Mind games, Mercury opposite Pluto

Mercury Opposite Pluto at 25 degrees Cancer/Capricorn

Mercury opposite Pluto is a heavy-hitting mind game of power, control ,ruthlessness, fear, propaganda and manipulation tactics by the 1% and mass media.

This is a second type of hit of an opposition from Pluto, when Mars opposes Pluto on

on  see that article here almost 7 weeks ago https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2021/06/05/mars-opposite-pluto-intense-power-struggles/


NOTE that LILIBET DIANA Mountbatten-Windsor was born the day before. She has the Mars-Pluto opposition in her natal chart. That is intense.

This MERCURY PLUTO opposition is also intense July 25 at 25+ degrees CANCER/CAPRICORN is a mental battle for our minds, communication, the media, our intellectual analysis and the oppositonal energy that is being pushed onto us.

This is toxic mind games. There are mines ready to blow up the minute you open your mouth or type a tweet which could cancel your career these days as people have been manipulated more and more to be in opposition to each other.

Plutocratic control, a cosmic boxing match, a significator of absolute control of our minds, using new tech, this is war, not needing nuclear bombs. PLUTO rules toxins, poisons, radiation, G5, A1, transhumanism, Multinational banking, 1%, Corporate control, danger, terrorism, death, mass shootings, emotional and mental breakdowns, fear, manipulation, ruthlessness, volcanic eruptions, flooding, tsunamis, and unconscious rage and dangerous fascist shadows coming out.

This can be a dangerous day for major family arguments. Bringing up resentments from the pass can blow up all pout of proportion. Make sure you watch out to deflect any seductive invites to fight or state your opinion which can let your unconscious shadows,

You may feel overwhelmed by negative heavy thoughts. Pay attention to the signals and reach out and ask for help if you are feeling depressed, pulled in two, overtly stressed or suicidal. Mental health levels will be stressed. People may be acting out from passive aggressive held down rage.

On a spiritual level this could be seen as a battle of the souls and minds of wounded, traumatized children. Women and children, Mercury in Cancer who have no voice and who are not listened to are in great danger and should speak out like the #MeToo Movement.

The shadows of mind control are being revealed on the worlds stage now so that these PLUTONIC controlling entities can be seen, recognized for what they are brought down, recycled, transformed and hopefully, but power never let’s go voluntarily.

Use this energy to balance out the conscious and the unconscious mind. Pluto rules the underworld and sexuality. This energy is also helpful to tap into your dreams. As Pluto and NEPTUNE are in sextile to each other helping each other.

The Moon goes Void of Course at 7:17 pm EDT the Moon enters PISCES at 11:30 pm EDT which is the best time to tune into dreams until the 28th.

Work with Pluto themes of our shadows, fears and nightmares in our unconscious feelings which Mercury in Cancer stimulates. Mercury is the intellect and Cancer is emotional. The mind emotion connection helps to balance us out and to have inner dialogues with your frightened inner child. All children deserve to be loved, so love yours unconditionally, let them know they are safe. Take your inner child out to play.

This can be a shelter from the storm aspect, very loving  and nurturing.

Issues about your own childhood, and unconscious parental issues of sexual or emotional abuse may arise. Dreams of long covered up abuses may surface with the Mercury Retrograde square to Neptune on this day too. This is a clearinghouse aspect and a positive thing, Working with these dreams in obsessively Pluto like manner will help you to get to the bottom of the matters.

This is a great intellectual understanding, healing and cleansing of the core soul wounds which Pluto symbolizes.

Note where 25 degrees CANCER/ CAPRICORN fall in your natal chart and also 25 degrees ARIES and LIBRA. Those degrees  are being squared and you will feel the pressure, migraine headaches may be common. 

MERCURY is known as the Trickster, the planet of communication, merchandise, thinking analysis, and media. Also known as Hermes and Thoth.

Lord of the Underworld, of death and rebirth, sex money power control, secrets, and obsessions, murder, rage, intensity, BDSM, abuse, Plutocrats, radioactive materials, our psychological shadows, and everything dark and taboo is our motivating life force too. The UNDERWORLD is the realm of the ancestors and of hungry ghosts. Pluto is all or nothing because Death is fearless. PLUTO is also the God or REBIRTH and recycling. Pluto is the Higher octave of MARS.

Doing inner dialoguing, journaling and a transformational therapeutic theory technique called focusing to really work with Mercury opposite Pluto.

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Witches brew; innocent planet warrior

May 30 The month of May has flown by. I hope my friends and family in the U.S. had a wonderful holiday weekend. 

PISCES MOON MAGIC LINGERS ON.  This is the end of the monthly cycle. It is a good time to pause and do a monthly overview for a few minutes. TAKE 20 minutes to go back through your calendar or look over your planner or simply recall what has gone on in the last month.

Were your dreams very strong or significant last night? Pisces Moons are always prime LUCID DREAMING times. Do tell.

PISCES Moon conjuncts Chiron in Pisces around noon EDT

You may need to have shout WALLS UP! as you will need very strong boundaries with so much wounded feelings floating around. Be careful about not overindulging in the booze department your judgement is off. 


Unconscious eroticism may be stirred up. What really turns you on? Be careful of what and who you attract today. Projections of other people’s power needs to be reclaimed as your own.

Witches Cauldron, Tara Greene magic psychic

This is a potent cauldron of old bitches brew of jealousy, revenge, old long forgotten scenarios may raise their ugly emotional heads from an ancient ocean of toxic fear and emotions. Do be careful around this dark black magic,this is high shadow season. 

Moon enters ARIES 


This is a good time to speak your truth. TAURUS rules the throat chakra which is directly connected to the safety/grounding root chakra. In a beneficient trine to PLUTO in CAPRICORN this is time to put the voice of your soul on the world’s doorstep. If you don’t speak your truth, who will voice your specific soul’s mission?

You could also see this as MIND GAMES. be mindfull of the media’s manipulations. Especially with MARS RETROGRADE IN SCORPIO. Did you notice Hillary get caught for those charges once Mars entered Scorpio again?Also Mark Salling getting nabbed for child porn when Mars Retro’d in to Scorpio? 

There’s a video of a 6 year old boy who is the perfect example of this energy. These young children are very highly developed souls. Some are new souls who have no idea that the world can be so cruel, crazy and indifferent. They call these children indigo’s or crystal children or even 5D children. 

Please share widely

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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MIND GAMES by JOhn Lennon

Emotional Earth activist, 6 year old boy