Presidential debate under 8 aspects of Gemini moon

So what do the Moon and stars portend for the last Presidential debate October 19?

Trump Clinton Astrology Tara Greene

The Trump and Hillary show by Napoleon Brousseau

Of course, the last debate takes place under a GEMINI Moon, a sign of double-talkers. LOL. The GEMINI Moon is very active today of course, and makes 8 aspects today. The number eight is very auspicious in Chinese numerology.

I love it, synchronicity stuff like this- you can’t make it up.

 Yes, do expect to see those infamous GEMINI qualities in double measure. 

Tune in to watch: Loads of immaturity, the inability to stick to one subject, blaming the other, avoiding taking responsibility, laughing off accusations, transforming oneself into something else, talking tricksters with loads of tricks up their sleeves.

Mercury is the planetary ruler of communications and thieves. The tricksters will be full frontal in both parties. The thing is Donald Trump is actually revealing many truths although he is a bloated, misogynist, narcissist. Hillary and Bill are also in a very sorry state.  I am so sorry that these are the only two options for you. 

The GEMINI Moon is very active today of course and makes 8 aspects today. 

II Moon trines Jupiter in the a.m.

Too much optimism is a good thing? or is it a bad thing?

II Moon squares Neptune in PISCES to give us divergent dreams.

to give us divergent dreams.

Moon conjunct PLUTO early in the a.m. PDT and EST

watch out for high alert anger this morning. 


Trick or truth? That is the question. Tricky Dick to Tricky Trump or Tricky Hillarity.

II Moon inconjuncts PLUTO 

Double the amount of power struggles.

II Moon inconjuncts MARS all talk, all defenses, all anger, War mongering.

all talk, all defenses, all anger, War mongering.


There will be double the amount of hurting words. Trust me.

II Moon squaring CHIRON in PISCES

yes this will be the nastiest battles of  insults, fantasy and illusions, and major projections.

II Moon Trines MERCURY in LIBRA at 6:59 pm PDT

The one who can embroider the prettiest words will balance the budget.

II Moon sextiles URANUS in ARIES 

Expect loads of unexpected twists and turns, chaos, shocking reveals, major threats, explosive expletives needing to be bleeped, initations of revolution, and Donald Trump’s face to be redder than ever, he may blow his toupee. It’ll be one super soap opera. 

It’ll be one wild night. 

Let’s ask the TAROT cards 

The Chariot Tarot Tara Greene

THE CHARIOT Tarot Arcana #7 by Emily Balivet, 2013.

Of course, THE CHARIOT perfectly illustrates the situation. The Chariot is the number 7 which  relates to the laws of cycles, there are 7 days in a week, 7 archetypal ages, 7 chakras, planets etc.  

The Chariots’ symbols are the Chariot and driver,  holding the reigns of the two horses, one black, one white indicating the polar opposites. Male/female, good/bad, them and us. 

The Chariot symbolizes the vehicle, the means that the soul or Higher Self uses to experience lessons. The Vehicle is the emotional body, the sign of Cancer. 

The Chariot is equated with the Sign of CANCER which is America’s Zodiac sign born July 4, 1776. Cancer is the symbol of the MOTHER, the Feminine, women. In this particular Chariot image there is a Female angel, driving the chariot. This symbolizes our guardian angels or Higher selves controlling our emotions. We need to drive by the dictates of our higher selves in order to have perfect balance.

Instead of being divided and having its energy go in two different directions we must have a driver or a unified mission to bring the two wild horses, or instincts under control.

We need to sit and reflect and be receptive, and balanced. Cancer the Chariot is a passive energy although it also symbolizes the Victory lap of the winner. How in synch is that?

Water, Cancer’s element is the universal solvent which dissolves all hardness. Pray for water, pray for fluidity, pray for receptivity to know we are centered and in the driver’s seat in our actions and not reacting or wildly emotionally out of control.

What do you think?

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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I am temporarily blocked on FaceBook for publishing images of centaurs with breasts I think. So stupid. 

Yes I’m driving to Washington D.C. this Friday to be at the 1,000 Goddess Gathering on Saturday October 22nd from 11:00 am- 5:30 pm at the Constitution Gardens by the Washington Monument, I will be holding the energy at the Earth Altar and drumming and chanting there. I will also be presenting a song written by Nancy Ward called Women. I hope you will come and anchor the energy of the Divine Feminine.



