Astrology in the News

Astrology ” As above so below.” The news often reflects the aspects between the planets.
The Keystone Pipeline Leak is perfectly in synch-unfortunately.

This weeks Venus Jupiter conjunction Trines Neptune +Sun trine Chiron in PISCES.

oil spill Astrology Tara Greene

Mr. Bitumen” oil painting by Napoleon Brousseau 2014

Jupiter expands whatever it touches; Neptune rules oil. Venus is values. Venus in Scorpio rules things underground and death.

Sun Chiron in PISCES trine on November 16 when the leak happened

governs vulnerabilities and wounds or leaks. Pisces is a water sign.

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is the truth and karma and Saturn is squaring Chiron now.



The #NoDAPL protested this possibility for months. The Keystone Pipeline operated by TransCanada brings the tar sands from Alberta to the U.S. to be refined. The Alberta tar sands oil is thicker and stickier than other types of oil making it more difficult to clean up.

The indigenous peoples are bracing for the 210000 gallons of oil spilled in the leak. Apparently, the leak was detected and the pipeline was isolated within 15 minutes.It is too early to tell if the oil contaminated the groundwater.

The Indigenous Attorney Chase Iron Eyes one of the founders of the #NoDAPL is on trial right now with serious charges against him.

Sign the petition to support him if you are a non-American. Americans can fund his case here:


Inspirational daily card and astro aspects

12/8  Mercury @ 7 degrees CAPRICORN trines the North Node today at 7 degrees VIRGO.

This aspect helps us to have a concrete brainstorm about the practical,disciplined, daily maintenance of our work, health, lives, careers, goals and our service, which is also a spiritual goal as well. There is no dichotomy between the daily things that we all must deal with and our spiritual work. 

Moon squares the Galactic Center from 27-28 degrees PISCES at 3:00 am EST, right now as I am writing this.

Pay attention to your dreams as planets aspecting the G.C. bring opportunities to tune into the Cosmic Vagina/blackhole at the center of our galaxy.

Moon enters Aries this morning which will pick up the energy. Our moods are energized, up, competitive, aggressive, and we feel more spontaneous. Tempers can flare. The urge to speed is strong. Expect patience to be a precious commocity when the Moon is in ARIES, always.

Moon sextiles Venus in AQUARIUS

Nice for amping up the love vibes for all unique individual women and for all of those alt types. Send love to the water protectors still standing at Standing Rock to halt the #NODAP. 

Under this aspect :Warning you may fall spontaneously in love with a female nerd.

Moon squares Mercury in Capricorn

This can be used to ramp up your business goals and concrete plans.

Let’s do an inspirational TAROT card of the day

Ace of swords meaning, Tara Greene Tarot

Ace of Swords by Revolver Winds Deviant Art

The ACE of SWORDS is the pure potential of all thought. It is consciousness as it is just manifesting, it is at the very minutest beginnings but it carries in that thought, the full potential of the creation of the Universe.  “When you were just a twinkle in your father’s eye.” is another variation on this theme.  Swords are weapons and cut through things. They discern, they clarify. 

What do you need to begin to discern in a new way? Be aware of any new ideas that come to you today. We experience millions of thought impulses a day. Pay attention and begin to cultivate those which “ping” you. Start a new conversation,thought pattern, learn something new. 

This card goes well with today’s aspects. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Scorpio Moon conjunct Lilith, No DAPL

11/27 Moon in SCORPIO today means this is really rough deep waters. Swim carefully.

Scorpio Moon Squares Mars in Aquarius

This is a good day to do something daringly different, something you would never do. Scorpio moon likes to take a walk on the wild side. Mars in Aquarius is more idea than action.

Scorpio Moon sweetly sextiles VENUS and PLUTO conjunct still in CAPRICORN

I hope you mid-degree CAPCRICORN’s are getting some cred and some love these days. Put your desires into a concrete long-term business plan.


Insightfully healing is available. Allow frozen parts of yourself to thaw and melt. 

SCORPIO Moon + LILITH inconjuncts URANUS, CERES + ERIS in ARIES from 9:30 pm EST

I feel that this energy symbolizes the dark forces of the Army Corps  and the insidious oligarchy and big banks who support all the pipelines.  #NoDAPL. Ceres in ARIES with URANUS and ERIS is a new revolutionary fight to protect the earth against these dark forces. 


Lilith, Scorpio Moon Astrology Tara Greene

LILITH by Donatella Draco Deviant Art

LILITH rules SCORPIO, how could she not? Here the Dark Goddess is sovereign in her Tantric sexuality, her reputation for death, the menstrual cycle and rebirth. We will feel her wrath now as an evolutionary force for change in a positive way.

Lilith was the FIRST WOMAN. She was created by G-d as equal to Adam from the red earth. She refused to allow herself to be beneath Adam sexually. Lilith wants equality in relations and in all things. If Lilith isn’t approached with reverence, respect and honor and the intent of sharing love and power equally she won’t play, she refuses to participate. We need to be the same. It is very simple and very obvious. 

LILITH’s symbol is the snake. Native people are trying to protect the blue snake of the Missouri river. The oil pipeline is called the Black Snake, the snake of destruction.  The trine to CHIRON in PISCES, which is the wounded spiritual healers and the waters show exactly how the water protectors are being wounded,shot at with water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures, being shot and injured by rubber bullets, pepper spray, and unknown chemicals dumped on them by planes at night.  

There is an indigenous story about how environmental activism around the black snake, oil pipelines, began en masse by indigenous peoples since 2011-see link below.

