December Horoscopes Astrology by Tara Greene

December 2017

It’s hard to believe the year is over already. The last month goes out with a big bang.

December opens with a beautifully intense dreamy soul transforming JUPITER NEPTUNE trine from SCORPIO to PISCES @ 11 degrees.

Sexual soulful and highly addictive! Deeper feelings emerge. Power-hungry secrets of the sexual religious and financial ones will emerge from this transit. This can also be a super scam like Bitcoin bursting its bubble. Use your spiritual x-ray vision to see through anything. It’s Hopeful and delusional. Beware of projecting onto others-power sex-glamour. Addictive energies are super high.

DREAM BIG dream VAST. Know in your psyche and your spirit that we are all one ESSENCE.


Love gets adventurous and needs wide open spaces. Fall in love with a comedian. See the world from a much more optimistic upbeat hopeful and naïve way. Plan on long distance travels; education; teaching and publishing.  Exercising and being in nature and with animals are good.  Learn a new skill. Long distance love affairs are easy to do at this time.  Speak truth and only truth with some laughs on top.

Dec 2nd/3rd MERCURY turns RETROGRADE @ 29 degrees SAGITTARIUS

The last degree of the sign is the most critical. Mercury is already in detriment in Sagittarius and this Retro may prove to be more difficult than most. Mercury Retrogrades back to 13 degrees moving very fast in a short time. It’s over on December 22. But that shadow phase will last until January 11 2018. Retrogrades are not all bad they are RESET times. Just follow the Rx rules. Everything that starts with an Re prefix is the perfect remedy. This will affect those born at the last days of GEMINI VIRGO and PISCES.


SATURN and MERCURY are conjunct at the Galactic Center until December 9th. Reviewing some karmic lessons, are we?  The Mars Uranus opposition is in effect. CERES is exactly conjunct the North Node in LEO at 17 degrees.  Love the mother Gaia we need to protect and stand up for her.

NEPTUNE exactly squares the SUN and MOON

This will be a very dreamy spaced out Gemini Super Moon. A good time to see our shadows and begin to talk about the split within ourselves and in the world. Neptune in PISCES helps us to see that we are all one and whole. The illusion is the split. This can be very psychic and creative. Many people may feel very overly psychic sensitive may feel overloaded. Many people may feel split. Don’t self-medicate or run to your addictions. Reach out for help at this time. A great time for meditation yoga dreaming and learning more spirituality.

MARS in LIBRA sextiles SATURN and MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS inconjunct ALGOL at 26 degrees TAURUS

The medical term Algology means the study of pain. “You will not be able to ignore suffering and horror or brush it aside.” – Diana Rosenberg.  ALGOL is the ARABIC name for ALCOHOL which is forbidden for Muslims.  Alcohol is an addiction a demonic urge to escape truth pain and creativity. One of the most powerful aspects of this Full Moon is this sense of with Neptune squaring the SUN and MOON and this “Finger of God.”

MARS is male sexual energy which is imbalanced. SATURN and MERCURY are truth karma and communicating a higher message of freedom to the world. Sexual and power abuses and addictions have been very newsworthy, and they will continue to flow like a dam bursting with feeling s so long held in check they seem to be flooding the world with their pain.

This is a very potent aspect to bring to LIGHT now. MEDUSA is considered the great demon star and the patriarchal telling of her story is that she is MEDUSA a monster who turns men into stone. Perseus the hero of the story cuts off her head. The original story was that MEDUSA was a beautiful Goddess and from real AMAZON tribes from Libya which the patriarchs are killing to destroy the Goddesses’ powerful gaze. You know that look? Now Medusa can be honored again, and her AMAZONIAN powers returned. The Wonder Woman film 2 is being made right now.

Dec. 5 CHIRON turns DIRECT @ 24 degrees PISCES

CHIRON has been Retrograde since July 1st at 28+ degrees PISCES. There has been a tsunami of old karmic emotional debris which have swept up and out of the unconscious depths since then.  Move ahead from a more healed whole wiser and more compassionate state for yourself. Self-love.


ACT 2 at the GALACTIC CENTER. This is a chance to re-do another Galactic Center meditation. Or to release words spoken in haste or ideas that you haven’t integrated since November 22-24th.  You don’t always get a Galactic re-appointment. Make good use of it.


