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This historic day August 5, 2016, marks the first time that the Olympics have been held in the Southern Hemisphere. It signifies the Third World achieving a first world inclusion. Unfortunately when Brazil got the go ahead in 2008, the country’s economy was booming. Now it’s in one of its worst recessions in 25 years. The government is corrupt, riddled with drug dealers,  thieves and kidnappers, created by the inequality between the haves and the have-nots. Brazil is vast with enough natural resources to be one of the richest self-sustaining countries in the world. 

Let’s look at the birth chart of Rio and check out what the August 5th transits have to foretell about the Olympics. 

Brazil Rio, Astrology tara Greene

The City of Rio de Janeiro is a Pisces city

Rio De Janeiro Astrology Tara Greene

Rio has it’ Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and PLUTO right on the Ascendant with Mercury Retrograde in PISCES, the sign of religion, music, drugs, fraud, oil, secrets, karma, humility, the ocean, bliss, idealism, and the ending of all things. Plus Ceres, Athena and Psyche are all in PISCES. This is a city that is truly a melting pot of peoples, cultures, ethnicities. SUN PLUTO conjunction is a very rich deep soulful combo.  Pisces is the sign of the chameleon,a morphing entity. Rio is a place of fantasy, projection, romance, power and powerlessness. Rio’ is a city of compassion, and oneness, escapism, addictions, spirituality, hidden secrets and poverty. 

Rio has two mutable T-squares in its chart, pointing to Neptune in Gemini and the Moon in Pisces. This pace has a genuine spiritual power and softness behind its dreamy romantic idealistic, split nature.

The Moon is the mood of the city and in the 12th house, showing a hidden connection to Mothering, nurturing, home, and the Primal Feminine. There is a deep ancient connection to shamanism  behind the Christian religion.

The MOON is home, it is opposite JUPITER RETROGRADE in VIRGO SQUARING NEPTUNE in GEMINI.  Jupiter in Virgo is a sign of servants, poverty, accountability. The square to Neptune is the natural denial and escapism to servitude with drugs, sex, plastic surgery, consumption, music, religion, whatever the escape is. There is a split in the ground of Rio’s imagination with Neptune in GEMINI. The have and the have nots. Neptune in Gemini indicates a place where people are very social, charming, outgoing, always upbeat. There is difficulty in sticking to  only one path and getting things finished on time. One of the major problems with the Olympics. I believe that are not properly prepared and cheap workmanship may cause issues.

Rio is famous for its 38-metre metre statue of CHRIST the Redeemer statue atop Mt. Corcovado dominating the city’s landscape. That is so perfectly PLUTO on their Ascendant conjunct to the SUN, the life force. Pluto is the symbol of death, sex, rebirth, recycling, sewage, big money, power and control, the shadow, the seedy, dangerous side of life. Pisces is the symbol of Christianity and martyrdom. We can easily see all of these symbols in the myth and narrative that is modern Rio. 

PLUTO the SUN and the ASCENDANT Square the NORTH NODE  in SAGITTARIUS which is conjunct to URANUS in its natural 9th house and the SOUTH NODE in GEMINI its 3rd house of communications, P.R. local communities, childlikeness.  Rio is a very revolutionary place, always under incredible tension which its citizens must always feel. It’s very interesting that RIO was born under a Uranus Pluto square which was also reoccurring while they were getting ready for their karmic debut. 

The Square to the North Node is a karmic challenge for this city to aspire to being a world teacher, having a higher justice, reaching out to foreigners, being optimistic, expansive, intelligent. Sagittarius rules SPORTS and foreigners, and so this is very karmic to Rio’s destiny.

VENUS and MARS are conjunct in AQUARIUS, in the 11th house, indicating a non-traditional, modern, rebellious, hi-tech, freedom-loving, self-contained city,with  a detached identity. This indicates more freedom between men and woman. Rio is famous for women joyously displaying their bodies unabashedly. Venus and Mars are opposite SATURN Retrograde in LEO in the 5th house is the Patriarchy, religion, creativity, self- expression, love affairs, children, willpower, passion, the SUN.

SATURN RETROGRADE in LEO is a sign of repressed strength and will. There is lots of drama, passion and heart, natural leadership, a karmic connection of being a servant, worshipping the SUN, seriously partying, a childlike innocence that has been marred by abuse of power.  There will always be rebels, and trouble with corrupt leaders unconsciously abusing their power against the people-Venus and Mars in Aquarius. Brazil needs a real revolution where the people can control their own destinies.  

CHIRON in Capricorn sextiles the SUN in PISCES which sesquiquadrate {135 degrees}  Saturn in LEO. This aspect indicates that the relationship between those in power and the essence of Rio as an entity is heavy with residue of past activity (loaded with the ghosts of unlived experiences). Perhaps Rio is a very haunted place. It is a very old city. I have never been there. Anyone testify to this?


MARS in SAGITTARIUS squares the PISCES Moon and Jupiter Retro

This is indicative of the action of International sports of course but also angry people, defenses, failed accounting, debt, and International tribunals. There may be some major records broken in swimming and gymnastics. 

JUPITER in VIRGO opposite Rio’s SUN square the M.C.

This really puts Rio and Brazil on the world map. But it may be too much expansion too fast during a recession which Jupiter in Virgo brings. Also likely problems with crops this year. 


