Everyone on earth could be a billionaire from Asteroid Psyche

Super rich asteroid PSYCHE # 16 in astrology has riches in platinum and gold that would make everyone on earth a Billionaire. That’s my kind of Age of Aquarius hi-tech energy and humanitarianism.

yes that the same Psyche who had to go through all the tasks and trials to find true love with Eros in the Greek Myths. Psyche means soul and is the root world of psychology and psychic energy which means soul energy. 

Nasa is sending a probe out to this Asteroid in 2022. 

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A good day to land on Mars

Mars will get a new visitor Monday, November 26 if all goes well. NASA  InSight will spacecraft will attempt to land on the red planet after a six-month, 300 million-mile/480 million-kilometer journey collaborating with the European Space Agency and costing $1 billion. LIVE STREAMING at 2:00 pm ET 


Earth’s success rate at Mars is only 40 percent which includes planetary flybys dating back to the early 1960s, and orbiters and landers. But that’s still better than anyone else.

The most nail-biting stressful tensest time for flight controllers in California is the 6 minutes from the time the spacecraft enters Mars atmosphere until touchdown. These scientists also have superstitions. They have jars of peanuts on hand a good luck thing dating back to the 1964 successful Ranger 7 Moon mission. I guess to work in NASA’s flight control room you have to ensure you have no peanut allergies.

Astrologically whats are the chances?

What are the odds Astrologically on the Best day of 2018? Who says NASA doesn’t secretly use Astrology Western or Sidereal? Sun and Jupiter are aligned in any system today by declination 20 degrees South.

Mars INsight Landing November 26 2018 astrology

the Planet Mars itself is in PISCES in the 12th house of hidden enemies. Maybe Martians will appear and attack the spacecraft. Mars in Pisces is the sign of dreamers, illusionists, addictions.

But because this is such a big positive day with Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius the sign of space travel good luck and benefits squaring Mars in Pisces, it looks like NASA consciously or unconsciously chose this date. Remember that the two “planets” are at the same declination. 20 degrees south.

MARS is the ruler of the Ascendant in Aries

We are focussed on the target.

Remember this is also a Mercury Retrograde. There will be communications snafu’s.

SATURN the planet of limitations obstacles and testing, however, is sitting right on the MC of the beginning of the Mars landing chart at 7 degrees Capricorn which is sextiling Mars that’s a good thing but also a bad thing. Saturn brings tests but also brings rewards for long hard work and its been 6 years since the last Mars landing so I believe they will succeed. technitians working on the project have spent 7 years working on this project which is Saturn’s magic number.

The Moon is in Cancer which governs the people in general astrologically and is the sign of the USA. The North Node of the Moon at 28 degrees Cancer, is the highest future intention or spiritual goal is conjunct with the Moon, which looks like many people are seeing Mars as their future home.

The Moon is the focus of a T-square between Uranus, the planet of space and revolution ruler of hi tech which is what this effort is based on n Aries at the last 29th-degree Retrograde opposite Venus in Libra which she rules the sign of balance squaring the moon and the North Node. This is a critically important Mars landing.


I guess Elon Musk may get his wish. Musk is a Cancer himself the sign of the home, and family of emotional security has his Natal Mars in Aquarius conjunct his North Node. Musk has his Saturn at 1 degree Gemini opposite Jupiter at 27 Scorpio conjunct Neptune at 1-degree Sagittarius,which means Musk is also benefitting from the lucky Sun Jupiter conjunction too.

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Fireball-Sun conjunct Mars

Sun in Leo conjunct Mars Astrology Tara Greene

That Leo Prideful SUN conjuncts big Macho MARS July 26 @ 4+ degrees of LEO. This marks a new cycle of action passion desires will strength courage creativity and drive for about the next two years. Are you ready?

 A conjunction is a conception a seeding. This one is totally testosterone Regal. Gotta love the Divine Masculine. Hail to the chief. Remember that every woman also has her inner Divine masculine. This is the action in the world part of a woman. She listens to her feelings and intuition first then her inner King on bent knee says “I will make it happen.”

