Scorpio Season movies

its Scorpio season October 23 and Mercury is almost retrograde it’s in its pre-shadow period turning officially retrograde on Halloween.
i posted my Scorpio season article and hit publish then wanted to go back to fix a duplicate on it and now it totally disappeared.

Deep sexual intensity obsession death detective work research power control finances taxes secrets transformation the soul shadows depth psychology rebirth and all that jazz.

Yes its time to OBSESS and re-obsess over everything. Deep, deep, transformation time. Death, rebirth, secrets, sex, sex, sex, recycling all the garbage

SCORPIO overload times now. 

The beauty in death, embracing all of life.This is a Tibetan Buddhist teaching. Go to graveyards and meditate on death, endings, your ancestors, Halloween stuff.

We will be talking about sex and power. Expect more sexual secrets pedophilia sex trade toxic masculinity women’s rights financial turmoil and ruthless nastiness.


If you want to explore your soul’s deepest secrets through art, music, poetry dance writing movies photography this is the time to do it.


SCORPIO is the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Old love affairs that have died may be rekindled now. 

VENUS in Scorpio is The Empress and Death combined.

The Goddess of BIRTH and the Death Bringer, the HAG or Crone. Nature, the Goddess is both, In every birth there is a death,

Scorpio Venus babes are vixen’s, the devil’s bride. All that projection of men’s fear of women’s sexuality. 

VENUS IN SCORPIO is EROTIC Fixed energy, purpose, power. Gives staying power. 

Venus in Scorpio dressed in a Dominatrix outfit, cracks her whips.

Venus helps you to address your fears of intimacy while she is in Scorpio.

All religions have sought to control women’s sexuality as it is the direct line to ecstasy to God/Goddess source. I always liked the teachings that the SHIVA/SHAKTI  Masculine Feminine forces are always in union always lovemaking, constantly co-creating the Universe. The nature of the Universe is erotic, magnetic.

Imagine a world where the erotic is celebrated and worshipped instead of reviled. It is returning.

with Mercury turning Retrograde in Scorpio

soul ecology study 1998 Charcoal on Arches paper Napoleon Brousseau

Scorpio Dark time of the year. Napoleon Brousseau charcoal drawinfg

Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio too Venus enters Sagittarius November 1

It’s late i am tired. so here’s a Scorpio themed movies list

MOVIE LIST: Last Tango In PARIS 1972  D. by Bernardo Bertolucci music by Gato Barbieri

Blue Velvet 1986 D. by David Lynch

The Beguiled 1971 American by Don Siegel

Casanova by Fellini 1976 starring Donald Sutherland

Fatal Attraction 1987 directed by Adrian Lyne

Henry and June 1990  directed by Philip Kaufman

American Beauty  1999  directed by Sam Mendes 

Sin City  2005 American neo-noir D. Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller

The Manchurian Candidate  1962 American D. George Axelrod

Bad Timing 1980 or Performance 1970 starring Mick Jagger Both directed by Nicholas Roeg  

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 2011 D. David Fincher

Vertigo 1958 D. Hitchcock 

The Hunger 1983 Tony Scott-with David Bowie

Boogie Nights  1997 American  D. Paul Thomas Anderson.

In The Realm of The Senses-1976 Japanese art film D.Nagisa Oshima

Sex Lies and Videotape 1989  D. Steven Soderbergh 

whats your scorpio movie list?

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Leo Moon drama Astrology by Tara Greene

It’s LEO moon time March 29- 31- cue the big dramatic entrance and show your stuff off. Strut it. flaunt it if you’ve got it. It’s not time to be pussy-footing around or act like a pussy.

Time to ROAR.  Pride, courage, be the QUEEN or KING of your own life drama. This is your movie.

Passion, stage-struck, leadership, big-hearted, childlike, heart on the sleeve stuff. 

LEO is the card of STRENGTH in the TAROT #11 or 8 depends on which deck you are using. 


Strength bu LuLebel Deviant art

The Woman in the strength card is usually shown as conquering the lion by holding its jaws open. But it is also the story of Beauty and the Beast. It is so obvious yet I just realised it. Loving your animal, wild, untamed, instinctive “ugly” shadow self takes courage, and brings courage, daring and  strength.

Kitty Moon make two nice trines today to Saturn and to the SUN March 29 Palm Sunday. 

Saturn makes it real and the SUN brings the LIGHT,go for the GOLD.
with a quirky quincunx sandwiched in between to Neptune in Pisces. Leo Moon says ” no time to be squeamish, self-pitying, overly blubbery, and I would never be a martyr.”

