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Moon’s in CANCER at 5:40 pm EDT on Saturday April 5  all the way till Tuesday April 8 in the morning.

A moody wet, 3 days.

We are feeling sensitive, with a strong chance of tummy upsets, emotionally overwhelmed, and neediness.

It’s a great weekend to cuddle up close to home. Cook, and eat comfort food, take long soothing baths,

Watch sad movies and cry, wax melancholy, reminisce with old friends. 


Moon to VENUS in Pisces just happened

Good for love and prayers for love.

April 6

It may be raining in your heart.

It may be an emotional and or a literal flood. The planets do trigger real events.

It may be a tsunami of love and affection pouring from hearts. It’s spring.


another PREVIEW of the  GRAND CARDINAL CROSS ENERGY – use this as a dress rehearsal.

May be an uncovering of a deeply held emotional issue, a secret scar.

Do home stuff, make your home as happy secure and comfortable as you can.

Children and their needs are also strong. Your own inner child, Ask for hugs.

The astrology specifics are

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE in the wee hours- 

Expect expansive spiritual landscapes and teachings from deceased relatives and past life dreams.

You may have to get up to pee in the middle of the night. 

MOON  CONJUNCT JUPITER – TRYING TO CONCEIVE? this is one of the best aspects 

Jupiter is fertile and exalted in CANCER- yes this aspect happens every month but Venus is also in Pisces.


There is much healing energy available to you. The healing is in allowing, surrendering, going into the pain. It’s resistance to the pain and suffering which is worse than the actual experience of the hurt. Continuously resisting is  neurotic. It is an unconscious repeating of the same patterns. The fear that the pain will  truly overwhelm you is unfounded. Allow VENUS IN PISCES to help soothe the wounds that bind you.

It’s the HANGED MAN in the TAROT TRUMP # 12

Hanged Man Tarot Astrology Tara Greene

SURRENDER the ego, let go, allow. The wisdom is the reversal of what you think. 

You aren’t in total control anyways. None of us are. Haven’t you noticed that?

So just let go, let it all hang out. the pain the suffering, your innards. 

God/the Goddess knows your suffering. 

I am always asked by people when will they meet their soul mates.

Not until you surrender to feeling, experience all the unconscious wounds from not only this life but past lives,

You must make space for Divine love to enter. The crack in your heart that allows the light to enter.

It’s part of our humanness.  

APril 7 

was my Mom’s birthday. She was a strong woman. 

Moon squares Sun we are on our way to the LUNAR eclipse on April 15.

Moon squares Mars in Libra early a.m. 

GRUMPy Irritable, impatient monday morning.


for a whole new energized way of thinking. I’ ll write about that separately.

Lastly Moon TRINES SATURN in SCORPIO mid afternoon then goes void of course. 

this is good for penetrating to the depths of your feelings. RE-lease release release.

I Am prepping to go on the road so may be only able to post QUICKIES.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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HOME- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes 

HOMEWARD BOUND by Simon & Garfunkel 


Neil Young Blasts Harper,Canada for Big Oil Killing First Nations

LEGENDARY CANADIAN Rock n Roll singer and writer, Neil Young  haas has begun a string of concert tours to benefit the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation {ACFN} Legal defence fund to support their fight against the Alberta Tar Sands expansion. Young was in Toronto for a press conference before the benefit concert tour he is launching on January 12 and severely lashed out at Prime Minister Harper and all Canadians.

“We are killing these people. The blood of these people are on modern Canada’s hands. HE toured the Alberta Tar Sands last year and called them “Canada’s man made Fukushima” said Young.”I see a government that is completely out of control. Money is Number 1 Integrity isn’t even on the map.” 

Mr. Bitumen Napoleon Brousseau Art Tara Greene

Mr. Bitumen  oil painting by Napoleon Brousseau 2003 

ACFN chief ALLAN ADAM told the press conference that Ottawa’s newly mined environmental assessment legislation, which expands Alberta’s oil sands is out of control. “We have a runaway train without a conductor controlling it. THE ACFN does not oppose Alberta’s oil sands development outright. The First Nations community wants oil sands developments to protect treaty rights and traditional land uses.

