lucky stars, sexy lady, Gangnam style Libra, Sagittarius Astrology notes

Oct 28 2 planets change sign and the Moon too today

Mars in Sagittarius opposite Jupiter Retro in Gemini early a.m.

This is high hopes Mars, aiming for the truth, Higher Justice as opposed to man-made laws and justice; defending and acting from that place of philosophy, education,breaking through limitations – sounds like President Obama opposed to Retrograde= backwards motion, Gemini-two faced, two-sided, Mitt Romney has  a Gemini Ascendant, big gas-bag, planet Jupiter. Note all the hyphenated words in this paragraph…

How as above, so below is that? Love it

Anything that Jupiter touches or that touches Jupiter is positive, lucky, expansive.

Mars in Sagittarius puts the boxer, the fighter, the warrior astride his high Horse-y sign,like PSY Korean pop star woop woop woop Gangnam style

PSY horse dance planets Astrology

Jupiter Retrograde is powerful, we need to revision Retrograde planets they are not bad, they are closer to the earth and in Feminine mode.

Think REtrograde = RE ceptive. So Jupiter Rx is Receptive to your flip-flopping, ambiguous, can’t make up my mind which lover, car, dress, know this one…don’t you?

Mars in Sagittarius opp opp opp opp opp Gangnam stype opposite Jupiter in GEM.  helps the Higher TRUTH to come straight out of the horses’ mouth.

2  planets change sign today and Moon does too!

Venus, the SEXY LADY goes home to Libra Oct 28 – November 21

Peace Balance Beauty Harmony ART

It will be easier  to stay balanced for all signs.  RELATIONSHIPS! are IT! parties, events, Hostess with the most charm time,

just in time for a Holiday season whirlwind; go to art galleries, -see links below- bring more beauty into your life,

yes it will be hard to make up one’s mind, stay centered, let the Goddess bring you peace.

Sing, Venus rules the voice, alright when she is in Taurus, but the Moon is in Taurus today too.

Moon enters earthy sensual Taurus Sunday late at night PDT-Oct 29 EDT

MERCURY enters SAGITTARIUS Oct 28 -Dec 31  

thinking becomes higher minded, more philosophical, honest, EXACTLY what is needed  on ELECTION DAY

The candidate who lies the most, looses.

Mercury turns RETROGRADE smack dab right in the middle of election Day Nov. 6 for the 1st time in U.S. History. Yes Mercury Retrograde always causes communications kafluffles, but go to the high side of this. Mercury is in Sagittarius and Jupiter is also Retro in Gemini, so they are both very strong, very powerful and helping each other to not divide the truth, yes it will be a very close race, and be careful and observant about  cheating ballots, voters being bought, lies and unscrupulous behaviours, the winner may not be decided on November 6.

Mercury in Sagittarius is weak as it is in the opposite sign of  its’ rulership which is GEMINI. Venus has just left Mercury’s earthy Virgo sign today. Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruler is Retrograde now and in Gemini. So Mercury and Jupiter are now in Mutual reception. Same as Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are also in mutual reception.

Along with Venus in Libra this feels like a powerful,  wonderful, cosmic balancing, hosting, peace-offering, you are me and I am you, energy.

Let’s take this Peace offering of Venus in Libra and all this comradeship at its highest level between the planets as a true blessing.

On the Full Moon Oct 29 really give thanks for all the blessings in your life.

On a Taurus Full Moon, again big opportunities for big blessings. See the world smothered in earthly delights, chocolate,  silk, incense or chicken soup; or just appreciating the real beauty of this earthly plane. Stay centered.

GO SEE and buy ART with VENUS  in Libra –

Blessings, TARA

Taurus Full Moon Oct 29 Pink Bull Meditation Astrology by Tara Greene

October 29 @ 3:50 EDT SENSUAL down to earthy Taurus FULL moon

This is the Full Moon before the Presidential election with Many change ups the day before

1. VENUS enters LIBRA her home sign on Sunday morning Oct 28  till NOVEMBER  21 { when SUN enters Sagittarius} 

Well all is good with Venus in romance, balance, beauty, the arts, nice nice and superficial,


Mercury is weak in the sign opposite the one  it rules which is GEMINI- Sagittarius’ shadow sign.

