Jupiter in Gemini goodbye; Capricorn Lunacy,Astrology with Tara Greene

June 23 inspirational QUOTE of the day

SUPER MOON in  Capricorn @ 1:08 am PDT Yes PANic. Capricorn is Pan the cloven footed Goat man horny as hell.

A quote  from a famous GOAT BOOK  “Self knowledge is always bad news.”
John Barth, Giles Goat-Boy


SUPER MOON at 2 degrees GOATFISH @ 4:32 am PDT

This is the SO very very sexy super moon pagan romping timeSUPER SUN CONJUNCT LILITH Full Moon bringing the Goddess down to earth

Yes the WOMAN clothed with the SUN from Revelations

very very sexy Lilith and Pan mixture….Lilith has deer legs

LAter  sextiles moon to Saturn and Neptune- a little fantasy sex romp?


make sure you have your seat belts fastened

MOON Does the bump and grind with URANUS @ 8:27 pm 

June 24 Cappy Moon  Quincunx to MARS in GEMINI in the wee wee hours dreaming about nazi’s and fleeing

Moon is opposed Mercury and VENUS in CANCER @ 1:20 pm PDT & 7:24 pm PDT

family vs career love or money?

The last day to whoop it up with JUPITER in GEMINI fashion

one last bungee jump ride, YIPEE! Its been a hoot

My mind needs to settle down. As a Sagittarian Jupiter my ruling planet the CEO of my SUN, MOON AND MERCURY

makes a huge difference which sign he travels through each year. Opposite his ruling sign of the Centaur he is way too fast,

too reckless, too immature. too speedy.

I am really looking forward to being on GOLDEN POND with Jupiter in CANCER, ahhhh.

Which part of your natal chart has Jupiter been trampling though? How has it been for you the past year?

For me Jupiter has been mucking about in 7-8th houses. Relationships commitment and changes of the deep kind.

SO Wed, JUNE 25 JUPITER ENTERS THE BIG WAVES @ 6:40 pm PDT for an entire year

I am working on your yearly forecast for each sign dear devoted readers.

and I can already feel the hellishly complicated frustrations of Mercury’s pre-nuptial RETRO phase, I couldn’t post anything the other day

my computer is acting up. Etc. the usual

VENUS also enters LEO June 27 for a complete change of colours and moods

forget YOU dahling, it’s all about MOI!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: I am getting ready to go to the beautiful GRAIL SPRINGS SPA June 23 to set up

for the GRAIL LADY FAIRE where I will be displaying my wares, astrology readings, Tarot, a special Goddess songbook compilation,

and ARTWORKS-special rare tarot decks etc. And MOst IMPORTANTLY

LEADING a QUINTESSENTIAL GODDESS WORKSHOP where I will initiate all women who arrive into the mysteries and magic of Lilith, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas Athena and Juno. Goddesses for which Asteroids were named after, and of course Lilith in a class of her own, as the BLACK MOON,

I will be producing MP3’s and more exciting works soon. I have been so busy and juggling so many things

I WILL HAVE LIMITED INTERNET ACCESS so I will try and post small things so please be patient while I am away all week

I am Under the influence of a Number 9 year when I am supposed to be a HERMIT and Saturn transiting my 12th house 

so I am feeling a lot like I’m rolling that rock up the hill every day  but I know it will pass, Oh and did I mention Neptune on my North Node and Squaring my Sagittarius sun?

ARE you aware of the complex Transits that are affecting you right now?

Well knowledge is power

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Happy Midsummer Night ,Epiphany season begins, from Tara Greene

Midsummer Nights Dreamthe BeatlesSummer


A Midsummer Night’s dream by Landseer    The Beatles in A Midsummer Nights Dream 1963             Summer by Archimoldo 1500’s

I am having a mercury Retrograde early systems screw up. I wrote this article three times to have it disappear and can’t seem to upload  a video.

PLease share widely

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SUMMERTIME by Joni Mitchell

Lilith SUPER Black Full Moon Galactic DOWNLOAD now

Did you know that the GALACTIC ALIGNMENT with Jupiter and the Sun 18 JUNE 2013 created one of the hottest days of the year in many places, UK, Germany etc. The Sun is still aligning with North STAR POLARIS,and opposing the Galactic Center. This is a hUGE GALACTIC download and I can certainly feel it.here were also Volcanic eruptions in unusual spots, and heated up revolutionary humans in Turkey, Brazil and Greece.

