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April 29 Daily Astro and Tarot card reading from the Muse tarot by Chris-Anne

Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon inconjuncts Mars in Aquarius is frustrated energy. if you are not free, the impulse is to act out or do something rash. Best to stay home and calm down. Use your cool head to see the big picture.

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Astrology and Tarot daily

April 2 

Daily Astrology vlog


tarot card reading of the day video with The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

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Daily astrology and Tarot Vlog

December 15 Moon in Leo 

daily vlog 

I’m finally figuring out how to get my phone on a stand now working on better lighting.

Daily tarot card reading from the Muse Tarot what inspires you today?

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Pluto Retrograde Psychopomp time

Pluto turns Retrograde April 22 Earth Day as the Psychopomp-I love that word- descends to Hades the Underworld deep in the earth.

Pluto will be visiting his home turf until September 30th so this is a good long 5 + months journey into Plutoland. 

This is the realm of the shadow our own psychological aspects which we need to understand and know. The subconscious does not speak in words but in symbols and images like in our dreams. The unconscious is transpersonal archetypal and transhuman. It is where our imagination our souls and our eternal selves live.

How exciting that these realms are easier to touch while Pluto is Retrograde in Capricorn. 

We may have to revisit retrace review and retouch the things we went through since the beginning of the year.

Moon is in Cancer the sign of the Mother on Earth Day until the afternoon in EDT

LEO MOON royal radiates the mood of the next couple of days.

Moon trines Chiron in ARIES 

You may discover a new kind of a thorn in the paw of the lion.

MOON squares SUN- we are a week from a powerful FULL MOON IN SCORPIO in the 29th

One of the most intensely powerful Full Moons of the year.

Moon trines MERCURY in PDT/ next day in EDT/ GMT

Connects our hearts with our minds. Think like a Queen or King. 

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Grumpy Brains and melancholy today

You’ll feel GRUMPY BRAINED today as MERCURY RETROGRADE conjuncts SATURN in SAGITTARIUS plus more LUNAR aspects just like that.

OY things are so intense these days and i am feeling rather burned out by Saturn and not sleeping.

Mercury and Saturn are sitting on my natal Mercury and Chiron is squaring me so I am getting a Saturn Mercury Saturn Chiron energy connected with the Galactic Center as well.  Sun is conjunct my Saggy Moon too.It’s a New Moon for me.

horoscope astrology Tara Greene

CANCER moon presides until 12:37 pm

SEND SOME RAIN to SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA where huge wildfires destroyed Ventura and OJAI a very old spiritual community.

MOON has the CARDINAL SQUARE-O’s to URANUS in ARIES and MARS in LIBRA. This makes things tense.


Tru to find some balancing point.



This aspect can bring up some old wounds as the CHIRON DIRECT ENERGY is strongest right now. I felt this today. If you feel sentimental look at old pictures and recollect things from your past. I know it’s coming up to the Anniversary of my Father’s Death next week and my Husband’s Father’s and Mother’s recent death two years ago.  JUPITER is in SCORPIO the sign of death. Saturn rules Mortality. Our minds might be thinking of our own demise someday. It’s hard to believe that the world will go on without us. Do what your soul is calling you to do right now. Use death as an ally as Don Juan used to tell Carlos Castenada.

MOON is VOID OF COURSE from 9:56 am PST/ 12:56 pm EST until

Moon enters LEO @ 12:37 pm PST/ 3:37 pm EST.

FIRE AWAY moods start heating up and getting more passionate and active.


The two worst planets are in harmony. This is kind of a passive-aggressive energy As MARS even in LIBRA wants to act move connect and SATURN always restricts.


NOTE TRUMP’s travel ban gets the Supreme Court go-ahead as MERCURY is RETROGRADE {revisiting} at the last degree of SAGITTARIUS which is the most critical degree.
SAGITTARIUS rules travel foreigners religion justice politicians courts judges. Saturn rules airplanes limits and obstacles and the Boss.

I hope you have a great day in spite of it all. You can fill me in on your Mercury Retrograde woes. My bank stopped me from receiving e-transfers and I had to configure a new secure e-transfer email which is all good in the long run just a pain to get the kinks out now.

