Kaboom Libra New Moon changes everything

The New Moon in LIBRA Oct 19th is a chaotic breakthrough time.

Libra New Moon astrology

LIBRA sign of balance justice peace love and equality










It promises to be a wild crazy chaotic New Moon. 

You want crazy with your crazy?

The SUN and MOON oppose shocking planet URANUS @ 26+ degrees LIBRA/ARIES @ 12:11 pm PDT/3:11 pm EDT/7:11 pm GMT

Sun and Moon in Libra want to keep things smooth and nice striving for relationship harmony with balance with grace. The opposition with URANUS planet of quick change-ups unexpected chaos revolution freedom and independence in ARIES make very odd and not compatible bedfellows. 

Relationships will be topsy-turvy. Choas is the new black. 

The GRAND FIRE TRINE is burning on

from URANUS in ARIES to SATURN in SAGITTARIUS with LILITH and the NORTH NODE in LEO  and I daresay the fires in Northern California and now in Portugal may be symptomatic. 

The fires of change are already lit.

The SUN and Moon are conjunct to beneficial Fixed STAR SPICA in the Constellation of VIRGO at 23 degrees LIBRA Tropical. This Star brings out good fortune benevolence and riches. It is a Mars-Venus Star according to Ptolemy an ancient Astronomer/astrologer and has a balanced androgynous influence as well. Virgo is the sign of the virgin Goddess who belongs to no man and who is whole and complete unto herself. We see the sign that women are speaking out about rape and sexual abuses at this time to find more equality with men. This can also indicate a new balance in transgender issues and also some health difficulties as well this is VIRGO sign of health. 

LILITH is exactly on the GALACTIC CENTER with SATURN squaring MARS in VIRGO with Chiron in Pisces in a Mutable T-square

Lilith who is the Original Woman before Eve is the independent woman who refused to have anything to do with ADAM as he tried to sexually dominate her. She left Paradise to be alone rather than allow herself to be treated that way. The issue of women being dominated by men and being treated like servants and the buried wounds which are being spoken now exactly mirrors these aspects. Saturn and Lilith in Sagittarius are telling it like it is. 

VENUS the planetary ruler of the New Moon is in Libra her masculine sign 

She is the point of a YOD between her inconjunct{150 degree aspect}  to her Higher Octave Neptune Retrograde in PISCES and ATHENA the Amazonian warrior Goddess in TAURUS the other sign Venus rules.

This aspect indicates that we must focus on creating a balance between the independent strategist Amazon Athena with the unconditional love of Neptune and being fully human.  Things may seem difficult in relationships now but we are clarifying our values our hearts and how we want to love and be loved.

JUPITER and MERCURY are in conjunction in SCORPIO

Speak the truth from your soul. Jupiter gives us courage and delivers inspirational soul testimonies to help all of us transform our lives.

Pluto in Capricorn is squaring Vesta in LIBRA exact October21

PLUTO the Lord of death-rebirth and transformation is squaring VESTA the Goddess of inVESTments in LIBRA. What is your soul invested in? What does your soul need to bring balance and harmony into your relationships? These are the questions to ask at the New Moon.

Some words of prophecy from John Sandbach 

“Nothing is set in stone here – everything can be changed. This degree is refreshingly open and can help others to make changes they may have never thought themselves capable of making. They are difficult, though, to pin down, and can frustrate other people sometimes by their lack of definiteness and certainty. Keeping options open and alive is their forte.”

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A black leopard beneath a full moon.” This degree has an intense awareness of its own emotional needs and is determined to get them fulfilled. This only becomes negative when the needs it is aware of are not the true, life-sustaining ones, but rather those that fulfill a dysfunctional agenda.

There is a great awareness here of selfishness, both one’s own as well as the selfishness of others. How much better to be aware of this than to deny or repress those impulses! If this degree can realize the great spiritual importance of giving to others, and that karmically this is the only way to ultimately gain self-fulfillment, then the tremendous power of desire it has can be harnessed and used to further the evolution of both self and others.

Pleiadian Symbol: Above a city angels waiting for humans to contact them. 
This symbol reminds of one of my favorite movies Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders which won the Palme D’Or in 1987.

