in the arts.

URANUS rules AQUARIUS which is a co-operative innovating human sign. Everyone has the same power in Aquarius Land.  URANUS is the chaotic AWAKENER planet.  We are surfing a Uranian wave and it’s hard to know how to balance on it. 

You will see the effects in your own relationships romantic and businesswise.

It is a time for innovation and seeing things from other peoples perspectives. 

The old ways cannot sustain. New ways of thinking and higher consciousness can boost up everyone’s loves.

Many relationships will be falling apart if the relationship cannot be between equals. 

Remember that JUPITER is winding down his long tour of NICE NICE LIBRA.

Look at where 27 degrees ARIES and LIBRA polarity is in your natal chart to find where these two major players are amplifying where you need to make radical changes in your life.

Get in all the peace if you can now. The waters are shifting into SCORPIO emotional turbulence October 11 for 13 months.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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North Korea and Trump heavy Astrology

North Korea’s KIM Jong-un and President Trump are hurling threats and insults at each other over North Korea missile testing and now threatening to detonate an H-bomb in the Pacific which could lead to a devastating nuclear war.  What’s with the Kim’s in the news?

North Korea Donald Trump astrology Tara Greene

KIM Jong-un whose country is ironically titled the DEMOCRATIC People’s Republic of Korea is run by a lunatic egomaniac dictator. I wanted to investigate North Korea’s birth chart with Trump’s. Kim Jong-un is the representative of his own country.

North Korea was born September 10, 1948,  Pyongyang North Korea at 12:01 a.m. An uptight super organized OCD of a VIRGO country the SUN is in the 4th house. It is hidden away in its uptight little nest away from the rest of the world. 

Why does the supreme leader love Atomic Missiles? It has its Ascendant at zero degrees CANCER {home} and one of the  WORLD POINTS! with URANUS  planet of chaos revolution freedom and atomic energy on the ASCENDANT. Defending its soft insecure face to the world behind big phallic atomic weapons. 

OF COURSE, it has its bombastic Venus Pluto and SATURN in LEO the sign of kings dictators megalomaniacs and showoffs in the world. Those who LOVE DRAMA. 

SATURN the planet of Karma is at 28 degrees LEO which was the traditional point of Fixed STAR REGULUS- the sign of divine right of Kings. That exactly conjuncts Donald Trump’s Natal Mars and Ascendant which were both impacted directly from the Total Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees Leo August 21st! Great balls of fire!

Look at that KARMIC SATURN MARS CONJUNCTION in LEO on that fated degree between Trump and KIM! 

LOOK at TRUMP’S SUN URANUS NORTH NODE conjunction in GEMINI-opposite his own SAGITTARIUS MOON and SOUTH NODE conjunct to North Korea’s JUPITER! THIS IS big and boasty and all talk and good cop bad cop and bad foreign relations. And all that Squares – a hard aspect N. Korea’s SUN in VIRGO. 

They have a NEPTUNE-{delusional} Mercury-{communications}  CHIRON -{wounded} JUPITER-{Large} in  LIBRA -{imbalanced} conjunction! Projecting their own wounds onto the other. 

Mercury Retrograde and Mars crossed over that around the Sept 6 Full Moon setting off this latest kerfluffle. Mars is the God of War and we are revisiting what was ignited August 21st and every 18+ years going back-back-back in History.

North Korea has MARS @ 4 degrees Scorpio conjunct its SOUTH NODE in the 5th and North Node in TAURUS in the 11th. Mars rules SCORPIO so its macho testosterone competitive power-hungry obsessive death sex control secret energies are Extremely strong impulsive and powerfully vindictive and ruthless. Mars in the 5th is a child-man a puffed out vain play acting kid on the world’s stage. 

The Moon is in SAGITTARIUS @ 8 degrees; JUPITER @ 20 degrees the ruler of SAGITTARIUS in the 6th house squares it own SUN. This is its International relations which are very meager. It is the servant to China actually. A Sag. Virgo square is indicative of a wounded ailing country pretending to be OK and all of its citizens are slave-servants to the King.