The next unusual thing is LILITH the BLACK MOON or dark side of the moon, KALI, the BLACK MADONNA, dark matter= DARK MATER= DARK MOTHER is at 1 degree of CANCER very close to the SUN JUPITER NORTH NODE TRIO but LILITH always sings another song. In CANCER we need to bring LILITH HOME, into our bellies, our family. She can give great courage, she was the first woman, the lone star, the woman who refused to compromise, the archetypal great shadow of all men’s fear of women.
the FUll Moon is all white full fertile moon.
Lilith is dark, shadowy, seductive, fully sexual,she is in her red phase, that is she is the Dark of the moon, women’s menstrual period,her most psychic, tantric phase, when she is the most powerful. Great magic would occur when making love to  a sacred priestess on her moon.
Moon is in Scorpio on June 20th when SUMMER SOLSTICE begins for WESTERN countries. Solstice is on the 21st in EDT.
 Scorpio is ruled by PLUTO the dark Lord himself, he is the symbol of the deep dark depth of the soul the unconscious. Pluto transforms whatever he touches and Lilith is opposite Pluto by a wide margin but still there. The FUll Moon is all white full fertile moon this is a SUPER MOON and LILITH’s shadow is black. she is the screech owl.

it is a Dark/light feminine transformation alchemy.

Then there is the SUPER MOON on June 23 at 2 degrees Capricorn directly opposite to LILITH.
 This is heavy powerful potent. LILITH was considered to be SATURN’S wife, that is SATAN, implying wicked sexuality. Satan was created by the church, he was the old hoofed and horny god PAN to the wiccans.

Lilith belongs to no man, She is nature herself, who cant be compromised, cajoled, or domineered in any way shape or form. She refused to allow Adam to dominate her sexually and left the garden of Eden.
 Her dark shadow that women have the power to dismiss men because she is the immortal divine GODDESS who created everything is men’s greatest fear, also her sexuality is infinite and his short lived.
 Men have projected their fear and hatred onto Lilith and women for the last 5,200 years. The last 2 ages Zodiacally. The Age of Aries began that fall from Grace. Now the DIVINE FEMININE has returned, LILITH is the 1st and will be the Last.
 LILITH lives, unacknowledged one every magazine cover, every Victoria’s secret angel, every Hollywood starlet she is twisted in porn, she is denied in Twilight.
Lilith, Victoria's secret
 She is rising as women protest Rape of women and girls world wide. Eve Esler’s V campaign honors women and LILITH.

Lilith has great restorative powers.She must be honored as equal to man in her own FEMININE splendour.
All the planets aligning in Cancer are here to heal the FEMININE,
 Mercury in CANCER is going RETROGRADE  June 26 and will Trine CHIRON July 20 as Mercury Turns Direct.
 ‘This is a huge time for healing the shadow FEMININE in CANCER the sign of the MOTHER. WOMEN Are inferior, put down, blamed, shamed, defames in every way since the patriarchal take over.  It is so entrenched  in our culture, despite the West’s Feminist advances in education, health, career. In most cultures and religions, everywhere, women are still inferior 2nd class citizen, chattel, objects. We think the stereotypical roles for women are natural but they have been mad made.

Healing in general is truly supported especially through Art as NEPTUNE SATURN JUPITER TRINE JULY 17. Create sound, make art,poetry..
 THE NEPTUNE JUPITER SATURN trine make psychic Neptune, Expansion Jupiter a REALITY – SATURN. so the veils between the worlds are dropping as fast as the poor bee’s these days. It will be very alarming for a lot of people to suddenly be a psychic sponge, empathetic and feel everyone else’s feelings.
PSYCHIC protection is necessary.

Get to know LILITH
 Work with Lilith, get to know her, she is your most rejected scorned self, in men and women.  She is not evil, as sucubus, incubus, vampire or anything like that, although vampires have a “better” rep these days.
 Dig in to the shit in your own shadow, it is the compost of the soul. Reclaiming Lilith allows for a beautiful new way of life for men and women and children. So much power is tied up in order to  deny her.