Leo is the SUN KING the Golden source LIGHT of all Lights the biggest STAR in our SUN system. Leo and the SUN symbolize and are head honcho. Fiercely masculine all about drive spark sexuality. Mars ruler of Men war passion sex defenses and the SUN in LEO create a seminal moment.  “All the King’s Men. “

Leo, Prince of Wands, Tara Greene

Prince of Wands LEO fiery symbol Thoth Tarot 

Check out where 4+ degree of LEO is in your natal chart to see where this new all macho flash of light triggers the action in your natal chart. 

I often find that hindsight in Astrology helps us to understand how it works as it is all about cycles. 

The SUN and MARS last conjoined on June 14, 2015, @ 23 degrees GEMINI which brings in a more intellectual and information driven explosion. This is close to where Saturn is opposite to now. You may want to look back at what was happening in your life then that is being tested weighed out and reaped karma since then.

Before that the Sun + Mars joined up on April 18, 2013, at 29 degrees ARIES a triple fire initiation event. The element that the conjunction occurs in colors its meaning of course. The last degree of Aries or any sign is always considered to be critical. The Boston Marathon bombing happened three days later.  Was there also an explosive or traumatic event in your life at that time?  What was initiated then? 

Note that planet URANUS is also sitting on that 29th degree right now. PLanets leave ghost point tracks all over the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. Every time a planet crosses one the old energy imprint is still there. 

This Firey firey firey conjunction may create many sparks some very literal.

ALwayd DANGER OF FIRES this is super heated. Volcanic explosions solar flares etc.

This can range from Leaders getting fired upon in the news. War situations heating up and big battles between Super Powers and those in power. Shout outs competition wars lots of bragging and over the top gaudy opulence. LEO likes DRAMA. 

If you are born  July 24-26 you will feel this energy very intensely. This also  affects early FIXED SIGNS of SCORPIO- which JUPITER will further blow up in October. Early Taurus peeps will feel the urge to roar and get competitive. Early AQUARIUS peeps will need to step into the center stage. 

Cities and countries mainly affected by this SOL/ MARS conjunction

The city of NEW YORK founded July 26, 1788, Happy 229th Birthday!!!

Warsaw Poland  July 26, 1376. The Dutch Republic July 26, 1581.

The Central Intelligence Agency born July 26, 1947.  FBI July 26, 1908

Other LEO countries not necessarily at early Leo Degrees: Afghanistan France Italy Sicily Macedonia Romania  Bolivia Ivory Coast Indonesia NORTH KOREA Pakistan Ukraine Singapore. 

ALSO NOTING: ISRAEL with its LEO MOON at exactly 4+ degrees of LEO. Israeli’s are known as the Lion of Judah. Things are always hot and warlike in this country and this conjunction may be a trigger for much worse violence. 


Mick Jagger  Kevin Spacey of House of Cards Fame- which I am totally into these days. Sandra Bullock  Helen Mirren

The Oracle symbols for this degree by John Sandbach

“Leo 5. Through narrow, winding streets, a man is following a mysterious woman.  Manifesting/Inspired. (Degree Angel: Nanael (NA-na-El) No Agenda, Spiritual Communication)

You have a burning desire to know what is at the core of things, to understand the hidden aspects of reality, which of course means the hidden aspects of yourself. This curiosity can lead you to many places – both within and without – and take you far afield from the familiar. You tend to be without plans – your only agenda being to go wherever you sense the ever-elusive truth is leading you.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A seemingly young man, but with gray hair.” Certain aspects of you are far more developed and wise than are others. Of course, there is also part of you that will never grow up, and this eternal youth and naivete is wonderful and can serve and enhance the purposes of the wise old one within. What is important is that these two aspects of self grow more and more to love one another to enhance the joy and wisdom they have to impart.

Pleiadian Symbol: Rocks which, by their shape, seem like people who look down from a great height.

Azoth Symbol: Seekers arrive at a holy city.

Seed degree: Taurus 23. Inside a tornado a spiral staircase. (Omega Symbol). Finding our center in the midst of the intensity and distraction of outer experience we are able to seek and eventually connect with our inner, intuitive self – the source of all wisdom. 