Ed Burtynsky art tara Greene astrology


NEIL YOUNG is a fascinating person. He has been a major rock music legend for 45 years. His music is passionate, highly personal, idiosyncratic, always growing, which is very unusual for someone at his age. Called the “Grandfather of grunge.” by some. Young had polio as a young child in Ontario and is an epileptic. He has always kept his Canadian citizenship. You can look up his WIKIPEDIA page.

I wanted to get right to his chart to see what has makes Neil tick and to have such outspoken passion on this huge environmental issue. The Canadian government has already hired a huge PR film to deflect Neil’s clout on this issue. Personally I think the government is totally in control of the wrong way of doing things. I totally back Neil. The Alberta Tar sands are a horrible ecological  blight and will be obsolete soon.

NEIL YOUNG was born November 12, 1945 in Toronto Canada at 6:45 am

Neil Young astrology Tara Greene Toronto

A TRIPLE THREAT SCORPIO with Sun Venus and the Ascendant in Scorpio.

A Triple Scorpio is 3 times more impassioned, obsessed, driven, soulful, deep, intense, broody, secretive. Scorpio’s lives are not easy. Their souls’ are running their ego’s and so much ups and downs, and constant change is their norm. 

Neil’s Sun is on the Ascendant. So he has his soul out in front, it’ s like his bumper. 

What makes Neil so outspokenly radical? He has his MOON in AQUARIUS at 13 degrees in the 3rd house of communications of course. He is emotionally OUT THERE, a free spirit, a rebel- “ALMOST CUT MY HAIR- LETTING MY FREAK FLAG FLY”- a revolutionary. He always has been true to himself, walked his own path and will always naturally go against the status quo. Neil’s Moon is opposite his Natal Pluto in the 9th house in Leo. He is a dramatic heart centered Political truth teller, whistle-blower, philosopher. Moon Pluto is focussed, powerful and the two planets square his SUN and ASCENDANT.  

His Mercury, planet of communications is in Sagittarius in the 1st house. He is a communicator, a magician with words,a truth teller, a natural voice for inspiring people, he is honest, naive and inspiring.

Mercury is opposite URANUS Retrograde in GEMINI in the 8th house {Scorpio naturally} Neil is naturally a higher consciousness being. Uranus in the 8th rules radical change, invention, interacting with the world at large, money, transformation, rebirth, death, sex. Uranus rules his Moon. He has electric eccentric emotions.

Venus at zero degrees Scorpio is in his 12th house. He is a private person essentially.  A mystical dreamer, artist, creative, transformer of people. He is tuned into the collective Unconscious. He loves to change, he lives in the depths. Incredibly imaginative, melancholy, loneliness but also compassion and love songs are very much part of his songwriting.

Mars is also at zero degrees LEO, indicating that both his masculine and feminine sides are on a new evolutionary growth stage in this lifetime. Mars Venus in square indicate a creative tension and balance. 

Mars in LEO is the performer, he has a need for fame to bare his soul on stage. Mars is conjunct SATURN planet of KARMA limitations obstacles, testing, his father.  Neil Young’s father was a well-known journalist in Toronto. Neil’s father cheated on his mother and his parents divorced when he was young.  Saturn in Cancer Retrograde indicates difficulty in his own family and with his own children. All of his children have some form of crippling disease.  Saturn in Cancer, he is sentimental, home loving, nurturing.

NEPTUNE the planet of creativity is at 7 degrees Libra in the 11th house of wishes hopes and dreams. Conjunct to Chiron the wounded healer at 15 degrees and Jupiter at 16. Neil’s forte is as that of an artist/ healer/ philosopher/ shaman who uses his musical talents to expand his gift of raising Libran harmony, consciousness, beauty.

His NORTH NODE or highest spiritual goal is also at Zero degrees of CANCER in his 8th house of transformation. Signifying he has taken major new intention lessons in this lifetime. 8th house NN in CANCER is the goal of transforming others through being the most nurturing, mothering, protector of life, emotionally sensitive, giving, flowing, water. He wants to feed the world.

