Chiron Turns Direct December 23, on a New Moon

For the past five months since July 19 Chiron has been Retrograde in ARIES

from 16 degrees 26 ‘Aries to 11 degrees 56 minutes turning stationary Direct NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS.

It will take until April 16,2023 until Chiron trots ahead past his Retrograde Stationary degree from July 19.

During this period we were working on the deepest healing of our wounds by surrendering to them. The truest and strongest heroes must be able to also be vulnerable and lay down their arms and their shields and their guns.

The greatest strength is being vulnerable. There is no war except our internal split between matter and spirit. To keep defending ourselves against our own pain is futile.

Look to The Sabian Symbol for 12 degrees ARIES for direction. Is ” A triangular shaped flock of geese.

An idealistic reliance upon a mental image of universal order. “- read the full description

Heroic Toxic masculinity started thousands of years ago at the start of the Age of Aries when the Old Testament began, the monotherist world domination of Judaism declared an inherent insecure position by trying to conquer and control the Great Mother, to split off from Mother Earth and natural instincts, intuition and man’s own Inner Divine Feminine. The warrior, Colonialism, capitalism and top-down survival of the fittest, the illusion of the individual stems from the masculine biological competitive nature, but this is not all of what a man is. Hierarchies are woven into our culture so we think they are natural but they are not.

A true warrior knows when to be vulnerable and intimate and honor his own nurturing Divine Feminine and to honor it in women and to create real intimacy and joy in relationships.

CHIRON was a wise healer in Greek Mythology. Part centaur, part human, part immortal, in Greek mythology he was a revered figure and taught the human Asclepius the arts of healing. There were numerous healing temples in ancient Greece founded by Asclepius based on Chiron’s teachings. There temples healed using plant medicines and dreams.

Modern medicine honors Chiron and Asclepius by using the same symbol of healing, the Caduceus, a symbol with a short staff entwined by two serpents, sometimes surmounted by wings while the Rod of Asclepius has a single snakeChiron is immortalized as the Constellation Centaurus. He was discovered November 1, 1977.

This 5 month period was to work on and heal our own TOXIC MASCULINITY, and our anger in general which is intergenerational PTSD anger, our instinctive defences and any walls we have put up to being intimate within others and with ourselves. There is unconscious toxic anger and defence against being open and intimate. Men have been taught to be warriors strong silent loners independent and women have been taught to be vulnerable, dependent and weak. Venus was originally the Goddess of LOVE & WAR. Therefore MARS must also have a Strong warrior and A passionate lover and defender of Venus.

Now you can move forwards with a more holistic understanding of the wounds and be more open and vulnerable. Prince Harry speaking about his vulnerability on the Netflix documentary is a major example of this.

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Prince Harry Astrology Predictions 2020-2021

Prince Harry 2020-2021 Astrology

Prince Harry 2020-2021 Astrology

Prince Harry’s 2020 has been a HUGE year of changes for him already. It’s all in DIVINE TIMING as SATURN, the planet of testing, obstacles, maturity, fathers, endings, buildings, businesses and reality entered AQUARIUS March 21/22 GMT square his Natal Pluto at 0 SCORPIO. Pluto symbolizes the soul and psyche, deep emotional endings, death, rebirth and Phoenix-like transformation, in his 9th House of foreigners, teaching, philosophy, optimism and International affairs. This is around the time the Prince and wife Meghan moved from Vancouver Island to California. They have since bought a permanent multi-million dollar home in July in Montecito near Santa Barbara.

Turning 36 is also an archetypal year as it is half of 72 the number of years it takes for a star to move 1 degree and is also one half of 144. This is all biblical Hebraic Numerology.