March 30 

Mercury leaves PISCES today, so you may want to spend some time meditating as it is much easier to use the collective Dreamtime with Mercury in Pisces than when it enters Aries later tonight @ 6:44 pm PDT/9:44 pm EDT,

MOON CONJUNCTS JUPITER IN LEO  a very BIG strong PRIDEFUL energy in the wee hours.

Vemus Trines PLUTO and I’ve written about that already –

Moon is very active today as befits fire. 

moon in quincunx to PLUTO –

if you feel absolute certainty, conviction and strength in yourself then go up against the big guns, the PLutocracy. 

Moon squares VENUS in TAURUS

which means a hot passionate morning. Wear red. look sexy, be sensuous. 

Moon Trines URANUS in ARIES –

Aries and Aquarius peeps are the cat’s pyjamas.  Re-invent your image. 

Mon also qunincunx Chiron in PIsces

pride comes before the fall, remember that. 


for a really quick spin through the first sign, spending only 14 days there as is appropriate for ARIES. Think fast red sports car in your head revving in your heat at 240 mph.  Yes Zoom zoom on the brain. Mind is restless, ADD, ADHD, IMPATIENCE. spontaneous outbursts, arrogant, angry, violent, mental defensiveness. A warrior of the Mind. 

Sticks and stones may break my bones but thoughts and words can hurt a lot. 


all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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There’s no business like Show business- Ethel Merman

Academy Awards Oscar Predictions

The red carpet is being rolled out today Feb 22 for the 87th Academy Awards Oscar presentations.

It’s all about the glamour. It’s almost become a fashion designer’s showcase more than about the movies and the cultural entertainement. Hollywood salutes its best. Really they are just stoking their own. The winning movie makes more bucks. It’s kind of like masturbating. Hollywood reflects the collective unconscious moods,

Academy Awards Tara Greene predictions

You know that the original Red Carpet was a carpet on which women had bled onto made holy by their menstrual periods. In ancient times menstrual blood was considered sacred and magical. It still is. To walk on the “Magic carpet” was and still is synonymous with prestige, and still considered to be an honor. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. 

Here’s some of my predictions:and some astrology around who and why.


Best Director: Richard Linklater for Boyhood 

BEST ACTOR: i pick Michael Keaton in Birdman

Steve Carrell for Foxcatcher – not this year

Steve  has a Jupiter Pluto opposition in his Natal chart at 9 degrees Pisces/Virgo. Thats good. 

Bradley Cooper -Has his Sun at 14 degrees Capricorn and Saturn  at 15 degrees Cancer. He is in the Cardinal Cross energy too. Explains also the popularity of this film.

Benedict Cumbebatch -no

Michael Keaton – is right in the Grand Cardinal Cross energy

with Uranus square Uranus and his Jupiter at 12 degrees Aries and Neptune at  17 Libra and his Saturn at 2 degrees Libra exactly opposite today’s Venus/Mars conjunction. 

Eddie Redmayne- He has his Sun at 15 degrees Capricorn and his Uranus and 2 degrees of Sagittarius so he is also in the grand Cardinal Cross plus Saturn on his Uranus which means established honors. He is the dark horse.  He is quite young. I saw the Theory of Everything it was s good, Eddie was great as Stephen Hawking. 

Best Actress: Patricia Arquette for Boyhood

Best Supporting actor: J. K. Simmons Whiplash

This year feels very close. 

I never expect to be 100% correct. I have only seen one movie this year. The Theory of Everything which I quite liked. . 

I will feature the best actors in my blog.

PLease share widely

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Water and fire, Pisces time, inspirational Card

Sun and Moon are in PISCES now. It’s the year of the Wood Sheep. GUNG HAI FAT CHOY!

I am not a Chinese Astrology expert so will leave that to those who are.

With Pisces energy we know and remember that we came from Source

and that we are in essence all ONE.

Under Pisces beams we draw close to spirits, we are tuned into highly psychic realms,

we know we are the dreamers of this dreamwe are soul dreamers,

we are ultra-sensitive psychic sponges to everyone’s emotional states.
Boundaries are necessary to stay protected yet open.

We dive deep into the Unconscious world of our imaginations and creativity.
We connect in our meditations more easily.
We feel our own oceanic depths where all life formed on this beautiful earth.

Pisces loves movies, film, photography. The ACADEMY AWARDS are always on during PISCES time. I’ll post my predictions shortly.