Mercury will be galloping and being klutzy, foot in mouthy, upbeat, full of great adventure stories, hot to trot,philosophical,

teacherly, proselytizing, animal rights activist, hypocritical, and easy to like,


at 4 degrees 18 minutes of fiery centaur sign and will wreak havoc on ElECTION DAY- like in 200o but worse!


somehow it sounds lewd….ah Scorpio, it’s always sex,

MErCURY GOES DIRECT a 18 degrees 10 minutes SCORPIO on November 26

hmm that’s exactly ON my ASCENDANT!

DEC 10 Mercury Re-enters SAGITTARIUS    er rather gallops and charges into the fire

It will take until December 14 for Mercury to get back to where it was on ELECTION DAY

BAck to that full MOON OCT. 29

ALl FULL MOON are…. You know! completions, VERY Fertilite, Extra good for getting pregnant…enjoying the Garden of EDEN,

It will feel like a foggy bottom Garden as

MERCURY Squares Neptune  @ zero degrees Sagittarius to Zero degrees PISCES

You will fall in love with a gorgeous stranger who you will instantly recognise as your soul mate….watch out for that!!

SUN at 6 degrees Scorpio forms a GRAND TRINE With CHIRON and Neptune and the Asteroid CERES at 3 degrees Cancer.

all early water signs benefit from major massive healing energies down pouring like honey

we must focus on healing our hearts, our wounded homes, wombs, the earth, the children the emotional and spiritually broken

VENUS at 1 degree Libra OPPOSES URANUS at 5 degrees Aries and Squares PLUTO at 7 degrees Capricorn.

this amplifies the economic change up picture and woes,

VENUS/WOMEN have the POWER to change corporate structure, old paradigms, like Mitt Romney’s anti-abortion law which uses religious beliefs to control women’s freedom. I’ve predicted that women will be THE force to be reckoned with in the election and will swing for OBAMA.


serious Saturn at 2 degrees SCORPIO is conjunct the SUN -serious healing times here.

Mars at 16 Sagittarius is opposite Retro Jupiter at 15 degrees GEMINI

sitting on the VENUS SUN Eclipse point,

this represents the balance point and sacred marriage integration of the opposites,in each of of male and female,

this is big new energy,

The NOrth NOde is at 26 degrees SCORPIO

SOUTH NODE { the collectives past } is @  26 degrees TAURUS close to the Pleiades and conjunct

FIXED STARS CAPULUS @ 24 degrees TAurus { a cluster of stars M34}

traditionally malefic and in Taurus they relate to the neck or throat- hanging, decapitation

Exactly at 26 degrees Taurus is the very demonic star ALGOL, alias CAPUT MEDUSA, MEDUSA’s head,

but the two stars also have a very positive side,

get past the ghoul in ALGOL,such as  Medusa was once so beautiful she was turned into Medusa as punishment for being too proud,

which means going past the ego, past appearances, past judgements,and see the beauty in everything, past greed,

we find true beauty. True substance, truth and purity.

ALGOL does indicate disastrous accidents, so there may be a natural or man-made accident around this Full Moon.

As with all FULL MOON’s GIVE GREAT THANKS and gratitude.

write down everything that you are grateful for….everything even the things that hurt, or you dont understand

pink quartz rules the heart chakra and you want to breathe the pink quartz into your heart,

USE A PINK ROSE QUARTZ one of Taurus’ main stones, it rules the heart chakra for this MEDITATION

Star rose quartz Taurus TAra Greene

Mediate on the beautiful Star rose quartz image or hold a real one if you have it

Bring a notebook, pen, water colors, some sweets, pink  candles; play some soft earthy music,

Cast a sacred circle, call in the 4 directions and elements starting from the EAST- Fire,South- water, West- earth, North – air