NOTE that JUPITER and SATURN meet at 0 AQUARIUS on December 21, 2020 ushering in a brand new 20-year era for everyone. This fortunate balancing act of expansion and restriction will square Harry’s natal PLUTO. The next 20 years for Harry is to revolutionize business by working with mental health, ensoulment, teachings, revolution, groups, networking, organizations and MEDIA in a Higher consciousness way. Aquarius is considered the “higher octave” of Mercury,the planet of communications and hi-tech, the Net. like. Netflix.  This expands Harry’s brand and broad appeal. Harry has reinvented himself. It’s an entirely new lifestyle and Brand new Brand which is and will be bringing Harry and Meghan more freedom Aquarius’s main theme, wealth and power than he ever had as head of new worldwide organizations. This combo is very fortunate for Harry and for everyone and everything Bitcoin included with planets at or near 0 degrees of all FIXED SIGNS, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.


Jupiter is the planet of fertility and expansion so a new addition to the Duke and Duchess’s family is definitely on the list in 2020-2021. Since writing this article sadly Meghan and Harry lost a baby to a miscarriage in July 2020. Meghan was under hard aspects due to Pluto opposing Meghan’s24 degree Cancer Mothering rising sign and Hard aspects to her Natal Pluto at 21 degrees LIBRA as well as difficult hard aspect from Saturn transiting back into Capricorn after stepping into Aquarius. 

Saturn is the Reality principle, The ringed planet governs architecture, buildings, career, long term plans, Taxes, endings and fatherhood and karma. This is a firm foundation and a brand new reality for the Prince and his family. Taxes may prove to be a difficult challenge.

PLUTO governs Scorpio, the sign of deep emotional transformation, power, wealth, other people’s money, inheritance, taxes, secrets and control. Pluto is still a planet to Astrologers and is the great emotional and psyche transforming planet, It recycles everything that is outworn to make them usable again. It is the planet which along with Saturn rules Death, Rebirth and Major changes. It’s obvious that Harry has left the Royal building behind for good because it was so Toxic, because of his Mother Princess Diana’s death and the way the press treated Meghan.

Harry has CHIRON, the Wounded Healer where he is the most vulnerable, in GEMINI which rules the lungs, opposite Uranus in Sagittarius, which rules the Media, foreigners, freedom, unexpected chaos from the press, air travel, teaching square his MERCURY in VIRGO which governs Virgo health and also the Sign of Gemini. With Chiron in his 5th house of children, who he obviously adores, and his own childlike innocence and awe about the world.

Harry is a VIRGO and they tend to worry about everything, are intelligent, health oriented, perfectionists and workaholics, very duty-bound to serve others. The change in his diet to a healthier lifestyle should be very beneficial to him.

Later this year December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will both square Harry’s natal Pluto in Scorpio again when the combine at 0 Aquarius is a positive thing for the next 20 years for Harry indicating he will be in power as head of new worldwide organizations.

NEPTUNE the planet which rules HOLLYWOOD, images, photography, gurus, glamour, addictions, spirituality, idealism, harities, compassion, rooting for the underdog, mental health, working behind the scenes,is moving in to Oppose Harry’s VIRGO SUN. Its totally literal that he lives near Hollywood now and will be working with Movie stars and influencers like Oprah Winfrey and living like a Movie Star to highlight those who have been neglected, himself he will always have glamour and projection on him. Setting up a new chaity Archwell is also part of Harry’s philanthropic ideals. 

THE SOUTH NODE in SAGITTARIUS recently crossed Harry’s NEPTUNE as well when they sign the Big $100 million dollar multi-year deal with Netflix. Neptune is the planet of actors, illusions, magic, spirituality and his past life indicating his old life as Prince Harry is a past philosophy and role he playes.

I hope Harry, Archie and Meghan and the new baby are all well. Sending them blessings.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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Stranger Things Astrology. Today’s anniversary

If you are a Stranger Things fan and there are millions of us out there.

November 6th should ring a bell. No?

November 6, 1983, was the day the Eleven encountered a creature in the Upside Down Dimension and inadvertently opened the gate from that dimension into ours in Hawkins Indiana.

Let’s look at where the planets and stars were on that date 34 years ago today for synchronistic details and more info.

