Money downturn has begun, Venus Retrograde

July 9 FIRE FIRE FIRE Aries Moon trines JUPITER AND VENUS  early in the a.m.

Hot flash dreams, passionate sexy dreams,

After a difficult quincunx from Saturn in the afternoon

Moon enters Taurus to simmer things down a bit.

Taurus is the Bull Market. The bullshit market?

from William  Stickebers, Financial Astrologer 


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Chinese stocks have continued to fall. For a record 12th day in a row, Chinese margin debt balances have dropped with today’s 8.5% collapse the largest in history. Overall, Chinese stocks have fallen 27 percent since the peak, and a whopping 3.2 trillion dollars of “paper wealth” has been wiped out in China in just the last three weeks!

Over 700 Chinese companies have halted trading to “self preserve,”according to the state media. That means about a quarter of the companies listed on China’s two big exchanges — the Shanghai and Shenzhen — are no longer trading.

Desperate measures are being employed to try to stop the stock market crash in China. The Chinese central bank has gotten involved as well. In fact, the People’s Bank of China has taken the dramatic step of actually directly loaning money to brokerage!

The dramatic intervention marks the first time funds from the central bank have been directed anywhere other than the banks, signalling serious concern from authorities about the crisis.

-All short selling of stocks has been banned.

-China’s national social security fund has been banned from selling stocks, but they can continue to buy stocks.

-Local media has been banned from using the terms “equity disaster” and “rescue the market” in their news reports.

But despite everything that you just read, Chinese stocks have still been falling.”

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And the New York Stock Exchange halting for three hours July 8th is a cover up. The NYSE would never fix anything mid-week. Come on it coincides with China’s fall.
Just wait till Venus on her HIGH ruby slippered gold capped heels with Jupiter in Leo, Lady and Lord of Sumptuous overindulgence, goes Retrograde July 25 at zero degrees Virgo back to September 6 at the mid degree 14+ of Leo. 
Greece is also in this mix. Canada is in a recession and the U.S. appears to have recovered. 
Jupiter in Virgo beginning August 11 is belt-tightening budgeting, living simply and meagre. Which is not a bad thing. We have lived too high off the hog, especially those billionaire’s at the top of the pile.
 Jupiter opposes Neptune,Lord of debt and pipe dreams, oil and addictions on September 16 with Neptune Retrograde and Saturn, the cosmic cop and tax man squares Neptune Direct on November 27 ouch that’s likely to hurt.
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