MARS in his own sign is extra strong powerful sexy secretive passionate and needs to be in control. Sexual secrets of the rich and powerful is the focus of the day. This aspect brings great desires and strong will power. Be careful what you want and how you go about getting it. This is a great time to explore Tanric sexuality. Your sex life gets very intense and deeper as the soul craves soul to soul connection. Men must face their own sexual demons. It’s all about power pain and controlling others. Finances may go through a huge peak and crash in Scorpio’s volatile waves. Wear black. Be secretive seductive and mysterious as hell.


This is a big energy day. Electrifying chills running up and down your spine. BIG THINK day. A lightning bolt awakens you to what you have ignored or were blind to before. You can comprehend an emotional wound in a new way and find an inventive way to heal what ails you and the world.


This is an UBER ROMANTIC day. Neptune is the “higher octave” of Venus.  Be free honest and speak from the truth of your soul. Every soul wants to merge back to source with another. Trust your intuition. This is a brilliant day for creative meditative and spiritual work. The need for psychic boundaries will be strong too. Plan a dream vacation. Tune into your dreams Lucid dreaming energies are strong.


This is another day to light up the world with a positive message of hope faith truth and inspiration. Rethink your approach. A good day to edit or review study for exams and replan travels. Review old goals.


Old long-distance lovers may return. Complete any conversations which feel unfinished. Reword things. Say what you always wanted to say to someone you love. Old conversations come up again to be re-truthed.


Bringing positive energy to our collective wounds. Be the truth catalyst. Messages from outer space prove we are not alone? Sharing your pain brings strength in numbers. All individual healings also heal the collective. Good insights into your dreams. 


Another high energy electrifying day. A big tech discovery which benefits foreign relations. Embrace change. Get on the bus for the revolution. Think outside the box very outside.  A GALACTIC CENTER big bang insight. Prepare to be shook and awakened to the truth.


The last New Moon of 2017 is a SAGITTARIUS OVERLOAD energy. SUN + MOON + Retro. Mercury +VENUS and SATURN a quintuple fiery truth serum.  BE bold be honest be happy be easy going. Connect with foreigners. Discuss philosophy comedy and politics. Beware of being too preachy and klutzy. Great for launching a publishing teaching or travel business or product.  To infinity and beyond as Buzz Lightyear says. Intentions need to be aimed at the highest ethics.


Capricorn Full Moon Constellation Tara Greene

This is SATURN ON THE ZERO point- the world point. In his own sign SATURN is seriously happy! This degree is the one PLUTO crossed into on October 2008 which created the devastating economy collapse. Remember Lehmann brothers?  This is the beginning of a serious orderly conservative all business next 2.5 years. SATURN restricts and tests. It also respects the elderly and history. Expect things to get tighter on the job front and more repressive. Go corporate or go back to nature. Capricorn is an earth sign. If you have planets at the beginning of Aries Cancer Libra or Capricorn, you will feel Saturn’s leaden task master energy to be good for getting down to business and grow up. Plan long-term goals. Plan what you want to achieve in this next cycle.


Another big power gate crossing as the SUN enters CAPRICORN. A very serious solstice. Traditional pagan ceremonies of the return of the light would be highly appropriate. Honor your ancestors.



It’s getting to be a CAPRICORN love-in. On Christmas EVE honor your ancestors. Have a traditional Xmas holiday meal. A great day to make serious romantic creative solid plans. Ya gotta love being mature being in the body in 3D and being able to build a new world structure. Venus conjuncts SATURN in the 25th.  For many this can be a depressing time being with loved ones. Also, a good time to commit to a relationship or other important project requiring patience and persistence. Respect will be earned for love given. Tough love needs to be applied and strong boundaries where necessary.


Expect a spiritual revelation. This can happen in yoru dreams or meditations.  A deeply intuitive peek into the dark side of the soul. Wearing big red rose-colored glasses, you see the world in a truly spiritual way.  Sex addictions and deep wounds can be transformed and healed. Psychic visionary and healing powers are greatly expanded and enhanced. Be in the water if you can or near it. A great time for a healing cleanse. Meeting a soul mate is the one desire and focus of the soul. Be careful about falling in love with love. Fantasy sex is one component. Be careful of anything which seems too good to be true. This energy is also dangerous for accumulating debt. This is great for artists musicians fantasy role-playing and filmmakers.


Under a GEMINI MOON a pretty light bubbly New Years eve flitting from party to party and event to event we bid adieu to 2017.