Blessings Tara

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Prepare for extreme astro-weather ahead

I am sure you have been feeling the INTENSE emotional energy from yesterday’s CANCER moon energy and the Cardinal squares. We are also feeling the upcoming Lunar eclipse and the even more important solar eclipse on Feb 26 at 8+ degrees PISCES.

Drawing down the moon, Goddesses, tara Greene

Drawing Down the Moon by *Shylydrya on deviantART

There is a lot of deep karmic shit being brought up right now. I know I am in the thick of it too. I may talk about this soon. We don’t want to wallow in the shit, especially if it coming at us from other people. We want to compost that shit and turn it into nice fresh humus so we can grow new vital things from it. 

MOON enters LEO on the 9th in the a.m.

We are in the frying pan now. Moon opposes a cool Aquarian Moon.

Moon opposes a cool Aquarian Mercury

Use your head to balance out the emotional overload. 

There’s a FIRE TRINE in the making

The big pussy cat moon trines VENUS in ARIES and later MARS too and it takes until the eclipse to have a Grand Fire Trine with Uranus And Saturn.

back to the 9th

SUN sextiles URANUS in the afternoon

This will help us to think lighter higher and see from a larger perspective.

Moon inconjuncts Neptune at night

this may disrupt your sleep patterns. The will and the spirit are unbalanced.
It would be good to stop and meditate and take stock of the last few days. Ask each part of yourself and your chakras, WILL is THIRD CHAKRA, SPIRIT is 6th and 7th what they need.  Get them to negotiate at the peace table. Go to sleep happy. Incubate some dreams. Remember them upon awakening. 

prepare for the LEO LUNAR eclipse its 4:33 pm PST/ 7:33 pm EST/ Feb 11 @ 12:33 am GMT.

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Freaky Friday, perfection is coming

The intensity of the energies is weighing on me even though on another level it seems light-ish. Feeling rather tired. It was a beautiful sunny hot day here with lots of ocean breezes.  I am grateful to be in Venice California which really is paradise and pretty mellow.

I’m in a different type of space, you know how it is when you are staying in a friend’s home… Miss my dog Jasper, miss my garden growing so abundantly. Starting to feel like I am actually in California. Shifting realities always awes me. Do you feel that way? So many people move around so much these days.

California is a dream, and all about money, materialism and shopping which I am not into. Especially here in Venice. And it’s a carnival. 

Moon is in Leo friday BUT it will feel rather convoluted and perhaps FREAKY. 

Moon trines Uranus.

Be open for unexpected rushed to the gates of freedom.

Aspects are generally good saturday.

Energy shifting is in the works what with Venus entering VIRGO and Moon conjunct Jupiter in Leo and then Venus .

Things will be even more Virgo til TUESDAY as Moon enters VIRGO July 18.

VIRGO astrology Tara Greene

a mix of  emotional Cancer, loud overblown Leo and humbly on budget emotionally..

Fire and earth -two very distinct elements. 

I’ll shoot a short card of the day video tomorrow and upload. 

Let me know how you are feeling. 

blessings TARA

Please share widely

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Moon Roar, Love SEXtile Kama Sutra Astrology from Tara Greene


and it has wreaked  havoc with my emails, banking and other confusions always associated with RETROGRADE planets

How’s your love/wealth/career life?

so we are still reviewing our old affections, relationship REdux.

Big beautiful very intense emotional Full WOLF MOON wanes


VENUS in Capricorn squares MARS in Libra early in day

Does anyone remember when the amazing comedian Andy Kauffman got into the boxing ring and wrestled with women?

VENUS square MArs Astrology


I’ll let a picture speak a thousand words.

and humor  is important

It’ll be a delish Leo ish dramatic, jostling for center stage, party hearty, ROARING time till Saturday early evening…

so make the most of those high spirited courageous passionate moon vibes.

Good night for dancing you asses off on Thursday & Friday nights.

Also declaring your heart wide open, LEO is very romantic.

Jan 16 late PST   & JAN 17 EST

LEO Moon opposes Mercury in AQUARIUS

– hearts beat speaks louder than intellect,

Moon SEXtiles URANUS  early in the day 

do I have to say anything about this?