Light the pink  candle, burn some sweet rose or other sensuous  incense

Begin to watch your breath, breathe deeply, slowly and allow the Moon’s energies to affect you, they are at their strongest at every Full MOON

breathe down into your toes, feel your spine rooted to the earth, send your breath down into the earth, past the rocks and stones and down into Mother Earth’s molten fiery core,

connect with the love Mother Earth has for you and all her children; after you connect with the earth

come back slowly and bring the breath back up through your tailbone, up your spine and through all the chakras,

to the crown chakra, feel youself being filled with pink rose quazrtz energy, healed, whole, innocent, pure, grounded,lovely,

send the pink quartz energy out through the top of your head and connect with those fixed stars Medusa and Algol

and send the ghouls love as well, the ghouls in ALGOL are ego, power, control, greed,

the Light does not fight the dark, but encapsulates and infuses it with love, which melts and disarms it.

as for what you need to be fulfilled from the Universe, from your Higher Self,

see pink winged angels floating around you,

know they see you and are always protecting you.

come back when you wish, write down what you have seen, felt heard,

offer a sweet treat to the Moon Goddess, the spirits and ancestors who came into your circle,

when ready close the circle and thank each element and direction from the East to South West and North.

MAY the circle be open but unbroken.

New Moon November 13 is a very powerful TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE and the last one till 2015.

more about that soon and Frida Kahlo, 



Tara Greene, Internationally known Toronto Psychic and Astrologer was asked to predict the U.S. Presidential Election winner.  Blair Robertson a U.S. psychic weighs in on his predictions. The Voice of Russia consulted 2 Top psychicsread article

Read Tara Greene’s entire analysis for Obama,Romney and the Nov 6 Election Day Astrology Forecast

Hint: Nov 6th is a first in U.S. election day History!

Women will be the one’s who change the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election.”- Tara Greene

Hint: Nov 6th is a first in U.S. election day History!

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Historic Election Day 2012 Mercury Goes RETROGRADE-astrology predictions-ROMNEY

ON ELECTION DAY for the first time in US. history-EVER

MERCURY goes RETROGRADE November 6 @3:04 pm PST/ 6:04 pm EST

Mercury goes Retrograde during Election Day. Expect all kinds of ballot box snafus, recounts, etc and some might shady shenanigans to boot. BE watchful of Republican bullies stopping blacks, gays, the old the young from voting.

Just like in the 2000 election where Mercury was Retrograde and stationed Direct and look how that election turned out. Al Gore a Democrat was clearly elected and George Bush was manipulated by a jury into winning the election.

POLITICS have not been kosher my friends South of the 49th obviously since 2000 but the corporatization and homogenization and dumbing down of America for Corporate profit has been going on since Regan was elected with the Iran hostages.

Weeks before the election as Mercury slows down he is in what is called the “Storm” period. Mercury will be at 4 degrees 14 minutes of Sagittarius on ELECTION DAY. Sagittarius is the sign of foreigners, religious fanaticism, sign of the Law, in 2000 Mercury turned direct in LIBRA also the scales of “justice.”  So there will be lots of chaos and religious foment, perhaps another U.S. staged terrorist attack or war on Iran created to change the actual election.

It’s going to be crazy wild under the Uranus Pluto square and whoever gets elected almost doesn’t matter at this point.

As a long time Feminist though, I see Romney as a dangerous back step if he is elected. Whatever happens my hope is that the Revolution keeps going and takes down all the falsehoods and corporate institutions, which run the Presidency these days. The Presidency is just a title controlled by the Federal Reserve and huge military industrial institutions drug companies and multinationals. I wish the ordinary person would stop watching honey doo doo and wake up, but your intelligence has been purposefully erased by eaten microwaved food, fast food, GMO’d food. Romney works for MONSANTO.

Poor ordinary American person, your intelligence has been erased by fluoridated water, chemtrails, vaccinations, being told endlessly what to buy do and believe. You are formed in the image of the God’s of Hollywood’s dictates, by violence.

