2016 must do easy daily mystic tools

It’s back to work and school. A New Year always starts out with those NY Resolutions but I don’t make those anymore. Its better to incrementally change the past patterns rather than set yourself up to fail. Here’s some daily mystical tools I use which I recommend you try.

The Moon’s in Scorpio so it’s a good day to dive deep. Expect a heavy intense, focussed mood. Scorpio moons tend to bring out repressed unconscious emotions.  Power struggles surface, be mindful of these energies and don’t take the bait from snippy comments or being thrown shade or road rage.  People get easily obsessed and won’t let things go under this moons influence.

Thins are relatively smooth easy and supported aspect wise. 

Moon trines Neptune in the wee hours

so do write down your dreams.

Scorpio Moon sextiles the Sun and Pluto  which strikes me as  Deathly Hallows kind of energy.

easy access to positive insights into yours and others psychological motivations for sure. All is not what it appears to be on the surface.

Moon in inconveniently placed to Uranus {150 degree aspect}

those who want to control will make you feel choked and chained. You will be chomping at the bit.  disgruntledom. 

Moon Trines Chiron on Pisces at days end in PST

MEDITATING is the way to start the New Year and end this day. 

Make it a regular part of your day.

  1. Start with 10 minutes a day, sit straight in a chair or against a wall on a cushion. 
  2. Meditation, yoga Tara Greene
  3. found on BLUEFISH

     2. I always smudge before meditating. you can use incense or spray smudge.

    3. Applying lavender oil to your third eye chakra helps to activate and open it up. Lavender is also very calming. Clary Sage essential oil is also good to clear the mind and uplift the spirits. 

    4. Use grounding and calming crystals like Hematite, rose quartz, clear crystals, or labradorite. I like Celestite for meditations too. You can hold a piece in your hand or place on your chakras or in your bra if you have a flat small stone. 

5. Put on some theta beats meditation soft soothing sounds to listen to. You can find these on YOUTUBE.. Set a soft alarm to wake you after 10 minutes. 

6. You can place 4 crystals at each of the directions to create a boundary of sacred space  if you wish. 

7. Invite your guardian angels and divine ancestors who love you into you circle. 

8. Close your eyes. Focus your mind on listening and following your breath. Just keep focussing on the breath slowly entering your nose, flowing down into your lungs and flowing out of your mouth slowly and naturally. You can place one hand on your diaphragm to follow it filling up like a balloon on the in breath and emptying out on the out breth. Nothing should be forced. This is simply breathing and allowing the ego mind to stop talking. You may be fidget,  that is the ego protesting, If you get distracted, simply bring your mind back to emptiness. You can repeat the word emptiness over and over in your head.

9. Empty your mind of thoughts, worries and distractions. There is nothing to do for 10 minutes except relax, let go, use this as a mini-vacation. Watch yourself breathe and open your mental physical emotional and spiritual bodies. This allows you to detach from the ego identity and allow your natural connection with your Higher Self to come through.

10. Simply allow whatever feelings, images, sensations or none to be present. Experiencing emptiness, peace and stillness is the purpose of meditation.  You may go very deep and some people fall asleep. 

After the 10 minutes which may feel very long or short. Open your eyes and stretch your body. Take an inventory of your experience. Give thanks for the experience. Vow to revisit this experience the next day and to go deeper and experience more joy. Daily practice increases the breadth of the experience. You need to do this for at least 30 days to get some significant results. 

Let me know how you find this and progress.

Please share widely, All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Discover Inner peace with mantras in 2015

Gayatri Mantra Tara Greene

I thought you might need to find a peaceful place within.  Listen to Deva Premal and the Gayatri Mantra- it is very cleansing. Meditate every day.

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