Pisces projects, fantasies, illusions, wears rose colored glasses. Be careful of the too good to be true deal.

Feb 19 It’s a very active lunar day.
The Dark Moon is about to square Saturn, there will be serious dreaming tonight.

Moon will conjunct NEPTUNE

– lucid dreaming high alert.

Moon make sextiles to Pluto

– easy to feel deeply connected and ensouled

MARS enters ARIES -NEW CYCLE in ACTION, men, war…

which I wrote about previously

WAR ZONE ALERT! Fiery intrusion amidst all the water for today.

and a Moon/Quincunx to Jupiter in LEO can be tricky,

you may be impounded by someone else’s  big ego drama,

and lastly Lunar  conjunction to Chiron.

All the wounds will be healed by connecting with Source energy, with the Light in the darkness.


THE LOVERS Trump #6 

Osho Zen Tarot Tara Greene

The cards are always in synch. The lovers = MASCULINE & FEMININE together.

The combination of the planets mirror this.

THE LOVERS is all about relationships yes. But it is also about loving  yourself totally without ego. 

It is about  going beyond duality. Seeing the beloved everywhere, in everything.

“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.”- RUMI


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Going with the Mars in Aries and the Pisces watery energy. Venus will enter Aries and this song popped into my head. It perfectly speaks to this energy.

RIPTIDE- by Robert Palmer  

SAG winners, the way Tara C’s it

Someone suggested I predict the SAG award winners. To do these movie winner predictions, I get out my crystal ball, my astrology charts and my special crystal and pendulum. It takes me awhile to tune in..

I have seen NONE of these movies. I make this a tradition so I am absolutely neutral.


Steve Carell in “Foxcatcher.” Bendict Cumberbatch in “The Imitation Game.” Jake Gyllenhaal in “Nightcrawler.”

Michael Keaton in “Birdman.” and Eddie Redmayne in “The Theory of Everything.”

I predict Michael Keaton for “Birdman.”

Michael Keaton Psychic prediction Tara Greene

Eddie Redmayne is also in good standing but I feel he needs more time.





I predict Julianne Moore will win for Still Alice.


I predict J.K. Simmons will win in Whiplash


I predict Patricia Arquette will winin Boyhood

Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

Grand Budapest Hotel will win.

gonna keep this short.

Speaking of Birdman 

Birdman painting Napoleon Brousseau

Birdman’s Last stand -2009 Napoleon Brousseau


“Birdman’s Last Stand”

Oil paint and epoxy on mahogany panel, 2009 by Napoleon Brousseau 

More paintings from Napoleon Brousseau!work/vstc1=eidolons/photostackergallery13=12

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BIRDMAN TRAILER- swearing warning! 

Robert Pattinson “map to the stars” Astrology Tara Greene

I have been thinking about Robert Pattinson lately. We have been sharing the same old grey damp autumn smoggy Toronto air of late.  I like Robert Pattinson.  I hated the Twilight books and endured the movies because of my teenage daughter. I have written about his astrology. He has been in Toronto a lot filming with David Cronenberg on a number of films.  I feel sorry for him, he is a sensitive, so much a non star kind of person at heart, shy. 


Maximilian Bühn, CC BY-SA 4.0

<;, via Wikimedia Commons

So a quickie about Robert as I just heard his film was cancelled. I also knew of someone else who’s young son had gotten a major role in this movie and now- poof gone. VERY URANIAN I call it.

November 3 the film ” Idol’s Eye” that he and veteran actor Robert DeNiro were going to co-star in has been abruptly canceled due to bad planning and lack of financing. WTF? 

So a quick peek at Robert’s Maps TO THE STARS  his Astrology birth chart that is

Robert Pattinson Astrology Tara Greene

Robert Pattinson astrology chart

Where do I start? Robert’s current “map to the stars” is littered with really tough transits.

The October 8 Total Lunar Eclipse  @ 15 degrees ARIES  

fell smack dab in his 10th house of WORLDLY Career and fame. BOOM. LUNAR ECLIPSES change the unconscious, feelings, and collective unconscious for up to a year.

Of course this is also square to his Ascendant at 14 degrees Cancer –

which is the position of the U.S. Sun and the STAR SIRIUS

usually people with planets, Ascendant etc can achieve fame and recognition in the U.S.

this puts stress on his persona, image, how he projects himself, as an actor especially he is sensitive, feminine, needs emotional  security.