Stranger Things Upside Down dimension gate opened

Stranger Things. Upside Down Dimension opened Nov. 6, 1983 by 11

It’s Scorpio Season the most mysterious dark underworldly time of the year. The veils between the worlds are thinnest now and the shadows; our fears and the monsters in our own unconscious confront us.

Scorpio is the sign of research; echoing both the underhanded top secret MKULTRA experiments being done at Hawkins National Laboratories on Eleven  8 and thousands of other patients in psychiatric wards and hospitals and other unknown locations. 

Scorpio is also the sign of detective work and  Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair and Dustin Henderson as well as Will’s Mom Joyce Byers, Chief Jim Hopper, Nancy Wheeler, and Jonathan Byers and tries to figure out whats going on.


PLUTO the historical Lord of The Underworld and symbolized the collective unconscious is at zero degrees SCORPIO the sign it rules in modern astrology indicating this is a new journey for the soul. This is a Quadruple SCORPIO energy. Four times the intensity; obsessing over darkness the shadowy monsters; and the psyche tunneling literally. 

MARS the ruler of SCORPIO is at 23 degrees of Virgo conjunct to VENUS at 27. Mars in VIRGO is all about the details. You have to pay attention to every one of them on this show. Mars the warrior hero energy is very earthy grounded humble and hard working. 11 carries that kind of down to earth simple folk heroic energy in her as do all of the characters.

Mars and VENUS together show that combination of the masculine and feminine energies.11 and the mother Joyce Byers are really the strongest heroines in the show. All of the lead women are very strong characters.

The MOON symbolizes the mother, in this case, Joyce Byers and is focused on the strength of the Mother and of all women. The Moon is emotions feelings instincts and the moods and unconscious memories is at 8 degrees SAGITTARIUS.


The electrical energy theme is shown in a number of ways. Unwitting subjects of MK-ULTRA were given shock treatments which is what happened to 11’s mother. The power gets stronger when the monsters and 11 connect. Will is able to communicate through electric lights from the Upside Down Dimension to his mother with them. 

Moon Uranus is the marker of unique people. Strong individuals who mark to their own drummers and do their own things. Everyone in the story is this type of individual. Moon and Uranus are also conjunct to JUPITER the planet of higher knowledge education optimism faith expansion and International flavor at 13 degrees SAGITTARIUS.  

JUPITER is conjunct to the GREAT ATTRACTOR at 13 degrees SAGITTARIUS. This place is the most massive unknown force in the universe that we know of. It bends light. Doesn’t this sound like an UPSIDE DOWN Dimensional spot to you?

JUPITER the GREAT ATTRACTOR Moon URANUS and the SOUTH NODE of the MOON @ 16 degrees SAGITTARIUS are all interconnected very tightly.

This is a quintuple SAGITTARIUS energy. The monsters from the Upside down have a head with a mouth segmented into 5 parts. 

NEPTUNE the planet of HIGHER DIMENSIONS is exactly on the Galactic Center the black hole or void at the center of our galaxy where all souls enter into and exit from. It is the real gateway to the beyond. 

NEPTUNE allows us to cross over into other worlds with our imaginations and our psychic abilities. This is what 11 has developed to a great degree. Neptune is square a 90-degree angle to VENUS and MARS in VIRGO. This indicated that this date symbolically is aligned with a balance of the male/female energies of the universe.

VESTA the Goddess of focus and the root word of investments is at 28 degrees GEMINI opposite NEPTUNE the planet of creativity artistry imagination soul mates and is squaring Venus-Mars in VIRGO. This indicated the mental focus and dexterity of the writing. Gemini is the sign of youth of writers and advertisers and literally of the TWINS who created the show. This is literally a symbol of the brainchild of the Duffer Brothers with a terrific imagination who shopped a very simple pitch {Virgo} to Netflix and got ground sourced support to do whatever they imagined.

CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER the one who is wounded but who by surviving earns the right to be a shaman who can travel through the upper middle and lower worlds. This certainly is 11.

Chiron is at 1 degree GEMINI a detached air sign which rules young people and the enquiring mind. Chiron is conjunct to HADES at 2 degrees GEMINI.