Neil’s south node at zero degrees CAPRICORN in his 2nd house of resources, money, power, worldly fame, is something he has done in a past lifetime.  He knows all about that. So it is easy for him to attract that kind of power. He knows that world fame and fortune mean nothing, if “the next 7 generations” can’t be fed. 

That is exactly what Neil is denouncing Canada’s PM Harper about. And rightly so. Since Harper’s “reign of terror” he has kissed the asses of all major oil companies which have destroyed Canada’s Northern Alberta environment and polluted thousands of miles of land, water air and killed hundreds of Native people living nearby which is part of the plan. All to kow tow to OBAMA and the Plutocrats.

NEIL’s speaking up is not a mere celebrity shout out. He is trying to provoke and wake people up. The devastation and the greed are not easily halted even if all the  Alberta Tar Sands were to stop tomorrow. SHELL OIL is the big bad culprit. Mr. Harper is an idiot. the U.S. won’t even need Canada’s oil and he has destroyed our countries reputation in so many ways. 

I predict that PM Harper {who I call HERPES}, who has bullied the Canadian government, repealed monies for science research and is a total puppet of the big corporations,  will have to stand down.   I hope that NEIL YOUNG is the one who’ songs start his execution. 

My Canadian brothers and sisters , we have murdered, enslaved, ripped off the Indigenous people’s of this land since we arrived here in the 1600’s. We can invent environmentally clean ways of getting power, of restoring the land, of preserving trees, flora and fauna. We need to honour our original treaties with our Native people’s. Their cultures were virtually destroyed. SHAME on us. White guilt can be a positive motivator than so be it.

Please protest the TAR SANDS. Tell Harper to stand down. Revolt. Take your toque your  down winter coat and your Timmies coffee and protest in support of Neil Young’s stand. WE ARE NOT HELPLESS.

Please share widely. 

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OLD MAN Neil Young 

inspirational Tarot card for the weekend, from Tara Greene

Yes I went fishing yesterday. Well not exactly fishing but just a drive out of the Big Tomato thats what I call my hometown Toronto.

to the beautiful waters of Georgian Bay.  I work very hard and all work and no play makes me feel dull…

Yes I will write about Syria again as the crisis of choices is looming for that situation.

Yes and Oh No it’s the last weekend of Summer

It’s along holiday weekend.

So I felt like pulling 2 cards to  mull over.

The 1st one is the King oF Wands



The King of Wands is the Fire of Fire

It rules the last decan of Scorpio -Nov 13- Dec 21

I will be interviewed on Radio soon talking about Tarot and Astrology on Beyond Worlds Blogtalk radio

I’ll keep you posted.

The Fire of Fire

is about as primaly firey as one can get. In the tarot of metamorphosis it has a very different image than the traditional one. A  tree or ent person, a living tree is seated on a throne holding a smaller tree in his right hand.  The Tree always symbolizes the Tree of Life. Thats a very different than the usual King of Wands always holding a firey torch.

Lots of passion and power  here, passions which could get out of control. It masculine fertility. Fire is spirit,


Violent swift actions. Like a lightning bolt light up the night sky it quickly passes. Be careful about where one chooses to strike.Dont get overly enthused and burn out tooo quickly.

This is an intense T- square weekend. Moon opposes Pluto and conjuncts JUPITER squares Venus. Are you getting used to all these  T- squares heavy duty aspects yet?

Moon enters Leo Sunday night and the Moon conjuncts Mars  late late. Some difficult energies on Monday.


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FIRE by Bruce Springsteen   

Miley Cyrus,twerking, tweeking horoscope by Tara Greene

Raph_PH, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Miley Cyrus Raph_PH, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons[/caption]

In case you missed it, Miley Cyrus topped the news and set a record for live tweets during the MMVA 2013 August 25 where she twerked her tiny butt off, gyrated, tongued and lap danced in flesh coloured PVC fetish undies perpendicularly with Robin Thicke. She appropriated much sexist plasticity from his “Blurred Lines” summer hit, soft pornish video and tried to prove she can’t stop. Yes it worked, she got tons of PR. Most people hated it.