This is square to his Descendant at 14 degrees Capricorn- his house of “marriage” and all “others.”

ch ch ch change happening here too. This has been going on for over a year what with those Grand Cardinal crosses that he is right in the crosshairs of. Rob and millions of others…except that he  has  millions of dollars to buffer the pain with. 

Robert still has PLUTO opposite his natal Moon at 10 + degrees Cancer

RELATIONSHIPS will continue to be crazy, chaotic, all about  letting go, dying and rebirth. If he was really a Vampire this wouldn’t be an issue at all. But given that he is just a mortal man, and all of this is happening in his 12th house of unconsciousness, it can be very spiritual, but also has elements of self-undoing.  We shall see just what Robert’s own shadows drag out into the daylight.

If he has been doing his inner work, therapy or been more honest and real with himself then things will smooth over. Plus this does have to do with his relationship to the huge FEMALE collective unconscious hold on his every move.

Uranus will also affect his Moon on December 14 at the 6th CARDINAL CROSS exactitude. He will most definitely move. Maybe HOME-back to merry olde England that is, his  Moon. He is apparently very close to his mother and sisters. He is needing an independent rebellious woman who can free him up emotionally.

Part of him needs to hide out and feel safe and have a low profile. He needs nurturing and mom and comfort food, and warm wooly socks and security and kindness and care.

The more recent Partial Solar eclipse of Oct 23 at zero degrees of Scorpio is exactly conjunct to his SOUTH NODE at 29 degrees+ Libra. A very karmic relationship degree BTW. More blazingly in the dark shadows coming to light energy for Robert. Nothing is as it seems. 

Saturn has just opposed his SUN in his 5th house of LOVE AFFAIRS.

He is ready to get more serious and to be taken seriously. He is feeling more mature and ready to settle down.   He is starting a new 7 year cycle in his career.

JUPITER in LEO WILL SQUARE his TAURUS SUN from the 3rd house

This puts the energy on the upscale. Many new travels, adventures, starring roles, starring role opportunities. He wil be feeling happier than he has been. He may be wanting to create something himself, helm a project, music, build something…

Mars at 5 degrees Capricorn Retrograde in his natal chart is exactly ramming by transit of Mars

in his 6th house of work. Mars is war, destruction, aggression. Boom. on the day the announcement comes.

MARS & Pluto meet on November 10 at 11+ degrees Capricorn right opposite his MOON

I would say the energy has already hit him through this cancellation. He will be driven with intense desire, and must be careful this is a dangerous transit to him emotionally. It falls close to his Ascendant but in his 12th house. He actually must be very conscious and mindful of where he is. Danger of attack, accidents, something happening to someone he loves, especially a female. Sudden ending to a career project.

Chiron at 13 degrees in Pisces is also very close to his Mid heaven -his highest career point

He is feeling vulnerable, wounded, self-conscious. He cries easily and in private. If he can take that energy and find a film role- Pisces rules Hollywood and the film industry, that he can totally drown in, transform himself through with a movie which is about transcendence and spirituality that could really elevate his career.

Rob has Jupiter in Pisces in his 10th house of career. He is a natural chameleon, Pisces rules Hollywood and illusions. Jupiter in Pisces is very spiritual and humble and in his 10th house he is naturally destined for creative success in the world. Chiron will conjunct this in 2015- can be difficult in terms of career and feeling “naked on the world’s stage.”

Chiron is also exactly square to his Natal CHIRON IN GEMINI in the 12th house

He must be carefull of people taking advantage of him as well now. His ability to focus clearly is off. This transit only occurs every 12.5- 13 years. 

CHIRON will conjunct natal Jupiter in Pisces in his career house and square his VENUS- women, love, money in 2015

This could be a time of vulnerability, disillusion, dreaming, creativity, spiritually turning within, renouncing the world, delusion, addictions, avoidance.

Chiron in Pisces makes us feel vulnerable to all the world’s pain. Robert may start a charity and work at a  project to bring to light a plight of the helpless, or a spiritually uplifting cause. That would be a very positive use of this energy. Otherwise we can be drowning in self-pity and tend to drink or drug to much to avoid the pain.

If you are in Rob’s age group these transits- except for his Moon will be affecting you too.

This energy means that Love can be deceiving, disillusioning or he is determined to find his totally soul mate merge.  He needs a compassionate, old fashioned woman who is strong in her femininity, just like MOM.

He has Venus in Gemini in the 12th

He has a dual nature- Angel one minute devil the next. He is immature in love and a deeply private person. He has a hate love affair with his own success and what money brings.