A salamander glowing red-orange. (Chandra Symbol). Recognizing the wonder of our own individual uniqueness we realize that we hold within us an eternal wisdom that transcends time. “

Mars Sun conjunction Astronomy Tara Greene


Mars -Solar Conjunction

Every day for over two decades, the U.S. has had a presence at Mars, using spacecraft to understand this extreme world and its potential as a past or present habitat for life. During that time, all spacecraft have become virtually incommunicado for about two weeks every two years. The reason is solar conjunction. Solar conjunction is the period when Earth and Mars, in their eternal march around the Sun, are obscured from each other by the fiery orb of the Sun itself. Like dancers on either side of a huge bonfire, the two planets are temporarily invisible to each other.

The solar conjunction moratorium on commanding will be July 22 to Aug. 1, 2017.

Mission controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory respond in a variety of ways. They turn off some instruments.  No one attempts to send new instructions to Mars during solar conjunction. It’s impossible to predict what information might be lost due to interference from charged particles from the Sun, and that lost information could potentially endanger the spacecraft. Instead, prior to solar conjunction, engineers send two weeks’ worth of instructions and wait.” https://mars.nasa.gov/allaboutmars/nightsky/solar-conjunction/

I hope that the Sun Mars conjunction initiates a great golden fire of love so bright and strong courageous and daring that you become the source of Light for your self and everyone around you.

For all the men in the world, your highest expression of the Masculine is to be the Light Warriors. Protecting and defending the Divine Feminine and opening your own hearts in strength and vulnerability in service to Love and not war.

Be safe don’t play with matches.

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Quantum conscious leap, double solar eclipse from space

September 1st Solar eclipse as seen from space was a rare Double eclipse of the sun by the earth and the Moon. This creates a quantum consciousness leap.

September 1st as seen from space, NASA’S SOLAR DYNAMICS OBSERVATORY  SDO caught a rare double eclipse when the Earth and Moon lined up recently blocking its view of the Sun. In the video the Earth passes between the SDO and the Sun first while light from the Sun is distorted by the Earth’s atmosphere, making our planet’s edge look fuzzy. Just as the Sun reappears from behind the Earth, the Moon also finishes its transit in front of the Sun. As it has no atmosphere, the edges of the Moon look crisp and sharply defined in comparison with the Sun.

While this unique double eclipse was only visible from space it symbolizes a profoundly important symbolic and spiritual event. It is a quantum consciousness leap as the two feminine bodies, our Earth and the Moon block and change the Electro Magnetic Frequencies from the SUN while it occurred. This signifies the return of the Goddess energies. We absorbed these changes in EMF’s during the Virgo Tropical, LEO SIDEREAL eclipse. This amps up our HIQ. Higher Intelligence Quotient. Did you feel it? 

On a spiritual level, the Sun, planets, and other stars like Arcturus, Sirius, Lyra, and Pleiadian all contain spiritual teachers who note and sense this shift in the Light frequencies. These shifting frequencies affect and uplift everyone’s consciousness and frequencies simultaneously. The Galactic Center, Super Galactic Center, other Black holes, quasars, masers, and the Great Attractor all noted our progress like seismographs note earthquakes.

Do pay Attention to accelerated and heightened growth. Really pay attention to your dreams and to synchronicity. When you meditate tune into the Higher galactic frequencies to tap into the greater picture.

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Pisces solar eclipse, Tara Greene

Aquarius eccentric, Non eclipse, Full Moon

August 18th Full Moon is eccentric, electric shocking and awesome.

Aug. 18 @ 2:26 am PDT/ 5:26 am EDT/ 9:26 am GMT/5:26 pm Beijing 

ATHENA Goddess of War and strategy is conjunct the electric Moon, both are sextiling  {60 degrees} ERIS, the Goddess of Discord, conjunct URANUS @ 23-24 ARIES. The planet of weirdness URANUS governs this Aquarius Moon in Modern rulerships. They all form a FINGER OF GOD to MERCURY and JUPITER in VIRGO. 

This YOD or FOG indicates we must take stock, be grounded, rooted to our common sense, to what “grows corn” and stay accountable at this time of Great change. 