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New Years Eve, split moods, horoscope

New Year’s 2016 will take place under two very different moods depending on where you are in the world.  The moon will transit from VIRGO to LIBRA creating two different moonscapes. Some time zones will experience New Years under a Void-of-Course Moon!!!

2016 new years blessings

If you live in PST or MST you will usher 2016 in under a LIBRA MOON. But the rest of the world will usher in 2016 under a VIRGO MOON. This is an interesting split in the realities and moods of Western North America  to the rest of the world. 

BTW there will be a huge magnetoshock to the earth starting Dec 30 and Dec 31 because of two huge solar mass ejections from the sun. There will be amazing aurora borealis visible as far south as San Francisco if the weather is clear. You may feel tired, dizzy and nausea. These CME’s create earthquakes and they happened already in California and Vancouver B.C. last night. There may be more to come.

DECEMBER 31 is my husband Napoleon’s birthday and a very major one for him. Happy Birthday.

We are under a nit-picky perfectionist VIRGO MOON for most of the day. A virgo Moon vibe is not over the top. It’s reserved, orderly, organized, on budget. We want a healthy, nutritious, smart, grounded, natural New Year’s experience. We may be running around making sure everything is JUST SO.

The Moon opposes Chiron in the wee hours making us nervous, worried and feeling vulnerable. The perfectionist Virgo Moon makes us want to have everything done before we can relax for our New Years ever celebrations. 

Moon conjuncts JUPITER early in the morning so it may be a very nerve-wracking day. Jupiter is optimistic but in Virgo it’s overdo all the nitpicky stuff.

Moon trines Mercury in eve. 9:33 pm PST /10:33 pm MST/ 11:33 pm CST/ JAN. 1st @ 12:33 am EST and further east.  

THE MOON IS VOID OF COURSE from those times above. 

THE MOON is VOID OF COURSE until 10:41 pm PST/ 11:41 pm MST/as Moon enters LIBRA.

JANUARY 1st NEW YEAR’s MOON IS VOID OF COURSE for CST and EST and further East

check out world clock time zones here

MOON enters LIBRA JAnuary 1st @ 12:41 am CST/  1:41 a EST etc. 

All of the West coast experiences a very social LIBRA NEW MOON. 

a void of course moon is like being in twilight, in liminal spaces, its very magical, quiet and it’s very spiritual. 

It’s like the Moon is holding her breath.  She is not engaged with any other planets which is rather lonely feeling for the Moon who always wants to nurture or take care of someone. It is a kind of mini-dark moon phase where the Moon retreats into herself to recharge before she enters a new sign and then needs to engage in a new way. As we are going into a Numerological Hermit year in 2016 it may be a good idea to go solo, or leave the celebrations early or go out in nature or somewhere quiet with friends so each can tune into their own center individually but in a group  respecting privacy and solitude. This would be a very unconventional entry into the New Year. No loud parties music or champagne popping. 

Take the time to be quiet and tune in with the Void Moon.It is perfect.

To fully go into  a growth phase, a seed must be planted in complete dark. This is what this lunar phase is bringing us. To be “in the dark” is a good space, It is a space of unknowing, of trusting, of turning inward, a great time to meditate and to connect with higher invisible forces.

Do a group meditation, go for a walk in nature. Connect to the earth and the sky. 

Give thanks and be grateful for all 2015 brought you. Be open to new experiences in the new year.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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NEW YEAR’S 2014, the X factor, top psychic astrology from Tara Greene

Hi I’ve been busy getting some down time over the Holidays. I hope that you had some time to relax and enjoy with family friends or as you chose. I’ve been resting, the energy has felt quite intense. I’ve also been doing some media appearances on Toronto Breakfast Television and other interviews.

December 31, 2013

Last day of the year goes out with a bang.

Due to the very intense astrological energies on New Year’s Eve I strongly recommend staying home and staying safe. A quintuple Capricorn alignment with Venus Retrograde, and Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer-means  home sweet home. The Cardinal Grand Cross with Mars in Libra opposite Uranus is unexpected change ups in relationships, short tempers, danger, and in square to Pluto and Jupiter its heavy intense and emotionally insecure. You’ll be wearing your  vulnerabilities so to speak. So stay home and nurture self and friends. The mood is the moon, in Capricorn approaching a New moon on January 1st.  Capricorn is serious, mature, SOBER, heavy. Saturn rules the 5 Capricorn planets from Scorpio, its dark, shall we say. It’s a great New Year to really shed, shed, shed, the old.
Of course you have free will  and can do what you like.  There are always lessons to be learned.