Is Miley Bi-polar?  Where is Destiny Hope the Angel? Is this just show biz 2013?  Songs about coke, lines, do whatever we want…

Numerology wise Miley  is a #10 personality- the Wheel of Fortune- she is worth millions. Her Soul # is 1 The Magician -yes she can play at being whatever she imagines. She is a trickster. She’s a wiley little coyote.

What happened to that sweet Disney channel girl?  When Miley was Hannah Montana I did an Astrology profile on her when she turned 15 . My daughter used to watch her all the time, Leah was 10 then. -see link below.

I didn’t have a correct birth time for her then, now a “dirty” birth time has surfaced, Not totally 100%. But we’ll try it on.

Miley is a Sagittarius and if born at 6:37 a.m. in Nashville she has Her Sun exactly rising on the Saggy Ascendant. 

 Miley Cyrus Astrology Tara Greene


She is an optimistic, upbeat, fun, casual, horsey, animal-loving, outdoorsy gal.

Always a rising Star. And look what we have here!  A packed 12th house, full of dark sexy, unconscious, morphing Scorpio house ruled intensity and SECRETS.

The Moon, her Femininity, the Unconscious, her Mother, instincts are in EMO territory @ 20 degrees of that sexy, power sign of the SCORPION in the 12th {Pisces} house of drugs, illusions, delusions, creativity, glamour, chameleon likeness.

With Pluto in Scorpio conjunct the Moon 3 degrees away. A MOON PLUTO signature makes anyone extremely, intensely, charismatic. Fascinated with the SHADOW,  deviousness,  power games, projecting. SOULFUL moon, emotions.

Miley has MERCURY RETROGRADE at 27 degrees Scorpio. A signature of someone who thinks outta the box. She may feel insecure about how smart she is or have a learning difficulty.  

Moon, Mercury, Pluto a very powerful threesome there, a SCORPIO Stellium.  Who would’ve seen that lurking there? It’s been in the closet.

Miley has Venus- her loves and values, the conjunct planet of the wild and weird URANUS and NEPTUNE planet of dreams, drugs, glamour, artists.

The Uranus Neptune conjunction in Capricorn is the hallmark of an entire generation

who are hooked on new technology, cell phones, Instagram, tumbler, you tube kids who are very corporate in Capricorn. They appear to rebel but it’s only to be accepted by the mainstream. Go figure. Different values these days. They love to sell out. Uranus Neptune was in conjunction with the early ’90s. 

Another STELLIUM- 3 planets or more very closely aligned -in CAPRICORN

Mars, what turns Miley on- what she defends- is at 27 degrees Cancer- aw-shucks, deep down she’s still that country gal who loves her Ma and Pa, home cookin’, the South,  etc. being down-home. She is very emo, sentimental and sensitive, a trad kinda girl who wants to get married and have the two kids and the white picket fence or some modern variations on that theme. Really. 

Jupiter’s at 8 degrees of Libra in the 10th house of FAME. BIG FAME. Whatever she does it’s over the top and we can see that. Well, she can swing both ways I’d say. Jupiter in Libra needs to relate at all costs, Goes OVER THE TOP to do that. Pulled in two different directions. Libra’s like beautiful things have good taste usually. Jupiter rules her Sagittarius Sun. So yes Destiny was destined to fame and fortune.

Saturn at 13 degrees Aquarius. represents her Dad Billy Ray, famous for playing her dad on Hannah Montana and of course for his one hit Achy Breaky Heart. Saturn is the school of hard knocks, karma, hard work. In Aquarius this is about new technology, freedom fighters, strong people, inventors, Party our own way, is exactly the anthem of someone with Saturn in Aquarius.

She has CHIRON, the wounded healer at 23 degrees Leo, the sign of the DRAMA Queen. Leo is the performer, the leader, the red-hot mama, the child, pride, vanity and this is where she is the most wounded and the most vulnerable. Witness her acting out at the MMVA’s.

