Mermaids, magic and love Astrology

Aug 11 La Luna’s mystic rays envelop us on a new monthly emotional journey as she spontaneously ups our energy in ARIES this morning.

There’s a very beautiful spiritual unconditional loving energy today one of the loveliest most connecting, most melt into your beloved’s arms energy. 

Calling all MERMAIDS

VENUS the Goddess of human LOVE trines Neptune the “higher octave” of VENUS

This is so beautiful with VENUS in CANCER the GREAT MOTHER, call her Mary, Isis, Ceres, Kwan Yin, Tara, the Mermaid Queen, she has thousands of names.

NEPTUNE in PISCES is the source of all oneness, the Great heart/womb from which we were all birthed and to which we all return. Mermaids and mermen, the people of the unconscious reside here. 

Neptune rules artists, music, creativity, unconditional love, spirit, forgiveness, oneness, endings, Source. 

The trine is a 120-degree aspect and is super positive.This is pearls of wisdom and beauty. Pure bliss.

Love yourself unconditionally with all your human frailties. Neptune in Pisces brings an ocean of unconditional love along with Venus in CANCER. This is a tidal wave of spiritual cleansing, an outpouring of the mother’s milk of human kindness, nurturing from the Goddess Herself, let yourself go into the Lap of the Divine Mother, she will nurse you feed you, nurture you and care for you always infinitely and forever. 

Love yourself and honor yourself for being born a woman, a powerful spiritual gift. Women are the Creatresses of life and are Goddesses.  Love all of yourself woman, love your mother, love everyone in the world. 

This aspect increases psychic sensitivity. Do meditate and visualize today. Take a cleansing bath or do a water purification ceremony.

Send a shower of love to the entire world. With the critical energies building in North Korea between its dictator and Trump we need that Oneness energy now. 

Express your love for your children if you have real children, or other peoples children, practice random acts of kindness today. Neptune rules charity. Especially give food, or money for women’s shelters or to help stop sex trafficking of children and indigenous women being killed and 

Neptune rules charity. Especially give food, or money for a food bank, or for women’s shelters or to help stop sex trafficking of children and indigenous women being killed and for the homeless or to support millions of people who have no access to fresh water in the world.

Be grateful that you have a safe roof over your head and food to eat. Millions do not. 30,000 children die every day in the world. Understand that we in the west no matter how poor, unless you are homeless, are living better than millions of other people who we are intrinsically connected with. 

Sing, dance, make art, make love, send prayers to connect with your beloved. Eat really well, curl up at home or invite friends or family over. 

Enjoy this bliss we are only 10 days to the Big eclipse. 

Moon squares Venus in Cancer at night to bring it all back home.

Inspirational Card of the Day 

Rumi Tarot VEnus Tara Greene

The EMPRESS #3 /Venus Rumi Tarot

“Woman is a ray of the divine light”

PLease share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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Milk of Human Kindness Cancer Full Moon Jan 19 by Tara Greene

Milk is the Milky way Galaxy “Milky Way Goddess Milk is stars in Heaven

Cancer Full Moon Jan 19 ,11 Critical Time to Nurture & Be Nurtured and Jan 22 Beginning of beginning cycles of 2011 copyright Tara Greene 2011- infinity 

No the signs have not changed in my world or yours. The attributes of the signs remains the same. This is the 4th of five full Moons in a row that occur at the LAST DEGREE of a sign. Full moons are a culmination of the monthly lunar cycle, the fullness, and heavy, fertile. The Moon’s gravitational pull on the oceans and on our bodies and emotions is at full tilt!

At 29 degrees of Cancer the sign ruled by La Luna Herself we find ourselves symbolically engorged with emotion, awash with feelings, engorged with the need to nurture and be nurtured. 29 degrees of Cancer represent the ultimate Home coming/coming home. It symbolizes the nourishing unconditional love of the Great Mother, whose cosmic Milk spurts across the heavens always and our very own galaxy is named for her Milk of Human Kindness- the Milky Way.

So Cancer is all about home, Mom, the womb, privacy, safety, emotional security, feelings, the Feminine, the womb, the tomb, real estate, self-sacrificing, the stomach, food. The dark side of Cancer can be eating disorders, selfishness, inability to relate emotionally, smothering others, self-indulgence.

The Sun at 29 degrees of Capricorn tells us this is a final earthy turning point. Capricorn ruled by Saturn is all about discipline, dedication, commitment, maturity, and responsibility.

Capricorn usually reps the patriarchy, corporations, the father, seniors. Capricorn is Ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of Karma, obstacles, and limitations. The shadow side of Capricorn is domination,

Very Powerful Full Moon all about Feelings, Love @ 1:22 pm PST, 4:22 pm EST, 9:22 pm GST  

Balance your need for work, social standing {Capricorn Sun} and your most private space, where you need to retreat to, the emotional space that almost no one sees, your most private space. Sign Cancer is your unconscious, the ocean of imaginal experience and memories, the karmic fluid, the womb, mom both Archetypal and your real mom.

Whether your experience with your mother was/ is positive, unconditionally loving or not in various degrees, spaces, places and time.

Your own birth is the starting place, a description for your life.  How you feel about your inner Feminine, your Intuition and feelings, what you nurture, how you nurture others and yourself is the dichotomy that needs to be balanced at this Cancer Full Moon.

At the full moon reflect, a Cancerian image of the Full Moon on still waters on your birth, your beginnning, the Breast, nurturing, how you were nurtured and how it affects how you nurture.

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