This is a reality test for Rio and Brazil, yes it’s all about foreigner, sports, expansion, justice. This is a dream and a nightmare for Carioca’s as Natives of Rio are called. There will be corruption, much fraud, the Russian ban for drugs got reversed at the last minute, trials, those in power having big falls, thieves, secret dangers and espionage. There may be kidnappings and terrorists attacks. 

NEPTUNE in PISCES is squaring its NATAL URANUS  and North Node in SAGITTARIUS

Expect the unexpected. There will be many drug deals busted, kidnappings, hostage takings, and perhaps bombings. There has been protests and a man killed as the Olympic torch was lit.  The dream may not be so easy to handle. There is revolutionary fervor in the air. 

Chiron in PISCES has crossed Rio’s Ascendant and is squaring its MC world status and IC, home. The people will be feeling wounded, cheated, left out, trampled, abused. 

We will have to tune in to see if Michael Phelps still has it in him to add even more medals to his staggering record. That’s a separate article. 

What’s your favorite Olympic sport? 

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Flying  DOWN TO RI0 1933 an amazing dance routine Fred Astaire 

Curiosity lands on Mars, Martian Triangle in the sky, Astronomy Astrology from Tara Greene

Sunday August 5  at 10:31 pm California time the 1 ton Mars rover Curiosity Lands safely on Mars.

Costing 2 Billion and taking over 8 years of research, the explorer robot started streaming dusty live photos from Mars. The maneuvers necessary for Curiosity’s landing are phenomenal, in a few minutes the spacecraft changes shape like a toy Transformer six times, slowing from 13,000 mph to 1.7 mph while using 76 pyrotechnic devices, ropes, knives and the largest supersonic parachute ever built.

Mars varies in its distance from earth but this time was  350 million miles away. It takes 14 minutes for sound to travel to the vehicle from earth so Curiosity had to land itself on auto pilot. This is  a big deal as most Mars exploration missions have ended in failure. It took MARS energized curiosity to do this mission. The first one of its kind.

REAL MARTIAN TRIANGLE  visible in the Sky

Mars Spica Saturn

synchronicity is with us as Sunday evening Mars also put on a special showing as it forms what is known as a MARTIAN TRIANGLE in the sky, aligning with Saturn and the bright blue giant Star SPICA in the constellation of VIRGO.  Mars Saturn and Spica form an equilateral triangle. Spica, the main star in the constellation of VIRGO the virgin is a massive Binary Star on the other side of our galactic spiral arm. Virgo is the largest constellation in the sky. But they all shine with the same magnitude.

A Martian Trinagle sounds like a Male Pubic Triangle to me, something kinda sexy, don’t you think?

It’s definitely a RED LETTER Day.


Is this a sign of  Martial law coming? 


Curiosity Mars landing NASA

click on the chart to view larger

the MOON is in the Sign of ARIES in western Tropical Astrology and that’s the 1st sign always about new beginnings. Aries is ruled by the RED planet. The Chart for the exact landing of curiosity shows a 14 degrees ARIES Ascendant, ruled by Mars which is sitting hovering on the Descendant opposite at 19 degrees of LIBRA fairly close to Saturn the reality planet at 24 degrees.

The Mars Saturn combo is a hard one but in this case really depicts Mars-action, desire, men and Saturn-discipline,reality working together. It was 8 years of work and  that’s Saturn testing to get Curiosity safely landed on Mars.

The chart shows Uranus the hHi-tech, freedom planet at 8 degrees Retrograde of Aries near to the Ascendant squaring Pluto at 7 degrees Retro of Capricorn at the top of the chart. Yes  U.S. Inventiveness puts them in a power position  in the world’s eyes.

Venus at 28 degree of Gemini is conjunct the NORTH STAR POLARIS and directly opposite the Galactic Center in Sagittarius.

Venus forms a Grand Trine with Neptune at 2 degrees of PISCES- space-and Saturn. Jupiter in Gemini is also Trine to Mars- Jupiter rules Sagittarius expansion, luck to Mars itself.

The North Node at 2 degrees of Sagittarius is squaring Neptune. THE NORTH NODE has been in SAGITTARIUS for the last 2. 5 years is all about expanding horizons, travel, space, adventure, the centre of our Galaxy is in Sagittarius both Tropical and Sidereal. This mission represents a literal dream come true.

Just for Old times sake here’s a few Mars Movie posters. B Space Movies

 Bad Girls Astrology Mars

Flash Gordon Trip to MArs

Red Planet Mars

Mars and the Olympics

Mars rules men in Astrology. And everything to do with the Sign of ARIES, being FIRST. And Yes MARS also figures prominently in most athlete’s charts. Record Olympic GOLD medal champion is Michael PHELPS,  a Cancer Sun with yes you guessed in MARS 6 degrees away from his Sun at 14 degrees, right on the U.S. Sun and Fixed Star Sirius. I will write about what makes Michael’s astrology chart so outstanding in the next article or so.  Mars also rules the sign of SCORPIO traditionally with modern co-ruler PLUTO. Mars rules fire and everything related to it, energy, life force, initiating,action, libido, passion, power, control, machismo, strength, force, war, anger, fighting martial, the army, death, danger, adventure, excitation, you get the picture.

and here’s beautiful  apropos pieceof music,Nasa Mission Mythodeau from 2001 by Vangelis

I’m going to think about Martian fashions….

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