It also means being attracted to two timing women. He has a split in his own psyche. He has Chiron conjunct Venus  opposite Uranus – love is a mine field. He adores strong independent, individualistic Amazon warrior women.  Robert will have to wait till he is more mature before really settling down.

SATURN RETROGRADE and first Saturn return November 2015 opposite LILITH

Yes that is when Rob will be ready to get serious about his work to be taken seriously and to be in a serious relationship again. Saturn Retrograde in his 6th house in Sagittarius. He is karmically connected to every person he works with. Difficult issues with authorities, his father, masculinity. He will pursue women who are of different nationalities or backgrounds. He like exotic women. He loves to travel, he want to know understand and learn. 

Saturn opposite his LILITH

He needs a very powerful sexually intense woman. Someone who doesnt need him, who isn’t charmed or phased by his fame  money or power. He will fall for a darkly alluring voluptuous woman, who owns her own self, who is her own woman, who will be owned by no man. She has her own sense of herself.  

Lilith square Ceres in his natal chart

His natal CERES the great mother at 4 degrees Virgo is conjunct the fixed star archangel Gabriel. Neptune has transitted in opposition to this point all year. He is projecting his MOM stuff onto women. It would be good for him to also do his own shadow work around women. He has a classic split between the Mother and the whore. You know good girls don’t do….

NEPTUNE will also square his Natal Saturn at his 1st Return

This can be extremely spiritually gratfying and expanding. Dream come true or hard knocks to getting that soul mate making his dreams come true. What’s real and what is an illusion? Is the main question.

Where does FKA TWIGS fit in here? well we’ll just have to do a synastry chart on them now won’t we? 


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Get out of jail time, Inspirational Astrology

As I am away I thought it best to do an overview of the week.

some major moves and movies this week:

MERCURY is in LEO now so say it LOUD and PROUD 

speak from your heart, roar your passion, Tell it like it is from your heart,

Tell it to my heart, dramatic communications, messages, think with courage take a giant leap

see your life as a movie, theatre, give it a title. NAME YOUR MOVIE

Years ago when I  did that bit of psychological spiritual exercise my birth movie title was Born To Be Bad.

Aug 4 Scorpio continues with serious karmuppance with a Saturn Moon conjunction

Stinger Moon trines Chiron and VENUS in CANCER= great healing, forgive all mothers, women, artists.

Moon enters optimistic SAGITTARIUS Aug 5  like the WHEEL OF FORTUNE in the TAROT 

SATURN TRINES CHIRON – 16 degrees Scorpio/Pisces  = SUPER HEALING

MEDITATE on compassion, healing, self forgiveness,

releasing all ancient wounds held in the 12th house- the house of the unconscious, the collective emotional {water} spiritual ocean filled with baggage. Just like the real ocean is filled with trash too.

Saturn the Grim Reaper is the Karmic Cosmic Cop and he DOES NOT TRINE CHIRON VERY OFTEN. Like once every 10 years! He will write you a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card for you. So JUST DO IT already! do it, release all your old karmic agreements of revenge, self-undoing, unconsciousness.

Monopoly Get out of jail Tara Greene

Inspirational Card of the Day 

YOU get to have your sentence shortened. YES YOU get to liberate yourself.

If you watch ORANGE  IS THE NEW BLACK and who doesn’t?

Even I’ve gotten into it and i am not a TV watcher.

In Season 2 EPISODE 1 which is as far as I’ve watched, 

The new inmate Mazall, who Piper is with at the Chicago prison for the trial is totally into ASTROLOGY.

She has a real astrology chart in the show for Piper, she did it by hand, something most astrologers don’t do these days.

I did find it great that they feature astrology but the inmate appears crazy and licks Piper’ s face to get her time of birth.

so this makes the equation that anyone interested in Astrology is crazy and a criminal to boot

Too bad. Someone said all PR is good PR but I don’t think so.

So ITNB is the super hit show. I have Piper Chapman’s birth date in the show as June 7 1981 11:42 am Connecticut. but where? I’m curious to figure that out. Another article that needs to be written.

Yes would you like that dear readers?


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TELL IT LIKE IT IS  Taylor Dayne  

TELL IT LIKE IT IS Aaron Neville  





Academy Awards Oscar win with the stars by Psychic Tara Greene

It’s that time of year again. The RED CARPET and Golden statues. Watching the earthly mortal stars. I have done Academy Award predictions for about 10 years.