All intelligence speakers’ thinkers and philosophers have been silenced and removed from the public agora. The lowest common denominator is what rules. People according to Gurdjieff and OSHO you don’t even have a soul yet. You must earn one. I am starting to think that is true.


RETro Mercury @ 4 degrees Sagittarius in Mitt’s 7th house of  “others” square to his Mars in Pisces. His aggressive, chameleon like super religious fanaticism is not what communicates.

Mercury itself is Squared by CHIRON the Wounded Healer and Neptune.

Mercury in Sagittarius is THE TRUTH and only THE TRUTH, and Retrograde indicating that Anyone’s lies will get them in trouble. OR contrarily the Retrograde can be used to obfuscate matters, making it very difficult to discern what is real, from the illusion, the lies the smoke and mirrors show.  This is true for the overall day of the election. And who can tell what is real or fantasy these days?

Jupiter also RETROGRADE and the ruler of Sagittarius is at 14 degrees GEMINI is close to the Venus Sun eclipse on June 5/6 exactly 5 months before. MY sense is that WOMEN will change the outcome of the election and vote for OBAMA so they can preserve their freedom over their bodies.  Romney is such a religious fanatic and Jupiter rules religion and it is Retrograde. Not going forwards.

Unless the people choose to go backwards in time, in freedoms, in tolerance.  Mormons the religious right are crazy, believing in the rapture, Judgement Day, that only THEY will be saved. Talk about the “Chosen People” and they will back Israel so they can hasten Armageddon too. The Mormons and all the Christian fundamentalists are equal to Muslim Fundamentalists.

Jupiter and Mercury are in Mutual reception with each other, in the others’ ruling signs where they work well together but their specific roles become blurred and reversed. Communication mix ups, its Mitt -its Obama back and forth, its up and down.

URANUS And PLUTO the evolutionary forces of revolution are squared to Mitt’s Neptune is religious fanatic ideal and his illusions. the evolutionary forces of change need to tear down old structures, 

VENUS is on his Neptune, trining his Natal VENUS and his URANUS, which is expect the unexpected, and revolution from WOMEN.  Women will be the deciding factor in the election for ROMNEY.

SATURN planet of karma is at 3 degrees Scorpio making many aspects. Saturn is Squaring Mitt’s Retrograde natal Saturn the IC roots of his chart, the MC, his world standing, and is close to his CHIRON the wounded healer. Saturn his quincunx to Romney’s North Node indicating he is out of tune with the karmic forces at work.

Saturn {the devil} is also in sextile to his LILLITH- where he hates and fears women.

Saturn the devil is considered by that Patriarchal God fearing man in the sky group to be LILLITH’s mate. So Saturn is on Lillith’s side here.

The MOON representing the PEOPLE is in LEO and on Mitt’s natal RETROGRADE SATURN. The old devil himself. THE Moon is at the bottom of his chart conjunct his Pluto and opposite his MC and VENUS. Again this feels like a repeat karmic loss for his Natal Saturn Retrograde- his DAD lost too! AN unconscious repeat!

 The North Node has just crossed Mitt’s Jupiter Moon conjunction in SCORPIO. The north Node usually represents the popular line. Scorpio is death; rebirth, recycling and North node also squares Romney’s Mars in PISCES. People do not want religion to govern the state.

 Mars at 21 degrees Sagittarius is square to Romney’s Sun. That can put him in the action or kick his butt.

 NEPTUNE at 1 degree PISCES is exactly SQUARE to ROMNEY’S Ascendant Descendant. This means illusions, delusion, fantasy, unreal, smoke and mirrors, fog. This puts Romney’s image as unreal, unstable, psychopathic.

CHIRON the wounded Healer is exactly on Mitt’s Mars at 5 degrees Pisces. He gets a big kick in the balls. Which also kicks his Big Jupiter Moon in Scorpio in the balls too.

HIS direction leading up to the election will be seen as overly devouring, hungry for power and control, has nothing to do with any of his forked tongue, snake oil salesman pitch.