THERE IS NO eclipse today. Check out NASA links below. The current media manipulation psycho-babble looks for anything to promote non-news. The phony promotion of an eclipse that does not really exist speaks volumes about EXACTLY the energies we are under, called Saturn square NEPTUNE in Astrology. The Emperor is NOT wearing any clothes. This is a total hallucination and projection. I am pinching you to WTFU. 

AQUARIUS is the sign of Freedom, revolutionaries, higher consciousness and collectivity.

FREE your mind. Go to a higher consciousness perspective. Get enlightened. Be eccentric. Be you.  In the TAROT, AQUARIUS is symbolized by the STAR #17. 

STar Tarot Tara Greene psychic Toronto

ATHENA, the Goddess of wisdom conjoins the MOON very closely. She is a strategic Goddess, a fighter for truth and freedom as she fought as an AMAZON against the Patriarchy. She is also known as MINERVA and she is shown with an owl of wisdom on her shoulder. OWLS are harbingers of death as predatory birds and feared in some cultures. Owls symbolize the gift of night vision and bring dreams as well.

Definitely call upon ATHENA to guide you to envision truth and have night vision. 

Aquarius is the opposite of Leo where the SUN issymbolizes sharing the power, realizing that we are all one big brain, one consciousness. Aquarius Full Moons asks you to gather with your higher vibe tribe.

Leo rules the Heart, and we need to balance our hearts knowledge with objective AIRY wisdom as well. We need to do both, anchor from our hearts and give our need for power and egotism away to share our heart wisdom together.

The beautiful VENUS PLUTO trine is in effect and will be until the 22nd when Venus moves out of orb. This is very beneficial for women, for bringing out ancient taboos, and is mirrored in the Chinese Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui telling the world that she was having her period,but that it was no excuse for only getting a Bronze medal. Fu is being hailed as a feminist leader in the world. See link below.

There is a powerful GRAND WATER TRINE 

VESTA in CANCER trines JUNO in SCORPIO which trines NEPTUNE conjunct the SOUTH NODE in PISCES. 

A powerful pyramid of Goddesses joins their energies to release {the South Node} old illusions, projections, and martyrdom for women.   This Full Moon which always symbolizes the pulling on the heart strings of our emotions may feel very emotional. Let the tears and feelings flow. Release old concepts and illusions and old addictions. Release the past. 


The Messenger of the Gods and the Great God JUPITER himself face off with the great wounded healing shaman CHIRON. Jupiter exaggerates everything he comes in contact with blowing them up and enLARGEING them. A tempest in a teapot? A hypochondriac breakdown? An environmental crisis? A big paradox breakdown in quantum physics or religion? The flaw in the IRA/ banking system goes down?  A very big politician could GO DOWN big time over this next lunar cycle and be finally held accountable for past actions especially those related to TAXES or other information secrets,especially if they have planets around 18- 29 degrees VIRGO or PISCES, GEMINI or SAGITTARIUS.  

This can also symbolize a grassroots Virgo organization or individual blowing the whistle which destroys many illusions of what the system is all about.  A certain politician { Jupiter governs politics} or media mogul, announcer or prominent person could be uplifted by speaking the truth, also Jupiter. This can also symbolize an environmental watchtower or individual blowing the whistle which destroys many illusions of what the system is all about.  It will hurt to get to the truth but is part of the healing process.

Don’t gloss over any of the details. Mercury and Jupiter are extremely fastidious, accountable, nit-picky, hygienic, orderly, intellectual, perfectionist.  They symbolize constant worry about the imperfections of life. VIRGO’s are very strongly affected by this aspect as are Pisces Sagittarius and GEMINI. Clean up your acts. The inconjunct to the Moon indicates an intellectual/ grounded, head detached from the body/ “nutty professor” kind of energy. Stay grounded. keep it real. 

MERCURY moving slowly, preparing to RETROGRADE on August 30 conjuncts JUPITER exactly Aug 22 @ 26 degrees Virgo squaring the GALACTIC CENTER. This can be a very inspiring metaphysical day and great for meditating. 

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is conjunct MARS on ANTARES squaring NEPTUNE in PISCES speaking of keeping it real.