New Year’s Day One, Numero Uno of 2014 can be seen as the blue print or star print of the entire year.

Set for New York, New York.

New Year 2014 Tara Greene Astrology

That’s one tough Cardinal T- square there. All the planets are conjunct to the 4 main angles. Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries are conjunct to the Ascendant Descendant axis. This is the Horizon line, the reality line.

The SUN and PLUTO Are within 1 degree of each other right on the I.C. roots, midnight, unconscious, endings of the chart/year. This is how you detonate an atomic bomb. Truly.

And Jupiter Retrograde is on the 10th house M.C. High Noon axis. About as tight and INTENSE as it can get.

X MARKS THE SPOT, Planet X, the X factor.

This is the 1st time in the United States History that Pluto will be directly opposite it’s Natal Sun, its identity,  along with all the other planets in this alignment.

Saturn in Scorpio is the major ruler of the chart as it rules all 5 Capricorn planets.

The world is in the gun sights of GOD/Goddess the Great Mystery cosmos. X marks the spot.

bang Astrology Tara Greene

BANG BANG by Solmaz Saberi

If you’re born Dec. 31- Jan 4th, July 1st- July 4th. March 31- April 4 and October 4-8th.

You are in the direct line of fire. Bang Bang, let yourself die and be reborn like a phoenix.

The X is where the buried, BURIED – LOL like all the Capricorn jewels buried in the 4th house of roots or under the Secret SATURN in Scorpio rulership.

We each need to look at our own X factor. What is the mysterious X in your life?

X is a cross. We can be nailed to a cross as a Martyr. What cross are you bearing/ Is it real?

Are you playing victim still?

We can use the x as a very focussed nailed down balance. If you are clear in your structure, if you have all 4 aspects in place, 4 elements then create what you will.

The  X factor is the something special about you. Name it. OWn it.

The x can also be fear of change when change is the name of the game. What we resist persists.

Look at where the x pattern of planets falls in your chart.

Cardinal crosses like this are intense and INTENSE is what 2014 is all about. Something’s gotta give.

Jupiter as the highest elevated planet in Cancer where it’s exalted. Speaks of feeding and nurturing the children, women, home, safety, security. But that old paradigm of mom in the kitchen is what’s being nailed to the cross. There are good and bad parts of all of that. We are sorting it out.

Mars in Libra is the masculine in the karmic balance on the Ascendant.  Karmic balance simply means – what you put out you get back. Men must learn to balance their masculine side with their feminine. Diplomacy is all important. Fairness, justice, liberty, grace, thinking of others, beauty, these are all Mars in Libra elements. Men you need to honour your women. Women need to learn this too. Mars is imply action, force. Can be the war of the sexes.

all relationships are under deep examination and many will not last.

Lillith is also up in the 10th opposite Venus Retrograde and square CERES in the 1st house opposite ERIS the Goddess of Discord, or Trouble with a capital T. These symbols speak to my intuition saying WOMEN, will be storming up a storm, taking back the night, creating chaos in places of power, this includes LILITH aka MOTHER NATURE, the Black Goddess, KALI.

If we don’t stop hurting the Great Mother, the earth, we will have to pay. But we will have simply destroyed ourselves. totally

So ladies, get your engines started. Don’t take any BS anymore. 2014 is the year of women rising up.

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BANG BANG Nancy Sinatra

RISE UP Beyonce 2013  

Iced over in Toronto, MERRY CHRISTMAS, Happy Holidays from Tara Greene

Wow its been an incredible few days in Toronto. Mother Nature iced over Toronto and surrounding area and parts of the Eastern U.S. as well. Some are still without power and heat. I had hydro but no Internet or phone.

Toronto ice storm Tara Greene

The quintessential Canadian pic. Tim Horton’s a Canadian favourite coffee paper cup is iced to a frozen fire hydrant.


also a GRAND WATER TRINE is in effect

I think its one of the worst and most beautiful storms we’ve ever seen. The storm destroyed hundreds of trees splitting many of them right down the middle. Falling from the weight of the ice , the branches blocked roads and knocked down power lines created a chilly blackout for more than 300,000 people in the Toronto GTA. Many  thousands of people are still without power over 40 hours later and temperatures are dropping into the low 20’s Fahrenheit.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford won’t call it a state of emergency as the Transit systems are now moving. But the elderly are left in the dark with no heat. Some shelters are open and families are huddling together at places where there is power. Individuals are opening their doors to strangers and friends.