And last but not Least LILLITH will have the last word here, as she is crossing MITT’S North Node in GEMINI, directly opposite his SOUTH NODE in Sagittarius, opposite that Mercury Retrograde, and squaring Chiron, Neptune and his MARS.

Mitt’s male supremacy trip, that uber male posturing, hiding behind the lamb’s clothing of organized religion that will save you BS will land him in the hell that hath no fury like a woman spurned!

My hope is that LILLITH will enter every woman’s heart and SHE will rise up in the millions against this toxic wave of old white boy’s racist, separatist, supremacy power tripping BS once and for all.



Mitt Romney,Republican, Mormon, Moron or More Off, Astrology will tell

Mitt Romney Astrology MITT ROMNEY ASTROLOGY CHART click  to view larger

 As a Canadian and as someone who generally stopped watching TV years ago I have to admit I knew nothing about Mitt Romney and his life except for briefly reading Wikipedia details.  I usually prefer to look at a person’s chart without knowing many personal details. I have to confess I abhor church and state mash ups,I am a huge FEMINIST, am anti-corporate, greed pirateering, and totally back Stuart Wilde and DAvid ICKE’ view of the world, whether you see it as alien controlled or just greedy Patriarchal Plutocrat humans..

Mitt Romney was born March 12 1947, 9:51 am in Detroit to a wealthy Mormon family, his father ran for the 1968 presidential election against Nixon. Romney is a 5th Generation Mormon. Perfect for a PISCES, as religion & spirituality is what they are all about.

Pisces is a moody, shifting, chameleon like, absorbing sign; the sign of artists, gurus, genius or madmen, drunks and teetotallers, gurus, secretive, unconscious karmic, addictive personalities. As a Mormon they do not drink or smoke and live by very strict religious beliefs.

Mormons believe in conversion and Romney spent about 2 and half years in France as a missionary baptizing and converting people. Traditionally Mormon’s believe that women have NO SOULS! They are virtually vampires I think to Mormons.  Hence TWILIGHT, written by a Mormon woman in search of her own soul. Church and state should never mix.

Lotsa water, PISCES illusion, delusion, chameleon. GEMINI ASCENDANT –speaks with forked tongue No earth, stealthful, hellishly charming, secretive, good communicator, determined, religious, fundamentalist, power hungry, controlling, unstable, secretive. A wolf or alien in sheep’s clothing, this is the subtle chart of a psychopath.

Mitt Romney

 A very successful and wealthy businessman with Bain capital his company put up the money for Staples. He tithes to the CLDS and earns millions every year form his investments and pays 13% a year tax and has many holdings in specific tax break accounts and off shore holdings. The rich don’t pay taxes!

Romney’s chart shows Mars– his drive and Mercury Retrograde in Pisces in the 11th house with Ceres conjunct the SUN. He can become whatever anyone projects onto him. Is an excellent organized manager and conceptualizes in an outside the box sort of way with Mercury Retrograde.

 His Moon, his instincts, feelings, unconscious is in SCORPIO exactly conjunct JUPITER planet of do it big, higher education, proselytizers, hypocrites, connecting with foreigners, teachers. That means Romney is a person who can be extremely SCORPIONIC – ruthless, controlling, power hungry, devious, secretive, kinky BIG TIME.

He is after BIG POWER and the Moon and Jupiter Trine his Pisces Sun; my gut feeling is that the BIGGER the HOLIER THAN THOU PERSONA, the DEEPER AND DARKER IS THE BIG BLACK HOLE of corruption and shame he carries.

Romney’s Ascendant is 1 degree GEMINI so this is a youthful looking, and unless he has had plastic surgery he appears much more youthful than his 65 years. Gemini is the dual sign of the mind, communicators, but they always have that angel devil side to them. I see him as a ghoul in priest’s clothing. Very dangerous. Can’t you see it?

Interestingly his North Node is at 5 degrees Gemini in his first house of “Self” so he is meant to develop into that learning about duality thing that Gemini does.