Azoth Symbol: Hidden in books are memory chips which contain other books.
Seed degree: Aquarius 19. Suddenly a woman laughs, not knowing why. (Omega Symbol). Knowing that all is capable of change and that everything is open, we experience a joy and exhilaration which is connected to the whole of life rather than necessarily focused on anything specific.

Loud crushing noises as a glacier moves. (Chandra Symbol). The force and intensity of our own emotions awaken us to the need to find a way of fulfilling them.

Fulfillment degree: Gemini 18. A magician gives to the wind messages which are to be delivered. (Omega Symbol). When we realize that everything is open-ended and capable of change, we do what we have to do and say what we have to say, knowing that the message of it will be delivered to wherever it needs to go.

A book with blank pages. (Omega Symbol). When we get in touch with our deepest needs we are able to understand and hence fulfill them, which clears a space in which creativity can express itself.


Stop and create a ritual at this New Moon to find inner balance. Begin Anew. Allow change to be your friend and guide. 

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U.S. government shutdown- A Hard Day’s Night Astrology

Well they picked a perfect day to call a debt ceiling and shut down the government in Astrology.  The Leo Moon’s is Void of course, drifting  across Fixed Star Regulus now at Zero degrees Virgo. Starting anything on a Void of course Moon is always a big no-no. Those Republicans would do well to consult with a knowledgable astrologer who would advise them against this timing.  The Traditional equation is “nothing good will come of this.”

The Moon symbolizing the instincts, moods and emotions of the people was just all rankled up with that Leo Moon/Mars conjunction. Hopping mad! We aren’t gonna take this anymore.  The instinct is to cut the  royal privilege and get with humble Virgo accountability.

Virgo, sign of “servants” traditionally,  humble, salt of the earth hard-working folks. What all great empires are built on.

It’s been a Hard day’s Night.

The Beatles U.S. Astrology tara Greene

The Republican’s Get the brilliant idea to shut down the government

Mercury, the fleet-footed one is already in shadow territory slowing down before turning Retrograde on  October 21.  Mercury, Virgo’s planetary ruler is in Scorpio now- being silent, watching, uncovering secrets, researching, pulling power punches, and

on October 1 -Trine Neptune- ruler of DEBT, wouldn’t you  know. Ding. Ding.

The Markets will plunge but they do this each and every October. So don’t jump out of any buildings yet. I was in L.A. on Black Monday in October 1987, it was horrible walking around Beverly Hills. But we recovered.

Then Virgo- hard working nitpicking perfectionistic Moon opposes Neptune -the real vs. the unreal, unseen, unaccountable, illusion.. Who is counting? 
Virgo moon sextiles Mercury- ok lets get down to this accounting, accountability thing. In your personal life too.

Then SUN Squares PLUTO in Capricorn. Libra Sun needs to strike a balance, be fair, to incorporate corporate Plutocrats. Squared off means- no side budges/budgets.

But tomorrow is another day said Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind. Libra is a an AIR SIGN.

Oct 2 Saturn Trines Chiron – Scorpio is insurance, which is lobbying against Obamacare and ruthlessly raking non tax payers over the coals till they weep.

Virgo Moon Trines Pluto- get a goal and stick with it for 5 years straight.

Virgo moon opposes Chiron- cry all you want that doesn’t fill the debt coffers.

Virgo Moon sextiles Saturn- well we can try to rationalize some solution.

Virgo Moon quincunx’s Uranus- those Darn republicans are so staunchly conservative, They don’t believe in caring for your fellow citizen.

SUN quincunx Chiron-Lots of give and take, but no prize yet…

Virgo Moon sextiles Jupiter in Cancer- float a higher debt ceiling, pinch some pennies here and there but children still need care.

On a personal level. Saturn Trine Chiron can produce beautiful new transformational healing journeys. Let yourself cry, unburden yourself. No one has to be a martyr. 

Neither toot nitpicky nor too over idealistic be.

That Libra Sun will negotiate some kind of deal as there is a New Moon OCTOBer 4 at 11 degrees Libra exactly Square to the U.S. of A.’s SUN at 12 degrees Cancer.



well is this ANARCHY then?

THERE’S NO MORE I, ME Mine, That was the mantra that came up today in conversation with my Better half today.

Yah I like that.  What do you think? Everything feels “CUSPY” to me. 


I am obsessed with writing for you dear readers.

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Peter Sellers-A Hard Day’s Night  and The Beatles – We can Work it out