Mileys’ North Node is at 21 degrees Of Sagittarius.  She is meant to evolve into being that Sagittarius, optimist, the good-humoured, gypsy, that teacher of take it higher, not necessarily with drugs. Her South Node, her past life karma is at 21 degrees GEMINI. We fall back on what we know, indicting she comes from an immature, inner split, two personalities in one skinny body. 

So, why is Miley showing a completely different side to herself in the last year or so say?

Here’s proof of how Astrology works especially well, in Retrospect. 20/20

WTF happened to HANNAH MONTANA? 

Miley’s current REBELLION from being the sweet pure DISNEY teenager- has been perpetrated by 2 MAJOR MOJO  planets.

1. URANUS planet of sudden change, revolution, freedom, opposite her natal JUPITER in LIBRA, and most importantly it is Squaring her Natal VENUS in Capricorn- her love, taste and most importantly…

2. PLUTO, Planet of SEX, DEATH, REBIRTH, Power, secrets, the shadow, taboo, forbidden, kinky, TRANSFORMATION is sitting right on her Natal Venus too. that’s one helluva transformation.


3. NEPTUNE- the planet that rules drugs, glamour, illusion, delusion is sitting on her NATAL LILITH. You know Lilith the original succubus, harlot. Independent original shadow woman. Dark sexual, vampire, wild untamable. “I can’t be tamed” remember that Miley Cyrus hit?  She got flack for that one in 2010. So this is how Astrology works. Each individual responds to it in their own way though.

That explains everything!!!!

Miley is also going to have a big SATURN SQUARE- Saturn the karmic tax man, serious contracts, limitations, her Dad, right at the end of this year and into 2014. This could mean Trouble, Saturn in Scorpio can be a fall, her self-undoing as Saturn enters her natal 12th house. 

Time will tell. 

What did her Dad think? And where was Liam her fiancee?

What do you think of Her MMVA performance?


All writing copyright Tara Greene can be used if original links back

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Miley Cyrus We Can’t stop 

Inspirational Card of the Day,Just let go with the Tarot, Astrology

May 27 Inspirational Card of the Day

Energy is intense today and still post Eclipse as well so


Hanged Man

When most people see the Hanged Man they want to turn the card the other way around. “right side up.”

But this is the way it’s supposed to be with the upside down man hanging by his ankle from a tree, which is the traditional context. The 12th card is an initiation card- an emotional baptism,  the symbol of the planet NEPTUNE- the trident on the card. This is a spiritual baptism, an immersion into NON-EGO.


Like the symbol on the card this is about SUSPENSION. Suspended animation, suspending your beliefs. A void state. Don’t avoid the void.

The way you thought things are isn’t working. You must ALLOW, let go of your will. Surrender.

The Hanged Man  puts the focus squarely on whatever your HANG UPS are right now. 

The Hanged Man is also the martyr or scapegoat who gets blamed by other’s and willingly sacrifices himself. 

Forgiveness is also a deeper meaning. The card energy is similar to Christ sacrificing himself on the cross for others’ sins. Issues of transmuting guilt, blame, projecting onto others your own shame, or sins.

The Hanged Man is also the Norse God ODIN  being suspended from the World tree Ygdrassil in order to obtain Higher Knowledge. The Ruins were devised from this mythology.

Turn your head towards the earth, towards instincts and intuition.

Everything you have been taught is ass backwards. 


Allow the Universe to take over, stop struggling. You are not in control really.

Years ago I attended an amazing spiritual tarot initiation workshop given by a man who is a long time Tibetan Buddhist teacher, a Mason, who has devoted 45 years of his life to being on the spiritual path. The participants all had to embody literally each of the Tarot trump majors. I got to be THE HANGED MAN. I was suspended upside down by my ankle from a pole and hung -not too far off the ground. It hurts to be the HANGED MAN. 

How are you feeling this? Your feedback is most welcomed.

Some heavy astrology aspects Today

Moon conjunct PLUTO earlier today. Moon squared Uranus.

Mercury square Jupiter earlier today in Gemini also gets the mind racing.

This is the perfect antidote. Allow the Universe to take care of it for you.

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Tender Surrender by Steve Vai