“Crazy ‘Bout a Mercury” by Ry Cooder and David Lindley







Equinox, how to balance during intense times

The 2nd Equinox of the year is here as day and night are equal. The SUN enters the sign of LIBRA which marks Autumn’s beginning here in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring down under.  This is one of the most powerful of the 4 CARDINAL entry points in the year and it marks the conditions for the next three months. It’s important to study the Sun’s entery into LIBRA at 7:21 am PDT/ 10:21 am EDT/ 2:21 pm GMT. see chart below:

Physically, and spiritually this day marks the balance and necessary polarity of all things in this Universe,  day, night, yin, yang, and positive negative. 

Autumn Equinox is called MABON in the pagan tradition.  So Happy MABON, corn dollies are made and thanksgiving for harvest. 

The Astrology chart

Equinox, Mabon, autumn Astrology Tara Greene

There is a preponderance of AIR and FIRE elements and the GRAND MUTABLE CROSS in the chart like a big red X. This chart is set for EDT. This is a very intense chart, we will be X-rayed with this energy until Winter Solstice and of course it holds sway over election day in the U.S.

The SUN and JUPITER are cozied up in LIBRA. JUPITER is sitting on the SUPER GALACTIC CENTER transmitting powerful, higher consciousness vibes to those open to receiving it. JUPITER in LIBRA should bring more peacemaking and balance into our lives, but can make for indecision and superficial values as well. 

VENUS, the planetary Queen of LIBRA is in her own sign, sitting on her beautiful throne at 28 + degrees LIBRA. She rules the Equinox. Hail to the Queen. VENUS governs money, women, values, legal issues and She is opposite URANUS and ERIS in ARIES, those radical, freedom loving, Hippie revolutionaries women’s roles are changing fast.the Divine FEMININE is bringing about a rebalancing of these polarities.

All types of relationships that are imbalanced now are showing up with this radical fighting back energy for a changing of the guard. The ongoing violence in Charlotte, North Carolina could be seen as part of this.   


This bodes NOT WELL for the economy, Vesta rules what else?….. Uranus and ERIS are chaos theory planets. To understand the new economics you need to think fractally, wave forms, particle theories. The economy is very unstable to say the least. 


is always the mood of the people, and in GEMINI, the people are clearly split. This is a non-committed, juvenile, immature, uninformed  energy. This could be seen as a form of  bipolar energy, -the haves versus the have-nots. We need more information with the Moon in Gemini. Ask more questions, see both sides of the issue, weigh things out, invent something new. Keep your mind Open.


Mercury, the GEMINI Moon’s ruler is recently DIRECT, as of yesterday, after a hellish Retrograde where so many people reported their everyday stuff breaking down it was Crazy. Mercury at the powerful 15th degree is at a virtual standstill and conjunct to the NORTH NODE of the MOON indicates we need to stay GROUNDED, practical, environmental and watch out for our health.

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS opposite the Moon

This is a very intense situation. Saturn is the old patriarchy, tradition, and the karmic cosmic cop. Sagittarius is the sign of politics, history, foreigners, laws, the military, and truth. There are some dirty politics going on with Saturn squaring the NORTH and SOUTH Nodes and NEPTUNE in PISCES. Neptune square Saturn is the reality versus the smoke and mirrors show. This is true in relationship to EVERYTHING! Believe some of those conspiracy theories, open your eyes and your mind. Yes there is a real MATRIX. 

The media spins corporate lies, the American culture is all lies, the economy is a false front. Big Pharma is the greediest, most notoriously evil of corporations. They keep everyone under control and drugged up these days on anti-depressants, painkillers, vaccinations, fluoride in the water which closes down the visionary pineal gland and dissolves bones. They prey on the cancer patients which they create then treat, by giving them radiation and chemotherapy which will kill them. They keep the Saturn ruled seniors alive longer to milk them for more money through drugs. German chemical company Bayer has bought MONSANTO and is attempting to control even more of the food and seed supplies in the world.

You are what you eat. If what you eat is created through carcinogenic chemicals, water laced with drugs and your body cannot get real nutrition from genetically altered food. What happens then? See

Just like BRANGELINA dissolving, this is the Saturn-Neptune squares at work, plus PLUTO And URANUS still in our faces. 