Uranus at 17 Gemini in the first house indicating he can be rebellious, definitely his own unique individual. HE wants to do things, like the Frank Sinatra sing “MY WAY.”

Romney has no planets in EARTH in his chart. Which is interesting for someone who is working with real material assets, wealth, property etc. Often when one is lacking an element they over compensate. It literally means he is not very grounded especially with all that WATER PISCES SCORPIO stuff.

The ONLY earth something he has in his entire chart is LILLITH. That makes me laugh, I was wondering before I started to look at his chart where his HATRED OF WOMEN comes from and BANG there it is! LILLITH the ORIGINAL WOMAN preceding EVE. She is his main modus operendi.

Lillith Astrology

see my LINK about LILLITH- from my forthcoming BOOK –

SO ROMNEY HATES WOMEN’s POWER, THEIR SEXUALITY- let’s  face the facts!  ITs his own psychological dilemma and he defends it by backing  his “religious beliefs”. And the women unconsciously agree to be slaves to the master males. DO YOU?
This is so totally backwards, in the 21st century.

His hatred of women, his illusory, beliefs about abortion about negating women having rights to choice in their life is utterly delusional, PISCES delusional. It’s all about GUN control. the penis is a weapon, a gun, a death dealing,anti-life, G*d fear of women.

He has Saturn RETROGRADE conjunct PLUTO RETROGRADE both in LEO at the bottom, roots, and foundation of his chart. He comes from wealth, tradition, prestige; he does not know what it is like to be an ordinary person. ROMNEY is one big rich windbag of EGO, power hungry, self satisfied, smirky, arrogant, entitled, PLUTOCRAT.

VENUS is in AQUARIUS at 8 degrees sandwiched in an opposition between the 2 karmic death bringing malefic planets. He appears detached emotionally in his career Venus ins in his 10th house of worldly fame. He may be clever and a good organizer but he is to the manner born. He looks down on anyone who is not of his lofty ideals in religion in his bedrock conservative, very harsh upbringing. There are some major karmic DAD issues there in his psyche. Venus is the highest elevated planet so wealth, charm, idealism, individualistic. He is ultra conservative for someone with Venus in Aquarius.

 Chiron the wounded healer at 8 degrees Scorpio is square to his PLUTO, his Venus and his Part of Fortune, an Arabic invention, literally the POT OF GOLD at 8 degrees Aquarius. He is vulnerable through his misuse of power to self-undoing, fail for spite that is a SCORPIO thing. He will sting himself. In his arrogance he thinks he can get away with it. But he can’t and his time is up.

Neptune Retrograde at 9 degrees Libra in the 5th house of creativity, self- expression rules his PISCES Mars Mercury and Sun. his drive thinking and ego. So it’s very important.

Neptune forms a GRAND TRINE with unpredictable URANUS and VENUS in the 10th.Watch out for that old tyme religion!

It is easy for MITT to get lost in his detached illusions and sense of personal entitlement.

His Part of Fortune right on the MC in the 10 th house indicates his worldly success rides on young people accepting his ultra-conservative power hungry Plutocratic stance.

They won’t. 

So I urge all the young WOMEN especially to vote for your own rights.Yes OBAMA AD campaign is correct in saying VOTE as if your female parts depend on it. THEY DO!

I will get to how the stars are on election day in the next article.

Super Tuesday,Venus/Saturn opposition,Venus in Taurus, GOP predictions from Tara Greene psychic

Wow a very big week ahead. The battle begins as the planets display the old and famously true maxim “as above so below” philosophy on Sunday March 4.  It’s a battle between Saturn, which is the Conservatives, the old guard, the religious right, Bible thumpers,Mr. Sanctity himself, {I believe Ron Paul is the only GOP who isn’t an arch misogynist}  correct me if I’m wrong}, {moving out of the last “critical” 29th degree of Libra, but still retrograde for many months}, vs VENUS, the women, in Aries,with Venus at the last ‘critical” degree of Aries as well. Venus in Aries is symbolized by the Amazon warrior-ess herself, so women’s liberation most definitely will come up in this election campaign.