Try out lots of different KAMA SUTRA positions

LEO MOON -always on top! Never forget that.

Speaking of Unusual positions- Try out QUINCUNX’s – these are 150 degree incompatible signs/angles.

LEO MOON quincunx’s CHIRON in PISCES -THINK water beds, showers, hot tubs, Aquariums, Oceanside, lubrication

Leo Moon quincunx’s PLUTO- THINK – Scary, dark, money, offices, medals, ticker tape machines, Wolf of Wall Street

Leo Moon quinncunx’s VENUS REtrograde- Think – cross dressing, vintage finery, old wine, garters, innocence, uniforms.

LEO Moon SEXtiles MARS in LIBRA- dominatrix time, play switcheroo, refined music, quality, artsy, expensive champagne.

Jan 18

Moon squares SATURN IN SCOPRIO in the wee hours-


Moon quincunx the SUN later in the day

irritable, cranky, come down off your high, sober up….



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FEVER Peggy Lee

Don’t let it bring you down- sung by Annie Lennox American Beauty

Leo Big CATS Drama weekend- Tarot Astrology from Tara Greene


Moon’s in Leo. Sign of the actor, King/Queen of the jungle. Big Partying, big hearted, strong  willed, childlike, show offs. We love to watch those LIONS preen, purr, strut and  pounce; in their pride, wearing their bling, showing off. Big Kittens at heart.

You know CATS are the most watched thing on YOUTUBE right.

There are 4 quincunxes- between the FELINE Moon- these are aspects in need of translators, go- betweens, peace makers.

Big Cat Moon quincunx # 1 is to Neptune already happened- ego and spirit are off kilter or kittener.

Sat. Nov 23 #2. Moon is Q. to Chiron in Pisces around noon- easily bruised sensitive Pisces types don’t stand a chance.

#3 Moon is Q. to Pluto in Capricorn mid afternoon

be careful whose feathers you ruffle. Unless you can hold your own with the big boys then don’t play that way. All pomp and no substance?

Sun. # 4 Leo Moon is Q. to Venus in Capricorn –

Passionate hot hearted/ cold hearted contact in the love business department. You can use it to fulfill those Venus’ business advantage perks.  Butter up the boss, stash a bonus away to spurge on something expensive. Leo is too dramatic for Venus in Capricorn, who may be revulsed at the gauche show.  Pick a more receptive time or audience.

Leo Moon trines Uranus early on Nov.23

Unexpected love gift. You wake up to a marimba band serenading you outside your window or an unexpected gift from a secret admirer… Sounds interesting. Stay open to serendipity.

VENUS in Capricorn SEXTILES SATURN in Scorpio Nov. 23

This one softens up the hard hearted all business coldness. Is there someone you like on the job? You may hear about it now. Keep your ears open for secret information. Bonnie and Clyde aspect, partners in crime.

Here is a helper. Wrathful Tibetan DAKINI,lioness headed Simhamukha. She  protects against PSYCHIC ATTACKS.

Tibetan DAkini wrathful

SIMHAMUKHA wrathful Lion headed Goddess protects against PSYCHIC ATTACKS

Standing  on a 6 pointed star or Merkhaba. You may want to call upon her whenever you need.

LEO Moon squares MERCURY in Scorpio  at night

Secret lovers, whispered desires. You can open your heart, but it may all be an act. Be sure you can trust the one you tell. Watch out for ruthlessness Wolves in Lions clothing.

LEO MOON SQUARES SATURN Nov. 24 middle of night

Hard cold reality, heart-break. But there may be some whose hearts are pure and true. Super hero rescuers. Gotta have faith.

Tarot card guidance:  I chose the 8 of Wands, here are two versions of the same card.

The MAry- el Tarot                                                                THOTH TAROT 

Tarot Tara Greene                                        Thoth Tarot Tara Greene

The Mary El Tarot  shows the LION protecting the innocent child, it feels deep and heartfelt.

THE THOTH TAROT is Mercury in SAGITTARIUS and much more upbeat and detached. The RAINBOW is always a symbol of HOPE from Heaven. Be optimistic. Sagittarius always aims higher.