It was strange driving out on Sunday Dec 22 after the storm, It was so beautiful, but there were no traffic lights at any intersections and all the city was dark.. At the one shopping mall we went to in the East side of the city, people were sitting on the floor with their laptops and charging phones.

MERRY CHRISTMAS  Lets check out what the Christmas Astrology Cosmic weather is

Note this is set for Bethlehem Israel

Christmas Astrology Tara Greene

The CARDINAL Grand Cross is in effect!

NOTE the planets will remain in this aspect in to the New Year.

JAN 1st 2014 New Moon packs a particularly prophetic punch. Will write about that soon.  there will be a new AULD LANG SYNE.

THE SUN conjunct Mercury is also conjunct to Pluto. The POPE will make a historical speech.

I’m also feeling this as many spirits who have passed on are much easier to connect with. I am particularly tuning into Cory Monteith, the young Canadian Glee star who tragically passed away last summer. Also your dreams will be intense. Talk about LIVING COLOR. Also tuning into famous people, people with power, prestige. I had a lucid dream with Justin Bieber last night. He was wearing white, dressed casually in his house, he was very polite. We said we’d speak again. He’s just a 19 year old kid with too much money, fame and not enough edumacation as Homer Simpson would say.

Mercury at the critical last degree of Sagittarius- get your truth out.

Mercury enters Capricorn at 2:12 am PST. December 24

Your energy may feel bi-polar. WHOOPY cushion weather with Mars opposite Uranus. Pluto opposite Jupiter Retro  in Cancer.

Mars opposite Uranus creates crazy weather patterns. Expect upsets in travel plans pre, during and after Xmas. Dangers from electrical explosions, lightning, storms, tornadoes etc. Accidental shootings, unexpected chaos. Stay cool and mindful.

Do be careful with knives, candles, where you sit, choking on food, food poisoning and the like.

The VIRGO Moon is opposite CHIRON in PISCES.

Here is grand opportunity to walk your talk by not criticizing everything. Perfection doesn’t exist on the earth plane.

Try forgiving and forgetting this once and forever.

A lovely GRAND WATER TRINE between Jupiter Saturn and Chiron eases things up a bit.

Have a safe happy joyful Christmas and HOLIDAY SEASON.


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ICE ICE BABY- Vanilla Ice

Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth – Bing Crosby and David Bowie  