CHIRON on SCORPIO at 20 degrees squares PLUTO in LEO

Chiron the wounded healer in the 5th is a wounded child soul. This country’s leader is an immature child throwing temper tantrums when it doesn’t get what it wants. The dictators of this lineage have enslaved and brainwashed their people for generations now. An escapee North Korean woman who spoke at a Ted talk said the word love does not exist in North Korea. They are ignorant of the rest of the world and brainwashed to believe their leader is a god-like figure. 

North Korea’s North Node in TAURUS is conjunct to TRUMP’s EROS. This is definitely some heavy metals sexual foreplay with who has the bigger dick missile. So infantile and so dangerous.

Transitting SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is touching off TRUMPS’s GEMINI SUN URANUS North NODE and his MOON in SAG. and North Korea’s JUPITERS which is BIG GUNS. This is a big showdown at the Not O.K. Corral which is AMERICA these days. 

North Korea needs THE GODDESS to come and slap KIM in the bum and give him a time out- like forever. And maybe Trump too. 

Go watch Dr. Strangelove if you never have. PLot: ” An insane general triggers a path to nuclear holocaust that a war room full of politicians and generals frantically tries to stop.” Directed and co-written by Stanley Kubrick 1964. It’s a comedy. Let’s hope this situation is not a real-life comedy of errors and bombs literally.

Send your visualizations for world peace to North Korea and Donald Trump for the benefit of all.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Fuzzy thinking and magical action


The SCORPIO Moon hasn’t felt this buoyant to me- ever. Possibly because it was 32 degrees CELSIUS in Toronto today and I love hot weather. It was hotter than L.A. Phoenix and Sedona. Must be the influence of the MARS in VIRGO Neptune in PISCES opposition today @ 12+ degrees @ 12:49 pm PDT/ 3:49 pm EDT/8:49 pm GMT

MARS in VIRGO Neptune in PISCES opposition

Mars oppose Neptune art Napoleon Brousseau Tara Greene


Mars in VIRGO is the perfection ordering and accountable warrior energy. It’s great to get things finished under. Are you feeling more industrious? Practical? Hard working? Doing your yoga meditating regularly since Mars has been in Virgo?

Mars in VIRGO also seriously upsets your upper digestive tract. Especially for Virgo’s, this transit will make your symptoms worse. Do be careful about watching your diet and stress levels. 

Mars-Neptune is great to create practical dreams. A good day for discipline in yoga meditation diet and all creative forms.

Then NEPTUNE floats along today and diffuses confuses messes with your head and heart. Neptune puts you on a spiritual quest or makes you wear those rose-colored glasses so that you’re in love with love and making you believe in things that aren’t real.

Using MARS-Neptune’s energies strategically under this transit can manifest in various ways.

PRACTICALLY implement a dream job goal or plan. 

Get passionate about your career or work.

Get in touch with your body if your too space cadet like.

Bring the Sacred spiritual compassionate energy of Neptune and the profane energy of Mars in Virgo the workplace or marketplace together.

This can be a good day to envision creating a dream board to physically ignite that new vision. We are still in the Equinox gateway days. 

The MOON trines CHIRON which makes this a good day for emotional healing and deep sourcing of old unconscious issues.

Mars sesquisquares URANUS in ARIES today

This 135-degree aspect a square of 90 degrees + a semi-square of 45 degrees from MARS at 12 Virgo to URANUS at 27 ARIES is a challenging aspect. This aspect, in general, has much to do with unconscious or subconscious longings.

Especially with Mars in Virgo, this subconscious desire is anger at being brought up in a too strict environment. It can be memories of being criticized all the times and feelings of not being worthy of love which results in handicapping poverty mentality. Use this day to do some deep psychological work and bring in Neptune’s compassionate healing waters to heal yourself with.

This aspect is a real red flag danger with the heating up Atomic bomb threats between Ill Jung in North Korea a demented dictator and D. Trump I won’t say anything about him. Uranus is literally URANIUM and MARS is – impulsive trigger happy angry egotistic defensive. You get the picture. 

I started writing about the karma between Donald Trump and North Korea. I’ll try to get to that.