Do you know where and how your LILITH operates in you?
Besides being the most hidden repressed and powerful shadow figure in the entire world she lives in you psychically and
 She is a place in your Astrology chart-
I am leading a workshop on June 25 about Lilith and 4 other goddesses.

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Inspirational Card of the Day,Sagittarius moon weekend,animal wisdom cards

Because the Moon will enter Sagittarius April 27 

I was inspired to use Jamie Sams & David Carson’s Animal  MEDICINE CARDS first published in 1988


So what do we have? 

How’s your reputation these days?

Your reputation,

Don’t laugh or hold your nose. 

SKUNK MEDICINE is a very powerful gift

Skunk medicine- meaning wisdom, is here today to remind you about RESPECT. Yes that Aretha Franklin song.

Skunk Medicine is POWER, REPUTATION, the  imprint or smell you leave behind or before you arrive.

Skunk’s are really sweet shy creatures, and only use their infamous scent to scare away enemies when threatened. They don’t go looking for trouble or fights. They are quite harmless little critters. They make good pets.

Learn to assert WITHOUT EGO who and what you are. SELF-RESPECT follows, and therefore respect for all life.

SKUNK MEDICINE is a powerful lesson, if we don’t respect ourselves we don’t respect others or the earth,

Look around, what does the state of the earth have to tell you about most humans, rather the humans in power, self-respect?

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Pepe Le Pew Warner Brothers

Pepe Le Pew, remember him? The romantic Maurice Chevalier of Skunks?

Out of the Firestorm, Where’s the beef Astrology Tara Greene

Hot enough for you?  This past week’s culminating of Aries energy, as the SUN inched ever closer to the very last 29 critical degree of ARIES with Mars on April 17, 18 19

we Witnessed the carnage of the past week caused by overheated ARIES reckless actions-

The Boston bombings,West Texas explosion APril 17, a powerful earthquake in Iran, MIT shootings, the crash of gold markets even.

It was a horrific, sad, intense, irritating, hectic, teeth gnashing, exhausting, shocking week to say the least.

Its been very tense in our house. You and yours?

I’m  frigging exhausted!!! Its like we’ve been in a vortex of FIRE. I dreamed about a new car called the VORTEX- TM Tara Greene.