I have to admit I am a long time Feminist, and am absolutely unconditionally a supporter of women’s rights, beyond and man-made law’s to have her intrinsic right as a human consciousness to do with her body mind spirit, sexuality exactly what she wants, when how where anytime, always.

The Saturn/Venus opposition here is very telling because it will be the kiss of death for any Republican running for Pres.later this year if too conservative Bible thumping anti-abortion etc.

Just to remind people of this documentary that was made many years ago about the lady Sherry who used to star in Romper Room who found out she’d taken thalidomide and wanted to have an abortion because she felt intuitively that her baby would be born severely damaged and went public in a heroic effort to make other women alert to the dangers and who could out of compassion for their family,for a deformed foetus, choose to abort a severely damaged foetus which was later proven correct. But she was put through hell. 

Remember that this voting occurs during a Mars, planet of Men, action, defenses, arguing, moving backwards which symbolizes against the grain, in nit picky perfectionistic earthy Virgo. Saturn the planet of karma, tradition, patriarchal values, limittions, obstavles, testing, seniority, is also moving backwards and is at very late degrees of Libra, sign of the blaance. Any ground gained previoulsy is needing to be re-run, gone over again. Favours seniority.
I usually post the astrology chart but it wouldnt upload for some reason…
     click on the chart to see it larger
I’m going to look at each candidate in the light of the planets on March 6
MITT ROMNEY Born March 12 1947 in Detroit Michigan
He’s a Pisces with Mercury {Retrograde} and Mars also in Pisces. Saturn { Retrograde} conjunct Pluto in Leo. Jupiter,planet of expansion will be exactly squaring his PART OF FORTUNE as well as his Venus at 8 degrees of Aquarius.
Then I realised that the Moon, representing the people will be at 29 degrees of Leo a fateful degree and will be squaring Mitt’s natal Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio. This is an excellent aspect. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Romney has the right look, the power, he will be favoured by the people. IN spite of his somewhat insensitive remarks, and this is shown by his natal Mars in Pisces beins afflicted by Chiron the wounded healer { he is not feeling very strong} right now and square his north node in Gemini meaning he needs to be seen as less ambivalent.. He can be seen as arrogant rich and powerful. His language needs to be brought into alignment, he is seen to be flip-flopping.
RICK SANTORUM born MAy 10 1958 in Winchester Va.
As i have no birth time. A Taurus, { born exactly two years to the day before U2 Singer Bono} he is earthy stubborn,down to earth,sensuous. With Pluto {the shadow, the unconscious soul} at that last critical 29th degree of Leo,shows him as a total egotist. He is arrogant self-righteous. With Pluto, his shadow opposite the Moon in Aquarius in his birth chart and Chiron the wounded healer beside it,shows his character as being clearly terrified of women,and  women’s freedom or independence with the Moon in Aquarius,and this all stems from difficulties with his Mother in his natal chart.
His religious fanaticism is shown by Neptune, planet of spirituality, delusions, addictions, Retrograde at 2 degrees of Scorpio conjunct the North Node at 1 degree of Scorpio and Jupiter Retrograde in Libra. He uses religion for power and control in the guise of I’m helping you to balance.
The misogyny and hatred of women is also clearly shown as Venus in Aries, the Amazon warrior archetype conjunct Lillith, the most powerful feared, independent feminine archetype of all time!
In the original old testament, G*d created man and woman, Adam and Lillith from the red earth as equals. Adam tried to dominate Lillith sexually and She, embodying Nature herself, raw instinct, untamable, bowing to no man, told Adam to shove it, that he couldn’t treat her that way as they were created as equals. Adam was arrogant and drunk on his own intellectual power, so Lillith said screw this and left Paradise. Long and short, G*d sent 3 angels to beg Lillith to return. She insisted on hanging out at the Red Sea { a metaphor for her menstrual period} and was then “demonized” by the later Patriarchs who rewrote the script, incorporating a bit of actual history in the retelling of the once original worship of Nature, the goddess, Mother earth, Pachamama they call her to this day in Peru, Demeter. The patriarchs, teh story of Abraham etc. vent all their infantile impotent rage at Mom by making Lillith a child killer, harpy, succubus etc. she is also turned into the snake in the Garden of Eden. But she is also, in a very complicated story one of  G*d’s Feminine sides, his left hand side. The Shekinah, is the right hand side to my understanding.
