Weekend Astrology, Leonid Meteor showers

November 17

Leonids Meteor showers this weekend- this from Space


I am hoping it will be clear here in Bancroft because the dark skies here would afford a great view. There’s about a foot of fresh fallen snow on the ground, its beautiful pristine white but cold, down to 11 degrees Fahrenheit tonight.

Saturday is still under the rule of the Pisces Moon

We’re feeling oriented, our psychic antanae  are strong, our 3rd eyes are wide open, we are dreamy, spiritual, escapist, creative, romantic.  We feel connected to everyone on a Pisces moon. It’s very romantic, a soul mate connectivity. Pisces moon times are great because they enhance meditation and visualization. Pisces is the sign to connect with Source with as the boundaries are thin. 

The downside of Pisces energy is martyrdom, co-dependency, extreme shyness, paranoia, fantasy, illusion, delusion and projection.

Moon squares Newly Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius

There will be communication challenges.

Moon conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Pluto

This occurred in the Dreamtime hours in EST. I don’t know about you but I went to bed early and awoke at 2:30 and did some prayers to Goddess HEKATE as it was one of her days. Hekate is associated with the Underworld, Pluto’s realm and she may have originally been the underworld Goddess.I had trouble going back to sleep.

This aspects connects us with our ancestors and deep transformative energies. 

Moon inconjuncts Venus in Libra

Now direct our intuition and feelings may be off or feeling bruised from relationship changes that went on during Venus retro period, this is in PST

November 18 

Moon inconjunct Libra in EDT and GMT- see above

Moon trines Scorpio Sun

Scorpio’s you get incredible insights and perhaps some romantic woo too. Moon goes Void of Course at 12:04 am PST/3:04 am EST/ 7:04 am GMT

Moon conjuncts Chiron the wounded healer in the wee to early morning hours

Follow the urges to curl up in a fetal position. Vulnerability, is natural, embrace it, give it attention and hug yourself, love yourself. Know that you are loved unconditionally.

ENERGY SHIFT moon enters ARIES @ 7:56 am PST/ 10:56 am EST/ 2:56 pm GMT

Vulnerability and all that sensitivity evaporate under the fiery brash Aries Moon. Now we are in warrior assertive, go for it mode. You’ll have oodles of energy to work off, so go to the gym, run, work-out. We are feeling ready testosterone pumped and ready to go in to the ring or battle for something or another.

Moon trines Jupiter in Sagittarius in the afternoon

Celebrate, be adventurous, spirits will be joyful, Get out into nature, Sagittarius and Aries like wide open space. You will want to compete with wits and knowledge with this combo. The Aries energy fans the flames of Jupiter good humor. Have a good time. 

Moon squares sober Saturn

Evening time your energy may hit a wall. There will be reality tests. If you overdid it Saturday you may be feeling the aftereffects now ina delayed way. Issues with your dad or authority figures- you may be worrying about having to catch up with work needed for Monday and worried about what the boss will think. You may simply be feeling tired under Saturn’s leaden weight. Try to go to bed early.

Gotta go. I’ve got a full days readings ahead of me.

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How to put up Psychic shields

While the Moon is still in Pisces, December 7th in PST.,EST. and GMT we are more sensitive, empathic, emotional and moody. Pisces is the sign of psychic energy,  dreams, the hidden, unseen, spirits, the unconscious, the imagination.

The Moon makes some very hard squares to the SUN and SATURN today. So make sure your protective shields and psychic boundaries are up all day and every day.

NOTE: the Moon then goes Void of course at 6:05 am PST/ 9:05 am EST/ 2:05 pm GMT until the 8th at 2:15 am PST/ 3:15 am EST/ 8:15 am GMT.  That’s almost 20 hours of a lull, a twilight reflective period. Take advantage of it. 

We are a  week away from the next Super MOON in GEMINI on the 13/14th

Pisces Moon squares the Sun in the wee hours in the above time zones tonight and four hours later the Moon squares SATURN, this will all happen before most of us go to work in the morning. The energy will be in effect until the morning of the 8th. Pay attention to your dreams as they can be great opportunities for very lucid dreaming. 

Make sure your protective psychic shields and boundaries are up. Just like in the old Star Trek shows. “Shields up” says Captian Kirk instructs his crew and Dr. Sulu. 

Psychic protection, astrology Tara Greene

Don’t know how to do put up your psychic shields?

It’s really very simple.

  1. Draw an imaginary circle around your bed where you sleep at night or anywhere you are. Start out straight ahead of you and always move in a clockwise direction. You can spread out your arms out to your sides to feel the boundaries of your protective circle as well. This helps to strengthen it and is a good thing to do when you are alone and when you are first starting to practice this defensive action.
  2. Imagine this circle with your mind in white or ultraviolet light. You can also physically do this by using your index finger as a magic wand and draw out the boundaries of safety around you. If you have a pointed clear quartz crystal or amethyst or other type of crystal wand I would hold that in your hand and use it as your magic wand. This will increase the power of your intention as crystals hold energy. It isn’t necessary though.
  3. You can call in Archangel Michael the Watcher of the East who has a fiery sword of protection. Just say ” I call upon the Archangel Michael into my circle to help protect me. 
  4.  State out loud. “I create this powerful shield and circle of Light to protect me from all entities, energies, and spirits with any negative intent.  This is a banishing. 
  5.  The invocation and intention.  “I allow only positive, loving, supportive, emotions and people inside my boundaries. So mote it be.”
  6. It is very simple. You must emotionally feel the shield being created. Try doing it with your eyes closed at first. Call it up on command. You must remember to set up your shields constantly when around dangerous people, situations, and around psychic vampires, which are actually everywhere.  
  7. Try this out and experience it for yourself and see if this makes a huge difference in how you feel spiritually and emotionally. It should make you feel clearer, stronger, more stable and lighter. Listen to the angels sending you signs and talking to  you as well. 
  8. The Moon also inconjuncts positive Jupiter in LIBRA in A.M.
  9. You may have to hug your inner child and keep her or him very safe. Be the loving parent to your inner child. Be careful of getting drawn into backhanded compliments, or social scenes that don’t feel right. Trust your intuition. 
  10. VENUS ENTERS AQUARIUS @ 6:51 am PST/ 9:51 am EST/2:51 pm GMT

Venus aquarius Tara Greene astrology

  1. This will shift the energy quite a bit and we should be able to feel more detached, more logical, scientific and cool.  I will write more on Venus in Aquarius where we let our freak flags fly. 
  2. The Pisces Moon conjuncts Chiron in the afternoon for EST and GMT 
  3. There may be major disappointments in the news especially at STANDING ROCK where the EPT has gone ahead and is continuing to drill in spite of what President Obama said and the Army Corps of Engineers. The situation on native land to protect the waters may get very dire again. There was a day of grace. 
  4. Keep practicing with your psychic shields as many times a day as you need. See how much better you will feel. It isn’t that you aren’t aware of what’s going on around you. It’s also that the volume of the negativity decreases. This helps you from getting sucked into other people’s emotional dramas and traumas. I’ve practiced this for years. As a very empathic natural psychic,I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the emotions of the world. I have to have my shields up all the time. 
  5. Blessings TARA
  6. please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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