Mars in Virgo is very literally raping the environment as well as Mama Gaia being pissed off with the oil and mining industries.  The recent earthquakes hurricanes and now volcanic explosions are all signs of the living spirit of the earth’s anger. She is shaking off human mistreatment of her body.

If you have planets within 5 degrees either side of Mars- Neptune-7-17 degrees of GEMINI and SAGITTARIUS you will be feeling this energy the most.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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more art from Napoleon Brousseau







Galactic sex and rekindling the Eclipse energy


Mars trines Uranus Tara Greene astrology

Yeah I know what you’re thinking.  Yes please send your most creative puns.

The planet of MACHO testosterone action desire SEX energy initiation and “ME FIRST” ruler of ARIES and SCORPIO trines URANUS the planet of the weirdo’s and freethinkers. 

This positive green light from the red planet kicks in revolutionary actions for freedom liberation rebellion thinking out of the box; no pun intended. 

MARS is of course on the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE degree reactivating the energy unleashed on August 21. The awakening that the New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE created will kick into high gear fast forward actions now in very unexpected ways. BIG BREAKTHROUGHS are to be expected in totally unusual ways. Fast acceleration of cha-cha- cha- changes. 

The double waves glyph of the sign of AQUARIUS ruled by URANUS is waves of electricity or two lightning bolts atop each other. 

Uranus is the sign of genius or higher consciousness hi-tech big inventions pioneering energies and completely originality.  it’s like The big LIGHTNING BOLT like big lightbulb going off. This is like the Tarot card of THE TOWER #16 in the which is the planet MARS.

The Tower 9/11 tarot tara greene


Mars is the war god and URANUS is URANIUM and CHAOS and unpredictability This is a very grave indication of a nuclear bomb an explosion or accident with chemicals. Also strong indications of a terrorist attack which is not very unexpected these days, unfortunately. Fires will be burning out of control as is already happening in Burbank California as there are emergency evacuation. 

North Korea’s astrology chart born on September 10, 1948, @ 12:01 am in Pyongyang North Korea has SATURN at 28 degrees of LEO! I pray that this does not happen but this is a trigger happy aspect as well. Trump’s MARS and Ascendant at 28 Leo too. There’s a very powerful karma there.

Especially if you have planets at 28 degrees LEO/ ARIES and SAGITTARIUS you will be feeling the kick in the ass to MOVE it and change it up. Look at where MARS in LEO is in your natal chart and where URANUS in ARIES is. Also, mark where the Galactic Center is at 28 degrees SAGITTARIUS.  

WORKING MAGIC with the planets

Sit and look at this fiery triangle as a magical talisman. Visualize the fire and the energies of these three powerful planets and energies. Ask what it is you are being called to do to act to help change the world to reach higher consciousness.

The CAPRICORN MOON squares Jupiter in LIBRA and Uranus and inconjuncts MARS and MERCURY in LEO

The mood is grounded but is irritated by the high energy and assumed kingship of Mars and Mercury Retro in LEO. DOn’t start debating history or talk about your career ambitions.

The MOON enters URANUS’S sign of AQUARIUS in the afternoon leading us through Labor day. The MOON enters PISCES on Sept 4 in PDT @ 10:28 pm

Have a very happy healthy long weekend. I need a break myself so will post September horoscopes tomorrow. Please read through my extensive archives 2400 articles.

Many Blessings TARA

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Love or Power; White Supremacists

Venus opposes PLUTO Aug 15 @ 17 degrees Cancer/Capricorn @ 4:17 am PDT/ 7:17 am EDT/ 11:17 am GMT

The Moon will be Void-of-Course from Taurus.

Carl Jung the famous Swiss Psychologist said: “Where love rules, there is no will to power, and where power predominates, love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.”- “On the Psychology of the Unconciousness”, 1917  

I am quoting from a wonderful article I found by Duane Toops- 

He is comparing this quote above and Nietzsche’s Will to Power. I have read Jung but not Nietzche thoroughly in many years. I will quote his essay and edit down and comment as it is totally relevant to the Planets and the situation in America and the world.