Hades is HELL  and again is another form of the underworld which Pluto rules. The underworld or Upside Down DImension is one and the same. HADES is the fear of death the scary monster whether under our bed lives in our imaginations as the shadow and in STRANGER THINGS appears in the small fictional town of Hawkins Indiana where nothing ever happens. 

This shows the Wounded Healer herself comes from a Hellish place her whole childhood. It is this terrible Hell which also gives her the ability to destroy the monsters. 

Chiron and HADES are opposite the URANUS and the MOON

This serves as a symbol of the Moon’s function which is the Mother Joyce Byers fighting unrelentingly for her son Will’s life and the unique strong independent feminine forces 11  and Nacy Wheeler which faces off with the monsters.  

The Duffer brothers who conceived of write and produce the show were born Feb 15, 1984. They are fraternal twins and are Aquarians. I haven’t gotten into their birth charts yet. But I find it fascinating synchronicity how the date of the Upside Down Dimension opening reflects every element in the show’s structure from its nature to the plot development. The Duffers psychically tuned into the meaning of the planets. The planets impelled them to write it. I wish I had the characters birth dates then we could do some even greater sleuthing. 

Stranger THINGS may be the most popular and successful shows on NETFLIX right now.  I find it fascinating that SATURN the planet of karma longevity seriousness history and structure is transiting to square the Venus-Mars in Virgo conjunction from 34 years ago and is heading to a conjunction with NEPTUNE in SAGITTARIUS on the Galactic center on November 17.

If it is your birthday today. Happy Birthday and know that you may have come into the earth plane from another dimension. 

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Get out of jail time, Inspirational Astrology

As I am away I thought it best to do an overview of the week.

some major moves and movies this week:

MERCURY is in LEO now so say it LOUD and PROUD 

speak from your heart, roar your passion, Tell it like it is from your heart,

Tell it to my heart, dramatic communications, messages, think with courage take a giant leap

see your life as a movie, theatre, give it a title. NAME YOUR MOVIE

Years ago when I  did that bit of psychological spiritual exercise my birth movie title was Born To Be Bad.

Aug 4 Scorpio continues with serious karmuppance with a Saturn Moon conjunction

Stinger Moon trines Chiron and VENUS in CANCER= great healing, forgive all mothers, women, artists.

Moon enters optimistic SAGITTARIUS Aug 5  like the WHEEL OF FORTUNE in the TAROT 

SATURN TRINES CHIRON – 16 degrees Scorpio/Pisces  = SUPER HEALING

MEDITATE on compassion, healing, self forgiveness,

releasing all ancient wounds held in the 12th house- the house of the unconscious, the collective emotional {water} spiritual ocean filled with baggage. Just like the real ocean is filled with trash too.

Saturn the Grim Reaper is the Karmic Cosmic Cop and he DOES NOT TRINE CHIRON VERY OFTEN. Like once every 10 years! He will write you a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card for you. So JUST DO IT already! do it, release all your old karmic agreements of revenge, self-undoing, unconsciousness.

Monopoly Get out of jail Tara Greene

Inspirational Card of the Day 

YOU get to have your sentence shortened. YES YOU get to liberate yourself.

If you watch ORANGE  IS THE NEW BLACK and who doesn’t?

Even I’ve gotten into it and i am not a TV watcher.

In Season 2 EPISODE 1 which is as far as I’ve watched, 

The new inmate Mazall, who Piper is with at the Chicago prison for the trial is totally into ASTROLOGY.

She has a real astrology chart in the show for Piper, she did it by hand, something most astrologers don’t do these days.

I did find it great that they feature astrology but the inmate appears crazy and licks Piper’ s face to get her time of birth.

so this makes the equation that anyone interested in Astrology is crazy and a criminal to boot

Too bad. Someone said all PR is good PR but I don’t think so.

So ITNB is the super hit show. I have Piper Chapman’s birth date in the show as June 7 1981 11:42 am Connecticut. but where? I’m curious to figure that out. Another article that needs to be written.

Yes would you like that dear readers?


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