You know about the origin of the RED CARPET? It is very ancient. The Red Carpet was a carpet stained red from menstrual blood.   Women’s menstrual blood was considered a sacred, powerful and very magical substance. Hence , only the highest and most honored would get to walk on it, not on stilletto’s but  probably barefooted on the red carpet.

I have not seen any of the movies. This allows me to be impartial.

The A.A. always happens during Pisces Time, ruled by Neptune aka PLANET HOLLYWOOD. Neptune rules film and photography, glamour, illusion, delusion, artists, creativity, addictions. Interesting….

Lately the Awards are more also very much about the fashion.  Venus is the planet of fashionistas and she is in quite conservative Capricorn right now with Saturn the ruling planet of Capricorn going Retro on March 2. So I would imagine very old fashioned,rich fabric, deep blues, deep greens, reds traditional styling, big flouncy dresses to be in style with a few avant garde pieces.

I’m not a huge TV person but I usually watch the Oscars, they are fascinating, boring and fun. Ellen is hosting this year and she is always funny charming and sharp. Yes i think she will wear a dress for part of the show.  

The 86th Academy Awards features Saturn turning Retrograde and Mars having just done so the day before. We are also under those Cardinal Cross energies.  What that means to me is that their may be some last minutes changes. A long show, long serious thank you’s. Saturn slows things down. People who have put in serious, mature, performances will win.  The Astrology has an effect on the types of films that win. I know lots of people like Gravity but it doesn’t feel like a very Aquarian time.

So the 86th Academy award winners, these are my intuitive insights.

THE STARS on the stars 

Plus I’ve added my Astrology research notes as well to actor’s in the running. What’s very interesting is that almost all the actors I think will win have the current Cardinal Crosses affecting them  powerfully. 


She has her Moon at 12 degrees Libra, which is squared by Pluto and Jupiter and is oppposed by Uranus  now. Also her birthday is March 1st so what a nice Solar Return plus a day treat.

BEST  SUPPORTING ACTOR very interesting, two of them are very tight in aspects between two supporting actors

I SEE -JARED LETO WINNING of Dallas Buyer’s Club- he plays a transgendered man

Dallas Buyers Club academy Awards tara Greene

Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey

Jared who is also a rock singer, has all the Grand Cardinal Cross energy going for him this year. He is into Astrology as well. Transiting Mars goes Retrograde at 27 degrees Libra is exactly opposite his 26 degree ARIES Moon. Uranus is very close to  his 14 degree Aries Ascendant and exactly square his Mid Heaven Highest career goal. Pluto is also squaring his Ascendant and in his 10th house. Transiting Neptune is squaring his Neptune and his Saturn. Neptune rules Film and photography you know.

MICHAEL FASSBINDER in 12 years a slave 

his planets are totally aligned with a win. Uranus conjunct his Sun, Pluto square it,and the two power planets also squaring his MID HEAVEN at 12 degrees of LIBRA with Jupiter also in the mix.. SAturn is also opposite his Natal Jupiter in Taurus , The North Node and MARS are also making close aspects to his own Natal North Node in Libra and his Mercury at  28 degrees Aries.BTW his Part of Fortune is 13 degrees CANCER exactly on the U.S. SUN and close to where Jupiter is as well.

BRADLEY COOPER for American Hustle he won’t win but just to illustrate 

Bradley has Natal Saturn Retrograde at 15 degrees Cancer- he loves cooking, opposite his 14 degrees Capricorn Sun both squaring Pluto at 9 degrees Libra..he is in the powerful Cardinal cross energy for sure. He is set to be taken seriously.

Best ACTRESS   CATE BLANCHETTE for Blue Jasmine 

CATE BLANCHETTE will win for her amazing acting. Yes there is the Woody Allen scandal but Hollywood is voting for FILMS for acting and not family feuds and accusations that haven’t proven to be real legally. 

Cate’s Astrology

Cate has Pluto exactly squaring her VENUS at 14 degrees Aries. SHe also has Goddess asteroid Juno- FEMININE GENIUS exactly conjunct her  NORTH NODE on Oscar night. She will be recognized for her JUNO/GENIUS as an actress. SAturn is also exactly opposite her 23 degree Taurus Sun and foes Retrograde exactly at that degree. The Moon enters ARIES on March 2 and will conjunct her Chiron which may make her the target as the wounded healer because of the Academy’s choice.

Amy Adams won’t win

She only has her Saturn at 14 degrees Cancer and Neptune square her 5 degrees Sagittarius Neptune. Yes she is ready to be taken Seriously.  But I don’t think she will get it.



although I have to say that David O. Russel has better Astrology aspects affecting him now. And right through 2014 as a quadruple LEO.