You may feel LILITH’s rage running through your veins. Allow it. We need LILITH’S absolute fearlessness now. She takes no shit from anyone. No God, man, army, oil company, big bankers or threat scares LILITH. She is the warrior Goddess, She IS the Goddess. She needs no ones’ approval, least of all any male or man made God/religion.  She is the agent of change, of life renewing itself, of letting go of what does not work, does not sustain, she is fearless in refusing to back down.  

Call upon the Scorpio Moon of soul redemption to release anything that is holding you back. Ask Lilith to give you strength to be alone, to need  no one,yo rely on yourself. She brings courage to wait for the person, situation,and opportunity which comes with mutual respect. 

LILITH is like KALI who brings death and destruction to the EGO. I am calling on the Hindu Goddess DURGA who rides a tiger and who destroys all the demons who were threatening to destroy the world. Durga was the most powerful of all the Gods.  I am not calling for violence. I am calling upon the living spirits of the Goddesses LILITH and KALI and DURGA to bring a stop to this hatred, ignorance and greed against the earth, the waters,and her protectors. 

We need to call upon thes mighty GoddessLILITH to block the enemies of the truth, the enemies of the earth and the water, whose greed and self-destruction know no bounds. The 1% are insane.  Call upon LILITH, and all the planets and the Scorpio Moon of change to block those who are destroying our Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine. I will set up a page on FB for a call for a unified calling to LILITH and Goddesses to bring a STOP to these militarized police brutalizing and all oil pipelines which can destroy the earth.

Help RED FAWN an innocent indigenous woman who has been framed at #NoDAPL and is being charged with attempted murder. The police have charged Red Fawn saying that she had a gun and fired three shots. She is a very strong leader and protestor. She appears in court in North Dakota November 28. Please call and protest and have her released. There is a fund to raise money to have her bailed out.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated.

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Venus,Pluto, Jupiter, love, beauty, power, sex, luck


Nov 25 at 15+ degrees Capricorn/Libra

This is a very powerful positive, expansive, rich, luxurious, romantic, big bling, corporate high-powered aspect. Venus is the one creating the T-squares. She is women, mobilizing, moving, feeling their power, feeling their 51% MAJORITY, refusing to back down, give up their legal rights to freedom and stepping in as peacekeepers, negotiators, and balance keepers. 

In Capricorn this is an earth mover aspect. It can trigger more earthquakes. We have been seeing bigger ones lately. The earth moving aspect also holds for mere mortal relationships. There is a Scorpio, sex, tantra, orgasm aspect here. This makes me think of having an enlightening spiritual experience using ayahuasca. I caution you though. I was told by a friend of mine who only works with the most authentic shamans that Ayahuasca should never be taken outside of the countries where it grows. You must go to South America to have an authentic spiritual encounter and only with a trusted experienced “old school” brujo, shaman or shamanka. No shabby shamans lured by easy money for you. That spells a bummer trip.

Android Jones AYA image, venus pluto conjunction Tara Greene

AYA by Android Jones

Yes you will feel the earth move. Open up and allow the ecstatic to enter your heart. Have you ever had a total body orgasm? If not now is the time. You can achieve it simply through breath work or in practicing tantra with a lover. 

VENUS conjunct PLUTO is SUPERWOMAN or Wonder Woman. 

She is gorgeous, dressed in diamonds, she is beautiful, wealthy, the classical image of Venus or the modern one- is it Kim Kardashian?  She is the Divine Feminine. She knows she is the creatress, the power of birth, transmuting of blood in her body every month in concert with the Moon is one of her great powers and mysteries. 

Kim Kardashian Astrology Tara Greene

Women take back your power. Men worship and honor your own anima, your own soul, feelings and intuition.

This is a very powerful Cardinal Cross, they have been keeping things “interesting” since 2012. For those of you ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA and CAPRICORN if you have any planets between 12-18 degrees of these signs. USE this awesome aspect well. It is a total gift.

Jupiter expands and sometimes can be too much of a good thing so be careful that your means balances with the expensive tastes of constant champagne and caviar. 

Venus conjunct Pluto is wealth and the stock market just hit 19,000 the highest ever this morning. I really find this unbelievable as the economy sucks in actuality. It can mean a big bloated, smoke and mirrors show. Pluto is the Plutocracy and they are wreaking terror in the indigenous people s who are protesting at the North Dakota Access Pipeline to protect the waters and their own lands from corporate big oil grabs. The protestors have been treated like enemies and treated extremely cruel and the big news is hardly covering this. 

Money sex and power secrets may come out in Trumps government. I never trust those “holier-than-thou” guys, they always have the biggest ugliest shadows.  I predict scandals involving sex, homosexuality, cheating, drugs, stealing funds etc throughout Trump entire cabinet. 

Venus conjunct Jupiter in Libra says have lavish parties. This is BLACK FRIDAY and sales will be insane this year,through the roof. Do buy Patagonia products as they are promising to donate 100% of sales to helping the environment. 

You may be feeling very hungover from too much indulging in food and drink under this aspect. Too much of a good thing. 

This aspect is overall very good and positive for artists, creative types, women, seeking justice, peacekeeping, negotiating, relationships, love, and the economic forecast. All LIBRAN rules companies will do very well. Event planners, matchmakers, lawyers, negotiators, counselors, wedding planners, social media peeps, fashion, manners, modeling, travel for couples, restaurants, gourmet cooking, dressing for very classy, high-end, and conservative. 

Look at where this 15 degree Capricorn and Libra energy falls in your natal chart. 

 Have a great THANKSGIVING America but Think about what you owe to the Indigenous peoples, who helped the white strangers to survive. Don’t you need to thank them? Do this by supporting the #NoDAP in North Dakota, send protests to the governor and send support and supplies to Standing Rock. Donate to indigenous peoples who are the poorest of any nationality in America. 

Don’t buy what you don’t really need. 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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