Saturn and MARS make difficult partners and they speed up the head banging process between the aggressive fighting nature and the more spiritual we are all in this together PISCES camp. There is going to be accelerated action and a period of impulsive actions from frustration between races and religions. Expect more shooting of Muslims and vice versa. Tempers and limitation are high. Religious freedoms are going to be ending if it takes a police state to do it. This is already happening in the U.S. The overly liberal age is over especially in America.  Saturn represents prisons. Maintaining boundaries between very different and antagonist world views and cultures.  This will happen in England in Europe. Saturn in Sagittarius symbolizes foreign religions. Saturn is approaching the place where Pluto was at 9/11.

The two most Malefic planets tangoing away in Sagittarius for awhile indicates a deep desire for truth, for busting up the Military’s secrets, the war machines workings. Saturn is close to the U.S. ASCENDANT which is being squared by planet NEPTUNE at 11 degrees PISCES and VENUS in Virgo.  

This indicates a change in the world’s view of the U.S.’s reputation, its’ history and the lies it has promulgated about most of its intervention into foreign countries, Iraq,Vietnam, Columbia, Argentina, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. because they are trying to strategically control the oil, or to control surreptitiously the drugs, the poppy fields, for their own need for power and control. That is what Saturn square Neptune is all about in the big worldly place..

On a personal level, SAGITTARIUS who have planets at 1-14 degrees can be very angry, frustrated, driven, passionate, longing to travel, to tell the truth even if they make it worse for themselves.  This aspect can also bring major disillusions in looking honestly at false love affairs based on illusion, drama, projection, addictions, co-dependence and martyrdom. This is a good and healthy thing.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

NON-ECLIPSE http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2016-august-18


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Science and art, Moon impressionism


Moon, Impressionist art, Tara Greene


The top image is a MASCS VIRS interpolated color composite of the craters Rachmaninoff (lower left) and Copland (upper right). The bottom image is a monochrome MDIS mosaic of the same area. In the VIRS image, red areas like Copland (C) are brighter than blue areas like Rachmaninoff (R). The very bright red region in-between is a suspected volcanic vent (V). The color differences revealed in the VIRS image reveal differences in the composition of the surface rocks, as well as varying degrees of exposure to space weathering in the harsh environment of Mercury.

The VIRS composite shows hundreds of individual footprints tracks (minimum 100-200 m across and 3-4 km long) taken from different directions and altitudes. In locations where multiple footprints cover the same area, the footprint with the best illumination for mineralogical interpretation (usually the lowest incidence angle where shadows are minimized) is used for making the map. In areas where footprints are sparse (separated by tens of km), observations are interpolated for complete coverage of the surface. In the MDIS mosaic, some brightness variations are due to tiling of images taken at different illuminations.

The MESSENGER spacecraft is the first ever to orbit the planet Mercury, and the spacecraft’s seven scientific instruments and radio science investigation are unraveling the history and evolution of the solar system’s innermost planet. During the first two years of orbital operations, MESSENGER acquired over 150,000 images and extensive other data sets. MESSENGER is capable of continuing orbital operations until early 2015.

We are NASA’s Planetary Science Division. Our hardworking robots explore the planets and more on the wild frontiers of our solar system.

Source: What’s Up – May 2016 | News – NASA Solar System Exploration

Heart-Shaped Sunspot Fires Off Powerful Flare (Video)

A huge, heart-shaped sunspot shot off a strong solar flare Sunday evening (April 17), temporarily disrupting radio communications here on Earth.

 If you are feeling exhausted it is because of this solar heart burn. These solar flares always affect the electro-magnetic energy of the earth.  We are also magnetic beings. As an empath I tend to get very tired and dizzy when these solar flares happen. All sensitive people feel them but now you know why. They also create earthquakes. Sending prayers to the people in Ecuador and Japan affected by the recent quakes. 