Moon enters LEO Apr 18- 20 MORE FIRE to the fire 
Thursday LEO the Drama QUEEN squares Venus in Taurus 
-“Where’s my diamond ring? make more money, look more lavish”… the Queen yells.
A quincunxy day with emotions all a kilter with Neptunian energy – rules oil gas, indicated by the Explosion in Texas.
Also fantasies illusions and dreams all over the place, the stock market?
Later in the day much spiritually romantic connectivity as VENUS in Taurus SeXtiles Neptune in Pisces. The day ends will a lovely Leo Moon TRINE Mercury in Aries.
Friday April 19
so look forward to unexpected insights about the Boston Bombings
and your own personal inspirations. bUT they must be from the heart.
In between Leo Moon squares SATURN – power struggles – ego dark clashes in high places
Most of the day is more QUINCUNX-Y stuff
Leo MOON and Pluto in Capricorn= no comprende + Chiron in Pisces- no capish the Fish
MERCURY in ARIES quincunx Saturn in Scorpio 8 degrees 
You will definitely be on the carpet for any secrets coffee or you know what,spilled, look before you leapt kind of activities. whoops.
so Where’s the beef? 
whether its conspiracy theories, the stock market crash, whose saying what? its coming right up
SUN ENTERS TAURUS – YAY April 19  6:03  pm EDT  
As sun enters TAURUS we get grounded, finally. Taurus is sensual, the body,  tools,resources. Food, music, love, flirting, romance, flowers, fine wine, art. WE ALL LOVE THAT
The BULL MARKET? Bulls are still worshipped in India today, it is a very ancient practice around the world. Except in Spain. In Crete the Priestess women practiced bull jumping. The earliest known art, dating back 30,000 years is that of Bulls in the Caves of Lascaux,France and identified with the Constellation of TAURUS and the 7 stars of the PLEIADES.
cave star maps astrology Tara Greene tarot
30,000 year old cave paintings of Bull and Pleiades Stars
 as we enter the month of Taurus we need to work with our voices, sounding, singing, awakening our power.
The word/vibration sound is healing , the body the reed, the instrument. 
Many famous singers and Musicians are  Taurus
Bono of U2, Cher, Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Duke Ellington, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Roy Orbison, Bing Crosbie, Iggy Pop, Billy Joel, David Byrne, Enya, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Chris Brown, Willie Nelson and Pete Townshend of the Who,James Brown, Glen Campbell, Brien ENO, Joey Ramone, Enrique Iglesius
Charlie Mingus, Liberace, and classical composers Brahms and Tchaikovsky and Irving Berlin. 
That’s a lot of talent- plus many handsome and beautiful Movie STARS-
George Clooney, Uma Thurman, David Beckham, Robert Pattinson, Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz, Cate Blanchet,Pierce Brosnan,Rene Zellwegger, Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Pfeiffer, Channing Tatum. 
GET EMBODIED get down to earth. VENUS IS Already in her home sign and relaxing, eating chocolates and soaking up the beauty.
Issues around money, getting strong, rooted, practical;walking your talk, loving your physical incarnation are all on the menu.
After ARIEs inspiration comes Taurus perspiration. 
April 20 
Mercury conjunct Uranus in the wee hours. Be awake in your dreams and listen to higher consciousness and brilliant insights at 9 degrees ARIES.
Where is that point in your chart? That’s where you need to revolt, molt, think outside the box, see the big picture.
It’s like the image of the STAR in the Tarot #17  AQUARIUS energy
For me its in my 5th house conjunct my Jupiter, that means creative projects that need my  love.
Yes action is now down to earth. ahh we’re all bloody exhausted.  Do slooowwww down. 
Moon enters VIRGO too
Now there’s 4 heavenly bodies in EARTH plus the SOUTH NODE.
VIRGO PERFECTIONIST organized Moon TRINES MARS AND the SUN so a great day to get those taxes done,and put on some great music and hum and snap your fingers through it too!
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all writing is copyright TARA GREENE

Whole lotta’ luck, Sagittarians,Gemini,Pisces.Twin flame + Sun Mercury smooch,Astrology

La Luna taratarot.com

                                                                                                                       Monday is THE MOON’S DAY 

Moon in Sagittarius and that means TRUTH TELLING DAYS 

March 4 WHOLE lotta luck for Sagittarius  and  Gemini  

Sagittarius Moon is opposite Jupiter in Gemini, early in the morning

YAY!  I have my Natal Moon in Sagittarius with my Sun and Mercury and I always feel best


If you know where your Sun and Moon is you can track your own monthly returns these are like Full and new moons for you personaly

but you gotta abe an early bird it happens at 6:00 am EST

Jupiter in Gemini is like the BLUEBIRD OF HAPPINESS, can’t you hear her cheap?

always feel good, a bit too good, like  Santa Claus, abundant, good cheer, buy a lottery ticket, smile at everyone,

,you are totally charming today Sagittarius and GEM’s. 

so do Tell your truth

and a few jokes, ask the boss for a raise and  charm the pants off that  person you got your eye on.

Book that vacation to Sedona, with me.-see below-  Sign up for a yoga class, language or prat falls class.

say prayers to JOVE,but be ware not too over indulge. WHAT ME WORRY?

Hot to trot Moon in Sagittarius squares VENUS in PISCES then later CHIRON + MERCURY & the SUN

VIRGO’s take  a licking  from being squared by the dynamic duo.

so maybe hide your head in the sand or your accounting books today,

 wear a hat, because the SUN and Mercury your RULING PLANET and GEMINI’s too, kiss today.

It’s  traditionally considered CHARRED for Mercury,

as in BURNT OUT,  COMBUST is the traditional term.

You, your car or any equipment may burn out today, dear Virgo’s or Gemini’s please let me know if this does happen


another awesome aspect. Tis is a lovely BODHISATVA aspect. 

Bodhisattva astrologyBodhisattva 

Bodhisattva’s are Buddhist Enlightened beings who gain Enlightenment but come back to earth out of compassion to help others who are still suffering in ignorance and samsara- the illusion, the glamour.

