December 12- 18 Weekly Astrology

December 12-18 moon mapping

Where’s the Moon?

Dec. 12 Moon in fiery dramatic party hearty Leo

Dec. 14 MOON in earthy hard-working VIRGO 12:45 am PST/ 3:45 am EST/ 9:45 am GMT

Dec. 16 Moon in social likeable undecisive Libra 11:49 am PST/ 2:49 pm EST/8:49 pm GMT

Dec. 18 Moon enters intense waters of obsessive sexy Scorpio 7:31 pm PST

Dec. 12 SUN sextiles SATURN in AQUARIUS

Nice, easy, supportive and optimistic energy, good for seeing positively into the future, inventive and upbeat

Dec 14 SUN square NEPTUNE in PISCES

deceptions of all kinds, FAKE GURUS, scams, oil and price hiking, dept, illusions, delusions, viruses etc. revealed


info snafus, vulnerability from thinking about exes, conversations you should have had and challenges to be in touch with anger


Crypto shocks, tock market wild swings, chaos, earthquakes, shocking news, information

December 18: Ceres enters Libra

The Great Mother enters the sign of relationships, this feels like matchmakers and nurturing harmony, balance, peace and grace and Good timing.

Dec. 19 VENUS in Capriconrn squares CHIRON in ARIES

Love hurts, cue the sad, lost, lovelorn love song country songbook, love wounds,

Dec. 19 VENUS inconjunct MARS RETROGRADE

Like painted manicured nails on the chalkboard of your cold as steel hearted, all business values.

Have a great week,

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Weekly Horoscope August 19-25

The Big aspects this week. 

Aug. 19 VENUS and JUNO conjunct at 27 degrees LEO. This is a powerful combo of Beauty and Brains. Juno is the feminine genius multi-tasking symbol.

Aug. 21 MERCURY inconjuncts SATURN- all inconjuncts are difficult, a blind spot, 

      VENUS enters VIRGO- Love gets practical. on budget, organized, decluttering

       MERCURY in LEO trine JUPITER in SAGITTARIUS nice firey truth arrow shooting  

Aug 22/23  MERCURY inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES- ego and spirit don’t mix

Aug 23 SUN enters VIRGO conjuncts Fixed Star REGULUS- Harvest season, practical, service-related time, work, health and discipline

Aug 24 VENUS and MARS conjunct @ 4+ Virgo-ROMANCE< LOVE, SEXY earthy, Servants of love 

      MERCURY inconjuncts PLUTO in Capricorn- Our minds and souls are out of kilter

Aug. 25 VENUS and MARS in VIRGO inconjuncts CHIRON in ARIES- what we think we are worth is measurably related to our woundings. 

Aug 19 ARIES MOON -20th-high energy, restless, angry, independent, fight mode

Aug 20-23 TAURUS MOON- earthy and sensuous creative and romantic

Aug 23-25 GEMINI MOON -airy, lite, chatty, sales, trickster, flirty,

Aug 25- CANCER MOON in her home sign, comfort food, family times, 


You may fall in love with a practical Virgo this week or simply find love in the workplace. This week is a great time to get grounded, to organize yourself, and get focussed and disciplined to find work that you love. Focus on your health and disciplined workout routine.


Romance is ripening to materialize you can smell it in the air right? This is a super time to get on a budget and start a stricter diet/lifestyle/better healthier eating habits going in control. This is also a good time to get more creative in any realm. Venus/Mars in your 5th house in the house of love affairs and children. Fertility! Be aware. 


You are feeling confident, happy, and very playful with Mercury in Leo in your 2nd house of self-esteem. You are thinking straight from your heart now. Ideas may meet with some resistance this week but let that help you get back to the drawing board and make it all better. Venus/Mars conjunction in Virgo in your 4th, budget for home improvements or expanding your family. 


Moon moves from Cardinal Aries on the 19th and 20th which can be challenging. The Moon travels through the first 4 signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini ends up in your sign by the 25th. PLan to stay home and have a big family get together on the 25th. Venus/Mars in your solar 3rd house of communications helps you to organize your diet, health regime, and to talk about your needs. 


Venus leaves your sign on the 21st and enters practical Virgo. Say what you have to say with extra confidence and heartfelt will with Mercury in Leo. Venus in your solar 2nd house brings sexy resourcefulness. A good time to save money. Love is in the air with a Virgo or through work under the Venus/Mars conjunction in Virgo. 