Source: Heart-Shaped Sunspot Fires Off Powerful Flare (Video)

Coronal Mass Ejection to hit earth Oct.3-4

CME spet 30 2015 Tara Greene


A HUGE MASSIVE PLASMA WAVE left the Sun September 30 and the waves of energy will hit the earth October 3 or 4th. These Coronal Mass Ejections or CME’s affects me very strongly as I am very sensitive and they make me feel very dizzy and tired as they occur I begin to feel queasy. It feel’s like reality shifts and begins to decay. You know what I mean? Some people call this ascension symptoms.  Do you sense it too? 

CERN’s experiments are also affecting the electro-magnetic fields of the earth and the SUN. This in turn causes earthquakes. The recent earthquake in Chile occurred at the same time that CERN ramped up its photon engines.  

This CME may shut down satellite’s.  You may feel very dizzy and off-kilter. These also affect the tectonic plates of the earth. We just had the powerful Lunar eclipse in ARIES a fire initiation sign and they create strong effects for six months after.  The electro-magnetic field of the earth is disrupted during these solar storms. It will also produce very strong aurora’s.

Be very still inside. Stay grounded. Trust your instincts. Animals always know when these energies will hit the earth. Pay attention to your dog, cat, horses or other animals for signs. It will be OK. Think of taking shelter from the storm.

Visualize a big hood bubble or tent to protect and cover you and your loved ones. 

Watch this very good Video which uses the SOHO images itself. I like this BP EARTHWATCH because he only conveys info but is not selling anything.

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BPEARTHWATCH https://youtu.be/5_WaYRmOIdA

DIZZY- Tommy Roe 


BDSM Canadian sex scandal Jian Ghomeshi

This is a Canadian media sex-scandal. If you don’ know who Jian Gomeshi is, at 47, he was one of the Canadian Broadcast Corporations most popular radio hosts. His show was also broadcast to  public radio stations in the U.S. He had been working for the C.B.C. for the last 12 years.  He created his popular Q radio interview show , interviewing many famous personalities.  Q aired five days a week across Canada on CBC radio and was very popular and acclaimed over the last 7 years. Gomeshi was also a popular Canadian TV Host.

JIAN was a musician playing in a band called Moxy Fruvous before getting into radio. On August 14, 1997, their song “YOU WILL GO TO THE MOON” was used by NASA to wake the crew of STS-85. Note the song title.

 Jian was born in London England, and is of Iranian descent. His family moved to Canada when he was a boy. He is a Canadian Citizen.

His father recently passed away and on October 24 Jian said he was taking a leave of absesce to deal with family matters.

On October 26 2014 the CBC announced that  “information came to our attention recently that in CBC’s judgment precludes us from continuing our relationship with Jian” He was fired. Later that same day, Ghomeshi announced that he planned to launch a $50 million lawsuit against the CBC “claiming general and punitive damages for among other things, breach of confidence and bad faith”. He later released a statement asserting that his dismissal was related to allegations that he had sexually coerced a past girlfriend into engaging in BDSM activities against her will, Jian asserts that this is a smear campaign.– read link below

Four women initially came forward, some 27 years his junior stating that Ghomeshi  brutally assaulted them physically and sexually. One woman had worked for The CBC and claimed sexual harassment but nothing was done about it but an  investigation is starting. New evidence has come out on October 29 with one famous Canadian actress stating that Gian choked and hit her without her consent. Three other women have also added their names to the list of grievances against Mr. Ghomeshi

Lets look at Jian’s astrology chart to find out who he is, I started this on October 26

JIan Ghomeshi CBC Toronto scandal Tara Greene

Jian is a GEMINI, he has a dual nature, a light side and  dark side and needs to learn through experiencing many relationships.Gemini personalities can be viewed as a bi-polar personality. He also has Athena Goddess of wisdom conjunct his 6th house Sun.

All Gemini’s can be charming and are  wonderful communicators, they are like big kids who always have a million Questions. Gemini’s are curious, immature, irresponsible, intelligent, analytical, non-committal.  A 6th house sun makes Gian also very Virgoish, the other sign that Mercury rules. Jian is a workaholic, a perfectionist, relentlessly in his head, nervous, always ruminating. This placement can make people OCD and difficult to get along with.

Gian’s Ascendant is 29 degrees Sagittarius. As the Centaur to the max, he is an inspirer, a philosopher, somewhat wild, animalistic, naive and uncivilized. Ruled by his jolly lucky Jupiter in Leo he is all about the fame game. 