Yes You could find and fall massively in love with your TWIN FLAME today!

This aspect perfectly describes it,

twin flames, makes a BIG T- with the Sag. Moon. 

Last but not least MOON & Sun square off  its definitely a MUTABLE KIND A DAY

with Virgo’s left out. Your time  will come.


Tuesday is MAR’s Day

and the MOON and MARS in PISCES now square off-

tempers will fly, many hoofs in mouths will leave battered feelings

VENUS conjunct CHIRON-

get out the hankies

do something positive with this- go help out at a foodbank

 become aware of the devastation of the oceans, cry your sensitive little heart out 

Moon enters CAPRICORN @ 4:14 pm

back on solid ground, emotions go underground, we’ll believe it because it has a $ sign attached to it

Moon and Neptune make a lovely sextile

WEDNESDAY is JAM PACKED all star day with 13 aspects !!!

should be an ASTROLOGY parody of you know what 

Moon conjuncts PLUTO is always the most POTENT! at 10-11 degrees CAPRICORN. 11:15 am PST 



MERCURY CONJUNCTS VENUS- I’ll create a ritual for this one @ 8:54 pm PST



the communiques you never said, wrote, conveyed can be said now, MERCURY is RETRO

a huge clearing day -will writer more manana



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Aries Moon Ram on,Diamond girls and Boys T square dance Astrology

Moon enters ARIES Jan 16  


VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO- DIAMONDS Are a girls’ best friend says Marilyn Monroe

watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L8sHIU8YAg&feature=share&list=AL94UKMTqg-9BVaQJTOWEqQxwHpeXgDm_h

SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND by PINK Floyd http://youtu.be/0SqFPNTBnv8

SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND by Rhianna http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs_lR6NXW94

ARIES MOON conjunct URANUS! -wild things   

T-square dance – Aries incendiary Moon SQUARE 2 – VENUS-Love, PLUTO-Sex death etc.

Wild in the streets!  watch by Garland Jeffries     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RzBZsOeqOQ
watxh RAM ON by SIR PAUL McCartney  http://youtu.be/WU3spbSvMGg

on green go Tara Greene

Ram Aries Astrology


T-squares,Grand Trines, 50 shades of Scorpio days Astrology outlook

Friday Jan 4- shortly before 10:00am EST

BUT- LIBRA Moon quickly opposes URANUS and Squares MERCURY in a T-square of unparalleled mind thrumming, brain blending, weird concepts and outta sight brilliant insights and peace talks trying to hold the forces of revolution and freedom

Next up is a HIGHLY PASSIONATE TRINE from energetic MARS in Aquarius to JUPITER Retro in Gemini at @ 7 degrees 4:45 am PST.

Whoa this is a VERY passionate sexy, to notch up the freedom, yakkety yak, break out of the old everything blessing,

At least throw out some stuff you haven’t used in awhile!

And there’s more! 

LIBRA MOON makes an AIRY GRAND TRINE to MARS  & JUPITER before 7:00 am PST/10:00 am EST

Romantic, beneficial, over the moon, ask for that raise, make a risky move,

Very fertile, rushing down the aisle to Vegas or City Hall to tie the knot,

Battling for your ideas in retrospect is one way to call this one

It’s PIE IN THE SKY and you don’t have to die!

Moon makes last quarter square to Capricorn Sun @ 10:49 pm EST. challenging us to recognize fairness.


The energy shifts completely. Mercury Jupiter quincunx 3:08 am –what’s the left hand/right hand saying? Can’t communicate too easily now.

Lovely Venus Moon sextile 6:14 pm is a lovely romantic  dinner out, pleasure may be a necessity at this point.

MOON enters SCORPIO 10:09 pm PST – Sunday Next day 1:09 am EST

Emotions get heavy as always on this moon

Sunday- 2 days of the heavy intense TRANSFORMATION,

colloquially speaking 50 shades of Grey intensity

scorpio transformtaion

Serious and heavy Mercury CONJUNCTS PLUTO –deep dark and delicious if that’s your taste.

Thinking, obsessive, passion, power struggles, manipulations, all secrets out  HIGH ALERT!

as this is a snake year, this would be seen as a beginning stage in the shedding. 