Adam all alone on a Saturday night in Paradise…
So of course Adam is all alone on a Saturday night, and he says to G*d “hey I’m here all alone this ain’t right, you gotta get me a mate G*d.” Which explains how Eve was “created” from Adam’s rib, which means the men made up this part entirely and tacked it on. Now we all know how Eve is blamed, scape goaded, all her daughters are considered filthy vile, pain in childbirth, shame etc. and soulless by Mormons, etc. The patriarchs are being honest here, revealing their own fear of the Feminine as embodied by Lillith.
Because man’s greatest fear is that women don’t need them, that women have the power to refuse to relate to them, read have sex with them. Therefore they are actually little boys, who felt so insecure, they decided they needed to beat down Mommy in order to feel “powerful” which is exactly the opposite of the truth. The old testament is a man-made total mockery of what is self-evident a 2,000 year old brainwash campaign, with really nothing divine at all, a historical horror story of macho infantile,killing, jealousy, etc. To think that a G*d would have these petty tests, jealousies etc???? Told from a totally unconscious and juvenile point of view all of it. It’s all a projection of the people who wrote this story, their own stuff. Deluded {Neptune rules the delusionsand the true sprituality} into thinking it was divine. Divinity, only speaks of love, as in Jesus’s original sayings, or the Buddha.
Now how does Mr. Sanctimonious fare? The Moon is right on his Pluto opposite where he is weakest and most vulnerable. Uranus’s sudden unexpected actions is right on his Venus, his values.. The North Node in Sagittarius now is square to his Mars, meaning his religious direction is at odds with a higher more philosophical and inclusive spiritual direction right now.He has transiting Pluto exactly Square to his Lillith indicating that women will NOT back him. Hi old-time religion and conservative tactics will come right back at him in his face.
NEWT GINGRICH June 17 1943 Harrisburg PA. @ 12:00 am – 3:00 am
Newt has lots of Leo as well. 5 “planets” and 4 in Gemini. The moon at 11 degrees of Sagittarius is exactly conjunct the U.s. Ascendant in the “Sibley chart.”  But he hasn’t got a chance he’s been too much in the bad lights for past transgressions.
RON PAUL born Aug. 20 1935 no exact birth time  Pittsburgh Pa.
a LEo,with three planets in Virgo, he is by far the most intelligent of the lot. His mOon is in Taurus,he has a kind of ordinariness about him. He has a Jupiter Mars conjunction in Scorpio he has power and he is an amazing detective researcher, and goal oriented,he has a lot of Fixed energy, staying power.
I love Ron PAul he is an amazing guy. He actually has really incredible positive aspects on Tuesday.
I consult my Tarot cards
The Tower is the first card,indicating a total unexpected shocking upset. The ego is struck down. A wake up call like a lightning bolt of clear energy changes the scene. The next card is the 8 of swords beside the 7 of cups showing that this GOP race has gotten too confusing, gone on too long, is diluted,swampy. Nothing is clear, its’  full of stuck energy.  The over all mood is prudent. The sky card or conscious card is  the Victory card ,Jupiter in Leo, the one with the most chutzpah, money, power, glamour,drama confidence wins, its the 6 of Wands the popular favourite.
The 10 of wands opposite it in the Unconscious position, be carefull about abusing power, being too cocky. A sense of relief. Too much backlash doesn’t cut it .the race is almost over, The card of change appears. 
The outcome card is the 4 of swords.. Libra energy, balance focused on one single point. The more equaniminous person wins.
I predict it will be a rather messy Super Tuesday. Who will we say “Goodbe Ruby Tuesday” to? 
Newt, Rick, Ron.