BEST FILM EDITING- Gravity Alfonso Cuaron, Mark Sanger

BEST ORIGINAL SCORE -Alexandre Desplat for Philomena



BEST FILM – 12 Years  a SLAVE

I think this has to do with the collective unconscious memory of Nelson Mandela Passing away this past year. 

BEST SONG Let it go from FROZEN by Idina Menzel

Idina,is having Saturn opposite her natal Saturn exactly. She also has her Natal Uranus at 9 degrees Libra opposite Chiron at 12 degrees of Aries. In the Cardinal crush zone.



All writing is copyright of Tara Greene and may be used with full credit given to Tara Greene and her website

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LET IT GO – FROZEN sung by Idina Menzel

Sagittarius New Moon, Ode to joy of sex, Astrology from Tara Greene

Did you know that EVERY NEW MOON is a time of HI LOVE MAKING as it is the Union of the Sun and the Moon?

Yes they do it in the dark,it is secret. but we can certainly feel it, sense it, meditate on it. 

Happens at 4:22 pm PST/7:22 pm EDT 10 degrees 59 minutes of Sagittarius close to ANTARES. MARs’ rival.

Sagittarius Horse year

All Sagittarius New Moons should have you feeling up, passionate,they are  EZ going, teaching, philosophizing, funny.

Sagittarius, the 9th sign and house, is always the truth seeker, finding a higher peak,  to inspire, to inquire.

Sagittarius is a half human, half equine character. It’s partly wild, seeking freedom, truth, justice, honesty.

Sag. is ruled by the PLanet JUPITER, KING of the GODs. CUE: Wear PURPLE to honor JOVE/Zeus.


so I would recommend that you use this backwards glance time  as an ample opportunity to review,

 and look over your mane into how 2013 was. This is the last New moon of this year. 2014 is a HORSE YEAR in the CHINESE Zodiac.

JUPITER is also in quincunx to the SUN AND MOON. So that is an outsider aspect. It’s like meeting an alien and expecting to be able to converse in English. No comprende? so 

URANUS trining this Sag. NEW MOON.- means bringing on the shiny new everything, technology too,

it’s also bring on NEW CHAOS, the Sun’s poles are about to reverse any moment. Seriously.- see link below

GODDESSES VESTA of the hearth flame and New Planetoid Ceres are opposite Uranus. The 2 Goddesses, of Mothering and focussing are in LIBRA indicating we need to balance by focussing on the DIVINE FEMININE energy. 

SATURN  @ 17 degrees Scorpio and square to Goddess JUNO- the Goddess of FEMININE genius and fertility. Yes She is teaching Saturn a lesson or two. Traditionally SATURN was the Great Mother. We come through spirit via the portals of our mother’s wombs and are birthed into Saturn’s realm. Makes sense, just think about it. Rebirth symbolism.


Jupiter and Venus in Capricorn are still in opposition a very luscious aspect too. Earthifying.

CHIRON the Wounded HEALER also a CENTAUR like the Sagittarius symbol,

is square to the SUN/Moon lovers so great TANTRIC HEALING CAN OCCUR. Chiron was a dream and visualization healer.

I would set aside time to meditate at this New Moon and call upon the Higher Master TEACHERS who are supposed to  reside on JUPITER, in esoteric tradition.


As with all ceremony,smudge to cleans yourself and the area first, 4 candles for the 4 directions. Always align with the earth and the sky and all your relations. Call in the 4 elements and directions starting EAST and moving clock-wise. Visualize the earth being healed by ultra violet rays of light coming from the SUN MOON and JUPITER , through your will heart and 3rd eye chakra. Breathe in the inner lover, visualize what the SUN and Moon making love would feel like. Align with that love vibe and enjoy the ride as your chakras open and you experience bliss, orgasm on a pure vibration level. 

This is total ALchemy.  


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Sun’s magnetic field’s to flip

potlatch- SLEEP AT THE swamp { 02} 


DECEMBER Is very busy I’ll post all the aspects tomorrow

Anti-Islam film, Astrology of Neptune in Pisces from Tara Greene

You can’t have missed the latest outbreaks of Muslim rage- the U.S. official killed in Libya last week  allegedly over a  low-budget trailer made in the U.S .and aired on YouTube that has fanned unrest around the world, leaving at least 18 people dead.