My intuition told me to put the Asteroid Toronto into his chart. Yes there is an asteroid named after Toronto. It is at 1 degree of Capricorn when Jian was born, right on his Ascendant indicating that Toronto was a place of destiny.

Wow I love ASTROLOGY don’t you?

He is an extreme Sagittarius, too honest, a philosopher, easy-going, casual, a teacher, always questioning ,judgmental.

MOON is conjunct Mercury in Cancer in the 7th house

Jian’s feelings, the Moon and his head, the planet Mercury are inseparable. He is detached emotionally even though the Moon in Cancer is the most emotional  and sensitive  can overpower him.  He is extremely moody and be caught awash in unconscious mood swings. Moon in Cancer men tend to be mama’s boys. Cancer men also wear big  protective suits of armour to protect their soft underbellies.  They can be very defensive. He is sentimental deep down and very close to his family. These planets in the 7th house of marriage, are focused on relating and nurturing others if healthy. 

The Moon Mercury combo focus a T-square to  MARS in LIBRA in the 9th house and SATURN in ARIES in the 3rd house.

MARS opposite SATURN is a Classic difficult SADO- MASOCHISTIC pattern. And even more complex when tied into the Moon and Mercury.

Wherever Saturn is there is  karmic difficulty, obstacles, testing and  restrictions.  Mars in Libra acts nice and charming but is frustrated because the natural masculine energy can’t express freely, it is weakened. This implies a need to be punished for being weak.  Mars opposite Saturn is repressed anger -the need to dominate. There are some major father- Saturn, Mother- Moon complications in Jian’s psyche. They may be from past lives not only this present one.

Jian has an EXACT JUPITER VENUS conjunction in LEO in the 7th house of relationships.

Jian is proud, strong, macho,  charismatic, powerful, domineering. He needs to be the big star, an egotist, vain, self-centered, childlike. This is also a classic very fortunate, very lucky aspect but can be too much. He is the undisputed King and  expects everyone to love him, to do exactly what he wants. IN other words narcisistic. He thinks he is  beyond impunity. Conjunct Venus there is a love of beauty,  women, big romancer. Venus in Leo – he likes younger women he can feel more powerful than. He attracts riches, wealth and power.

That regal  Jupiter Venus Conjunction is also Square to his  Scorpio SOUTH Node and his NORTH Node  at 6 degrees Taurus in the 4th house.

The Scorpio SOUTH NODE sits right on top of his 10th house his highest PUBLIC career position like a spire.

SOUTH NODE is past lives or the story we unconsciously are imprinted with when we are born. I read this as meaning that Jian has also been famous before, he has had lots of power. South Node in Scorpio is all about  sex, power, control, secrets, manipulation, unconsciousness, psychology, death,  transformation, kinky sex, taboos, spitefulness, violence. The South Node is where anyone is the most vulnerable, as we tend to fall back unconsciously into our own entrapments.

The North Node is where Jian needs to direct his intentions 

4th house NORTH NODE is in the most private part of his chart. A Taurus North Node is very grounded, practical, earthy, humble and sensuous.  It is creative, also relates to communications and is ruled by Venus. Jian needs to let go of his need for sex money fame power and manipulation and become a simple hard-working , private, self accepting man. The 4th house is home, parents, roots foundation, emotional security, children, nurturing others and endings.

Jian was born in the 60’s with a URANUS PLUTO Conjunction in Virgo in his 8th house of  revolution sexual, freedom. He is a creative genius, someone who always marches to his own drummer. He is a malcontent. The planets square his Gemini Sun. He believe she is fighting, acting or promoting a revolutionary idea through his work and his beliefs.

NEPTUNE the planet of spirituality imagination creativity, self-undoing, addictions,delusions, in Scorpio- sex addictions,  and his only Retrograde planet in the 10th house of worldly success and fame. HE HAS DONE THIS BEFORE.  Neptune is squared by his Natal JUNO at 20 degrees of LEO. Juno is the feminine form of intelligence and genius. they even have Juno awards in Canada for music. Some very smart outspoken women will be the downfall of his romantic illusions.