A Mercury textile Saturn-cools things out as rational thinking and avoidance of deep emotions is easier to access.

More stress  -Scorpio MOON SQUARES MARS 5:05 pm

Mars rules Scorpio so it’s red alert emotionally, quick to fight.

Scorpio moon conjuncts Saturn @ 6:11 pm EST. SOBERING!

This could be very depressing, avoid suicidal thoughts, downers, intense power struggles,

Stay on the Saturn sober side. Disagreements with authorities and father figures. Be the dispationate watcher.


MARS SATURN square from 10 Aquarius to Scorpio 11:32 a PST

Aquarius detached cool all inclusive mentality and Scorpio intense take ‘em by the balls need for power and control makes for a tense chess game. Independence and limits are what’s happening.

Scorpio Moon conjunct NORTH NODE @ 3:52 pm PST helps us to follow the high road.

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Fertility ritual,make your dreams real, Astrology from Tara Greene

Planetary aspects buzzing like Bees

The week began with that beautiful SUN Trine Jupiter and the golden beat goes ON.

I had written yesterday about that nice Saturn Neptune TRINE an EZY aspect to make your dreams real.

In a short reading with a client yesterday she was asking about pregnancy. I had been looking at her Natal chart and how the aspects on Oct 10 were very supportive to her  and especially fertile for her desire to get pregnant.  So check out the aspects here, and follow the ritual, if it is a real child you are aiming to conceive or any other form of a real dream that you wish to make love to, fertilize, carry, labour with, give birth to, nurse, nurture and release into the world.

ASTRO PIMPLES? Need Pepto-Bismal?

Beautiful pragmatic Venus in Virgo @ 6 degrees is almost finished opposing  Chiron –the self-conscious, nit picky perfectionism will be over soon as well as the digestive upsets and  pimples- Literally. I hope so as my skin and my upper gut have been unruly for the last week or so because of this aspect.

Remember what it felt like when MARS was RETROGRADE in VIRGO last March?

Virtually nothing, nothing was moving. I got a two-week bout of really irritable upper digestive issues. If I didn’t know how the planets can affect your body I might have gone to the doctor for a check up, but I didn’t. I knew HOW and WHICH planet was affecting WHAT body part. So I took remedial herbal measures and waited till it passed.  I am not prescribing medical information here. All my words are strictly for entertainment purposes.

Did you feel this one to?

LOVE + Communications is off the charts weird
Venus, Lady Love and Lady Luck  is Inconjunct – a 150 degree angle called a quincunx- to wild rebel expect the unexpected Uranus at 6 Aries -earth and fire don’t mix- Venus want to stay late working and Uranus wants to burn the oppressive master’s building down.

Mercury, MIND stuff  is at 5 degrees Scorpio has also been -hear the squeaky door, fingernails on blackboard sounds? – inconjunct Uranus.Scrambled brains anyone? If you feel you don’t know if you’re coming or going-this will explain it.


Venus and Mercury are in sextile to each other –60 degrees –good aspect! and both are quincunx- 150 degrees to Uranus in ARIES. The aspect between VENUS= LOVE, Mercury- Mind and Uranus- FREEDOM, is called a YOD or a FINGER OF GOD.

Uranus is the wild card, the point of greatest focus and  MAX creativity! Go out of your mind and be LOVE. That is OSHO’s way of describing how to get enlightened, experience TANTRA.

Mars – action, desire is still square Neptune – the desire for the dream, for spirit, the hunger for Oneness, immersion in Bliss gardens. Is strong, and there will be healing as Mars advances and squares CHIRON.

Venus also trines Pluto at 6 Capricorn- all trines are easy blessings. The combo of these two is LOVE and SOUL POWER.


EXACT OCT 10 – Zero degrees 37 minutes Scorpio to Zero degrees PISCES @ 7:38 pm PDT/10:38 pm EDT

OCT 11 at 2:37 am GMT

Pisces is the dream, spirituality, soul mates, Bliss, Oneness,completion. Saturn is karma and REALITY

this aspect is what makes those dreams real- literally.

