Alien Plutonium discovered in oceans

A very interesting article was published in a science journal May 13. A discovery of alien Plutonium at the bottom of the ocean. For me the headline sparked ideas of Atlantis which was said to have destroyed itself with nuclear weapons. Or tales of Sodom and Gomorrah which blew itself up with an atomic bomb or God destroyed it with Nuclear energy? Or of the Nibiru ancient aliens spoken of on cyclinders from Babylonian times dumping nuclear fuel in the ocean? These are stories I’ve heard over the years. I’m always fascinated with astronomy exploration too.

The SABIAN symbol for PLUTO in Capricorn currently Retrograde at 26 degrees is

PHASE 296 A Nature spirit dancing in the iridescent mist of a waterfall. Something to ponder.

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No Doomsday and Stranger things

Sept 23 NO. The world is not ending. That is just some dumb shit self-proclaimed self-published Christian Fundamentalist Revelations doomsday crap. It pisses me off and he gets millions of views on YouTube and news stories cover this to say no its fake news.

The planets have aligned like that before. The SUN is always in that spot in Virgo every fall. Planets are not stars. I like the Book of Revelations it’s a good allegory.

Doomsdayers are always projecting their own death onto the whole world. They are ego Maniacs. 

The MOON is in SCORPIO we are in deep waters.

Scorpio astrology Tara Greene

That sexually intense deeply cloaked desire nature continues for most of the weekend. 

In the Ttarot, SCORPIO is the DEATH CARD #13 

JUPITER in LIBRA inconjuncts CHIRON IN PISCES in the wee hours

Relationship imbalances can raise deep vulnerable wounds in our unconscious minds. Your dreamscape may be disjointed and raw. 


This is sexy on sexy. Cue the music: “Let’s get it on.” by Marvin Gaye


Nice little romantic deep sexy spiritual creative telepathic intensely ephemeral energy.

Things will get aggressively unreal. Expect Stranger and Stranger things.


The Scorpio MOON is buddying up with her planetary rulers. This is a good thing. 

This is like a triple Scorpio threat.

The Scorpius Mood continues on SUNDAY.

Moon sextiles MERCURY in VIRGO in the wee hours 

Watch out from eating rich or decent foods for tummy upsets. Oysters may be beckoning you.


Mars in VIRGO is very solidly real. This is the harvesting protecting the crops preserving instinct. Mars resists. He is a soldier or order discipline and serving.  Opposite NEPTUNE in PISCES where we are up in the clouds in La La Land Blissed out high as a kite in love with love spiritual and compassionate. 

What we resist persists. Pisces is the last sign the sign of SOURCE the womb the Divine matrix the origin of all life. Pisces is endings release dissolution the death of the ego in the great ocean of consciousness; it is enlightenment. Pisces is compassion and addictions. Glamour denial martyrdom. 

What we resist persists. The eternal is eternal. 

What are we resisting in our spiritual nature? Are you fighting with your angels? Is your analytical mind keeping you from realizing the true source of wisdom?

Your solid grip on reality will shift into many dimensionality. This is also a good thing.

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