Jian also has a quincunx or inconjunct from Neptune in Scorpio to LILITH in ARIES in the 3rd house. HELL hath no fury like a woman scorned. This shows a huge split in Gian’s psyche. LILITH and Ceres are in a square to each other -there is friction, and tension around women and sexuality and controlling them, that demands release.

He is a mama dominated boy, with CERES the Mothering principle in CANCER where it is smother, and square to LILITH. This is the classic MOTHER/WHORE Split. Ceres is also conjunct Jupiter and Venus in Leo furthering amplifying MOM in his split psyche which he acts out unconsciously on women.

CHIRON the wounded healer is at the very last degree of PISCES. This degree has been called the last stop or the last incarnation degree. Jian is suffering the self-undoing, the unconscious addictions, the feeling of being suffocated from within his own psyche. He has reached maximum falling off point.  Chiron in Pisces is incarceration, martyrdom, endings. 


SATURN conjunct his natal NEPTUNE in his 10th house of fame.

A KARMIC self-undoing about SCORPIO issues, sex, secrets being outed, power, control manipulation, revenge. A public fall from fame to ignominy.


PLUTO in Capricorn in his 1st house of self is opposite his natal MERCURY in Cancer at 12 degrees in his 7th house of relationships. URANUS in Aries is also squaring his communications planet from Aries in his 3rd house. Unexpected chaos, death, humiliation, scorn, revenge, the soul and the identity unravelling, dying. 

Pluto brings death, his father just recently passed away. Pluto will destroy our sense of self- the 1st house to lay us low to learn who we rally are. We must confront our own fears, our own self- hatred.Pluto rapes us into consciousness.

PLUTO is the Soul, our shadows. Jian has undone himself big time. his shadows are now out in public for all to see. He revealed his BDSM issues to fend off the accusations which has only made it worse.

Transiting North Node is conjunct his MARS in LIBRA which is in the CARDINAL CROSS Fire from Uranus in Aries in his 3rd house of communications and PLUTO in Capricorn. He will never be seen as Mr. Nice guy ever again.

Transiting Jupiter in LEO is square to his Neptune his dreams, illusions, delusion. addictions. Jian had gotten too cocky, too proud, Jupiter also conjunct JUNO. Smart women speak out.

Mercury just turned RETROGRADE DIRECT exactly on his natal MARS in LIBRA in his 9th house of justice and honesty, turning inside out communications about other people’s, especially in relationship opinions are of him.

Chiron in Pisces has been squaring his natal Mercury and Traniting Neptune is blinding his Moon.

read the sordid details here http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2014/10/29/jian_ghomeshi_8_women_accuse_former_cbc_host_of_violence_sexual_abuse_or_harassment.html

The  SOLAR ECLIPSE on April 29 2014 at 8 degrees of Taurus and the more recent October 23 Solar eclipse at zero degrees Scorpio triggered Jian’s Nodal axis- the South and North nodes which also hit his 10th house of worldly fame .

One last thing, on the day the CBC  announced that it had fired Jian, MARS the planet of action, war and aggression exactly crossed his Ascendant, his persona and conjunct his Asteroid TORONTO.

Who could make this stuff up?

I expect Jian’s career to be totally ruined in Canada, he may face a court case. Although he could resurrect himself  in another country like his home, England or in the U.S. I bet Howard Stern would love to talk to him. Jian has his Mercury conjunct the U.S. Sun and the Star SIRIUS the star of death and rebirth so I would literally expect him to have a new career on  SIRIUS RADIO– who could make this stuff up? He is a talented interviewer, despite his violent nature.

Doing violence to women though is a grievous charge. Not one woman went to the police at the time and filed a report on him.  Women stating that he assaulted them must still be proven. With Sagittarius on his Ascendant there will likely be a court case that Jian will be dealing with over the next 2-2.5 years when Saturn enters Sagittarius on Christmas this year.

Not until Saturn crosses his Ascendant  in December of  2017 will Jian be fully reborn. 

I had a psychic flash on Halloween that he would commit suicide. A narcisistic person could not deal with the shame.

What do you think about this story?


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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