Rare ocean hybrids, Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces

A. Thorburn, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

As Jupiter and Neptune continue to swim together in the unconscious oceans of the ephemeral worlds and our dreams and expand our knowledge of the oceans and its great mysteries in the physical world too. Here’s a news story of a rare mutation that could appear as a result of the fertilizing aspect of Jupiter with Neptune in Pisces rare conjunction on April 12 at 23 degrees PISCES look to where that degree is in your natal chart.

How is your dreaming going?

please share widely. As i mentioned yesterday the family death was of our beautiful cat Gala at 18 years old. She passed away under a Scorpio Moon, I sat with her as she passed and sang to her, she was a PIsces cat and always loved me singing to her. She went out with a loud scream which shocked us. She was a fighter at the end but an incredibly skittish cat most of her life. She’s had a stroke a week ago. I’ve had many cats in my life and so has my husband and Gala was the best, smartest, took commands, loved music, ceremony and would come when i called her telepathically and would comfort me or my daughter who she was really closest to if she was upset. She was the most sensitive and unique cat I ever had. She would appear when good people came into the house. She will be missed. eighteen years is such a long time. She had to compete with our dog Jasper for 8 years. She was receiving all the attention for the last 20 months since he passed. Gala was a reincarnation of our previous cat, who I commanded to reappear. and I commanded Gala to return again to us.

Please bare with me its been exhausting all week as we were nursing her and putting out lots of energy to help her through this. We really thought she might recover, but she had a good long and healthy life. If you’ve lost a dearly beloved pet you know it really hurts your heart. I’ve never had a pet who lived so long, it just seemed like she would be with us forever. LIfe is so precious, even animals do not want to let go and die, enjoy every precious moment.

I was watching an interesting video last night by Mateus De Stefano talking about 9 dimensions. He began to remember and fully experience emotionally all of his past lives since he was 12 years old in Argentina. His explanations of what dimensions are are very simple and easy to understand. He relates to originating in Khem which was Egypt 12,000 years ago. He talks about God as being the SUN which is totally Egyptian Ra Sun God worship. He also talks about the Photons of light which we are, it reminded me of Barabara Hand Clow an astrologer and Pleiadian channeler who i worked a bit over with 25 years ago. She wrote a book about the 9 Dimensions years ago and Chiron and the Photon Band which was a book and energy on which my husband Napoleon and I re-met on, So interesting synchronicity. check it out,I haven’t seen all of it yet its very long. https://youtu.be/XTSvCHbd3_E

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