New years Eve, Times Square,Astrology forecast from Tara Greene

The last minute of 2011

New years Eve Astrology

just click on the image to see larger
I am in the Fortune Telling business. I take my work very seriously.
So, NEW Year’s Eve is a time for forgiveness, the scapegoat was let loose and everyone’s past transgressions, debts for seven years, old unfinished business was wrapped up for a new beginning. Singing Auld Lang Syne, etc, is  a tradition for New year.
So what’s this New year’s Eve look like? Well Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin here’s a head’s up.
I cast this Horoscope chart for the last minute of 2011.
In summary, a stay at home and allow the shadows out in PRIVATE what with the SUN, the ego/identity is at the very bottom of the chart, in Capricorn on the I.C. the cusp of the 4th house which symbolizes home, privacy, emotional security, and with Pluto only 3 degrees away from the sun bracketing that 4th house, that’s a POWER PACKED atomic connection. Pluto the Lord of Rebirth, shows a potential powerhouse of vitality, volcanic explosive energy, rejuvenation.
Trying to keep the secrets in the closet? g Yah right. Good luck. All closets will be opened and aired out tonight. Very powerful, power trips, the wolf in sheep’s clothing aspect.
The Moon symbolizing the PEOPLE, in all mundane charts, is the emotional pulse, the instinctual drive, the feelings, especially of women.
MOON is in ARIES, the 1st sign, the spiritual fire which engenders all New Life, renewal. The warrior sign, Moon is all sitting on the DC, the descendant, the 7th house cusp. Yes, when the Moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with MARS indeed!
The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius couldn’t be more appropriate and prophetic a song.
Moon on the 7th house cusp of marriage, relationships, and all “others.” indicates a highly revved up, action packed, potentially emotionally confrontational, potentially explosive and dangerous, martial toned, get your dukes up, New years Eve. Moon and Sun are Square to each other.
OVERALL MOOD- poised, tasteful, artistic,LIBRA ASCENDANT
The persona for the New Year is LIBRA sign of balance. people will be acting on their best most poised for the most part.
COMMUNICATIONS- chatty, good-humoured, optimistic
Mercury in Sagittarius in the 3rd house promises to be honest to a fault, lost of hoof in mouth oopsies, lots of chat, inspiring tall tales, some soap box, preaching too.
LOVE INDEX- freedom,weird, unexpected,expect the unexpected.
With Venus in Aquarius in the 5th house of LOVE AFFAIRS. 
Love the one you’re with is the theme song.
The evening promises to be weird, wild, wired and wacky. Much group consciousness, Aquarian, radical,  individualized, revolutionary. Try to remember those brilliant ideas,and the big picture inspiration you get.
The MEN- in the backroom,chatting and being critical,betting? taking care of business, coming out of the closet…
MARS the God of all things Masculine is in Virgo in the 12th house
the Sign of perfectionists, accountants, control freaks, and critics. Make sure everything is perfect or else you will hear about it, especially as alcohol loosens them up. The guys will be business minded, earthy, and may get very melancholy.
Mars is Squaring Mercury-
Maybe a lot of gossiping, criticizing. Be careful to watch your mouth, or pay later.
JUPITER planet of Optimism, good humour, plenty, risk-taking, inspiration,adventure, truth, the James Bond type of planet is at Zero degrees of  earthy, sensual, Taurus in the 7th house of marriage and committed relationships.
The party needs to be a big feast for the eye ear, olfactory, all senses. Jupiter in Taurus is  bacchanal,an orgiastic, Dionysian type of party.
Make sure you have excellent food and fine wine.
SIDENOTE: *LILLITH conjunct Jupiter
The shadow Goddess, the forgotten one, the scorned one, the original woman before Eve, similar to KALI, is symbolized by an asteroid. There is a complexity around Lillith for the sake of simplicity let’s just note that she s at 1 degree of Taurus conjunct Jupiter.
Lillith refused to be used as a sexual/inhuman way by Adam. She refused to subject Herself to  his patriarchal treatment and left Paradise voluntarily. For refusing to reconcile at all, she was demonized, as a harpy, a demoness, a child-killer. Lillith in the Old Testament represents the original religion of Gossess worship and the transition to Patriarchy. Lillith is men’s greatest and deepest darkest secret fear. Which is their own fear of being vulnerable, or being rejected and abandoned by the Feminine, of being unable to control her own power, her self-esteem,her original wild independent and self-contained,side. For without women’s love,co-operation, all is death. The Hindus and the Tibetans honour the dark feminine Goddess,She who brings death as well as Life. She who is all powerful, She who is Nature. OK.
 What she symbolizes here is an expansion of the independent feminine energy who refuses to allow herself to be a Man Toy. So guys better treat your date right or she will walk out on you and leave you flat tonight.
FORMAT -balance, good taste, traditional,being the perfect host, fashion
Saturn in Libra in the 1st house symbolizes a conservative structure.
Formalizing, martinis, whiskey, a historical feel. Saturn is exalted in Libra so being the perfect host/hostess is tantamount. Making your guests feel comfortable is your purpose. A lot of checking out what others are wearing, smell like, drinking, fashionistas on parade tonight.
Saturn is opposite Jupiter-play hard, work hard
This represents a cycle which began 14-15 years ago and longer if you are older, 28-29 years ago. Auld Lang Syne indeed. This can indicate old flames appearing. Major karmic choices being decided on.
I’ll stop there, as enuf said for now.
The way we leave a year is also the way we begin the Next. All deaths are rebirths. All ends are new beginnings.  So this chart also symbolizes the New year. Nothing major will change in one minute.
Use this chart as a reference point for your own natal horsoscope.
I will comment about each sign for 2012 shortly.
I take my work very seriously, people come to me from all walks of life and backgrounds. I help advise them about love, family, career, health, loved ones who’ve passed on, future choices, investments, business decisions,moves, their pets. People trust me with their lives. I am a Metaphysician. Metta in Pali, the language the Buddha taught in means loving kindness.
If you’d like me to help advise you on your 2012 path. Just ask.