So listen to the Lioness in you heart. She has courage, she fiercely protects the inner child. CAll upon her. She was worshipped in Egypt as SEKHMET,the eye of RA,  in India as Durga, Astarte in Canaanite. Also called Senge Dong-ma a lion headed Dakini.


ALL writing copyright Tara Greene 




Monday Moon’s in Leo, ROAR, debt ceiling

MONDAY -The last day of September goes out like a Lion with the Moon in Leo.

Beauty and the Beast Vogue Drew BarrymoreTara Greene AstrologyDrew Barrymore on a Vogue Magazine cover 

The week starts off quincunxy- no not some weird new sex fad. Feline Moon makes off kilter and no Scottish sex jokes there either, aspects to Chiron the wounded healer, a centaur. So very animistic instinctive sort of a week beginner.

Moon TRINES URANUS @ 1:11 EDT you felt this last night on the West coast.

let that kitty out of its cage. Unleash your instinctual pounce.

MOON CONJUNCTS MARS in LEO @ 7:03 pm PDT @ 20-21 degrees The LION KING/ QUEEN 

Check out where that degree falls in your chart. It’s where you will experience HOT HI DRAMA. Be BOLD, brave, heroic, roaring, proud, daring, get all the applause, stand up, wear your heart on your sleeve. Leo is the sign of creativity, self- expression, The perfect night to go to a karaoke bar. To Come out from under that lampshade, or wherever you are hiding it and SHINE YOUR LIGHT for all, or just a special someone to see.

Great energy to be in a play, see a play, something high drama, dance, make art, sing.

It’s also a childlike aspect so do let your INNER CHILD PLAY,PLAY, PLAY. Like that song “Son of a gun, we’ll have big fun on the bayou.”

To hell with worrying about a Debt ceiling.

Leo rules the HEART so if you’ve been to shy to tell someone how you feel you will have the courage to do it.

Make a beautiful dinner date, and it will be hot, hot, hot and heavy

especially as Moon also squares VENUS in SCORPIO @ 9:48 pm PDT/ October 1 @ 12:48 am EDT

That means, the power changes. You know, King for a day, Queen for a DAY,

Now the women have the reins. Then the Moon goes Void of course.

You have an amazing time to explore anything while in the void zone. And wake up happy and in  a place of freedom,with no aspects.

ENJOY ENJOY! ENJOY! While You can.   You create your reality,  have a passionate sweet time while it lasts.

MARS in the Tarot is THE TOWER Trump #16 and LEO is Trump #8 STRENGTH, Yah I know the 8/11 thing.

The TOWER and STRENGTH side by side.  Literally this means being a Tower of Strength.

October 1 Moon enters VIRGO @ 11:52 am PDT/2:52 pm EDT  REALITY, back to work, sets in.

October will be a doozy. It begins  all soft and dreamy 

MERCURY TRINES NEPTUNE OCTOBER 1st @ 3 degrees 03 minutes of Scorpio /Pisces 

thinking makes it happen, makes it real- focus all day, remember Mercury is in Scorpio

Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in the evening- how grounded was all that? You have to balance that conundrum out.

The Sun begins contact with the BIG T-square PLANETS October 1.

SUN SQUARES PLUTO in Capricorn 6:27 pm PDT from  9 degrees 01 minutes of LIBRA.

POWER TO The GOAL oriented PEOPLE, challenges to those in power, Corporations, and face offs with the Real people in power.

SUN OPPOSES URANUS on Oct 3 @ 7:11 am PDT @ 10 degrees 31 minutes Libra/ Aries Retrograde

Revolutionary forces are at work, the Republicans oppose everything President Obama does.  Change is the new black.

LIBRA Moon squares Pluto, opposes Uranus and Conjunts the Sun on the 

NEW MOON OCTOBER 4 @ 11 degrees LIBRA- will write more later.

I forgot to credit Napoleon Brousseau with that drawing in my Mercury in Scorpio article –


Get a reading with TARA- the energy is very intense

ROAR Katy Perry 

On the Bayou- Doug Kershaw