This is YOUR time with Mars and Venus conjoining on August 24 this is a peak period in love, work, health, balance, strength and all the goodies. Mars gives you more stamina, determination and courage. Falling in love with another Virgo is highly likely and 2 Virgos working together always have their 5-year plans down pat. Love, at first sight, is real. 


Venus enters practical frugal VIRGO which scares the bejeezus out of you. The Venus-Mars conjunction in your Solar 12th house may bring past lovers into your dreams and old karmic patterns too. It’s all good if you do your diligence and work to balance out old karmic patterns. Rebalance your soul and your depths.


Mars in Virgo in your Solar 11th brings networking opportunities and romantic ones too with the Venus conjunction. Sex can be toned down and enjoyed in a simple earthy manner. You get a healthy obsession break. Health is a primary issue to look at. Are you passionate about your colleagues and your managerial skills? 


The 21st is good for putting out intentions for what you want or planning a long wished for trip. The Venus/Mars conjunction in your Solar 10th house of reputation and career can bring rewards for hard work. Stay humble and pay attention to the details. It’s easier to get things really accomplished. Declutter and organize TF out of your mess. You can find love and recognition at work. 


The Venus/Mars conjunction in your Solar 9th house brings travel and foreign business opportunities or teaching or studying abroad. This can indicate a long-distance romance too. Mercury in Leo your Solar 8th brings speaking and leadership communications, courage and confidence. The 24th is a powerful day to stay true to your beliefs which may be challenged. 


The Venus-Mars conjunction in your Solar 8th house of sex, money, inheritance, secrets, desire and work, psychology and transformation can bring lovers and practical worker bees into your circle. This is a good grounding time for you to reap the honey for your work. The emotional intensity is grounded. It may feel like a strange wake-up call energetically. You may get easily obsessed. 


The Venus/Mars conjunction in your 7th house of Marriage traditionally brings relationships with those who ground you. Opposites do attract. Bring your spiritual ideals down to work. Love can be found in the workplace. Organize your space, get help with any addictions. This is a practical, realistic, shake up and productive clearing time for you. Make the most of it. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Where that Moon? Nov. 20-26

Where’s that Moon this week?

Plan your week ahead by knowing which sign and element the Moon is traveling through. Understand the emotional flux and flow by knowing which sign the Moon is travelling through. This gives you a great advantage to understand the emotional pulse of the day.  The Moon governs our moods and emotions. Everyone is affected by it. Women are more sensitive to the position of the moon than men as their bodies and hormones are governed by the Moon directly. 

Moon signs this week Tara Greene

Moon’s in SAGITTARIUS in MOONDAY until 11:14 pm PST.

Sagittarius Moon is a FIRE SIGN. Fire is a spiritual passionate active and masculine element. times are upbeat optimistic adventurous humorous good-natured and honest to a fault. Dress casually as the mood is easy going. Teachers philosophers; sports fans; animal rights activists; historians; politicians and religions are all ruled by Sag.

CAPRICORN MOON TIME Nov 21 @ 2:14 am EST/ 7:14 am GMT 

Capricorn is a FEMININE EARTH sign element. Practical realistic hard working focuses on getting things done. Originally this was the sign of the Great Mother. The goat cheese Moon makes us focus on being all business-like and getting practical results. As Capricorn naturally rules career and 10th house issues. Capricorn lunar times get the job done times. These are times to get real and grounded. This is the time to focus on long-term job plans especially as Saturn Cappy’s ruling planet enters its home sign on December 19th/20 for the next 2.5 years.

AQUARIUS MOON TIME-Nov. 23 @ 12:14 pm PST/3:14 pm EST/ 8:14 pm GMT 

Aquarius is an AIR SIGN which governs the mind; communications; ideas; debates; thinking and detachment.   During this lunar period, the 11th sign makes us feel more emotionally detached and cool-headed. Aquarius is a rebellious tribal revolutionary sign of free-thinking anarchists; higher consciousness inventers; pioneers and out of the box creative minds. 

PISCES MOON November 26 @ 12:04 am PST/3:04 am EST/ 8:04 am GMT

Pisces is the WATER ELEMENT. Water symbolizes the emotions; flowing things; the unconscious; FEMININE the womb; our moods and intuition. This is a gentle watery spiritual dreamy creative lunar energy. We want to go inwards. The best time to practice lucid dreaming is under this moon. Meditate; be near water; creativity; accessing unconditional love compassion and forgiveness are all traits of this lunar energy. Addictive compulsions are also strengthened at these times. Yoga chanting singing dancing and charity work all figure in too.

Have a great week.

I’ll write more sooner.

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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