Focus those bountiful easy blessings by creating a model, an image or something physical to represent your dream,

a DREAM MANDALA or collage or your fervent visualization is best

Cut our pictures that represent your dreams, a mate, a house, a way of being, the world as you wish it would be, and paste them or draw them in a circle. Make what you desire a reality.

On Oct 10 or 11 in your time zone

I would light a blue candle with your mandala or dream wish image in front of you as Saturn trines Neptune or simply visualize it.

and hum OHM,go into a meditative state, close your eyes, breathe deeply slowly play your favourite spiritually enhancing music and feel – as this is water, the emotions of your dreams realized, feeling the emotional connection is vitally important. Feel the joy of merging with your dreams.

Tantric sex Alex Grey astrology TAra Greene

I also advised the client in this case to make love to her husband right after their ritual, with them both attempting to stay in a very spiritual meditative state,TANTRIC LOVE with non-ego attachment to their bodies and to visualize the spirit of their future child entering into their hearts and into the woman’s womb.

In India

For fertility one would make a SHIVA lingam sculpture to represent the phallus in a YONI, a vagina. And annoint it with honey and flower petals and pray and chant over it for days at a time.

Always give thanks for your dreams being granted before they happen. In spirit there is no time all time is now.

and always give a dream to the world as well, to benefit the world.


All is unfolding exactly as it should. 

Wish you had  a specific personalized RITUAL?  I will tune in to my angels, meditate and create one especially for you!

DREAM COACH RITUAL  http://www.taratarot.com/id78.html

Grand Trine,opposites attract,Bridge Over Troubled Water Astrology


Oct 5

joined by MOON which enters CANCER Oct 6 @ 5:45 pm PDT


It’s A Bridge over troubled Scorpio water

Bridge Over Troubled Waters


Don’t GO NUMB! Mercury and Saturn may make you feel overwhelmed. The Trine from Saturn & Mercury to Neptune in Pisces may make you feel like going NUMB with drugs booze sex spiritual groupie ESCAPE stuff, you get the message.

Moon in Cancer Trine to Scorpio and Pisces

makes one very sentimental, perhaps lots of tender tears over lost loved ones,

Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio 

thoughts and reality are heavy, secretive, painful, limiting, depression is easy to fall into.

The Trine nice aspect to Neptune

brings a cure for the pain, escapism to addictions or Spiritual REDEMPTION

The Trine to Moon in CANCER

is coming HOME to MOM, nurturing, safety, security,wholeness, instinct, memory, the unconscious feeling of being in the WOMB, safe so safe. like being in Heaven again baby. In the womb of the Divine Mother,

so rest in that this weekend.

MARS enters SAGITTARIUS Oct 6-NOvember 17

so the action, the MEN are on fire, upbeat, honest, wanting to hit the road, justice, laws, teachers, International relations HEAT UP! Adventure is in the air. Hunting, carousing with fellow CENTAURS. 


October 14

so there’s some time guyz to get down, get vulnerable, get on your knees and pray,

Jeff Brown- wrote Appologees to the Divine Feminine, for 13,000 years of Patriarchal rule,which went VIRAL. The old Patriarchal school is soon to be OVER. If you want those gals to love you these days ya gotta be strong and vulnerable.


the Women- the VENUS- are up to their elbows in hard work

Dont expect relationships to be easy BUT

Virgo/ Sagittarius are in square aspect to each other so there is friction

and where there is friction, there is a spark, and where there is a spark there is heat,

there is ignition,

there is passion,

Mars squares Neptune Oct 7

forming a T- square with VENUS and NEPTUNE

could be very sexy and irresistible

looks like that T-square spells ADDICTED TO LOVE!

You need a CURE FOR PAIN!

Cure for PAIN -song lyrics by Morphine

Where is the ritual?
And tell me where, where is the taste?
Where is the sacrifice?
And tell me where, where is the faith?

Someday there’ll be a cure for pain
That’s the day I throw my drugs away
When they find a cure for pain

Where is the cave where the wise woman went?
And tell me where, where’s all that money that I spent?

I propose a toast
To my self control
You see it crawlin helpless on the floor

Someday there’ll be a cure for pain
That’s the day I throw my drugs away
When they find a cure for pain
Find a cure for
Find a cure for pain

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BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS with Whitney Houston and Natalie Cole