“Jung seems to be suggesting that love which is VENUS and power which is PLUTO are absolutely antithetical forces, polar opposites. The acceptance of one is  necessarily the rejection, negation, and subversion of the other. To love is to forego power and to attain power is to vanquish love. Jung seems to equate ‘power’ with domination, specifically of another; a master and a slave. Jung implies that this is the “will to power”. Which is what these White Supremacists seek to do to dominate all “lower” less purity beings.

Nietzsche’s Will To Power

“Yet, is this what Nietzsche has in mind in his Will to Power? Is love nothing more than powerlessness? Is power only domination? This essay aims to show that Jung’s interpretation of the ‘will to power’ could not be more of a misinterpretation.

Nietzsche would specify that one whose status as a master -PLUTOCRACY-is defined only by one’s dominance over another is not actually a master but an indication of being a slave and of weakness. The master’s ‘power’ is absolutely externalized and completely contingent upon the presence of the slave. The master is truly a slave to the slave.

In Nietzsche’s mind, a master is not necessarily the master of a slave and a slave is not necessarily one who is enslaved or subservient to a master. Nietzsche’s classifications are of a psychological internality. A captive can be the epitome of master morality and a lord can all too easily exemplify slave morality. 

What exactly has the ‘master’ mastered and what is the slave enslaved to? This kind of power is disguised impotency lusting after power through the use of control, manipulation, and resentment. Nietzsche himself writes that “the state in which we hurt others…is a sign that we are still lacking power” (108). This is sado-masochistic behavior. I am totally against all forms of BDSM as deep emotional and psychological wounding. It doesn’t matter if both people are “consensual” as they are both unconscious. 

L. Nathan Oaklander explains that “The strong willed are those who have the strength to chart their own course, create their own values, and live in accordance with them” (85). A master is a creative force, a ‘powerful’ determination to direct their lives in a manner consistent with the values they have created (Nietzsche, 115). Master morality is the full acceptance of one’s responsibility for their existence as an individual. A true master is marked by their ability to ‘conquer’ to transcend and to determine themselves. (Hayman, 35).

In this regard, the slave is the antithesis of the master. The slave is one who lacks self-mastery and the strength of will to be creative and self-determinative. The slave is enslaved to normality, convention, society, tradition, conformity, and mediocrity which describes White Supremacists totally. The slave or Bible Thumper lives in complete compliance to external dictates, resenting those who have striven for excellence and attained freedom. The slave exercises their will to power through implicit domination and forced coercion, vilifying those who have achieved power and individuality and branding them as ‘evil’ (Oaklander, 86). 

“This is an “inversion” of the Will to Power, which “directs one’s view outward instead of back to oneself” (Nietzsche, 117). This is not an expression of true power but, only the desirous drive for the feeling of power which arises from an impotent lack of power. In this sense, it is true that “where [this kind of] power predominates, love is lacking”.

Those who seek to be “masters” like White Supremacists are actually living in total fear. Fear of change growth evolution and consciousness. They fear to have to look at themselves for who they really are. 

What does all of this say about the compatibility of love and the Will to Power?  Love is not for the faint of heart but for the strong-willed, those who have the strength to be self-transcendent. Perhaps, not only can love exist alongside the Will to Power; perhaps love is the Will to Power.


Love is, in fact, a ‘powerful’ force. This is undeniably seen throughout the pages of history. Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, Martin Luther King Jr., self-empowered, strong-willed self-determined people, marked by self-mastery who through great acts of love had the power to impact the world. They are individuals who have not only directed themselves but, who directed the course of history itself. These are people of supreme courage, able to transcend themselves, overcoming and withstanding the abusive violence of societal norms and conventions, carving out and creating whole new ways of understanding what it means to be human. These figures demonstrate that love is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. They reveal that it takes great power to bear the weighted risk of love and there is great power gained in taking the risk of loving.”

Now at this great crossroads of conflict with North Korea and in the U.S. and in Europe with immigrants. We need to demonstrate the power of love and see beyond our limited “tribal selves.” That is the very first step of individuation. 