The film, entitled Innocence of Muslims, believed to have been produced by a small group of extremist Christians, has led to a week of furious protests outside US embassies and other American symbols in at least 20 countries.

Following complaints, Google is now barring access to the video in Egypt, Libya, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia, while the government has restricted access to YouTube, which is owned by Google, in Afghanistan.


Finally a smart move. It is the ONLY Wise move to make and should be whole heartedly backed. The price of raging and killing innocent people is that Muslim’s DONT get to have their inflamed cake and eat it too.

It is still unclear who made the film, some pin it on an Isreali- American, other say it is extremist Egyptian Copts.

We live in a Democracy in the Western World where freedom of speech is an essential part of that right. In a global society the  Western world’s freedom offends totalitarian Muslim governments and religion’s. We are free, They are not.

Therefore logically they should all stay within their media image safe prisons for their own safety. Why do they allow such things as YOUTUBE in their countries? It should be banned by themselves 24/7!

 It is their right as totalitarian constitutional rights to do that. Why aren’t they? They want their cake and eat it too.  They must love watching porn and then hating westerners because of it.

IT is totally hyprocritical to say the least and innocent people are being killed over something Muslims are prohibited from watching anyways by their own laws.It’s all just inflamed propaganda and insanity on the part of Muslim’s. The whole scenario is a crazy time warp.

film neptune

Years ago I was travelling through Mali and Algeria it was the first time for me of travelling through a primarily Muslim country. I loved the call of the muezzin and the beautiful minarets and was amazed to watch the men stop 5 times a day, bend down on their prayer rugs and face Mecca and pray. I though it was beautiful.

My friend who was a French film maker who had been living in Cote d’Ivoire and directing films for television told me that Muslims were not allowed to watch movies. Their religion prohibited them from making “graven images” copying the beauty and perfection of the human form was GOd’s job only and like the Jews there is a prohibition on human image making in art which then extended to photography and film. Hence the extraordinary beauty of Arabic design, tile work, geometry.


Muslims aren’t allowed to watch movies anyway. The glamour of the silver screen is anathema to their own religious laws. Therefore any film against Mohammed doesn’t actually exist to Muslims. Therefore they doth protest a fantasy. They are all dreaming….

Film, photography, religion, art, fantasy, illusion, delusion, addictions, fog, imprisonment, karma, credit cards  and OIL are all issues ruled by one planet. That Planet is Neptune which rules the Sign of Pisces in Modern Western Astrology. Jupiter the largest planet rules Sagittarius and Pisces traditionally. Jupiter is presently in GEMINI- sign of the twins= opposition.

Neptune is at 1 degree and change Retrograde right now and will continue to move Retrograde until November 11 { 11:11} when it will be at ZERO degrees Pisces +a few minutes. When a PLanet is in its ruling sign it is most powerful and emphasizes all the positives and negatives of that sign. Neptune will stay in Pisces till 2026.

I am just observing this sad alarming and scary situation knowing full well that the religious fantasies and illusions are only beginning to fog up the entire atmosphere..

GOOGLE needs to prohibit Muslim countries from accessing the information highway because it does include freedom of speech and Build a VIRTUAL MUSLIM WALL around every Muslim country. China does it. That is the price they must pay. GOOGLE treat them like the children they are. YOU dont like it, you dont get to see it. End of story. LOGIC and common sense.

I fear it is all being inflamed and used by Whomever to start new wars in Iraq or Iran…inside jobs too, people who don’t like the overthrow of old dictators.

It’s a sad sad situation. Delusion delusions and more delusion. The Christian Right in America, Romney- is the almost equal opposite to the Muslim’s, they are shadow puppets of the other-as fundamentalists, the energy is the same – scapegoating blaming whatever they fear and each other. As a Feminist both religions and most world religions are all about repression of women. It’s so obvious.

I am projecting in my own Neptunian fashion that all the  world’s major religions will be vanquished by the end of Neptune’s transit through its home sign.

We need REALigion or IMAGINATION

The only answer is to listen to the prophet John Lennon, who’s Yoko Ono conceptual art informed Lennon to write the manifesto of world peace called IMAGINE, a totally PISCEAN theme

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace

You, you may say
I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world

You, you may say
I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

I’m all for the world living peaceably as ONE. That’s my mantra- no religion, nothing to kill or die for, no countries, etc etc. Pray with me please…


what do you think?

When I remembered thet no movied for Muslims- I had to say something.

Blessings TARA

Anti-Islam film: What we know – Middle East – Al Jazeera English