Pluto, LILITH + JUNO in SCORPIO are in harmony sextile and  inconjunct the Gemini MOON

Lilith and JUNO in SCORPIO are slowly, emotionally, and in undercover depth, fashion, bringing deep changes to the FEMININE. They are releasing women’s rage for being ignored, abused, used and put in the dark to the forefront. There is also a deep resentment, anger, and refusal to co-operate with the PLUTOCRACY going on underground. This will erupt. 

MARS conjunct Galactic Center in SAGITTARIUS opposes MOON squares CHIRON in PISCES

Mars can convey the highest spiritual metaphysical and optimistic knowledge directly from the GC now if we tune into the spiritual warriors’ teachings of ethics and honesty now.  SAGITTARIUS’ ruler JUPITER is considered esoterically to be the planet of the HIGHER MASTER TEACHERS.  The Moon is our intuitive gateway, Chiron in Pisces is our shamanic guide to forgiveness, and teaches us how to heal through surrendering our ego stories, and brings closure to pain, martyrdom, weak boundaries and to that which does not serve the highest good.  

We will see what we will see. Please share widely, all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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Thinking out loud. Teenage dream-not, Astrology

ok folks, I am writing every day. It is very demanding. I need to focus on my larger projects, my book which I need to get back to writing. I am thinking out loud with the Moon in GEMINI. I have my natal Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Center and my mind never stops.

I am also starting to write short astrology weeklies for another company- announcement about that comes out soon.  

Let yourself breathe a little. We will face an other super power TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE on April 4th,  A 4 /4 gateway of POWER, that’s what the 4 stands for in the Tarot, the four elements, which I will write about. It’s  double “whamo-s” for the 7 Uranus Pluto’s squares and a Biblical prophesy of the Blood moon, Easter weekend of Resurrection and Passover.

wham-o Astrology Tara Greene

New codes will be available to download.  I always like it when Passover and Easter co-incide like in the original story of Easter.  don’t you? Watch the 10 commandments for the umpteenth time and see Moses/Charlton Heston’s hair get higher and higher as he gets more commanding. 

The recent astrology transits are affecting me too.The last solar eclipse at 29 Pisces/0 Aries  affected my natal Chiron by a square at 1+ degree of Capricorn in my 2nd house.

I am currently under Saturn square my North Node in Pisces at 5 degrees and conjunct my 6 degrees Sagittarius Moon. I am tired. I like many others and the world will get this big transit next November exactly. It feels like  Saturn, the lead weight verse the lighter than air Pisces NEPTUNE Dream.  a lot of you born in the early 80’s are feeling this and having your first Saturn return too.

It’s NOT the teenage Dream but the opposite- the Middle Age dream but don’t dream it’s over.

Maybe life will turn into one of my childhood dreams which was like a musical. Like the Umbrella’s of Cherbourg a 60’s French film starring the beautiful Catherine Deneuve where everyone sang every line of dialogue. Like GLEE extended.  That would be very PISCEAN creative, sound healing… 

I have lots of clients these days. It takes a lot of energy to see clients to help assist them and to do phone readings.  I listen to their stories and i get intimately involved in them and yet must keep healthy boundaries. Many people are in need of mourning for parents they have lost, that has come up a lot as a theme the last few days and it reminds me of the loss of my own parents and my mother-in law’s recent passing which is affecting my  husband a lot.

Most powerful aspect Wednesday MArch 25  is SUN TRINE SATURN in the afternoon

Do stay positive, SUNNY SIDE UP UP UP , yes the world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket,  aim higher. Breathe in the sun. Walk on sunshine.

Later in the day Moon in Gemini is squared by Chiron and MERCURY in PISCES its own ruler. 

HEALER heal thyself.

Look at where you have been too busy in GEMINI fashion to be present with your own wounds, fears and vulnerability. 

I sense a lot of deep shame and self- rejection and guilt coming up to be healed. 

MOON ENTERS CANCER MArch 26 @ 3:45 pm EDT 

makes an inconjunct with Saturn late PDT – next day EDT.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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 Thinking out loud- Ed Sheeran 2014 

If it takes forever Umbrella’s of Cherbourg 1964 –