The opposition of Pluto the HAwk in Capricorn to Venus the Dove and HEKATE the Goddess of the crossroads couldn’t be felt and seen more literally than the split in the world and those who choose Love and those who choose FEAR and feigned Patriarchal Power Over. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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August 9 Pisces Moon bewitches. Astrology dont’s of the day

PISCES MOON trines Venus in CANCER in the afternoon

PIsces water trine astrology

Kinuko Y. Craft


Appreciate the spiritual bond that all women have with each other because they were born with wombs because only women bleed and can birth babies because we are naturally caring compassionate emotional beings. I am grateful for all the women who give me strength and comfort in my life. This is a longing for a safe home nurturing and spiritual oneness. If you dream of home and the ocean tonight you’ll know why. 


Moon opposes MERCURY in VIRGO

PISCES MOON times are always very floaty surreal imaginative and other worldly as we are closer to our spiritual natures under this signs beams. The Mercury in Virgo opposition helps to make our minds more grounded and less foggy and in La La Land. 

LEO SUN and Mars INCONJUNCTS PLUTO in Capricorn 

 Astrology in the News Trump and North Korea face off.Pluto governs atomic weapons. POWER STRUGGLES on the world’s stage. NORTH KOREA anyone?

Leo Sun is all about fun pleasure and egoic self-expression. Mars conjunct the SUN is amping up the fire. I don’t know about you but i have been feeling LIT for the last few days. The SUN MARS Combo brings on the drama and the warrior. Pluto in Capricorn is all business. If you’re trying to impress someone higher up today- DON’T. Don’t have a liquid lunch at work either under a PISCES moon. Don’t mix business with pleasure and expect to not have huge fights and be under fire. 

PISCES MOON conjuncts NEPTUNE its ruler in the late afternoon/ evening.

“Been dazed and confused for so long it’s not true.”- Led Zep song. 

You may get carried away with some projection fantasy of love or guru worship or misplaced giving your power away onto some shabby shaman guru selling you something to instantly improve your life. ADDICTION temptations will be strong. Do not drink or drug of any kind as your grip on reality isn’t in the real world. Use this time for creative spiritual meditative visualization work for the best most positive benefits.

In EDT and GMT this is the last aspect of the day: Please use dream incubation. 

Moon sextiles PLUTO in CAPRICORN in PDT and Aug 10 in early hours in EDT and GMT. 

This is a more spiritual peaceful intuitive way to access your soul power and ground it. 

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Shock and Awe Sun conjunct Uranus

 April 13 Moon is Void at 9:18 pm PDT/ April 14 @ 12:18 am EDT/ 4:18 am GMT.
Italian Classic deck or the Soprafino Tarot deck
The HUGE SUN Uranus conjunction @ 24+ degrees ARIES is HUGE for the U.S. and for all of us.
The Shock of the SUN conjunct URANUS is an awakening to HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS and LIGHT.  It can be very beautiful as it destroys the ego and illusions. It is so full or radiant light, stay focussed on that godlike light which is love. Allow it to be your guide. 
URANUS is in a T- square from the U.S. natal 4th house where URANUS is squaring exactly the U.S. Natal Mercury Retrograde at 24 degrees CANCER in its 8th house of finances, and transformation, it is Scorpio like.
URANUS squares PLUTO at 27+ Rx degrees in CAPRICORN. 
This is real SHOCK AWE, chaos, revolution, freedom, transformation, death, power, rebirth, secrets, control and definitely a possibility of a Nuclear war. 
Both URANUS- Uranium and Pluto- PLUTONIUM are radioactive materials. 
In the news Donald Trump threatens ” We are sending an armada” to eliminate North Kore with or without China. 
This may not get triggered until August 21 when a SOLAR ECLIPSE in LEO at 28 degrees opposes the U.S. Natal Moon at 27 degrees AQUARIUS. That degree is exactly conjunct to Trump’s Natal Mars, where he acts from,  at 26 degrees LEO and his ASCENDANT at 29 degrees LEO, conjunct to Fixed Star Regulus, the Star of Kings and Queens.  It could also mean Trump’s downfall. 
Regarding NORTH KOREA  
The country born on September 10, 1948 @ 12:01 am Pyongyang  North Korea
The country has its NATAL SATURN at 28 degrees LEO. Saturn is KARMA. This is North Korea’s 2nd Saturn Return. 
Transiting Saturn at 21 degrees SAGITTARIUS will be conjunct N. Korea’s Jupiter at 20 degrees Sagittarius and squaring its Natal Sun at 16 degrees VIRGO.
OUCH.  I hope that a nuclear war is not immanent. 
In your own life the pressure of Uranus keeps breaking down old structures, awakening new ideas and technology. The Tower is a lightning flash of insight. Stay with the insight and allow it to blast away all the old illusions. It all comes from love.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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3 Planets in their elements,Big Bang Theory Astrology from Tara Greene

3 Planets in their elements,  BIG BANG THEORY April 15-18
Copyright Tara Greene 2013- Infinity
April 15-18 3 “planets”  are in their own signs.
Planets, like us, are at their strongest when cosily ensconced at home. The Moon is called a planet by Astrologers.
She is in her home sign of CANCER. Where she rules the WATER roost, the womb, comfort security, roots, Mother, food, tradition, fertility, moody, oceans..
MARS is in his home sign ARIES till Sat April 20  MARS is at his FIERY WARRIOR  initiatory best, 
fighting, explosive, angry, threatening, Macho,competitive, arrogant, chest banging as we have seen from North Korea and the bombings in Boston.
VENUS is in her home sign TAURUS where she rules the EARTHY  roost of luxury, romance, sensuality, creativity, fine dining, massages, spas, money, 

Make the MOST of the Triple element strength.

The Power of Love in the three elements Tara Greene

Omnia Vincit Amor, or The Power of Love in the Three Elements
Benjamin West

Monday was the Moon’s Day, Tuesday is Mars Day,

Wednesday April 17 is the Big Bang day ARIES Sun conjunct Mars exact!

This is the precursor for the earthquake in Iran. Also the big

Solar flare that happened last weekend contributes to the unstable erratic insecure feelings.

We need to mellow out with VENUS in TAURUS.

Use the fire power SUN MARS= MASCULINE with VENUS  and MOON as FEMININE

as an equal balanced masculine and feminine pair.

This is a beautiful Alchemical image of the SACRED MARRIAGE or BIG BANG!
Keep it really simple
Have 4 stones and or 4 candles- little tea lights will do, smudge or incense for purification
Set up the ritual starting with lighting the candles from the east to south-west and north
Stand in your circle light the incense and breathe deeply
Hold you arms out to your sides, call in the powers of the


 intuition, introspection receptivity, love, water, earth, fertility, birth

Then call out the MASCULINE  energies to come to you,

strength, courage, action, matter, Light, earth and air, Gods, add names if you like

Then close your eyes and slowly bring your outstretched hands together to the middle of your heart chakra

 bring your palms together as in prayer,
then call out the “As above,” the SUN and all the STARS the LIGHTS of heaven,  the Sky God symbols
and all the “As below”, the earth, the crystals, the sacred cenotes and underwater springs, caves, oceans,
and feel those two energies merge into your heart chakra,

Say All is ONE and One is ALL, this is the SACRED Marriage of the Masculine

and the Feminine,  the Sacred Bride and Her Bridegroom

the Yin and the Yang.

All is balanced and whole all is in order,
I am whole.
Stay in this prayerful position and let the energies flow through you.
You may feel the erotic kundalini energies naturally rise through you. That is good.
ENjoy it.
Do this ritual on Wednesday

Moon will enter LEO Thursday at 8:13 am PDT/ 11:13 am EDT

SUN enters TAURUS MARCH !9 @ 6:03 pm EDT

Mars enters Taurus April 20- more earth

Venus will dally with Saturn the 22nd Earth Day then Mars on the 30th

to make it REAL.

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GET GROUNDED WHILE YOU CAN – Because of the approaching URANUS PLUTO 2nd exact square for the year May 20.